"You need to leave, now. There is nothing I have to say to you that I haven't told you before, mother," I hear my phone ping, so I make my way across the living room to answer. It is Fiona, I want more than anything to call her, but I am in no condition to do so.

My mother says something to me before walking out the door, hopefully for the last time, but I choose to let her empty words fall on deaf ears.



What are you up to?

Nothing, I just finish cleaning and I heading to bed. You?

Everything okay?

There is no response for about twenty-minutes. I hope she is okay. I know she has something on her mind, but I trust she will tell me when she is ready.


I must have dozed off because the next thing I know I am groggy on the sofa, blinded by the incoming daylight.

I check my phone again, only to find there is still not response. This is odd, she has never left me hanging like this before. Even when she is upset I can always rely on a one-worded answer to give me hope at redemption. I do not even know what I could have done to warrant this from her.

I give her a couple of hours before I decide to call her. The call rings out to voicemail. I try again before leaving a message.

Suddenly, I have a sick feeling telling me that I need to see her. I drive over to her apartment, finding it strange I do not see her car as I park. I sprint upstairs and knock with a sense of purpose. I must have beat on the door for ten minutes, calling for her, with no answer.

Mrs. Bloomsdale, Fiona's neighbor, opens her door as I make my way down the stairwell. "Can I help you, son?"

"Yes, you haven't seen Fiona today, have you?" The urgency in my voice is palpable.

"No, not today," She frowns, "She did leave her in a hurry late last night, I assumed she was on her way to see you." She gives an innocent smile, "Thin walls," she shrugs as she closes her door.

Her words do not sit well with me. Fiona left late last night and has not been seen or heard from since. She did text me late, maybe she wanted to ask if it was okay she came over. Then it occurs to me. Two things happened last night: my mother unexpectedly made an appearance for her own petty cause and Fiona was on her way but never arrived. I did not know what happened, but I knew I needed to find Fiona.

I don't bother checking work, as it is a weekend, so I go to the one place I know she would be: Lena's.

I see Fiona's car when I pulled up to Lena's apartment. It must have been there all night because it is covered in an even, thick, layer of snow. I run up to the door, letting out a breath of relief. I knock, anticipating an answer, but am met with silence. I knock a few more times, to no avail. Panic begin to set in, again.

I push aside all the negative possibilities and think of who I could call to find her. She wasn't at home, or at Lena's and her car was still her. She could be with Lena, but I wouldn't know for sure unless I could get ahold of Lena, which is impossible because it's not like I have her contact information to confirm.

In a desperate effort, I call Fiona one more time, standing on the sidewalk between her car and my own. As I wait for an answer from her sweet voice, my attention is caught by the next best thing: a cell phone ringing.

The sound is faint and muffled, but I hear it all the same. I follow the noise to the passenger window of her car and she her phone on the floorboard.

If I can get to her phone I can call Lena, I think to myself. I remember how she would open her door when she locked her keys in the car, doing the same. I firmly hit the window with the side of my fist, twice. The window falls a couple of inches and I slide my arm through to unlock the door.

With her phone in my hand I try to unlock in, but she has it password protected. I know she has a horrible memory when it comes to passwords, so I try the basics. The last four of her number, her building number and our anniversary are wrong. Her screensaver is a picture of the two of us when I kidnapped her from work to surprise her with a birthday picnic lunch. Then, I realize I overlooked the easiest password: her birthday. I plug it in and the screen unlocks.

I quickly find Lena on her speed dial and call.

"Hello?" Lena sniffles, her voice full of confusion.

"Lena, please tell me Fi is with you."

"You bastard, you have some nerve. I don't even want to know how the fuck you got her phone, but you better pray I don't see you when I get out of here- "

"Out of where? Lena, where is she?" my voice breaks as I begin to realize my worst fears.

"You really don't deserve to know, you cheating bastard, but you may never see her again," her voice breaks, "we are at Northwest Memorial," she sighs before hanging up.

The phone falls from my ear as all my questions become answered. Lena called me a 'cheating bastard' because Fi probably arrived last night to my apartment and misheard something from outside my door. Naturally she would run to Lena, but as to what happened after that I don't know. Lena's warning, that I may never see her again, begins to set in and I fall to my knees.

All I know is that I need to go to her, see her, hold her, pray that she will come back to me. I can explain away the ludicrous accusations later.

I take a moment to breath before I stand again. Once I find some trace of my bearing I make my way to my car and to my Fiona.