Chapter 4

The team was in the armory preparing the weapons, trying not to look at the clock or their watches every 5 minutes. Hetty suddenly appeared with Mosely, each carrying a briefcase, and looked to Sam. "Sam, here is the money... bring Hidoko home."

Mosely looked at all of them "Be safe and good luck."

Sam's phone buzzed again, but this time it was the address where Hidoko is being held. He sent the address to Eric to track and the elite four headed out to get their own back.

As they approached the cottage with the B team as backup, Jeff casually walked outside with his hands up to surrender. Being new at crime, he folded and told everything to the team. Jeff admitted he was the Uber driver and also that he didn't want Hidoko to get hurt.

Sam stalked to him and yelled "Where is Hidoko?" Before Jeff could answer, he was shot dead from behind by his boss. Hasan, who could've been Tahir's twin, calmly spoke to Sam "Hello Sam, I am Hasan. You know, well knew my brother Tahir, that is before you killed him."

Sam "Where's Hidoko? Why are you doing this?"

Hasan laughed then responded "That's quite simple. You took Jada from us. Thankfully we got her back but you needed to pay for your crimes. Tahir went after your son, Aiden, but you stopped him and arrested him. He successfully killed your dear wife, Michelle, only to have you kill him. What is that phrase - eye for an eye? Now young Hidoko's life is slowly going away in the bedroom because of your actions. I hope you're satisfied."

Callen spoke up "Morris... take this scum and cuff him. We're going inside." Morris roughly slapped the cuffs on Hasan, who started to laugh.

Sam was first through the front door, followed by Callen. Kensi and Deeks entered through the back door and the four of them spread out and searched the cottage.

Sam opened the last of the bedroom doors and there laid Hidoko on the bed, barely breathing. Sam rushed over and started CPR on Hidoko while yelling for the others that he found her.

Kensi brought over a portable oxygen tank with mask and promptly put it on Hidoko. Two minutes passed before Hidoko started coughing and tried to talk. "Y... you came for me."

Sam held her in his lap. "Of course we did, you're part of the team. Where else would we be?"

Callen "Hidoko, how do you feel?"

Hidoko "Hi Callen... like I'm well-loved." She suddenly panics "Oh my god, I'm in my pajamas!"

Kensi puts her hand on Hidoko's forearm. "Don't worry, I have your go bag in my car. As soon as you're checked out by the EMTs, you can change your clothes."

Hidoko "Thank you, Kensi! I appreciate it."

Sam "Alright, I think it's time we all get out of this room and the cottage. Hidoko, I'm carrying you out - no arguments."

Hidoko "No worries, Sam. I think I'm too weak to walk, anyways."

Deeks pipes up "See Kens, why couldn't you be agreeable like Hidoko when I carried you out."

Kensi looks at him "Shut up, Deeks!"

Everyone laughs as they leave the room and cottage.

Upon seeing Hidoko, Hasan yells out "She lives, how pathetic."

Sam puts Hidoko down, who turns around and asks for his gun. He proudly hands it to her and winks at her. Hidoko then turns to Deeks (knowing he is a lawyer) and asks if what she's about to do is considered self-defense, to which he smiles and says absolutely yes.

Hidoko then aims and fires, shooting Hasan where the sun don't shine. Every man around, except for Hasan, immediately crosses their legs, while Kensi high-fives Hidoko.

Sam turns to Hidoko, hugs her and retrieves his gun "Let's get you checked out and then go home."

Hidoko hugs him back and says "Yes, please!"

The team of five enter OSP at 5pm. Mosely, Eric, Nell and Hetty greet them at the bullpen. Hidoko receives hugs from all, especially Mosely, who has tears in her eyes. Mosely "I'm so glad you are safe. Sam and all, thank you for bringing Hidoko home. Sam, considering everything, I'm fine if you wish to take a few days off."

Sam shares a look with Callen before turning to Mosely and responding "Actually, that sounds like a great idea. While I'm at it, I can also check on Hidoko who will be at home resting."

Hidoko "Sam, that's not necessary. I'm fine."

Mosely "Hidoko, I beg to differ and agree with Sam. I want you to rest for a few days before returning to work. Sam, let me know if Hidoko gives you any trouble."

Hidoko looked at Sam, Mosely and everyone else before sighing "Yes ma'am."

Deeks pipes up again with a big smile on the his face "If it involves a some R&R, I'm happy to join." Everyone rolls their eyes then turned to him and said in unison "Shut up, Deeks" while laughing.

The End.