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Fire and Ice

Chapter 2


Glacia blinked. She blinked again. And again. She finally averted her eyes to look at Lemma, who was staring in wonder. Moonstar Institute was gorgeous. One tall, erect building stood in the middle of a cluster of smaller, but no less glittery and still large structures. They were all different colors, but the big one in the middle was morphing colors depending on the light. It looked like the buildings were separated by fairy types, and designed specifically for the fairy. Fire, Water, Light, Earth, and Ice. Fire was outspoken. It had steel walls that reflected light, but the light looked red, orange, and yellow. Its walls were close and allowed no entrance but a single door. That was probably to avoid fires. The Water tower, however, was wide open. It was only composed of a roof and three walls. There was no fourth wall, just a gaping hole where it should be. The walls where a deep blue, reminding Glacia of her father's eyes. Her father. He was horrid. In every way. The blue was a plain dark blue on the outside, but inside the walls, it reflected all the colors of the water inside the structure. It caught the movement of the large fountain in the building, making it look like it was breathing. The Light tower wasn't really a tower. It was more like a see-through canopy, and that was only there in case of rain. There were no walls. What was under the canopy is what shocked her. It was a crystal. It drew in all of the light, then put on a show of different colors. The Earth tower was the hardest to spot. Its walls were a camouflaged green and brown, all mushed together. The door was open, so she could see different plants and… stuff… she hated gardening. And plants. Why have those when you could have snow and ice? Beautiful, wonderful as they were. The tower that caught her attention was the Ice tower. It shimmered like the snow, and all the colors of blue imaginable were displayed, as if the walls were made out of snow that reflected the sky and water. Glacia felt a pull, and she realized the inside must be full of cold snow and ice. The layout was wise. The Ice tower was as far away from the Water tower as possible, while the Fire was right next to the Water. Probably in case of emergencies. The other buildings didn't matter as much. they couldn't destroy or freeze. She stopped a shudder.

"This is amazing!" Lemma breathed. Marchi nudged Lemma.

"I agree. But I've seen better." Glacia felt a tingle in her fingers. She let out enough to make him shiver. My friend is MY FRIEND. She's not up for grabs, feather-head. She thought. Her mind wandered to wings. By the end of the day, all of the new students would get wings. They couldn't choose their wings, they were given to them depending on how strong their gifts were. Glacia knew her gift was strong. Actually, she had people at her house all the time for it. They all said she was "the strongest Ice Fairy they'd seen" or "the strongest to walk the face of Sunsky." it might be true. Glacia knew her strength, and she had amazing and precise control, freezing Ice and Snow, and unlimited, invincible power. She also knew that if it came to it, she could freeze over Sunsky. Twice. Her own power scared her, but not her dad. He expected her to achieve a certain point in your power where you could take other people' powers for your own. Glacia was ready, but she wouldn't ever do that to someone. Plus, she was loyal to ice. So she faked weakness. Her control was flawless, so she made her efforts feeble when asked by her dad on purpose. She only actually showed partial power when asked to by anyone else.

"Attention, Moonstars! Please enter the largest building. Go to your desk at the front for information and your new Moonstarr uniform. Thank you, and have a nice day!" a silky voice lilted over the loudspeaker. The students shuffled to the big building slowly. Wait, new uniforms? Didn't they already have them? She glanced at Lemma. She shrugged, looking just as confused. Glacia shrugged back. It was probably for the wings. Inside the large rainbow building was amazing. A huge chandelier dangled from the ceiling, casting rainbow glints of light to reflect off of the student's faces. There was a stage near the back and stairways on either side. All along the walls were sides where there were tables for each element. In the middle, right under the chandelier, were about 50 lunch tables, in a circle, and surrounding them were lunch stations for, once again, each element.

"Catch you later," She told Lemma, and she nodded and gave Glacia a quick hug. Glacia shoved her way to the Ice desk, where she was greeted by a bubbly Ice fairy with purple wings and hair. She gave her a big smile.

"Hello, Ice student! What is your name? Mine is Senthia. I'm the assistant for your teacher." She explained happily. She only looked about a year older than Glacia.

"Glacia Snow." she responded, feeling a smile tug at her lips.

"That is such a pretty name! OK, so the overall sweep is this: today, we'll be testing the strength of your power so you can receive wings and keep training under us. There's no need to sweat, though. Not that Ice Fairies could!" she laughed.

"Your tower is called Snowscape. It's the big blue one. You should feel a pull if you're an Ice Fairy. Which you obviously are." Senthia gestured to the frost Glacia had used to cover her eyelids and freeze a cool design on her face, paired with frost-covered teal lips that matched perfectly in contrast.

"You have really pretty eyes and hair." Senthia told her. Glacia shrugged. Legend had it that by the strength of your gift, your beauty would match it. She had pretty unique hair, like all Ice Fairies do. Ice Fairies have colored hair. Glacia's wavy, rich hair began at the roots with purple, in the middle was teal, and the tips were navy blue. her eyes were a watercolor effect, a purple and teal splash.

"So. Go to that tower. When your teacher tells you, come back to this building for lunch. You're going to be eating with the whole school. Afterwards, go with your Ice Fairy group to your tower and train by yourselves until your teacher comes and gets you. Now, what colors?" Senthia talked fast, chattering on and on. Glacia knew the answer immediately.

"Teal and purple," she finalized. Senthia nodded.


"Uh, fifteen." Glacia had a hard time remembering. Her birthday wasn't celebrated at her house, and she literally had no meaning in life except to benefit her dad. He had really pressured the ice thing. Especially since he had never shown any sign of affection, because as a baby, Glacia had frozen her mother from the inside out. It was a miracle Glacia was healthy. It was also a miracle she had met Lemma. Before then, she was on a bad road. She was going to be her father. Lemma had shown her love, like no one had. It still hurt to be around her, though, because her family was perfect. They loved Lemma unconditionally. No matter what. They were kind, gracious, and sweet. It was something entirely new to Glacia.

Senthia pulled a card with something scrawled on it off a pad. She motioned to a door behind the desk.

"The fashion artists will take it from here. Don't worry, our best interest is to make you grow and enjoy it here. Just say something if you don't like it." she explained.

"Thank you," Glacia stammered. She opened the door, where she was whisked away by fashion fairies. When they spit her out of the door once more after a flurry, Glacia examined herself in the mirror made out of ice. She was wearing an ambre dress that was purple at the bottom of the dress, which faded into teal. Long bell sleeves ended in purple too. A hole where her wings would be reminded her of what was to come. The left part of her hair was pulled back into a clip, which was a silver ice shard. The dress ended slightly above the knees. Heels made out of silver ice covered her feet, and they were strangely comfy. A silver bracelet matched a silver ice necklace with a elegant snowflake. The fairies had dusted frost over her face, and in some places pieces were bigger and sparklier than others. She smiled, and her teal lips caught some silver light.

"Wow! You look amazing!" Senthia's voice broke through my thoughts.

"Thanks." Glacia said, twirling.

"Run along now! Don't want to miss for class!"

Glacia floated to her tower with a pleased smile on her face. She passed a radiant Lemma. Maybe Moonstarr would be the second good thing in her life.