Chapter 1

The team was sitting in the bullpen, completing their reports from the last case. Callen and Sam invited Kensi, Deeks, Hidoko and the Wonder Twins out for casual drinks and dinner.

Hidoko was thrilled to hang out with everyone after work. She meant it when she told Mosely she would want them on her side if she was ever in trouble. Everyone took a liking to her as well, especially Sam who started to see her as a younger sister like Kensi.

She met the team at the restaurant after her workout. Hidoko immediately ordered a strong drink, while telling everyone about her creepy Uber driver. Once the bill was paid, everyone started to leave. Eric and Nell left the restaurant first. After hearing Hidoko's earlier story of the Uber driver, Sam insisted on taking her home, ensuring she got in safely, before proceeding to his boat.

Callen caught a ride home with Kensi and Deeks. They offered to have Callen stay with them for the night, and in a rare moment, he said yes. He was grateful to Kensi and Deeks for insisting he stay with them when Sam went to be with his kids following Michelle's death. Callen wanted to make it up to them but they both adamantly refused, stating he was family and that's what families do.

While everyone settled down for the night, danger lurked outside Hidoko's apartment. Jeff, the Uber driver, had made his way back to her place after his shift was over; even going so far as to remove the Uber decal from his car. He was assigned to watch and follow Hidoko, with the hope that she would interact with Sam.

As the team were leaving the restaurant, he watched with glee as Hidoko left with Sam, but didn't follow them immediately. Instead he called his boss to inform him Hidoko was with Sam, who responded "excellent." After a few hours, Jeff deftly broke into Hidoko's apartment, fought with her before covering her mouth with chloroform and carried her unconscious body out without anyone the wiser.

Callen woke up suddenly. He had a bad feeling something just happened but couldn't pinpoint what. His phone rang and Sam's name appeared on the Caller ID, making the bad feeling Callen had even worse.

S: G, did you get a bad feeling something just happened?

C: Yeah, I did. I take it you did too.

S: I called Eric and Nell and they're fine... a little mad at me for waking them up, but fine.

Before Callen could respond, Deeks knocked on the door...

D: Sorry to disturb you Callen. Kensi and I are awake. Something's wrong but we can't figure out what.

C: I'm on the phone with Sam. Both of us had the same feeling.

S: G, I'm going to call Hidoko. She's the only one we haven't heard from yet. Call you right back.

C: Deeks, tell Kensi Sam is going to call Hidoko. See if Kens can text her too.

Two minutes later Sam calls back...

S: G, Hidoko's not answering her phone.

K: Guys, I texted her a couple of times and she hasn't responded yet.

C: I'm calling Eric to meet us at OPS. We need all hands for this.

D: Who's calling Mosely?

C: I will call her. We may not like her but she is our boss and Hidoko is her assistant. She needs to know Hidoko is unreachable.