Adeline and Bella born - September 13th, 1987.

Seth born - January 2th, 1992.

Bella's Wedding day - August 13th, 2006 (Adeline is 18 and 11 months, Seth is 14 and 8 months).

Adeline is Older then Seth by 4 years and 3 months.

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Warning: It's a T but will become M in the future. Don't like it, I don't care.

My Noble Wolf

Chapter 2

Adeline Pov:

The wedding flowed into the reception party smoothly, and I must say I was impressed.

Alice's work was flawless. There were around ten thousand flowers out here, serving as a fragrant, airy tent over the dance floor set up on the grass under two of the ancient cedars.

The lights in the trees glimmered through the glass back doors, making the white flowers glow.

It was also (ironically) twilight. The sun was just behind the trees, not coming in contact with my new in-laws' vampires' skin.

Again, I was impressed.

Thankfully after the ceremony things slowed down a little bit and were less enthusiastic.

The little crowd spread out under the soft shine of the twinkle lights, and me and Charlie looked as Bella and Edward were greeted again by the friends they had just embraced.

I smiled at the scene, happy to see Bella's smile and not her usually brooding expression.

But as I turned to face Charlie, I noticed the small frown on his face.

And after a moment of just observing him, I decided to break the silence.

"It is a beautiful wedding", I said naturally.

He just hummed while still looking at the newlywed couple with a frown on his face.

"And Bella looks happy", I continued.

This time Charlie just sighted and turned to face me, "You know, you don't need to go in circles for me to tell you what I think, just ask me directly. I'm not one of your clients after all."

I just raised my left eyebrow at him.

He rolled his eyes at me and shifted to look at the newlywed couple again,"It's not that I am not happy for Bella…."

"And Edward", I said with an innocent smile.

"Yes, and Edward.", Charlie gave me a side eye-look while I continued to smile back at him. He sighed again and continued talking, "I know she is happy with him... I am just worried."

"Of course you are,"I huffed, "Dad, Bella is not a 7 years old child. She knows what she is doing and what she wants. Also she can handle herself well enough. I'm not saying you're wrong to worry about her but she is an adult and she will make her own choices and mistakes."

"I know.. I know.. my baby girls are all grown up." He turned and smiled at me, "But I am still your father and it's my duty to protect you from the bad boys."

I just laughed, "Thanks dad, I love you too." and kissed him on the cheek.

Charlie started to blush which made me laugh even harder.

As I turned to observe Bella, she was greeting another couple, who I presume was Mike and Jessica by the boy's blond hair and the girl's over energetic smile (dame that girl was fake), but even as I tried to ignore it I could still feel like someone was watching me.

I started to look around me but saw nobody looking suspicious.

I saw my new vampire in-laws were talking with the guests while the Denali coven vampires were talking with Bella and Edward now. So I knew my observer was not a vampire. I looked at the humans around me again but still didn't see anything out of place so I dropped the matter for now but didnt drop my grade.

No need for unnecessary drama anyway.

I always carry stun-gun, pepper spray and a small gun with me and the fact that I know self defense helped me not to worry about this to much (I was reborn to a world where sparkling vampires and half-naked werewolves and who knows what else, I was as prepared as a human can get).

So I just took a champagne glass from one of the nearby server-boy, linked arms with Charlie and went to greet the other guests.

The wedding progressed with all the standard traditions.

I was taking pictures as Bella and Edward held the knife over a spectacular cake - too big, I thought, for our relatively intimate group of friends and family. And while I liked being rich, I also hated wasting money on unnecessary things that will go to the trash in the end.

The newlywed couple took turns shoving cake in each other's faces; Edward manfully swallowed his portion. Then Alice started to call all the girls to gather behind the couple for Bella to throw her bouquet. Knowing I might get mobbed for a couple of flowers, I went to stand by the side. But bella, the clumsy girl she is, threw the bouquet almost at my head if not for my quick reflexes. I looked bewildered for a moment but then just smirked. Well, who knows maybe I will get married in this life.

The wadding continued with Emmett and Jasper howling with laughter at my sister's blush while Edward removed her garter with his teeth. Which then he pursued to shoot it straight into Mike Newton's face.

When the music started and people began to dance, I was sitting by my table and eating cake.

I have already danced with Charlie and that was more than enough. Some guys did ask me to dance but I quickly told them 'no', I didn't come here to get to know anyone and the fewer people I will interact with the better.

I guess even the Cullen family got the massage because other than some polite talk in the beginning we all went our merry way.

I observed from the side as Edward pulled Bella into the woods, making it not obvious that I noticed them gone. After some time I saw a young teen run after them. I would guess that Jakob found out that Bella and Eddie will get busy on their honeymoon and Seth went to help.

And by the time the newlywed couple were back and the party was coming to the end, I was still sitting in my chair, looking from the sideline as the story goes on.

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