Dodging a group of noise making toys he made his way into the nursery. In the crib laid their six month old daughter and in the two small beds next to her were her three year old twin brothers. He smiled as he watched her sleep. He looked at the twins and smiled again.

After making his way through the arsenal of toys again, he headed downstairs and sunk into the old recliner in their living room. He looked at the clock and jumped back up. The two older kids should've been home by now. The school was only ten minutes away and they had gotten out twenty minutes ago. Rushing to the window he looked outside to see if he could see them. They weren't anywhere. What if they got them? What if they were hit by a car? He hated the idea of letting them walk home alone but they whined that they were the only highschoolers whose dad waited to walk them home especially when they lived so close.

He was about to reach for his phone when he felt a hand upon his shoulder. The tension somewhat disappeared with the touch of his husband but the worry remained. "Look Marcus, there they come" Tomas said softly as their teenagers came up the walk.

Marcus let out the breath he was holding and slumped back into the chair. He watched as his son and daughter sauntered in, chatting about the days events. After saying hi to both of them, they headed upstairs. Tomas smiled and sat on Marcus's lap. "Why so worried Marcus?" Tomas asked running his hand softly over his cheek. Marcus enjoyed the moment a little while before he replied. "I don't know I've been thinking about my past, Chicago and Saint Aquinas a lot lately. Every-time their out of my site I freak out. I worry a demon or a psychotic church worker will grab them and take them away" Marcus says as tears stream down his face.

He never thought he would have this life. He was married. That first of all was a big step for both men. And then when retirement sounded nice, they moved to a small city and adopted five kids. The older two at fourteen and sixteen were fearing being kicked out in a few years and the twins had autism making it hard for them to get adopted, especially together. And their baby girl had a slight heart defect that also turned away potential adopters. Like him and Tomas, they were the unwanted but now they weren't.

Andy was the real push as well. In the short time they knew him, they saw how a group of complete strangers could become a family and that's what they had now. He missed Andy but he had come to peace with what had happened.

"Marcus, are you alright?" He heard Tomas ask, his voice shaking a little. "Sorry Tomas, I was just strolling back down memory lane" Marcus said kissing the other man softly on the lips. Tomas pulled him in for a deep hug and that's when the little alarm went off. Tomas sighed and got up. Marcus cuffed his wrist and gently glided Tomas into the chair he previously occupied. "I will take this turn" Marcus said smiling and headed upstairs.

Marcus walked into the nursery and smiled when he saw the twins were still asleep. They formed a connection with their baby sister and always wanted to be close. They agreed because it made them happy plus they seemed to know if she was having any troubles.

Picking up the tiny thing in his arms, Marcus headed to his and Tomas's room and sat at the end of the bed. "What's wrong my sweet little Athena?" He said looking at her and smiling. She giggled and smiled. "You just wanted your charming ole dad didn't you?" Marcus said with a small laugh making her giggle again.

Athena yawned and closed her eyes. This action always made Marcus tense up. He watched as her little chest went up and down and relaxed. Laying her down on their bed, Marcus laid on his side next to her. "What if you lay with your ole dad for awhile" he said and closed his own eyes.

When Marcus woke up Athena was gone. He jumped out of bed and ran to the nursery. The room was empty. No crib, no small beds. He checked the older kids room, nothing. He looked all over for Tomas and couldn't find him. When he got the front door it wouldn't open. "Marcus Keane, you don't get a happy ending" said a voice that resonated around the room.

Marcus stood very still. He knew what this was but didn't understand how it was. "Oh Marcus, I've always been with you. I followed you from Mexico to Chicago. You might have stopped me there with the help of that bitch and your priest boy but they can't help you now. Your all alone" the voice said laughing.

Marcus growled. "I thought you were dead, Pazuzu" Marcus said trying to relax himself. "Oh I can't die old one but you can and you shall. This shall be your final resting place" Pazuzu said laughing. "Where shall we start, ah yes, how about when you were at Saint Aquinas" Pazuzu said laughing and with that the scene changed and Marcus was standing in a room he never wanted to see again. He was back at Saint Aquinas.

Tomas's VP

Tomas was getting dinner ready when Athena started to cry. He waited to hear Marcus calm her but he didn't and she didn't stop crying. Something in him made him go upstairs. He found Athena laying on their bed with Marcus but he wasn't awake. He wasn't asleep either. His heart stopped. He was possessed and he would have to do the Exorcism with a house full of children.

He held Athena close to his chest, "it's alright baby girl, daddy will be just fine. Marcus, you have to come back to me" Tomas said and took Athena to her crib and then pulled out an old duffle bag.