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Summary: When Issei was about to leave his workplace, Azazel, his boss at work decided to send him an anonymous date over to his house, before Issei had a chance to get there first. And once he arrived at his apartment, he didn't expect to be greeted by a beautiful long blue-haired girl, reading his porn magazines in his bedroom. Wait, she's a what?!

Pairing: Issei x Tiamat

Non-canon, single-pairing, a chill slice of life

"Flashbacks" - Thinking

[Flashbacks] - Texting

"Flashbacks" - Phone call

["Flashbacks"] - Ddraig Talking

["Flashbacks"] - Ddraig Thinking

Head Writer: Revan The Edgelord.

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Life 2-6: The Dragon's Treasure.


Tiamat released a soft groaned as she awoke from her slumber.

She was currently being spooned by Issei. She wore her usual pajamas which consisted of a button up shirt and underwear.

"Mmm, this feeling is the best." She mumbled to herself as she shimmied into a more comfortable position. "Being held by the person you love is the greatest feeling ever."

Once in a more comfortable position, Tiamat closed her eyes. Today was going to be a good day and the reason, was because she was going to have Issei all to herself.

Issei didn't have any work, nor was he going to hang out with his friends. He was going to spend his entire day with her.

Or that was what she was hoping for, there was always the chance he could get a call from his friends or Azazel, but the likelihood of that happening was low, at least this is what she believed.

Tiamat was about to fall back asleep when out of nowhere Issei started to rub her belly. The feeling was a pleasant and soothing one and made her blush a little.

"Issei..." She whispered in a tone far to quiet to make him wake up. The dragon had no intentions of stopping him, for she was enjoying the sensation, but would enjoy it more if he was rubbing a different area.

"I wonder what he's dreaming about... Maybe it's a dream that involves Bahamut?" Tiamat said to herself as she placed her hand on top of his.

Eventually, after who knows how long, Issei ceased his caressing and began to stir from his slumber.

As Issei's eyes began to flutter open, Tiamat rolled over to where she was facing him.

With the grogginess of sleep disappearing, Issei was welcomed by the sight of Tiamat gazing upon him with a smirk written on her face.

"... How long have you been staring at me?" He asked after several seconds, a tinge of tiredness in his voice.

"No that long." She chirped.

Issei didn't respond at first, for the thought of going back to sleep was very appealing to him.

"Did you sleep well?" Tiamat questioned causing Issei's blank expression to shift to one of thought.

"Eh, I guess." He said with a shrug after a while of thinking.

"That's good." She replied with a small nod. "Has there been any changes in your body?"

"As of lately? No." Issei stated with a yawn. He didn't really wanna talk about all this dragonification stuff at the moment, but one of the promises he made to Tiamat was that he would keep her informed on what's going on inside of him.

Tiamat hummed as she thought about what else she wanted to ask him. She was kind of wanting Issei to respond with a little bit more energy, but knew it couldn't be helped.

All of the changes going on inside of him has made it to where Issei would have a difficult time waking up and staying up. Most mornings he'd wake up say a few words, and then go back to sleep for another hour or two.

"You don't have any plans today, do you?" She asked after a minute of thinking only to realize that Issei had gone back to sleep.

"Issei?" Tiamat said in an attempt to wake him while placing her hand on his shoulder.

"Mmm?" He moaned in response, his eyes remaining closed.

"I asked if you have any plans today." She stated as she gently began to massage his shoulder.

"Mmm, not that I know of." He replied in a somewhat blissful tone.

"That's good to hear. I was hoping we could spend the day alone, you know? Just the two of us together with no one to interfere." Tiamat declared with a smile.

"That sounds," He paused to yawn. "nice."

"I agree," The bluenette stated enthusiastically. "We could spend the whole day doing whatever we want. We could go out shopping, or we could go see a movie, or if you want we could just stay inside, and sleep all day."

"Sleep sounds nice," Issei lazily responded with a small grin forming on his face. "but the choice of what to do is yours. I'm fine doing whatever it is you want."

"Whatever it is I want?" She repeated with a big smirk, and a tone that he should have been paying attention to.

"Yeah, whatever you want." He answered, his eyes were still closed, and his breathing was slow and steady.

"Wonderful, I'll start planning our day out, you just rest, okay?" She stated as she gave him a quick kiss on the lips.


After being told she could do whatever she wants and giving Issei a kiss, Tiamat got out of bed and decided to make breakfast for him, but wasn't sure what exactly to make.

She had started to learn how to cook a while ago, but that didn't mean she was a master chef. No, she still had a long ways to go.

"Ugh, why can cooking be so frustrating at times like these?" She groaned in irritation as she continued to think about what to make Issei only to get more and more aggravated.

Meanwhile, Bahamut was leisurely eating his food without a single care for his owner. He would occasionally glance up at her as chewed on his food, but that was about it.

Eventually, after about three minutes of working her brain, Tiamat was able to think of something Issei will enjoy and that was simple.

It was Macaroni and Cheese.

While it apparently wasn't the most healthiest of food for humans, Tiamat figured it was better he eats something, then nothing at all.

Unfortunately, after taking out the pot, she put it back in the cabinet, and let out another groan. "No, I should make something else. Something that's a little bit more complex."

With that said, she searched the fridge for food to make.

Upon his eyes fluttering open, Issei was greeted by the smell of something familiar/delicious.

He wasn't exactly sure what he was smelling, but after a bit of processing, he said to himself.

"Am I smelling Mac and Cheese?"

Indeed, what Issei was picking up through his nose was the scent of Macaroni and Cheese.

Of course, he wasn't completely sure yet, so he sniffed with his nose a couple of times, and after doing this he was able to confirm that what Tiamat was making for breakfast was the without a doubt Mac and Cheese.

He wasn't that baffled by her choice of food, for this wasn't the first time he had something that was meant for dinner as a breakfast meal.

After confirming what was being made, Issei let out a yawn and stretched while sitting up. He was still a little tired, but he doubted he would get any more rest since it wouldn't be long before Tiamat would tell him breakfast was ready.

Once he was done stretching and yawning, he climbed out of bed and made his way out of the bedroom.

Upon him leaving the bedroom, Bahamut came charging at him while whining like a baby, which caused him to shift his attention to the puppy as Tiamat exited the kitchen to see what was going on.

"What, what's the matter?" Issei asked as he bent down while Bahamut stood up and put his front legs onto Issei's left leg.

As he asked the puppy this, Tiamat greeted him.

"Good morning Issei. Did you sleep well?" Is what she said to him.

Issei said nothing at first, and simply petted the puppy who eventually ceased his whining.

"Yeah." He finally told her as he stood up. "What about you, did you sleep well?"

"Mmm, more or less." She answered with a shrug of her shoulders. "I wouldn't mind another twenty or thirty minutes of sleep, but I can go without it."

"I see." Was the response he gave before watching her head into the kitchen.

"I had thought about making something more complex, but after a while, I gave up and figured you wouldn't have minded something simple like Mac and Cheese, so I made some for you." She told him from inside the kitchen.

"It's all good." He assured her as he moved to sit down at the table. "It's better than waking up to no meal at all."

As he stated this, Bahamut followed behind him, and upon him sitting down he jumped into his lap, which was something that surprised Issei.

However, his startlement vanished almost instantaneously, and it wasn't very long before he started petting and scratching the puppy who wagged his tail happily.

It wasn't long after Bahamut jumped into his lap did Tiamat exit the kitchen with two bowls of Mac and Cheese.

"And here you go!" She said as she placed his bowl of food in front of him and her own bowl across from him.

"Thank-" He started only to stop upon seeing the difference between their food. "Why do I have less?"

"Hmm?" She hummed in response as she pulled the chair back and sat down.

"You heard me. Why do you have like the adult meal, and I have like the kid's meal?" He asked with a frown.

Several seconds passed, but eventually, she replied.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"... Wow, alright then." Was what he said upon hearing her response.

"What? I honestly have no idea what you're talking about." She told him as her lips curved upwards into a smile and she started to giggle.

"Yeah, okay." Is all he said to her with a shake of his head.

"I'm being serious." She asserted as her smile grew and it became harder to try not to laugh. "I genuinely don't know what you're talking about."

"Well, you might as well have made me nothing, for this won't fill me at all." He stated as he picked up the small spoon and showed her how there was barely any noodles in his bowl.

"Hey, we can always make more." She said with the biggest smirk he had ever seen written on her face.

"Whatever, you're going to pay for this later."

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