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This world is a desolate one; thick layers of ash covering most of the atmosphere, black specks of soot falling from the sky where it snowed and polluted acid rain in the damper regions. It used to be colorful, happy, filled with life and promises of adventure but, now? It promised only inevitable death.

Age 766

It began with him, the death of the world's greatest protector whom ironically perished peacefully off the battlefield due to a rare heart-virus that took him from the world of the living far too soon. The first three weeks immediately after were average, life went on, and dozens of friends and family attended his memorial and burial on Kame Island. One young warrior payed close attention to the service being given by the old turtle hermit as he pulled his hanky from his jacket and handed it to his mother. He had lost his father before but, this felt permanent, like fate wanted this to happen; the Dragonball's couldn't help this time and for once in his life, he felt like he'd truly lost someone.

It was that very night, when he swore to his mother and friends, slamming his glass down at the table as the timid mingling ceased and everyone turned their head to face him. He swore that night to never feel this helpless again, he'd fight to the bitter end and protect the Earth from whatever threat would come their way. He was a liar as a lie by omission, even an unintentional one, is still a lie.

Six months came and went; the world kept spinning and Goku became a fond memory, people stopped mourning, Chi-Chi stopped visiting his grave every day, and Gohan poured his heart and soul into training to make his father proud. Unfortunately, this would be the same time that two fearsome beings made their presence known in a small city leaving it in pieces, rubble, and death. These two beings were no ordinary fighters, they were hand-made Androids designed to be the ultimate fighting duo, unmatched in power, skill, speed, and strength, and they kept their titles through and through.

Piccolo was encountered first, being the closest to the scene as it happened, he fought alone and died alone. Vegeta came next, finding the Androids to be a challenge was strange but, he was no ordinary Saiyan, he had ascended to the legendary status of Super Saiyan… pity it simply wasn't enough. He fought until he died a painful and stubborn death, alone with his pride intact and his internal organs not so intact.

This left the weaker of the group to fend for themselves, but, they wouldn't lose any other friends to pride and stupidity; so, they fought together. Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, Chiatzou, and Gohan fought with everything they had, combining attacks and strategies and for some reason, they all fell, one by one. Leaving Gohan, a young seven-year-old boy, alone on the battlefield with four dead bodies of his former friends. It was that night, the night he realized the cruelty of this world, the night he realized things couldn't go back and that reality was set. He trembled, fell over in a fit of crying and bleeding; he had been stitched up but, he was already pulling the amateur hospitality done by Bulma. Images of his friends, family, people he grew up around dying one by one to two heartless robots. His long hair sprung up from behind him flickering gold, his eyes flooded ocean blue, and his muscles contracted becoming denser. His aura exploded around him as he pounded into the ground with his bare fists, anger, rage, ruthlessness, this is what drove him and after tasting this bitter power he knew he could never look back at the fun-loving boy who loved his mommy and daddy; he was Earth's only warrior now and he had only one goal. To kill the artificial humans.

13 Years Later; Age 780

Explosions engulfed entire buildings, vaporizing hundreds of people at a time, each beam extending out from a single finger, "I'm so bored today; we've destroyed like all the good cities!" A stunning young woman with shoulder length blonde hair and clear blue eyes growled as she stepped over half of a discarded body.

"You're the one who blurted out 'let's destroy all the big monuments first' the second you came out of stasis," A slightly older male pointed out, brushing his raven black hair behind his ear; the pair seemed to be related in appearance and age, most-likely no older than 25 and no younger than 20. They seemed awfully immature as the blonde one sighed loudly, pointing behind her at a struggling civilian and blasting away obliterating him and the building he was leaning against without even glancing, "It's not the same when you don't hear the roar of screaming crowds after the first blast."

"I feel that, 18, nothing beats a screaming human," the boy smiled and turned at the sound of another voice rocketing down from above and landing beside them.

"Unless the screaming human beats you!" Gohan planted his feet on the ground and gulped slightly, it had been an uphill battle against the Androids this last decade and he knew this wouldn't be his last fight with either too but, every battle is won one punch at a time. Beside Gohan another boy landed, slower in speed, smaller in size, and awfully cute rather than threatening and ominous. He couldn't be older than 14 or 15, but his face was one of determination, he held his forearm up in a fighting stance prepared for everything.

"Ready, Trunks?" Gohan asked as his golden aura sparked to life, exploding out around him and coloring his hair glowing gold.

Trunks charged his visibly clear aura, lining and charging his muscles with Ki, "Oh look, if it isn't blondey and short-stack, what can I do for you officers?"

Gohan charged his Ki brighter and tightened his muscles, "You can go straight to hell!" He unleashed a beam of yellow energy at the duo whom didn't flinch at it, letting it pass over them and detonate with the force of an exploding planet, they weren't impressed. Seventeen vanished into the smoke and ash as collisions from inside the mushroom cloud could be clearly heard.

Eighteen smiled and waved at Trunks whom flew into the air, pushing off the ground with his Ki, he propelled his fist forwards with enough force to break mountains but, the fist flew passed its target. Again, and again, he missed as the blonde devil easily countered and deflected each of his strikes; he opened his palms and unleashed a blast attack on his foe, "Masanko!" the yellow explosion vaporized the concrete structures around them but, even as that happened, Eighteen's unsinged hand came from the heated Ki blast and grabbed the boy's wrist cutting off his attack.

"You sure are a powerful little kid but, no little kid'll get the better of me," She held him up in front of her as he pried at his wrist trying to get free.

Gohan blocked a right-cross with his left forearm sending shockwaves across the city, shaking any standing structure left, he dodged a follow up round-house kick and managed to land a beam in the center of Seventeen's chest pushing him into the ground and exploding keeping him briefly occupied. He dropped from mid-flight down to the ground, touching the ground with the tip of his toe which was all he needed to push himself at faster than light speeds through the battle-field, sending his arm down cutting off the connection between Eighteen and Trunks leaving Gohan in the middle. The hero quickly covered Trunks and took a mean purple Ki orb to the back, exploding and tearing up his orange fighting Gi. He flew down to the surface and vanished again with similar speed, ducking behind a slab of rubble and resting his burned back against the cool concrete; he looked down at the unconscious Trunks whom barely managed to avoid being killed by the blast Gohan had tried to protect him from.

"Ridiculous, how could any single being be this strong?" Gohan mumbled to himself for a moment before peaking his head around the corner of his cover, the Androids were searching for him in the wrong direction, perfect.

"So, what was the point of Gero neglecting to give us the ability to sense Ki; seems like an intentional design flaw if you ask me," Seventeen kicked a rock aside as he looked for signs of movement.

"Well, nobody asked you so let's just take some pot-shots and get out of here, blondey obviously doesn't wanna play anymore," Eighteen stuck her hand in the air and surrounded her palm with yellow Ki flooding Gohan's vision.

"Crap," He waited for the explosion, for the intense heat, the ringing in his ear but, it strangely never came; this is when he heard a sonic boom shake the atmosphere. Gohan would never mistake that sound, it was the distinct noise a vessel makes when it enters Earth's atmosphere from space at high speed. He glanced down and Trunks was out cold, this was only slightly inconveniencing as having him in the way of whatever just arrived on Earth could get troublesome. His upper-back area burned with a seething sting but, he learned a long time ago to ignore the pain and push through that threshold.

Eighteen dispersed her Ki and turned on a dime to examine the celestial-object, Gohan peered over a slab of concrete to discreetly analyze the situation. Seventeen aimed his palm at it, being very familiar with man-made air-born weaponry, preparing to shoot it out of the sky but, he failed with the object suddenly made a sharp turn towards the duo faster than even they could react. As it passed them, they all got a good look; the seven-foot-long metallic-pod darted towards the ground shattering the Earth beneath its landing.

"The hell was that?" Seventeen asked putting his palm down and stepping towards the crater.

"Whatever it was, it was fast…" The blonde remarked as she followed her brothers lead.

"What say we go see for ourselves what in such a hurry to make landfall," They both walked through the smoke and peered into the crater with their scanners active, however; they were surprised to find the pod opened and completely empty.

Eighteen smirked and brushed a lock of hair behind her ear, "Wow, I knew this planet was a trash-heap but, for aliens to literally dump their garbage from orbit?"

"Keutik! Garh-olnotak?"

The twins turned to face a tall, fit, blonde woman very obviously lacking any clothing whatsoever; her nude form caused both Androids to be struck with confusion as well as the Saiyan man watching from afar, suddenly he was very glad Trunks' wasn't conscious to see this.

"Is she speaking Russian or something?" Seventeen asked curiously as he stepped closer keeping his eyes on her figure; she was at least 20 years old with long blonde hair falling gracefully passed her shoulders, her blue eyes were so distinct they could pierce the heavens with a glare.

Eighteen scoffed at his obvious gawking, finding it atrocious, "Our scanners would know Russian… she's not from Earth."

"Well she's hot, that's for sure," Seventeen stepped into arm's length with the confused girl approaching with a comforting smile, "And she's not a disgusting human, so bonus!"

She covered her exposed chest and took a step back, "Geeher tawak? Keutik ana Krypton!" she was startled by Seventeen grabbing her wrist firmly.

"I've got your cripton right here, sexy," He was completely taken aback when she shut her eyes in fear and back handed him with ungodly force. The shockwave rippled across the dead city, propelling Seventeen through a street of abandoned cars and into the side of an untouched office building.

Eighteen laughed heartfully, "She just knocked your shit!" her laughter continued as yellow Ki energy lit up through the cracks from underneath the rubble vaporizing the half of the structure that had collapsed on top of him. He stepped from the building unharmed, cracking his neck, "Okay, fine, kill her like the rest then," He aimed his palm upwards and charged an energy orb aimed at her, "If you were more cooperative we could have been best buddies but instead…?" The beam fired and the defenseless woman threw her hands up in front of her face.

"Agh!" a roar of courageous thunder erupted from seemingly nowhere as a golden warrior illuminated like a God came down from the heavens slamming a fist into the Earth and knocking everything off balance, "Kamehameha!" Gohan quickly and fluidly stepped through the motions of the beam technique as it engulfed Seventeens average blast and sent back into a cloud of smoke and ash.

Gohan grabbed her by the wrist as Seventeen had but, this time she didn't feel as though something very uncomfortable and traumatizing was going to happen. His grip felt safe, it felt warm, perhaps the heat of his glowing aura, or maybe she was just cold? She couldn't understand him but, from his expression he could tell their retreat was urgent, the fierce warrior grabbed hold of an unconscious teenager before darting into the city from building to building until they were dozens of miles away.

The woman backed into a corner and slid down her back until her bare-rear hit the dirt; Gohan propped Trunks up before peering over his cover keeping his back to the wall, "I think we're in the clear… they're faster than me though, if they even glanced at my direction when I left…" He noticed the girl with more detail now, she was confused and in tears, covered in ash and dirt, she looked up into his eyes and he remembered what it felt like again, it had been so long, since he'd seen true innocence.

"Can you understand me at all?"

She looked down at the dirt and back to him before shaking her head in denial, not because she understood English but because she could understand what he was asking in general, "Thought so…" Gohan removed his orange Gi leaving only his ragged blue weighted under-armor, he knelt down beside her and wrapped the shirt around her exposed shoulders. She looked up into his eyes with hope that things just might turn out okay, "They should be gone, we're safe for now," he stood and offered her his hand, "Do you have a name?"

She stared confused, completely dumbfounded at his question, "Name? N-A-me?" He grabbed her hand gently and pressed it against his own chest, "I'm called Gohan and you are called?"

She smiled, "Gantha! Chiya so me Kara Zor-El!"

It was Gohan's turn to blink in confusion, "Which part of that was your name?" He rubbed the back of his neck nervously when she suddenly gripped his wrist with her soft skin and a smile placing it against her own bare-chest as he felt her heart beating beneath it unfortunately his face burned up in the process, "Kara Zor-El; Chiya so me Kara Zor-El," Her face turned red as well but, only because she had absolutely no idea what was going on, that and this warrior was definitely quite the specimen.

Gohan, being the gentleman that he was, carried both Trunks and Kara back to their central base led by none other than the world's most brilliant mind and one of the last surviving scientists left to look for answers. The base was strategically built out of view on the side of a canyon over looking a vast ocean, an unnoticeable hole in the wall and it stayed hidden even longer via retro-reflection plates built to mimic the light rays that hit it to simulate invisibility. Only those who could sense Ki could find it without consulting the only three who have ever left and lived that being Gohan, Trunks, and the one and only Bulma Briefs.

After the shields were deactivated, Gohan slowly floated towards a glass structure; Trunks wrapped around his neck and Kara covered only by an orange Gi rippling in the ocean breeze.

Kara turned and gazed up at her savior in confusion, "Ara un zach'o?"

This caused Gohan to frown, not being able to understand her was becoming tedious, "We'll have to do something about how you communicate, I know just who to ask…" Just by pressing his palm against the glass, it lit up bright green around his hand opening a hole in the synthetic barrier before recamouflaging.

"Retro-reflection panels are fully online; signal jamming equipment is fully operational," A young woman in tattered clothing sat at a computer screen barking information towards her superior whom only writhed in anger.

"You damn Saiyan's and your ridiculous fighting-pride is going to be the death of us all!" Kara was surprised by the woman's bright neon-blue hair but, more so by her tenacity and clear leadership skills than anything else, "Trunks had better be okay!"

"He's fine, he just took a decent fall, he should be fine when he wakes up," Gohan allowed two men wearing Capsule Corp jackets to carry Trunks off his back and towards the med-bay.

After taking a deep breath and refocusing her attention, "And who the hell is this?" the rather blunt woman pointed her wrench in the blonde's face whom blinked in confusion, "We don't have the rations for another civilian in here; being a billionaire doesn't mean what it used to…"

Bulma turned around completely dismissing the idea as she stepped towards the array of computer monitors, "How about a civilian who can backhand Seventeen through building?"

She stopped in her tracks, "Excuse me?"

"She landed in a space-ship, during my battle, and when she got out Seventeen tried to grab her for obvious reasons," Kara blinked as his Gi slipped down her tan shoulder exposing her cleavage to an impressive degree.

"And she just… swatted him away?"

Gohan nodded in confirmation, "As if it was an accident, actually," Kara finally got to her feet, still not understanding the situation, she smiled and grabbed Bulma's wrist quickly placing it on her chest above her heart, "Jai! Chiya so me Kara Zor-El!"

Bulma yanked her wrist back with a frown and turned towards the screens shouting towards her team, "Activate the satellite and scan Pepper Town for tachyonic particles."

Gohan raised a brow, "Tachyons? Temporal radiation? You think she's from a different timeline?"

Bulma put a gloved finger to her chin staring at the data on the screens as they fluctuated, "Maybe, or maybe from a different Universe? Or maybe she just used them to travel long distances in short periods; tachyonic particles are what powered the ship that allowed your father to cross the Galaxy in only six-days, ya know!"

"Commander!" one hacker shouted with a solid demeanor, "We detected traces of tachyons at the sight, however; its not the source, its only a trail leading beyond the satellite's range."

Gohan took notice to Kara again he felt her tug on his hand gently, "Jana o'el? Jiyara ley Krypton?"

"She keeps using the word 'Krypton' maybe that's who sent her here?" He surmised as Bulma sighed and stepped towards the corner of the long row of computer desks where sat a dusty old tool-box.

"Ya know, before he died, my father never wanted to invent anything cliché," Bulma remembered the fond memories of her childhood and her parents, "He didn't want to invent a teleporter or a cure for cancer; he wanted a one size fits all compartment system!" She continued as she finally pulled the device out from its drawer, holding it up in the light and blowing the dust off of it, "He also thought if everyone on Earth could understand one-another, world peace could be a real possibility!" The device was a black square with blue circuitry running across it and after reminiscing on the days of old she tossed it at Kara whom only barely caught it.

"How does it work?" Gohan asked grabbing it from the confused woman and holding it up.

"Place it on the back of her neck; it'll alter the delta and beta waves in her brain so that she can process any language through her own and vice versa," Bulma seemed mostly uninterested but, completely confident that the device would work, "Well?"

Gohan jumped, "R-Right!" He fumbled with the metallic device pulling Kara's long locks out of the way and placing the device on the base of her neck where her spine meets the skull but, even after it slowly hummed to life there was no sign that it worked. Only silence followed until the alien-girl turned to them with a saddened expression, "I do not think it worked at all…"

Gohan grew a smile as a wide as the crater her ship made when it landed, finally he could speak to this mystery girl, "We can understand her!"

"You can? Hey! I can understand you too!" She nearly shouted with joy until Bulma intervened with a more serious tone.

"Now, tell me who you are, how you got here, and what the hell makes you strong enough to hurt Androids?" Kara was unfazed by this simply answering as truthfully as possible.

"Kara Zor-El, space-ship, and the Sun," she looked back and forth between the scientist and the warrior with an unaware smile.

After a long silence Bulma turned to walk away, "I need whiskey and a cigarette…"

Inspired by The Sun and The Moon story of a similar nature in this crossover section.