Note: Hello everyone! This is Wandering Grad and this is my first Legion fan fiction. With this chapter, I am introducing a new character that will be implemented into the storyline as best as possible. Please enjoy! I own nothing but my hopes and dreams.

"Take your time getting up," the memory guy started, slapping him on the back before standing up on his own. "Like i said, first time's a bitch." Not caring to watch him walk away, David started off; listening to the random sounds and chatter that encased this facility. Funny, it felt like Clockworks, but the voices were so much louder here. Too much power, Melanie had mentioned. The ache in the back of his head hummed as David attempted to stand up; chugging the rest of the milk down. Looking around, the lingering paranoia settled back in; not knowing where to go or who was around. Where was Syd? Oh yeah, "talk work"...he wanted Syd but he knew best to not look just yet.

Setting his mind on wandering around, David closed his eyes; spinning around before picking a hallway and starting his trek. So many faces looked at him, glared at him, whispered and talked; what could they do compared to him? What made them special? What made him special? He wasn't some "key" to a war...he was mental. Even now though, all of this, it made him question. His ears perked at the sound of music, faint and fluid like the wave of an ocean. It strangely calmed him, the erratic beating of his heart after the "mind work" slowing down as he continued to follow the music. Spotting a cracked door, David walked as quietly as he could to peak into the room.

The walls were covered top to bottom with drawings- illogical solutions and fragments of different languages scratched onto the paper and posted in a chaotic order that only the person who created them would understand. The music...there was no instruments playing, no radio echoing the hauntingly beautiful music. It was...just there. Floating 6 feet off the ground in the middle of the room was a child, late teens maybe, with long brown curls that shined brightly as she passed over the rays of sunlight filtering through her curtains. Skin like alabaster, she was dressed in clothes that he had never seen before. There was something about her that seemed familiar… before he could ask her name, her eyes flashed open, revealing eerily familiar blue-green eyes.

"Who are you?" She muttered, her voice light as she trembled in the air. He looked around, trying to find an answer only to stutter. "Why...why are you in my room? NO ONE IS ALLOWED IN MY ROOM." The walls began to tremble as she fell down, wincing as she landed awkwardly on her bed; scuttling off the bed as she kept her eyes on him.

"I'm David...I'm-I'm sorry, I'm new here." The walls kept trembling, voices growing louder as the girl started to hyperventilate. "I'm sorry for scaring you." Dad attempted to fight the urge to move closer, but failed to realize that he entered the room to get a closer look.

"Lucy!" David's ears perked up at the familiar voices of Syd and Melanie echoing through the hall. The girl started to breathe heavily, her eyes wide as she crouched against the wall, backing herself in a corner.

"I'm sorry...I heard the music and.." David muttered, backing away as Syd and Melanie entered their hallway. "I'm sorry."

"Please leave. Please!" Lucy whimpered, the walls fluttering as an invisible force pushed him out the door; thrusting him against the wall as Melanie and Syd appeared, pushing their way into the room before the door slammed shut.

My name is Lucy and I am a stranger in a strange land.

I always found it strange, how much we are defined by our thoughts, our memories of the past and present, and our dreams for the future. It's like we are walking experiments- experiencing different things, sights and sounds at varied times, each person unique and utterly frustrating in their differences. That's what it means to be human...these experiences.

Yet I can't remember a damn thing about who I am or what happened to me. The memories that make me who I am, they are gone.

Counting today, I have been at the Summerland facility for three months and 12 days. Melanie, Ptolemy and Rudy had found me in a cave on the beach miles away from the facility; muttering to myself unintelligble phrases as I huddled against the cold rocks, too lost to recognize there were people in front of me. My clothes had been in tatters, bruises scattered over my body from what they have told me. A bag had been found near me that had been packed with clothes and a journal too water-logged to be read. Apparently, I had put up a fight when Melanie touched me, screaming for them to leave me at the beach, as I threw them out with my "abilities". Telekinesis is a fickle thing...kept them far enough until a tranquilizer dart found its home in my neck.

Now, I'm here.

This place is too much for me. Too much power is held within these walls and the voices I hear make my heart beat so loudly it wants to erupt out of my chest. This place is too much for me, but I can't leave. I can't even though my heart screams that there is something wrong and that I am not meant to be here. That I am unstable...that I'm not meant to be alive.

There is nothing left for me, but Summerland.