There are several fanfics I should be working on. So, let's start a new one, why don't we?

This prologue is basically just exposition, things you already know. The story itself takes place roughly twenty years after the anime, but you really don't have to see Hoshi no Kaabii (Kirby of the Stars)/Kirby: Right Back at Ya to know what's going on. While there are going to be a lot of aspects from the anime, there are also going to be a lot of video game elements too. It's kind of a Meta Knight-centric fic, but Kirby plays a big role too.

So, my fellow pufflings - that's what I'm calling Kirby's species because "puffball" is used by pretty much everyone and I want to be different - let's begin.

Prologue: Nightmare in Dreamland

Everyone has nightmares from time to time. They are dreams that make you feel frightened, that make you shiver over things that go bump in the night. But, nightmares aren't real. They are merely your imagination. They can't hurt you, right?

Right, but this is not the nightmare that many of you are familiar with.

In this story, Nightmare was a mysterious and terrifying being who was very real, seeking not only to spread the nightmares you know of across Dreamland, but also to reign over this lush and colorful world. So, he created Nightmare Enterprises (NME), a "business" that sold monsters to the inhabitants of planets all across Dreamland. These monsters - or "demon beasts," as they were called on some planets - were promised to assist customers with whatever problem was plaguing them. In actuality, the monsters were used to wreak havoc and help create the fear that inspired bad dreams. Each and every monster was fiercely loyal to its creator.

But, as they say, there is an exception to every rule.

One monster did not obey. This monster was meant to be Nightmare's most powerful monster, the one that would lead his armies and destroy everything that stood in their path. His greatest creation...was the only one that fought back.

As punishment, it was cast out, its power nullified but not completely, not to be seen again for many years to come.

What was meant to be Nightmare's strongest ally would eventually become his greatest adversary. One with an agenda of its own.

The Star Warriors were the beings who opposed Nightmare, who fought to protect those who couldn't fight, to protect Dreamland as a whole. They were the ones who dedicated themselves to serving the force of good and went into battle knowing they may not come back.

Most of them didn't come back.

There were more monsters than there were Star Warriors. Though they fought valiantly, they were overpowered. After a war that waged for several days, the monsters retreated. Not because they were defeated, but because there were no more Star Warriors to slaughter.

Or, so they thought.

The lone survivor gazed at the deserted battlefield from his vantage point atop the cliff. So much death. His comrades, his friends, all killed in one way or another. By monsters, by infected mercy killing…

Steeling himself, despite the heaviness in his heart and the tears in his eyes, the last Star Warrior turned away and set off to find a way to finally bring peace. If such a way still existed.

So, that basically sums up the backstory of this fic. This is my first Kirby fanfiction, and I think it's going well so far. Until next time, review!

PS. I am well aware that more than one Star Warrior survived. But, Meta Knight didn't know that back then, so... Also, expect future chapters to be longer.