The Pokémon Wildcard

Prologue: A Saved Life for a New World

As far as one can remember or acknowledge, there are numerous realms and dimensions inhabited by living beings, some bear similarities between each other while others sharply contrast which makes them very unique. One of such worlds is inhabited humans alongside creatures called Pocket Monsters more popularly known as Pokémon, these mysterious creatures are said to be capable of manipulating all sorts of powers known to humanity and they come in many shapes, sizes and even forms. These magical creatures can be found in every corner of the world where one would find themselves…soaring high in the skies…swimming along with the currents underseas…climbing along the craggy mountains…animating the green forest and grasslands, heck even the sprawling cities are teeming with them.

As long as time immemorial, humans and Pokémon worked together in harmony. For some, Pokémon are friendly playmates, and cooperative workmates, while others would sometimes band together and do battles against those similar to them. However as there is good, there are also evil. Unlike some humans who wish to live in harmony with Pokémon, there are others who seek to control Pokémon for their own selfish ambitions which puts the very balance of the world itself at risk. But now a new story which will eternally be remembered in the Pokémon world is about to begin.

It all starts in a small town called Pallet which is located at the western side of the Kanto, one night when many people had returned to their homes to rest after a hard day's work, a brown-haired woman wearing a blue dress with a white short-sleeved jacket and matching shoes was walking down the dirt path towards her home while enjoying the night breeze…this woman's name is Delia Ketchum. Suddenly she heard rapid footsteps from behind her and turned around to see who or what it is. Turns out it's a quadruped rodent Pokémon with purple fur and large front teeth, a Rattata to be precise. Delia was confused when the Pokémon stopped before her and started hopping up and down while chanting its name.

"What is it? Are you trying to tell me something?" asked Delia curiously.

"Rat-tatat ratta rattata!" the Pokémon chanted urgently to even biting down on the hem of her dress and puling it.

"Oh, could it be that you want me to follow you?" Delia had a look of realization.

"Rattata!" the rodent Pokémon nodded in affirmation before scampering off and making sure that she was following it, the duo made their way out of the town and towards the grassy plains where Delia noticed more Rattata and even Pidgey were standing around almost as if they were guarding something, the woman was just wondering what it is…


She suddenly stopped in surprise upon hearing the sound of crying…a baby's cry…and human one at that! She hastened her steps towards the source of the sound and saw more Pokémon gathered around but paid little attention to them until arriving at a small clearing and there in the middle was a baby wrapped on a bundle of cloth. Delia let out a gasp of shock and quickly went to carefully scoop it, upon getting a closer look, she saw that it was a boy with blond and strange whisker-like marks on his cheeks. The baby stopped crying and looked at her with sky blue eyes which were full of curiosity.

"Oh my, you have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen," said the woman, the baby giggled as if happy at such a compliment and reached out with his stubby little hands to touch her face…that alone stirred a foreign feeling within her heart, the desire to care for him as if he was her own child. But that feeling was quashed for the moment upon wondering where his parents are and how he got there in the first place, she then heard something hit the ground and looked to see that it was a scroll. As much as she wanted to open the scroll and see what's inside, there were more important matters to attend to "I must get you home before you catch a cold under this weather," Delia turned to the Pokémon "You can all be proud of yourselves, thank you for bringing me here," she received chirps and cries before bidding them farewell and making her way back into town.

A few minutes later, Delia had arrived at her home and by then the baby was fast asleep while holding on tightly to her dress, causing her to smile warmly as she sat on the couch in the living room. She looked over at the scroll and picked it up to unravel only to be confused upon seeing a written language completely foreign, then the next she knew was that the letters began to shift and change right before her eyes into a much more familiar language and began to read.

To whoever is reading this letter, my name is Minato Namikaze the former Hokage which is the leader of the Hidden Leaf village but now I detest that title with the same going for my belated wife Kushina Uzumaki. Many years ago, there are nine powerful entities called Tailed Beasts and each village has one with mine possessing one called the Kyuubi which was sealed into my wife when she was young. Both of us were married in secret due to my fame but we were happy and expecting the birth of our son. But the problem was that seal is very weak when the female container goes into labor and so I helped in keeping the seal secure while my wife gave birth safely. We were so overjoyed but it didn't last when a masked stranger attacked and held my son hostage, I was able to rescue him but the stranger captured Kushina and escaped only to unleash the Kyuubi to attack the village. I took both of them to safety before setting out to battle the mysterious stranger who had the power to control the Kyuubi. I was able to defeat him and disrupt his control on the beast, but it was still at large so I had no other choice but to seal it inside my son due to him being an Uzumaki which are the only kind to be able to serve as its container but the ritual would cost me my very soul. I was originally planning to entrust him to the village and have him seen as a hero…but a few months earlier I had discovered a horrible truth. My predecessor and the elders had been wanting to turn Kushina into an emotionless weapon when she was the container of the beast and I fear that they would attempt the same on him, and so my original plan was to transport my wife and son to another dimension so we can live happily until all this happened. So I wish to make this request shared between me and my wife…please take care of Naruto in our stead, give him the love we wouldn't be able to, raise him with the loving care of a parent…please.
Signed, Minato Namikaze, the Yellow Flash and A Loving Father.

By the time she had finished reading, Delia was already crying, this world she just read about must be a cruel place for some people to do such times and yet this man was willing to do everything to protect his family after discovering the horrid truth to the point of sending his son far away from potential danger while containing a powerful beast within himself. She looked down at the baby to see him still asleep and held him close, and she felt her heart soar when he snuggled deeply in her arms.

"I'll honor you and your wife's request, I'll raise him with great love and care. I can even see it in his eyes, he might become one of the greatest Pokémon trainers in this world!" said Delia as she gazed lovingly at Naruto.

This is Hussbek online with the first chapter of a new story, Naruto will be taking Ash's place as the protagonist and there might be some elements from the games. Naruto will also capture canon Pokémon along with a few others but NO Legendaries right off the bat. In this story, Chakra and aura are one in the same and Naruto will learn to train in using it in the future. Also Misty will not be going Naruto cause personally I dislike her attitude and always playing Ash down, so she'll be replaced with someone else. Brock will also join Naruto on his journey due to his down-to-earth personality and comedy relief. There will be a harem too (Like in most others) and here's the list:

Oichi from Pokémon Conquest

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