Team Fortress

Once upon a time in the days of yore, two wealthy business men (who happen to be brothers) received a shared inheritance of their father's land. They began to fight over the land. But after some time, they became too old to fight themselves. They hired mercenaries from Mann Co. to fight in their places, and thus the Red and Blue War started... But this chapter does not end there! For after that war, a new one started. That war was called Mann vs Machine. (Later, there will be the Omnic Crisis; but let's not get ahead of ourselves!)

"HA HA HA!" goes the Heavy, as he mows down the robot menace.

The Pyro melts the machines with fire and after burn, and the Scout BONKS robots with his baseball bat. (Guess that's why they call him, "Slugger"!)

The Sniper takes out robots with one-shot accuracy! The Engineer sets up health dispensers and sentry turrets, to help his team and take out the enemy, obviously. And the Demo Man and the Soldier explode robots with firey sticky grenades and powerful rockets.

The Spy sneaks into the factory where the machines are being built. He shuts down manufacturing and uses self destruct to blow up the factory, but manages to get out unscathed and his suit unmarked.

The Medic provides as much support to his team as he can, but he is only one man. However, his split personality presents a problem when it tells him to kill them all! Most of the time, the Medic is in control of his split personality. He does his best to keep his team healthy. Occasionally, syringes fly from his syringe gun toward the metal monstrosities and bone saws chop at robot limbs. He does his part in the war, however he can.

With the last of the machines destroyed, Team Fortress is victorious! The Team receives high commendations from Mann Co. for the win.

Together, the Mann Co. mercenaries known as Team Fortress have stayed together through many different battles. These battles included Scream Fortress and Jungle Inferno. But on their down time, they celebrated their victories through many seasons. During the winter, they celebrated with the holiday greeting, "Merry Smissmas!"

And with that, this chapter is done. You now know the history of Team Fortress! Much time has passed and we have not heard from them...until now...