First off I wanted to thank everyone for their kind words and support! I was really surprised since it's been so long since I wrote anything and I'm trying to get back to doing what I love. This is the final chapter since I'm only doing short stories for now.


"C-chat? What happened?"

Shit. "I'm sorry, princess! I've only been trying to help!"

She tilted her head. " "Why am I at Adrien Agrestes's house?"

"You don't remember anything?" He questioned, feeling his heart drop. She shook her head. "We were fighting an Akuma and you got turned into a little child."

Her eyes went wide. She was staring at his face, awaiting answers.

"B-but..." She stammered.

He sighed. "You are the most frustrating person I know. Why didn't you tell me who you were Princess? I wouldn't have loved you any less. In fact, I just love you more."

Marinette's head dropped. He almost had to strain to hear the quiet words she tried to speak.

"Wait...what?" He asked the ears atop of his head leaning forward.

She huffed, finally looking back up at him. "I said I couldn't tell you for several reasons. The first was HawkMoth could use our civilian identities to go after us and hurt our family and friends." She worried her bottom lip. "And you're so in love with Ladybug, I couldn't imagine letting you down with who I really am when I can't even get the guy of my dreams to even look my way."

"Guy of your dreams?" A knife would have hurt less in his heart.

Marinette nodded, hugging her knees closer to her chest, forming a protective bubble between them which Adrien hated. He sat down next to her, placing a gloved hand on her shoulder.

"His name is Adrien Agreste." His heart just dropped again. He was pretty sure his mouth dropped open as well but Marinette seemed oblivious to the rising excitement the feline was going through. "I've been in love with him since I first met him. Well, not at FIRST exactly...I actually hated him then because I thought he was just like Chloe but then he gave me his umbrella and I fell in love."

Umbrella? Adrien vaguely remembered hanging his umbrella to Marinette in an effort to be kinder to his classmate. Had she been in love with him since THEN?

Marinette was still talking and Adrien quickly shook the thoughts out of his head. His PRINCESS was talking.

"Chat?" Marinette titled her head. "Are you okay? You look like you saw a ghost."

He couldn't help but let a small chuckle escape his lips. "Marinette." He moved his hand to her cheek. "Don't you remember whose house you're in?"

"Well yeah. WHich was my other question. Why again, are we in Adrien's house?"

He looked at her, a Cheshire grin firmly on his face. He watched her look at him with confusion her face until the dots connected.

"N-no. N-n-n-n-n-no." She shook her head furiously. " CAN"T...there's no..."

He chuckled again. "Good to see your stutter hasn't changed in my presence." And with that, he released his transformation until just Adrien Agreste and not Chat Noir was sitting next to Marinette, a hand still cupping her cheek.

It was her turn for her mouth to drop open.

His smile dropped. "Wait. Are you upset that it's me? Would you rather I was just Adrien and not Chat Noir?"

"What?" Marinette flipped over to her knees and stared at him directly. "Why would you think that? Are you crazy silly minou? I'm so HAPPY it's both of you!"

"What? Really? Because that would pawstively clawsome!"

She nodded firmly, laughing. "Of course."

He couldn't help but be overcome with joy again. She loved BOTH sides of him. It seemed like he always felt that way whether in his Lady or his Princess's presence. He wrapped her quickly in his arms, hugging her to his chest and burrowing his nose in her hair. The scent of vanilla and cinnamon buns filled his nostrils and he breathed in deeper to get his fill.

"You have no idea how happy that makes me, Princess." He whispered.

"I'm glad." She whispered back just as softly. Both sat there, enveloped in the other's arms, enjoying the moment.

"So." Adrien said, pulling away from their hug but still keeping her close. "Want to make more kids?"

The pillow she threw at him was deserved but the smile she gave made everything worth it. Wherever they went, they would be together...Adrien was sure of it. He wasn't going to let Marinette leave his side. Chat Noir and Ladybug were a team and so was him and Marinette.

It couldn't get any better than this.

Let me know what you think! This gave me all the warm fuzzy feelings. I'm still waiting for the 12th episode to come out for Season 2. It's been epically amazing so far!