A/N: I know I promised Demonic Glory will be out today but I couldn't find a way to start chapter 1. But I had this story much longer than Demonic Glory so I might just start with chapter one of this story. This is based off an idea I had where cartoon characters in and outside of Disney are humans. But enough spoilers.Disclaimer: I do not own any Descendants characters. I only own the human incarnations of the Canvas City residents.

Chapter 1: Accidents happen

It was a normal hot spring day in Auradon. The bees were buzzing, the birds were singing. Everything was just peac-


Well, it was peaceful anyway...

The sea witch mentioned smirked slightly at the sight of her best frenemie screaming bloody murder at her. While Uma may have chosen to go to Auradon Prep anyway, it didn't mean she was going to be too friendly with Mal.

"Why, Hello Princess. Like the gift I sent you?", Uma said smugly.

Mal glared at the sea witch. Her new jeans covered in blue and white paint splatters from a paint bomb. Something that she taught Uma.

"When you said... you wanted to test out the bomb, I DIDN'T THINK YOU MEANT ON ME!", Mal yelled. In her hands were the fragments of what was left of the bomb with blue paint dripping out onto Mal's hands.

Uma rolled her eyes at the faery. Her frenemie was overreacting. Besides, the paint was a nice Isle touch to the plain second-hand jeans Mal bought for herself.

"C'mon Mal it's not that bad, the jeans looks fine", Uma stated.

"The jeans isn't what I'm worried about U, look at the art room", Mal replied worriedly.

Mal grabbed Uma's wrist and dragged her to the school's art room. The room was covered in blue, white, black and purple paint with brushes and canvases on the floor. The room looked like a paint tornado had come and wrecked it.

"Yikes", was the only thing Uma could say looking at the state of the art room. Nearby students gasped at the room. Mal turned to Uma, the pissed look on her face was not diminishing.

"We are so getting expelled for this, aren't we?", Uma whispered. "Yep", was Mal's reply.

Meanwhile on the other side of the school*

Carlos had no idea how he had gotten himself into such a predicament. All he wanted was to build an ice cream machine for Evie, Dizzy and Jane so they could enjoy this hot day with him. But his miscalculated something, now the machine is spewing ice cream non-stop.

Its study hall so he thought he could use the cafeteria to build his machine to surprise everyone. Now here he was, in the cafeteria, knee deep in now warm ice cream.

Jay, Gil and Harry had offered their assistance to the poor boy. The three older boys were now shoving buckets of ice cream out the window while Carlos tries to fix the machine.

"Maybe we should ask the girls for help...", Gil suggested.

Carlos froze in horror at the suggestion. "NO WAY! If Evie or worse, Mal finds out, I'll be dead before I even get to graduate!"

"C'mon 'Los maybe Mal'll lay off of you until after this 'prom thingamabob' ", Jay said.

"Yeah Lad, imagine how ta Dragon would react if ya didn't tell what happened", Harry said.

Carlos turned to the guys, disagreement written all over his face. He liked his friends old and new but telling the girls what happened would be the last stupid thing Carlos' will ever do. And yet he still wants to do more stupid thing in the future.

"Listen Guys, I know you wanna tell the girls but we can't because they'll whoop our butts. Its just safer that I fix the machine and you guys keep scooping the leftover ice cream out. Besides I just need to tighten this gear and the machine should- Hey it worked!"

Soon enough, the flow stopped and everything was quiet.

"Phew! Crisis aborted", Carlos said triumphantly.

The Boys cheered, clapping each other on the back. But then, a whirring sound came from the machine. It was loud enough for the boys to stop their cheering.

"Do ya laddies hear dat?", Harry asked warily looking at the machine.

"Guys I think we should start running now", Carlos said.


Just then the machine bursted.

Back with Mal and Uma*

Mal and Uma had tried to clean up the mess. But to no avail, the class looks much worse than it did before.

"Do you think Mrs. Fitzherbert would notice the difference?", Mal asked hopefully.

"Unless she's colour blind than I don't think so", Uma stated.

Mal groaned," This day can not get any worse".

Suddenly Mal and Uma heard screaming coming from outside the room. They saw Harry, Carlos, Jay and Gil all run from what looked like a creamy avalanche.

The two girls screamed as the avalanche took them over and later the boys.

Mal and Uma resurfaced and glared at the cream-covered boys.

"WHAT DID YOU GUYS DO?!", both girls screamed.

"It's a long story", Carlos said.

"We've got time", Uma said snarling.


"It's a pretty funny story"

"Carlos stop stalling"


"What Gil!?"

"Isn't that the Audit thingy, y'know where the school has those meetings", Gil asked.

"Yeah what about it?", Mal asked.

"FG told us she was having a meeting with the royal council in there?!"

Everyone stared at Gil in shock and memorization. Finally Harry broke the silence.

"Well it was nice knowing you lot"