(Revan's AN): Um, I have a good reason why this chapter is really short, and I will explain why at the end author's note, okay? I hope you all can understand, and I will see you all there. With that said, let's jump into the story.

Summary: When Issei was about to leave his workplace, Azazel, his boss at work decided to send him an anonymous date over to his house, before Issei had a chance to get there first. And once he arrived at his apartment, he didn't expect to be greeted by a beautiful long blue-haired girl, reading his porn magazines in his bedroom. Wait, she's a what?!

Pairing: Issei x Tiamat

Non-canon, single-pairing, a chill slice of life

"Flashbacks" - Thinking

[Flashbacks] - Texting

"Flashbacks" - Phone call

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Life 2-5: And The Days Go On.


Issei released a small sigh as he checked his phone for any messages. Friday nights were always the most hectic nights at Fallen Angelas, and usually required him to be working the bar all night with no breaks really at all, but tonight he had some breathing room.

He had gotten three messages in the past hour all from his girlfriend Tiamat, who has over the last few weeks been very supportive of him. Ever since they found out about the changes going throw Issei's body, Tiamat has done everything in her power to make sure when Issei comes home from work he doesn't stress out. He didn't think it was necessary of her to do this, but he appreciated it.

Opening his messages Issei's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. The first thing he saw was a selfie of Tiamat. She was wearing nothing but a towel. Her hair was damp and down, and she was biting on the bottom of her lip which increased her sex appeal. The message attached to this picture was, [This is waiting for you Issei, hurry home soon.]

"Well, that's going to be on my mind all night." Issei muttered, his voice had traces of annoyance in it. He tried to not think of Tiamat and her super sexy body at work due to him being a professional, but sometimes it was just impossible. He didn't know why really, but it just was. Her pale, smooth skin, her long, luscious blue hair, her slender, but curvy figure, it all drew him insane.

"What's going to be on your mind all night?" Spoke Yuuma from behind him making him jump out of surprise, and enter a fighting stance.

Realizing that it was Yuuma who had sneaked up behind him, Issei lowered his hands and said, "God you guys need to stop sneaking up on me. One of these days I am actually going to end up clocking somebody, and it's not going to be my fault."

"Come on Issei, we both know you wouldn't hit a girl, especially a girl wearing something sexy like this," Yuuma said with a grin as she gestured to her attire which was nothing but a black slingshot bikini.

"Yeah, you're right." Issei admitted after several seconds of staring. He was pretty sure if Tiamat was here she would have most likely gotten jealous and upset, but thankfully she wasn't. He liked this job, for the pay was good, the women were sexy as hell, and his boss wasn't a complete asshole.

"Anyways, what is it that is going to be on your mind all night?" Yuuma asked as she got closer to him. "Is it something naughty? It is, isn't it? Oh, I bet it is a picture of a girl!"

Taking a step back, Issei said, "Since when did you get so curious about me? You're not one to show that much interest in what people are sending me."

"So it is something perverted!" Yuuma declared with a victorious grin. "And to answer your question, is it a crime to show interest in one of my friends? Hm, Issei? Is it a crime?"

"That didn't answer my question, and no it isn't a crime to show curiosity, but when you act like this it makes me not wanna tell you." Issei answered with a straight face.

Yuuma puffed out her cheeks, and said, "You're being mean Issei, I'm trying to be a good friend here, and listen to your problems, and you're not telling me them. That's a cruel thing to do."

Issei stared at her for about a solid minute with a blank expression. He was blown away by what he just heard, and didn't know how to respond to it. Eventually, he said with great reluctance. "It was a picture of Tiamat wearing nothing, but a towel and striking a sexy pose."

"Oh, that is almost as naughty as what Kuroka sent Vali!" Yuuma energetically stated causing him to quirk an eyebrow at her. Seeing this movement, Yuuma said, "Yeah, earlier Vali got a dirty text from his girlfriend. She was wearing nothing and had some vanilla ice cream or something on her chest to signify cum. It was pretty dirty."

Issei couldn't help from feeling slightly jealous of Vali. Sure he had Tiamat, but Kuroka was still hell of hot, and with her being a Nekoshoe or whatever people call them made her even more attractive.

"Oh, letting you know. A fine looking lady is making her way over here, so you should probably get back to work." Yuuma said in a more serious tone prompting Issei to turn around, and see a girl he had seen a few weeks ago.

"Holy shit, is that Akeno? What the hell is she doing here?" He asked himself with a look of surprise on his face. As she sat down at the end of the bar, Issei began to make his way towards her while picking up a glass in the process. "Seriously to think she would come to a strip club..."

"It's been a while since I've seen you Akeno." He stated in a friendly voice as he appeared before her causing her head to snap back towards him.

"Ufufufu, it has." She replied with a beautiful smile. "Last time I saw you, you were on a date with someone."

"Yeah, that was a surprise." Issei said as he set the glass down. "Anyways, what's your poison?"

"Ara ara, trying to get me drunk already?" She questioned in a teasing manner making Issei chuckle.

"Yeah, I'm trying to get you drunk so I can hear your dark secrets." He answered as if his master plan had been foiled.

"Ufufufu, I see you still have a sense of humor." She said as she leaned in causing Issei's cheeks to redden a bit as he occasionally glanced into her eyes. He didn't want to stare into them due to feeling like he could possibly get lost in them, for he did find them beautiful.

"So what would you like to drink?" He questioned after a few seconds.

"Can I just have a water for now?" She asked.

"Water?" He repeated with a bit of surprise. "Um, sure."

As he filled a glass with ice and water, Akeno spoke. "So how have you been?"

"I've been pretty good. Been trying to keep the GF happy." He answered as he slid her glass of water. "What about you? How have you been?"

"I've been doing pretty well. I've been busy with work and what not. My boss can sometimes be an ass." She stated before taking a sip of her water.

"Oh? Does he hit on you? Does he try grabbing your butt?" Issei joked with a smirk causing her to giggle.

"He does actually." She said in a more serious tone making Issei lose his smirk. "I'm just kidding, no he doesn't try anything physical with me, but he has shown interest in me and has tried asking me out."

"Interesting, and I guess you've turned him down?" Issei mused as he began cleaning some glasses.

"Ufufufu, of course. The only man for me is Issei." She declared causing Issei to start choking on the air.

Coughing, he said, "Say what?" Which made Akeno laugh like a madman.

"I'm kidding Issei." She said after several seconds of laughing. "I doubt you still have feelings for me. I mean it's been like what? Five years since we dated?"

"Something like that..." Issei answered a little sheepishly, he wouldn't lie, a part of him was still attracted to her, but he was in a serious relationship with Tiamat. A woman who could literally murder him if he cheated on her.

"Mmm, I'm still surprised that you would do something so ballsy." Akeno said with a smile as she closed her eyes, her mind drifting back to the day he asked her out. "To think that one of the infamous perverts would ask one of the 'Great Ladies' out."

"Well, after all the shit I did do you really think I would be afraid to ask someone out?" He joked with his own smile. "I mean, I risked getting beaten to a pulp just to see a pair of tits."

"Ufufufu, kind of." She quipped causing Issei's smile to vanish. "I mean, that's something you wouldn't expect from someone perverted. I didn't see it coming at all, and blown away by the action."

"I'm actually hurt that you would think that." Issei stated. He wasn't really offended, but it still irked him in a way that she believed that.

"Issei I'm sorry!" She apologized, but he could tell she was joking. "I'm sorry that I doubted the balls of a pervert."

"Alright, let's get something cleared up. I'm not a pervert..." He started before remembering that they're in a strip club that he works at. "Okay, let me correct myself. I'm not as perverted as I once was. I mean sure I might gaze at a pair of boobs every once and a while, but I don't do it every day to the point where people consider me a pervert."

"Ufufufu, why are you so defensive?" Akeno said in a teasing tone. "There's nothing wrong with being a pervert."

"Bullshit, I got my ass beaten multiple times for being a pervert in high school." Issei immediately declared.

"Ufufufu, but that was because Issei was peeping on girls." She replied.

Issei rolled his eyes, he wasn't going to say that she was right, but she wasn't exactly wrong. The only time he was beaten within an inch of his life was after getting caught for peeping on girls.

"Whatever, I'm just saying that I'm not as perverted as I once was, and am now a gentleman who respects women." Issei firmly said causing Akeno to release another giggle.

After her giggling died down, Issei spoke again. "Anyways, it looks like I got some other customers to attend to, so if you need me just give me a holler, okay?"

"Will do." She answered with a small smile.

With that being said, Issei walked away to serve other patrons leaving Akeno alone with her thoughts.

"Tiamat I'm home." Issei announced as he closed his apartment's door behind him.

"Issei!" Tiamat enthusiastically shouted as she ran up and hugged him, following right behind her and barking was Bahamut.

"Oof, you don't have to ram your head into my chest, and it's just me Bahamut." Issei said as he wrapped his arms around her and glanced down at the dog making it cease it's barking after a couple of seconds.. The force behind her tackling hug would of been enough to knock him on his butt had their not been a door to stop him.

"I'm sorry, but I missed you." Tiamat said as she looked up at him with a small smile as the puppy started to jump onto Issei's leg. It was at this moment that Issei realized that she was basically wearing nothing but a white button up shirt that wasn't even buttoned up and panties.

"I know." He replied causing her to give him a somewhat pouty and annoyed look. "What? You did send me a picture of you just getting out of the shower earlier."

"Yeah, but you don't just say, 'I know.' in response. You're supposed to say something like, 'I missed you too.' or 'I couldn't stop thinking about you.' not that." She stated causing Issei to chuckle.

"You get upset over the simplest of things. You know that right?" Issei said in an amused tone.

"Only because you don't respond correctly." She murmured with puffed out cheeks as she looked away. She wasn't that bothered by this, but it did annoy her a little bit that he greeted her with that.

Deciding not to say anything, Issei placed his lips on Tiamat's forehead causing her eyes to widen slightly. Upon him removing his lips, Tiamat spoke. "I want another kiss, but this time on the lips."

"You're so picky." He said with a roll of his eyes before kissing her on the lips.

A kiss that was meant to last for a few seconds max turned into a kissing session due to Tiamat grabbing ahold of his jacket and pulling him back in.

Once she was satisfied, she released her grasp on him and said, "We should greet each other like this more."

"Maybe, I dunno." He replied with a thoughtful look. "Anyways, I'm going to get changed. I might take a shower, but I don't know yet."

"I think we should get a shower." She said, a hint of mischief in her voice.

"But you already got a shower." He stated.

"Your point?" She asked with a grin he knew too well. The grin she was giving him was one of perverse, and meant that if he let her in then things were going to happen. Sexual things.

"The whole point of getting a shower would be to clean myself. If I got a shower with you then, I would end up getting dirty." He said with traces of playfulness in his voice.

"Are you trying to say that I'm a pervert!?" She questioned earning a laugh from her boyfriend which pretty much answered her question. "I'm not a pervert! You're the perverted one! After all, you're the one who has pervert magazines and what not in your bedroom."

"Oi, I told you before it's just a hobby of mine." He declared.

"Uh-huh, it's a perverted hobby." She said prompting Issei to narrow his eyes.

"It's only perverted if you do dirty things, and I don't do dirty things... At least not anymore." The last part he whispered to himself.

"Uh-huh, whatever you say." She said in a sarcastic manner which slightly annoyed him. "I totally don't think you jack off while reading porn magazines."

"I'm glad you believe me." He said with a smile that made her furrow her brows. "Anyways, I'm going to go get showered now. After that, we can decide on what we want to eat."

(Revan's AN): Okay, this chapter was really, short and to be honest the reason why was because I'm out of my comfort zone when it comes to writing this story. I had plans on resuming this back in July, but I just couldn't. This story means a lot to me, I don't know if anyone else has those feelings when it comes to their stories, but this is like my baby. This story was what changed my writing, it's given me confidence in writing, and made me strong when I was weak.

I know some are going like, "Revan what the fuck are you on about?" but I don't want to fuck this up. I don't want to ruin this story, I want it to be good, I want it to be something that everyone can enjoy, I'm really trying to my hardest and because of that, I'm somewhat scared to write this. I don't want people to hate this story or flame it. I don't want people to try beating this story, to try succeeding it or anything like that. I just want this to be a story that people can say, "Man that was a good read, I really loved it." you know?

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