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3 Months Later


Reestablishing a functioning economy with only percentage of a percent of the population left to work with was difficult enough but, there were also other issues to deal with like riots, looting, and crime as it comes. Before the crisis, the Z-Fighters didn't bother themselves with these types of trivial problems treating them more as inconveniences, only ever dealing with threats that effected the world or their close friends and families. However, this new city had over a hundred-thousand humans and it was an obvious fact that not everyone would get along, even including the extra space Metropolis had compared to its population.

Buildings were still being renovated even after all the years that passed since Gohan destroyed the Androids, reconstruction was no simple task so there was always some going on in the city at all hours of the day, most have learned to live with it and around it, trying as best they could to reassume their lives as productive members of an active society.

Nobody though, could predict accidents before they happened so, as construction on a high-rise was being done by a seventy-foot crane, aligning two-ton steel beams perfectly was essential; one of the metal links on the line holding the platform carrying the beams up came loose before snapping completely, toppling a dozen of them toward the streets below.

People stopped at first as the snapping of the line was quite loud, it only took less than ten seconds for the beams to hit the ground but, in a gust of wind and before anyone could see what had happened, the beams were neatly stacked in the dirt complex for the buildings construction. Some were confused until a figure in white appeared floating only a few feet from the control room of the crane operator, "W-Woah… it's Powergirl…" he mumbled as she x-rayed the machine and all of its individual components.

"I'll have to speak with the manager," Kara turned and pointed at the snapped link with a frown, "That's chain-link must have been twenty-five years old; Oracle set up regulations for things like this…" her crimson cape billowed upwards as she quickly landed, upheaving some dirt in clouds.

With Bulma atop the Watchtower, in a room with forty-seven different monitors and a three-sixty-degree computer-chair interface, connected via holographic keyboards she could summon at will; she was the eyes and ears of the city making Kara's job even easier for her, "You catch that, Oracle?"

The construction workers ogled at her cleavage as she simply ignored them and walked out of the site passively, the street was more packed than usual but, it was good for people to know heroes were still around, "Already sent out a grievance letter as well as a request for the part that snapped."

"Good work."

Kara stretched her arms, even though she knew that civilians were watching on the sidewalk and recording with their phones, preparing to take off into the air as the ground rumbled under her feet… she stopped as she suddenly heard a woman shout from ten-or-so miles away as if being mugged or worse, "Oracle, is there any disturbances in the north-west quadrant, area code three-sixty-five?"

"No… it seems relatively vacant, why?"

"I think I heard something, I'll take a look anyways," Kara dashed off at blinding speeds, through the alleyways and into an almost abandoned street, the source of the scream she heard but, was too late as a woman was flat on her back, clearly dead already; she put herself on high-alert, prepared for anything while scanning the area with her enhanced sight. She never personally saw anything but, suddenly felt bound by an invisible force akin to strings, this energy constricted her arms to her sides and her body immobilized in place. Kara struggled with all of her strength but, felt no traction in escaping as she was becoming slightly less confident in the situation.

"I noticed over the last few months of studying you that you seem to have quite the vulnerability to my magic," Babidi revealed himself floating a few feet behind her on his crystal ball, using a spell of some sort to cloak himself from even a Kryptonian's gaze, "It seems I was right, once again," chuckling loudly as two men in black and white armor appeared as well from the adjacent alleys. Both identical with an emblazoned 'M' burned into their forehead, one wielding a device that tracked energy and the more Powergirl used to struggle, the more the device picked up.

"Master, it's over four-thousand kilis!" the reptilian slave shouted to Babidi, showing him the radar by facing it towards him.

The grotesque wizard shouted with glee, "Wow! That's more than even I was hoping for! Not nearly as much as I need but, how can I be picky on a backwater planet like this one?" he spun around in celebratory boasting as his slaves stood at attention.

"Shall we proceed, Master?" the two henchmen asked humbly.

Babidi floated over to Kara, levitating up and grabbing her chin, looking her up and down, "Such a pretty thing, what a shame, I don't see an ounce of darkness in you, nothing to prod at our manipulate… and if I can't control you as my loyal solider… proceed!" he floated away with his hands behind his back as they pressed a node on their radar pultruding a long-thick syringe; using a combination of super-strength and the magic binding her, it pierced her abdomen and slowly drained all of her energy, both solar and chi energies she utilized leaving her. Her skin grew pale as her struggling grew slower, her eyes glazed over as she gasped in pain and slowly allowed her eyelids to flutter, trying her best not to pass out. Even the extra stamina her body kept in reserves was drained completely as the meter's needle spun round as if the device were broken. She collapsed as soon as Babidi felt her movements cease entirely, letting her topple to her hands and knees before hitting the ground face first.

"I think that's all of her energy, Master!"

He smiled at his henchmen, turning towards the exit to the alley, "I appreciate the help in recovering your energy and I do hope you have a speedy recovery," he chided sarcastically as he laughed until he snorted, "Pa-Para-Pa-Pa!" with a shout of those words and a single gesture, they vanished instantaneously from sight.

Kara gasped as she held her abdomen, blood seeping out over the concrete, turning onto her back to face the domed sky; she was shocked to know that there were still super-villains out there but, more importantly that they could hurt her so easily. She hardly had enough energy to lift her arms let alone drag herself across the alley way to call for help. She turned her head to the side and coughed up a reasonable amount of blood, they must have pierced her lung somehow during their attack as her breathing was slowing down.

"Powergirl, can you hear me?"

Kara heard her through her communication device embedded in her ear, "The vitals on your suit are dropping fast, what happened?"

"Hughhh," Kara choked on her own blood trying to explain but, couldn't make out any words, only sputters and half words as the oxygen slowly stopped pumping to her brain, she was on the brink of bleeding out until she heard the sky crack open with a sonic boom.

"I've sent Gohan your way! You should be fine, Kara. Kara?!"

Kara's eyes fluttered shut as she heard something pound into the concrete by her head, footsteps walking towards her, the sensation of having her pulse felt by strong hands she recognized well; there was a severe ringing in her ears and everything around her was blurring out as someone shoved something into her mouth, something small like a pill or vitamin. She chewed down on it, breaking apart its nutrients as the taste reminded her it was a Senzu bean.

Her eyes regained their color as she sat up quickly, her energy replenished completely and the morning sun slowly rejuvenating her reserves; the wound itself was gone without a scar leaving only a tear in the lower abdomen of her suit. After taking a few seconds to recollect her thoughts, she turned to her savior being Son Gohan, holding an organic hand out to help her up.

She didn't hesitate to take it, "Three of them, took me by surprise but, clearly they were prepared for me… they said something about studying me for a while," Powergirl looked up at Gohan who didn't say a word, only staring off out of the clear dome and into the distance, "You think they left the city?"

Gohan turned to look her in the eyes for the first time, smiling, "Probably, it's the safest place for someone with evil plans to hide; it's also perfect if we can find where they went and surprise them."

Kara brushed her hair behind her ears for a second, listening through the glass and across the planet, looking for vibrational disturbances but, coming up with nothing, "They were using magic and this guy was so frail and small but, I was helpless against him. I can't fight whatever powers he uses…" Gohan placed his organic hand on her shoulder to comfort her, as she leaned her head onto it.

"Did he or it say anything else?" He asked looking down at a holographic display projected by the forearm of his new prosthetic arm, connected directly to Oracle.

Powergirl held her head, remembering the moments before he left, "He said… there was no evil in my heart or something and so he couldn't control my mind like his other henchmen."

"Give me something, Oracle…" Gohan spoke into his communicator knowing full well she was listening to the entire conversation, they relied on her many satellites and drones that roam the Earth surveying it for new construction sites, new cities for the future of man-kind decades from the present.

"None of those features match any known criminals before or after the Androids attacked but, as for hiding outside of Metropolis; Satellite V located an anomaly on the northern hemisphere, something massive displaced a large amount of ground leaving only a portion of it visible from above…"

"Why are we just hearing about this?" Gohan noted, taking his hand off Kara's shoulder as he turned to talk in a more aggravated tone.

Bulma never took his attitude though, "Don't get snippy with me, Mister! The geological survey mistook it for one of the humans' old underground bunkers… he used magic to stay off of Metropolis' radar but, I'm betting its underground because he can't hide something that huge."

Powergirl turned around to face Gohan, "He drained all of my energy, which is a lot of energy and he was going to use it for something, he didn't say what but, I'm guessing we don't have all the time in the world to bicker."

"Kara is right," Gohan agreed, looking out towards the desert outside of the dome, "Pinpoint the exact location and upload the coordinates to my arm, we'll go survey the area and take care of whatever weapon they're collecting energy for."

Bulma responded as she flew her fingers across multiple holographic keys, "Alright, you'll get them in a sec, just be careful you guys; you two are the planets only heroes, remember that."

"Don't you mean 'no pressure,' Oracle?" Gohan chuckled as his arm pinged with a map of an area two thousand miles east of their current location.

Dabura smiled as he pulled on the white collar of his blue Gi, he was completely under the influence of Babidi's magic, manipulating the evil in his heart to brainwash the king of demons into nothing more than a pawn, "It is quite impressive, Master, soon the time to release the most powerful Majin will be at hand," he watched Babidi approach a circular-port which he inserted the radar's syringe into injecting all of Kara's power into the well that was Buu's containment sphere.

"Once I get him to full power, I can use the spell to summon him from his slumber; to have the two most powerful slaves in the Universe at my fingertips, I will be untouchable!" he cackled as the meter on Buu's shrine sprung up to half-capacity, bolts of energy cascaded across the organic sphere that allegedly contained the terrifying Majin.

"I see," Dabura rubbed his goatee in deep thought, "If that's the case, why do we not summon him now and deliver him the power once he awakens?" he figured surely Buu would still be formidable at half-strength.

"Are you an idiot!?" Babidi shouted in response, flailing his arms, "If I summon him before he's fully prepared, he won't be at full strength… it needs to be perfect! It needs to be exactly as my father instructed!" the creature chattered as Dabura let a sweat droplet roll down his temple, he never would have let anyone talk to him this way but, this magic that twisted his mind was far too powerful.

"Of course, Master Babidi…"

To Be Continued