The apartment was a mess. Bottles and old chinese food containers where everywhere. Sonny looked around, and thankfully saw Will sleeping in the bed. He looks so peaceful, Sonny thought to himself. He made his way over to the bed, and he felt a warmth spread through his body. He looked at his hands and they didn't look translucent, they looked whole. Heck, he even felt whole. Not like a ghost anymore. like a person again.

The closer to the bed Sonny walked, the more the feelings intensified. Happyiness, was one of them. He felt, there wasn't even a word for it. Will was sleeping with his face smushed into the pillow, as if he was trying to stay asleep. The covers were only covering his feet at this point and his hair looked like a ball of spikes. Sonny looked at Will's back and sighed, you could clearly see his bones. Its as he had the containers of food all over the place just for show.

Sonny sat down on the bed, watching the bed ripple with his weight which also came as a surprise. He took a deep breath and extended his hands out to Will's hair, he ran his finger through the golden locks and he smiled. It was just like he remembered, he had touch as well. It was soft, cold, it was home.

Will must of sensed him in his sleep cause he arched into the touch, it brought teers to his eyes. Sonny layed down next to Will, on his side of the bed no less and just stared at Will and ran his fingers through his hair. You shoudl wake him, a part of Sonny told him but he ignored it. There was no place he rather be.

Sonny looked around the room again, he saw peices of himself everywhere. His jacket layed on a chair near the door. His favorite mug by the sink. His brush on the kitchen table. There wedding picture on the nightstand next to will. His letter, was in Will's hands. He was, even in sleep, holding on it as if his life depended on it. Will knuckles where white and stressed.

The pages crinkled, and wet from fresh tears, but over all Will looked as if he took care of them more than himself. Sonny knew he messed up in that letter. He managed to get Will's fingers off of them and he read...


If your reading this then i know i didn't man up and tell you myself. I know you have seen me really sick lately, probaly knew this was coming cause you can read me as if i was one of your books. You know me better than i know myself. I can try to hide how unhungry i am, or the bloody tissues, or how im taking naps at work. But, i can't hide from you.

I'm sick, the kind kind of sick that people write books and make movies about. The one where you blur out the words when the doctor in a white coat tells you your fate in their office. The kind of sick you don't come back from.

I didn't have alot of time, months actually.

I wanted to live the rest of my life, happy. Not in some hospital, not with my children crying that there papa isn't gonna be around when they loose all there teeth, or win a game at school, or fall in love and get married and have kids. I didn't want to have to you force yourself to smile, and promise your gonna love me no matter what and you'll love me to my last breath. Promising me you'll never move on, even though i know you will. You can't live your life alone Will.

i love you so much Will,

Forever your Sonny

"You are never gonna move on are ya," Sonny whispered into the quite room. Will moved in his sleep and snuggled into Sonny. Sonny smiled and hugged him.

"Never," Will whispered, scaring the heck out of Sonny to the point that he almost fell out of the bed.

"You don't scare people like that Will," Sonny laughed once he finally got ahold of his breath. Will sat up and stretched, his bones showing and his spine cracking like a cat.

"Hmm," was Will's reply and when Will finally looked at Will he smiled, sadly though. He looked so different. He looked as if he aged ten years. His eyes were blurred, no longer the oceans they were. His face hairy, bread starting to grow. His bones showing like the rest of his body. But, Sonny still saw his Will. So when he leaned over and connected there lips, sparks seemed to fly.

They felt closer and they kissed every emotion they had, Will rapped his arms around Sonny;s neck draying him in closer connecting them. Doing only kissing cause that's all there small hearts could take.

When they finally let go of each other Sonny was on top of Will looking down at him as if Will himself was an angel. Will smiled, he reeched up and ran his hand through Sonny's midnight black hair.

"God i missed you," Will whispered brokenly as tears fell from his eyes.

"Me too," Sonny mouthed back.

"No, you have no idea how much i missed you. Every night i dream something like this, and i wake to my screams. I know your hear this time."

Sonny looked astonished, "Really?"

"Yeah," Will replied, "You come to me in sleep, apologized for leaving me behind. I forgive you and we say goodbye, like a love story we tell each other well wait for the other."

"Do you think its true?"

"I think i already am?"

"What do you mean?" Suddenly a blinding white light entered the apartment. Sonny sheeled his eye.

Guest; Omg. Please find away to get Sonny his life back in the end. Will is breaking my heart and as much as I would l like to see the Wilson goodbye ,I don't want sonny to be gone

geminijune:Little did they realize that after Sami helped Will leave the room, the machine that flatlined, wasn't disconnected, when Will heard the machine flatline & heard Kayla say time of death, once everyone left the room, Sonny heard Ari's voice, the machine started bleeping again, indicating that Sonny wouldn't have it for his little girl to see his dead body, much less, Will incessantly crying over his dead body would he allow death to do him in. So no one knows that Sonny survived, until midnight, when Sonny pressed the button for the nurse.

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When Sonny opened his eyes, he wasn't in Will's studio apartment. The room was white with a window to his left. He was in a hospital gown and blankets covered his legs. His left arm was in a sling and his right was conected to an I.V pole and a heart monitor. He looked to his right and Will was asleep in one of thoose uncofortable hospital chairs, with his computer in his lap and his notepads on the table infront of him. He did in fact look like he did in the dream, but he wasn;t skin and bones. Sonny tried to move but a strabbing pain exploded throughout his abdomen.

"Arghhh," Sonny yelled his throat feeling as if he swollowed a chainsaw. Will woke up out of sleep surprised to see Sonny awake.

"Son dont move you'll pop the stitches," he urged. He got up and helped Sonny back to where he was once he pressed the nurse button on the hospital remote.

"W-i-l-l." Sonny rasped, his throat still raw, once he had some water. He looked at Will again, "Whats going on?"

"Well first of all you got shot, alot," Sonny paled, "You have been asleep for a year, you just had surgery on your lungs actually. The tumor was huge but the doctor-"

"How did you know-"

"Know what you have lung cancer, Ari gave me the letter after Kayla realised you were still alive. As i was saying they got most of the tumor out, you went to a doctor who barely did any surgery. I showed your mri to Kayla and she removed most of the tumor and a few rounds of chemo and you'll be good to go. "

Sonny sighed in relief, "That was a nightmare." Will looked intrigued, his eyebrows rasing as he looked at Sonny, "What was?" "The dream i had it was so weird, if would of been one of your books."

Will smiled and leaned down giving Sonny a kiss on the forehead. Then the doctor came in and gave a look over for Sonny, saying basically what Will said also that he would need phsyical therapy since he was in a comma for a year and also because of the three gun shots he got.

They didn;t talk afterwards, just looked at each other. Until the door opened and a very happy kids came in screaming "Papa!" He just looked at Will after his Dog pile hug, and said just one phase, "Perfect is the word."

Thank you so much for reading, maybe ill write a sequal who knows :) -Pug