Age: 17


Programming games, playing games, math

Personality: Slightly close minded with strangers, opens up after he gets to know people.

Bio: The quiet, level headed one of the bunch, he can disappear into any shadow, giving him an advantage as a surprise attack. His bats can be summoned to him, distracting the enemy while he finishes them off. Shade is the master of air.


Age: 26

Hobbies: Texting, talking, taking peaceful walks

Personality: Very loud and outspoken

Bio: A loud outspoken elemental whose temper is like a hurricane. Her skills include a light rain that makes plants flourish to a dangerous storm that defeats all enemies around. Thunder is the water elemental.


Age: 68

Hobbies: Reading, thinking, giving advice, drinking tea

Personality: A wise old man who cares for others and is filled with wisdom

Bio: A mellow elemental who uses the light of his fire to show others the way and to see past lies. These fires of warmth and health can be turned up into a blistering heat that destroys all in his path. The Guide is the lord of fire.

The Demon

Age: 36

Hobbies: Staying alive, earning money

Personality: Joking, but can be serious and doesn't open up to others very often

Bio: A tricky little devil, the Demon loves to pull pranks on and tell jokes about his fellow elementals. While usually fun loving, when angry, his eyes turn either yellow or red and he will do anything necessary to protect those around him. The Demon controls all earth.


Age: ?

Hobbies: Creating and designing new things

Personality: Truthful, mysterious, intelligent

Bio: No one knows very much about Chance. As Shinya Zhao, he is well known as a famous scientist leading the way to many discoveries, but not much else is known of this reclusive man.