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Summary: When Issei was about to leave his workplace, Azazel, his boss at work decided to send him an anonymous date over to his house, before Issei had a chance to get there first. And once he arrived to his apartment, he didn't expect to be greeted by a beautiful long blue-haired girl, reading his porn magazines at his bedroom. Wait, she's a what?!

Pairing: Issei x Tiamat

Non-canon, single-pairing, a chill slice of life

[Flashbacks] - Texting

"Flashbacks" - Phone call

"Flashbacks" - Thinking

Writer: Revan's Wraith

Beta'd by Rihavein-Zero

Life 1-2: Fuck you, Dragon!


Walking out of the bedroom the Dragon King was greeted by the sight of Issei pouring some type of substance into the pot of boiling water, followed by moving to a nearby drawer. He grabbed a spatula like item, closed the drawer, and moved back to the oven and began stirring the noodles.

Tiamat who observed Issei's activity tilted her head rather cutely as she tried to find out what he was trying to making. However, she couldn't quite figure out what Issei was trying to make, as the smell was odd and new.

Seeing that she wasn't going to get anything with her sensible nose, she decided to probe him on what he was making. "What are you making, and what's in it?"

Issei who was focused on the noodles turned his head to the self-proclaiming dragon and gave her a confused look. "Um, I'm making macaroni and cheese, it's basically noodles but you mix cheese with it,"

Tiamat used her enhanced smelling once again to try detecting the 'cheese' part but didn't smell any cheese coming from the pot. "I don't smell any cheese."

"Well, that's because I haven't added the cheese yet." He then paused and gave her another look before speaking again, this time he was a little hesitant. "You have cooked before right?"

Tiamat felt a little insulted by that comment, she had roasted tons of her prey before devouring them, so she was familiar with cooking. "Yes, I have cooked before if you must know. How do you think I lived for this long as a Dragon King if I couldn't?"

He stopped his stirring as he gave it some thought before shrugging. "I don't know if you're really a Dragon King. Besides, I just assumed you have tons of servants to attend to your every need, so why bother cooking for yourself?"

She scoffed in response as he returned to stirring the noodles in the pot, he occasionally lifted his spatula up to check the noodles before dumping them back in.

"You're really clueless about the supernatural side of this world, aren't you?"

"Obviously, why do you think I called you a crazy lady?"

A tic mark had appeared on Tiamat's head, the one thing she didn't like was being called crazy. She was not crazy, she was perfectly sane and healthy!

"Call me crazy one more time and I am putting your face in that pot." The fierce Dragon King warned, crossing her arms under her bust. Hearing this Issei felt his blood turn cold, he had no doubt that she would.

"Maybe I should change the subject..."

Issei could feel her eyes still on him, piercing his very soul. It was terrifying in Issei's standards, he thought Tiamat wanted an apology from him.

The brown-haired boy decided to change the subject, to escape from her hate glaring. "So uh...are you seeing someone? Or are you, well you know," Issei still had a lingering doubt that she was really a dragon.

"Are you trying to ask me if I am in a relationship?" She questioned back, in which she got a nod from Issei. "No, I'm not seeing someone at the moment, or am I really looking for someone to be in relationship with,"

"Oh." Issei blankly replied, realizing that he was going to be a sexless innkeeper.

"Wait, if Tiamat decides to stay here...and she isn't looking for some type of a relationship, doesn't that mean I can't date anybody until she decides to leave? I can't bring them home because Tiamat's here, so why do I have to share a room with her?! She's only going to ruin my sex life!"

Issei was trying to think of a way to get rid of her before it was too late.

Seeing that a silence had ensured between the two of them, Tiamat decided to return the question. "And you? Do you have a mate?"

Issei had misinterpreted what she was implying and assumed that she was saying something else entirely, "Nope, I am single and ready to mingle!" he had assumed this was her way of trying to subtly offer herself, being the slight pervert he is.

Tiamat looked at him rather strangely after hearing this proud declaration, and couldn't really fathom why he sounded happy to be single, all the while Issei was cussing himself mentally for reading that wrong. "She is a Dragon! She wouldn't be into me! I'm an idiot!"

His cursing though was short lived when he realized the noodles were done, and quickly moved to a top cabinet and grabbed a white drainer. He then moved to the fridge and grabbed half a bar of butter, which was four tablespoons, the cartoon of milk and moved to the sink placing the drainer inside the sink and the other ingredients around it.

Tiamat watched intently as he then moved to the pot picked it up and scurried over to the sink, this was all interesting to her for she had never seen someone create this type of food. Deciding to get a closer look at what he was doing, she moved to where she was nearly breathing down his neck.

Issei knew she was right behind him, but that didn't stop him from pouring the pot into the drainer, draining all of the water from the pot leaving only the noodles in the drainer. Setting down the pot he picked up the drainer and poured the noodles back into the pot, along with adding some milk and the butter.

Moving past her he then returned to the oven and picked up the cheese packet that the Macaroni came with and covered the noodles with it and began to mix the ingredients after turning the oven off.

After about a minute of mixing, he came to a stop and went to another cabinet and grabbed two glass bowls and poured half into one, and the rest into another one. "Do you want some?" He wasn't sure if Tiamat would want some, but there was no harm in asking.

Tiamat looked at the now cheesy noodles with an unreadable expression. "It doesn't smell that bad, and I didn't have anything before leaving my home, so there wouldn't be any harm in trying this."

"Sure..." Came her hesitant response as she picked up the bowl the and watched as Issei walked over to a drawer and opened it to grab a spoon. Following his example, she picked up a spoon and closed the drawer before closing it, and following behind him as he moved to the small table where he would eat.

Now Issei would have eaten in his room, but because Tiamat was here he chose to eat at the table because there would be no place for her to eat. Well, there was the bed but he didn't want to risk food staining his bed.

As the two sat down, Issei couldn't help but feel a little nervous, the reason why was because it had been a good while since he had cooked for a girl. Even though it was unintentionally, and a simple dish that didn't take much skill.

"This isn't much, but I do hope you like it, these are one of my favorite dishes" Spoke Issei before digging into his food, Tiamat merely watched him take a bite out of his food before doing the same.

Tiamat froze after her taste buds felt the macaroni. "What is this? It is so cheesy and gooey but it is oh-so-delicious! He says this isn't much, but it tastes so wonderful! I need another bite!"

Before Issei could even take a second bite, he was met by the sight of Tiamat scarfing down her food with a godlike speed. She was done before he could even scoop p his second spoon full.

"Issei, I want more," Her voice was full of command, and the way she was eyeballing his food made it clear that she wanted it now. Issei bit his lip as he contemplated his choices.

He could either give her the food, and end up having to eat a snack, or he could deny her and risk her womanly wrath. He didn't want to give her his food, but she was his guest and if she really was a dragon, who knew how things could go.

With reluctance he moved his bowl towards Tiamat who smiled brightly, revealing her perfect white teeth. "Goodbye, my sweet delicious macaroni..." Issei sulked as he witnessed the bowl being taken from his grasp.

Issei observed Tiamat devour his dish, until a phone rang in his pockets. It was a text from Vali, who replied to his question if Vali was up to game.

[Sure, just give me 30 minutes and I'll be online.]

"30 minutes, huh? I guess that is enough time to talk about the Supernatural world with Tiamat here." Issei thought, before realizing that Tiamat was already finished.

A second thought then hit him as he remembered what Tiamat said earlier. "Does that mean Vali knows about the supernatural too? He is Azazel's surrogate son, so Azazel would tell him...right?"

"So Tiamat," Issei started, causing her to lock her eyes on his. "The supernatural world is real, and my boss is this Grigori thing, correct?" He really didn't know how to begin this conversation, but he felt asking about his boss would be the best course of action.

"The Grigori isn't a thing, it's a faction, the Fallen Angel faction to be correct. Your boss Azazel is the leader of them all." Tiamat explained, shifting into her chair into a more comfortable position. Issei couldn't help but to revert his eyes back to her fine breasts, that jiggled beneath her blue dress.

His stare however didn't go unnoticed. "My eyes are up here." To emphasize her point she pointed to her eyes which caused Issei to go red and mumble his apology.

"Sorry...I guess,"

Tiamat raised an elegant eyebrow as he trailed off, she knew what he was implying, but still, that didn't mean he could just gawk at her, especially when she was explaining something vital to him. He needed to know about this ridiculous stuff if he was going to have to live with her.

"Anyways, all of the things that you consider supernatural are real, Gods, Dragons, Kitsunes, Angels, Devils, you name it. They are all real," Tiamat continued before pausing to let it sink in. It was obviously going to be a major shocker, so she could understand if the boy had questions.

"So that means that Mermaids, Fairies, Nekomatas, and all of those other sexy creatures exist?" Issei joked, but also curious at the same time.

Issei got his answer when she nodded, and his face became unreadable for a split second before breaking into a perverted one with stars in his eyes. "Tiamat you need to introduce me to some of these hot sexy babes if you know any!"

Now it was Tiamat's turn to have an unreadable expression as she thought of what he just said.

"That's all he cares about!? Some hot women?! He should be asking about how they all exist, or about the abilities of each species!" Tiamat thought.

"Even if I wanted to, I am not going to help you. I came here to learn more about the human society, like how a phone works and many other confusing technologies." Tiamat demanded, causing Issei to frown a bit.

But Issei had a question, remembering the event that happened in the club. "But wait, then how did you answer Azazel's phone call? He called you right in front of me, and you answered using your own phone didn't you?"

Hearing this caused Tiamat to smirk on the inside. It would be a perfect time to show him what the supernatural world has to offer. "That is because he told me to press this green button when he called me,"

She took out a modern day phone, and pressed the power button on the side. Tiamat pointed at the green button on the touch screen to show what Azazel told her to press.

Issei just nodded his head after seeing this, he was pretty sure this woman was just strong and not an actual dragon. All of this was just nonsense in his eyes if he truly thought about it, because her being an actual dragon is like him actually being a T-5000 from Terminator.

"Well this is a lot to take in, but I'm not going to let this affect my plans, so if you want you could sleep on the couch for the night," Finally spoke Issei as he points to the couch in the living room.

Tiamat followed his finger pointing and gave him a stern look. "The couch? That doesn't look as comfy as the chair I sat in before, nor did it look as comfy as the bed I saw earlier."

The brown-haired prankster had to cover his mouth to prevent himself from laughing at her, she looked like an angry child that had gotten her favorite toy taken away. "That couch is comfy, I would know from experience."

Tiamat was half tempted to argue with him about where to sleep, but it was his home in the end. She realized this and sighed, "Fine, I guess I will sleep on the couch."

Back during the relationship days, Raynare had kicked him out of his own bed sometimes when she was mad at him, so that couch had become his temporary sleeping place time to time.

Issei watched as she angrily marched her way over to his couch and planted herself onto the leather, it was kind of adorable, he was about to leave her alone to her own devices, but realized that he should probably get her a blanket considering it could get cold in here sometimes.

Going into the laundry room, and getting a soft fluffy black blanket he returned to Tiamat who was already trying to get into a comfortable position but seemed to be having problems. She was turning left and right wildly into every direction.

It was kind of funny, but Issei decided not to laugh at her. "Here, this should help keep you warm in the night,"

He then attempts to put it on her only for her to snatch it away and protested in a proud manner. "I can put it on myself!"

"Tch. Not even a day in with this lady, I am going to call Azazel tomorrow and tell him to get this wack job out of my apartment."

He grumbled, as he turns around to leave her alone in the living room. Until, Tiamat decided to ask him a question.

"Issei, what is that black mirror across from me?"

Sighing on the inside he turns to look at the living room's television and says with a small trace of annoyance. "That is a television, also known as TV. You use it to watch entertaining stuff, or sometimes even play video games."

Tiamat looked at it with confusion, and Issei was hoping she wouldn't ask any more ridiculous questions. "How do I watch these things if I only see myself?"

She was clearly a simpleton, no doubt about it. The hot beauty on his couch didn't know anything, all of her brain cells were put into her rack and ass. A bitter and annoyed Issei walked over to the remote sitting next to his white video game device, and turned on the television for her.

The show that was playing on the TV was a popular American TV show, and was luckily playing it's very first episode. Issei had already seen a few seasons of it, and with dragons being one of the entities in the popular show.

He hands her the remove, "Press this button to turn the device on and off, press this to move channels, and press this for the menu. I'm sure you speak English so you'll figure everything out once you get there."

Tiamat listened intently, which was kind of cute in a way because she had a cute expression on her face as she looked at each button that he pointed at.

"This should keep her preoccupied for the rest of the morning, or at least it should give me enough time to play for a while, before getting some sleep for the night."

Sunday Afternoon : 2:30 PM, Kuoh Town


Issei stirred from his sleep by the smell of something burning, he didn't know what it exactly was, but he could tell something was burning, specially from inside his house.

As he groggily opened his eyes he was met by a strange sight as well, instead of waking up on his soft comfy mattress, he found himself on the floor with his head slightly resting on the wall, and his body facing the corner.

"What in the fuck? Why am I on the floor? Why does it smell like something is burning...but why am I on the floor, again?"

"Why won't this boil!" Yelled a voice filled with anger that answered the former question, but still left the latter clueless.

"That damn woman!" He roared as he got up from the floor and smashed his way towards the living room, ending up in the kitchen after a few stomps. He didn't expect what to see, at all.

In the kitchen standing over the stove was Tiamat, who had just breathed blue flames onto a pot filled with sink water incinerating it into nothing but ash and dust.

"She...she just breathed fire..."

Issei was in disbelief, as the pale blue-haired woman turned her blazing eyes towards him, "Why won't the water boil, Issei? I put the water in the pot and placed it on this thing yet the water won't boil! This is the fourth pot and nothing has changed!"

He didn't respond to her question, and looked at the stove horrifically that was covered with black ashes. "Was she trying to make Macaroni?" He then looked behind her to see his last box of mac and cheese torn open with the packs of cheese scattered on the counter.

His eyes then shifted to the stove and saw the red light not on, "Because the stove wasn't on?"

Tiamat gave him a sharp look telling him to explain what he meant.

"See these five switches?" He moved past her, and pointed at each switch. She just nodded her head in response. "Well, you turn this one on if you are wanting to boil something,"

Seeing that Tiamat understood what Issei explained, Issei smiled as he closed his eyes before shouting at the woman in front of him at the top of his lungs. "NOW WHY THE HELL DID YOU BURN MY GOD DAMN UTENSILS AND FOOD WHEN YOU COULD OF JUST ASKED ME!?"

Tiamat was taken back by the sudden anger flaring from him, but she didn't show any signs of shock. Instead, she narrowed her eyes at him, "Who are you to talk to me like that? I'm the top Dragon King, and I could burn you alive if I wanted to right now." she said in a commanding tone.

"Dragon King my ass, while you are living in my home, you are nothing but a guest and guests don't go burning the owner's belongings!" Issei barked, not backing down at all.

He didn't care if this woman was a Goddess, there were rules when staying at someone's territory.

"Talk to me in such a tone and I will destroy you! I am the Chaos Karma Dragon, the one dragon that strikes fear into the hearts of mortals!" Tiamat declared back, her pride as a dragon king not wanting to be shamed by some pesky little human.

"I will talk to you with whatever voice I want! First, you invaded my home then you nearly killed me for not believing you, then you ate my food, not to mention kicked me off of my own bed, and then finally nearly burned my home down instead of asking for some help! How would you like it if someone did that to you? Huh?"

Issei got in her face and poked her in the chest after each reason. He didn't want to die, but he wasn't going to quiver in fear and let this creature in a woman's curvy body get away with all of what she did. Clueless or not Issei was going to teach her how society worked, and if that meant he had to get a little aggressive and be demanding, he would not think twice.

The bluenette growled at the man before her, "You," She then grabbed him by the throat easily lifting him off of the ground. "Who do you think you are to talk to me like that? You are nothing compared to me. You should be happy that I'm even here, most would kill to be in my company!"

The victim scoffed at her statement. "I am Issei fucking Hyoudou, and I want you out of my home, go get some other poor idiot to fucking kiss your ass as you destroy their home for that is all you seem capable of doing,"

Issei closed his eyes preparing for the worse to occur, but someone unexpected intervened at the last minute.

"Tiamat, put him down please." Issei opened his eyes and looked to the kitchen entrance, seeing Azazel with his twelve black angelic wings sprouted from his back.

"Azazel?" The two exclaimed in surprise, which gave Issei a chance to yell at his boss for bringing a real dragon to his home. However, this time, Azazel had a rare expression on his face that wanted to observe more than question.

He was serious, for once in his life.

"This child had insulted me, and ridiculed me at every turn, yet you want me to put him down?" Curtly spoke Tiamat as she glared at Issei with burning hatred.

"Yes, look I know Issei can be a pain in the ass-"


"-But that doesn't mean you can just kill him for it, plus he is usually a big old softy, he is just a little upset that his stuff was burnt," Finished Azazel ignoring the indignant hey from Issei, Tiamat in response looked at Issei her eye softening as she stared at him.

"Hmph, fine. Azazel I would like to learn from someone else about the human society since Issei here doesn't prefer my company," Firmly stated Tiamat as she released Issei and looked at Azazel.

Issei didn't say anything and just watched Azazel as he rubbed hit goatee before shaking his head. "Sorry, but Issei is your partner on this, he is the best one we have to teach you,"

"Did you not just see what happened? She nearly killed me again, and burned my stuff! What if that was my porn, or worse my video games?" Issei rambled with a hint of anger in his voice, he was trying to keep himself in control but was having a hard time.

"I wouldn't have tried killing you if you didn't make fun of me! I have been trying here, and all you do is yell at me. I'm trying to learn here," Sharply replied the blunette as she glared at Issei.

"Hey kids, calm down!" Azazel yelled as he clapped his hands drawing attention to himself. "How about you both apologize and start fresh? Sure this morning wasn't the greatest we've ever had, but Issei don't you think this would be a good time to teach her about how society here works?"

Issei wouldn't admit it, but he did slightly enjoy her company. It hadn't been hectic here since Raynare left him, so it was nice in its own weird strange way. With a sigh, he complies "My apologies, Tiamat. For yelling at you, of course. I should of believed you and remembered that you're new to all this, next time though could you just ask for some help?"

She looked at the hand Issei extended in an attempt to make a peace offering. "...You had your reasons to be angry, and I didn't exactly make the most smartest move. Sorry, I should've asked." Tiamat sighed, pouting in a cute way.

Once the apology was over, Issei couldn't help but to hint a grin after staring at the Dragon for a short while. "You can make your own food since you'll be spending time with me here, just remember to ask instead of trying to do everything your own. And that's what humans do, we strive to survive by helping each other out."

Tiamat giggled, thinking of the pornography magazines she read from yesterday. "Is that why you have those books of naked girls? Because you don't know about the female body?"

The smile planted on the boy's face was washed away instantly, as Azazel began to hysterically laugh at the sudden joke Tiamat managed to spit out.

"Those are collector's items, it's a guy thing," Issei stated strongly, only for Tiamat to start laughing as well.

When Azazel managed to hold in the rest of his laughter, he stopped and gave an idea for the fitting duo. "Anyways, I got an idea. Since she burned your kitchen and food, why don't you guys go shopping together?"

"Shopping?" Tiamat questioned as she glared at Azazel. "What is shopping?"

"Basically it's where you go to markets and buy items you need," Issei poorly explained in hopes that she would get what he meant, but instead she got the wrong idea.

"Why would I want to spend gold if I could just take it?"

Issei's left eye twitched after hearing her response. "Because that's obviously stealing, and stealing is against the law in the human society. And we don't use gold, we use paper bills in this day and age." Issei informed.

"You don't use gold? What about diamonds?" Tiamat asked curiously.

He replied with a shake of his head.


Same response.


Same response again.

"Amethyst and Rubies?"

Again with the shake of his head.

The blue-haired dragon felt outdated and old, her treasure storage stored tons and billions worth of gems and jewels, but now they apparently meant nothing? All of what she had hoarded wasn't worth a thing nowadays? "So all my wealth is worthless in the eyes of the humans?"

Issei had to resist the urge to face palm in fear of her getting the wrong idea again. "I never said that, we just use paper bills as a form of currency. And there's too many reasons to list, but mainly it's because they don't nearly weight as much and is easier to carry around,"

Her face was full of concerns, her treasure was still valuable and rich but she just would have to use these 'paper bills' to buy things.

"Well Issei, it looks like you have everything under control here," Azazel interrupted, earning the attention of the new roommates. "So I will just go relay this information to Vali and Kuroka. They have been waiting for you to find out about the supernatural world after all,"

"Oi! Where do you think you are go- Gah!" Issei attempted to grab the fallen angel before he threw an object to the ground, while yelling "Smoke bomb!", and swiftly ran away from the scene as the smoke-filled Issei's lungs, causing him to cough uncontrollably.

Tiamat stood there and watched as Issei continued to cough while essaying to call Azazel.

"Now that I think of it, that bastard Azazel might've been right. This boy does look like a softy, he acts like he hates Azazel but doesn't seem so,"

"Azazel you bastard! I know you have your phone on you so pick up or I swear to all the gods that apparently exist that I will BURN YOUR GOD DAMN PORN COLLECTION!"

Hearing that, Tiamat began to have seconds thoughts.

"Issei, are we going to do this shopping thing, or are you going to yell at your phone all day in hopes of Azazel actually responding?"

Issei looked up from his phone and sighed, this was his day off from work but it looked like he was going to be working on something else. With Tiamat not being part of his household, it was now his job to take care of her while being her mentor.

Not that he wanted to complain, though.

Sunday Afternoon : 3:43 PM, Kuoh Academy


The walk was supposed to be ten minutes. They had left right after the kitchen incident but yet it took them nearly an hour to arrive at the targeted store. And the reason was simple and clear, every man the two had encountered during their trip to the store tried to either ask her out or straight up tried to arrange a marriage.

He was literally right next to her when they were attempting to make a move on her, but that didn't stop them from trying. In their eyes, they believed that they could make her fall for them with some honeyed words and handful of cash.

At first, it was enjoyable, seeing Tiamat shut down every proposal delivered to her. However, as time passed on it got more annoying and quickly became a nuisance.

The first man to make an attempt had it coming to him, after the proposal Tiamat used her draconic strength to downright crush the man's skull, knocking him out completely. It wasn't the best action to respond with, but it was quite entertaining as Issei got to witness her true dragon power.

Especially when she demanded Issei to explain why she couldn't just punch someone who annoyed her out of the blue like that. She had fended off male dragons in the past by beating the absolute flames out of them, so why couldn't she beat up a human that is practically doing the same?

The other reason why they took so long is because of them running across a woman's clothing store, where they had dresses out on display and she found them all to be in her taste and rather stylish. He had to treat her like a child and drag her away from the store while she protested, about how she wants the dresses hanging on the mannequins.

Needless to say what was supposed to be a simple errand had turned into a pain in the ass for Issei, but in a way, it was kind of worth it. For he was having an enjoyable time and got the chance to witness the reactions of Tiamat when Issei told her a few facts about the human society.

"Alright Tiamat, remember to stick close to me, I don't need you to wander off and end up searching all over for you." Issei sternly informed, only for Tiamat to not pay any attention to the brown-haired boy. Rather, she was more interested in the sliding door that was the entrance of the store.

"Give me strength, oh great God. To complete these quests and defeat these monstrous bosses." Issei joked to himself in his thoughts, he was using one of his favorite character's line in a MOBA game that he played, although this task was pretty similar to quests, and the bosses were Tiamat's dumb questions.

"Issei how are the doors opening without any magic being used?" Tiamat questioned with a sweeter tone, glaring at the sliding glass door. It was nice when she talked to him like that, it got rid of the thought of the absolute ruthless side of her from earlier.

"It's because we aren't using magic," Issei started his answer, as he heard some guy make a whistle noise of approval directed to Tiamat. "We use electricity, and magic is considered as a fairy tale these days. It's just a simple mechanic."

Leading the way he entered the hypermarket with Tiamat following behind him, he didn't, however, notice the small stop she had before rushing into the store and catching up to him.

Assuming she was behind him he decided to speak as he got a cart to carry what they needed. "Okay, so we need metal pots, boxes of mac and cheese, snacks, asparagus, potatoes, and either chicken or steak; really just depends on the pricing really. We want to get them while they're on sale,"

"Mac and Cheese should be our first priority," The fierce Dragon King said with absolutely no hesitation what-so-ever.

"We'll get that and the other non-spoiling food first, it is always best to get those things first. Remember when you're going shopping for something like mac and cheese and steak, then you get the mac and cheese first because..."

"It doesn't spoil?" This was met with a nod of approval by Issei, she felt a little proud of herself getting that right. She had never gone shopping for her food, but doing it was slightly fun. Not as fun as chasing her prey, however, but it was fun in a way.

The two then begin their adventure into the food sections, Issei had to explain nearly every type of food as they passed by them, since Tiamat would constantly stop and grab a box or bag of whatever that met her draconic eye.

He didn't mind a lot since most of it was just either a different brand of chips or a different kind of noodles and soup, which he had a lot of familiarity with.

"Tiamat, can you grab one box of Mac and Cheese please while I get the canned corn?" He would have got it himself, but he decided that it was better to have her try getting somethings herself.

"One box won't satisfy my hunger though," Tiamat pouted as she crossed her arms under her bust, causing the boy's eyes to move downwards and glare at her the amazing pair. Noticing this, Tiamat thought of something clever.

"Issei, do you want to perhaps touch these?" Her tone was sweet and very enticing as she began to fondle herself, not trusting his own words Issei simply nodded causing Tiamat to giggle. She still had it.

"I could allow that to happen if you allow me to get as many boxes I want," She had him hooked, all she had to do was just reel him in. Picking up the pace of the fondling, Issei found himself becoming mesmerized by her breasts. However the thought of buying all the boxes of mac and cheese...he could possibly go broke.

"Oi! Stop trying to seduce me, you seductress!" He nearly shouted as he turned away from her, he hated himself for not accepting the deal, but he just couldn't take the gamble with that woman.

Tiamat clicked her tongue in annoyance, she was so close and was sure that he would of given in to her deal. "Also, the mac and cheese are packed up in boxes of 5! So if you really want that much I will allow two sets!"

"Well, why didn't he say that!? I would of never fondled myself then!" Tiamat shouted to herself as she glared at the brown-haired male moving over to the canned vegetables.

Upon returning to the cart Issei was greeted by the sight of Tiamat carrying three packs of Mac and Cheese, something that he didn't agree to. "Whoa whoa, I said two boxes of mac and cheese, that's obviously fucking three!"

Tiamat gave him a stern look as she finished placing them in the cart. "Yes, but I just fondled myself in front of you so I want three!" She was upset, and became even more infuriated when Issei's stupid grin appeared on his stupid face once again.

"Well, I didn't ask you to do that..." Issei trailed off, before falling silent as Tiamat gave him the deadliest glare he had ever seen in his life. "But because you like it so much and it is your first time going shopping I will allow it." Issei didn't release his sigh of relief, but he was satisfied when that death stare was replaced with a cheerful smile, Tiamat could be dangerously scary when she wants to.

End of Life 1-2: Fuck you, Dragon!

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