Chapter 54

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Revil 1st fleet

"What was that beam of light soldier?" Asked Revil as his bridge crew tried to figure out what just happened to the Zeon forces. One moment, they were getting ready for the assault on A Baoa Qu when it was clear they will not be surrendering, the next a giant beam of yellow energy came and hit A Baoa Qu, turning nearly half of it's spire portion to dust, along with a good deal of Zeon ships. The blast was so bright, all the Federation forces had seen it and nearly blinded those that did. Fortunately, it seemed, the blast didn't hit any of their ships and only the Zeon forces. They were still trying to establish communications with all their forces, but it seemed that it was the case. Though they were still trying to figure out what that beam of light was.

"I don't know, sir." Said a radar operator as they tried to figure out what that beam of energy was. "Based from our scans, it seemed to be mass amounts of concentrated solar energy condensed into a beam of energy. Similar to how beam weaponry works, just with solar energy." Upon hearing that, Revil hummed at that, stroking his beard.

"So, it's similar to the Solar Ray system that we used at Solomon." Said Revil, piecing together what happened. Somehow, he didn't know how, the Zeons managed to create their own Solar Ray system and intended to use it against the Federation at A Baoa Qu, but something went wrong for them and their weapon was used against them. No doubt in Revil's mind that, had that happened, the Federation may have lost this battle, maybe even the war. But it seemed luck was on their side and the weapon Zeon intended to use against them had now been used for the Federation's advantage. He'll have to get the full story of how this happened, but right now he had a battle to win. No doubt the Zeons are in full disarray after this and they needed to take full advantage of it. It was better to face a disorganized enemy force over an organized one and Revil wasn't going to let them reorganize themselves and make this much harder than it should be.

With that, he ordered that a message be sent to all fleets. They are to attack now before the enemy can recuperate this disaster. In under an hour, all Federation fleets assigned to attack charged forward, not wanting to give the Zeons more reprieve than they already given them in order for them to attack in an orderly manner.


White Base

"All forces are to commence assault on A Baoa Qu. Repeat, all forces are to converge on A Baoa Qu immediately." This message continued to repeat over and over in the comms. Bright, who had been listening in for any signs of distress from their side, heard the orders and was intent to listen to them. The enemy was disorganized and unable to coordinate with each other effectively. To not attack now would be throwing away a tactical advantage for them. So, Bright ordered the entire 13th Autonomous corps mobile suit complement to launch with a third to guard the battle group. A few minutes later, their mobile suits began launching from their hangers to either protect their mother fleet or to fight the Zeons in their own territory. At their helm was the various Gundams they had in their arsenal.


A Baoa Qu

N and S Field

"The Federation has begun their attack!" Yelled a Zeon officer as Federation fighters began launching their anti beam missiles at them along with standard anti ship missiles. They tried to shoot them all down, but there were just too many and they were too disorganized to put up an effective screen of fire. The anti ship missiles destroyed a few of the remaining ships in N field, mostly Musai cruisers and some Chivvay heavy cruisers, while the beam dispersal missiles put up thick clouds of beam dispersal particles that rendered the beam weaponry of A Baoa Qu now useless and enabled the Federation forces to get in closer to A Baoa Qu and their remaining forces.

"Keep them back! Fall back behind the clouds of beam dispersal particles!" Yelled another officer as he and whatever ships and mobile suits fled behind the beam dispersal fields that the Federation just put up.

"Here they come! Here they come!" Yelled a Zaku pilot as thousands upon thousands of Federation mobile suits came from their ships, which were not too far behind, begun their attack. The GM sniper IIs, with their long range sniper rifles, opened fire on the remaining mobile suits, focusing priority on the remaining Gelgoogs and Doms as they were the highest threat, mobile suit wise, taking them out with ease while the GM command units charged in and focused their attack on the Zakus and the warships attempting to flee towards the relatively safety of the Federation's created beam dispersal clouds based on the weapons they were using.

With accuracy that could only come with their AI assistance, the Federation forces destroyed hundreds of enemy mobile suits and sunk half a dozen warships before they past the beam dispersal clouds, forcing those units with beam weaponry to stop along with those that weren't. It was then that they suffered a barrage of missiles from A Baoa Qu and any warships with them. Either dodging or shooting down the missiles as they came to them, the sheer amount of missiles destroyed quite a few GMs that weren't able to maneuver away from them either due to the number of missiles or how tightly packed the Federation forces were.

Reorganizing themselves after that missile attack, the Federation mobile suit forces went back to the safety of their warships, which were now near their positions. After they regrouped, the Federation warships then opened up a barrage of their own missiles, mixing regular missiles with anti-capital ships ones, at the Zeon forces as they regrouped. As the barrage hit the Zeon forces, the mobile suits once again charged at the Zeon lines, preparing for the inevitable blasting as, once they're past the beam dispersal clouds they'll be under heavy beam weaponry fire.

Ten minutes later and the Zeons forces opened fire as the first wave of Federation forces pasted their beam dispersal clouds, taking out dozens before the rest dispersed and began avenging them with their own fire, taking out dozens of Zeon mobile suits as well. Soon, mobile suits of each side clashed with each other, but it was a slaughter. For every single mobile suit the Zeons had, whether it be Dom, Gelgoog, or Zaku, there were a dozen or more Federation GM command or GM sniper IIs, which were both on par with Gelgoogs in terms of performance.

One GM Command unit, a standard colored one, easily sliced a Zaku in half as it passed it before it aimed and destroyed a Dom was it tried to open fire on it. It then quickly moved out of the way from retaliation fire from three Zakus that tried to shoot it down after the Dom failed, regrouping with several other GM command units that soon charged in after the Zakus, destroying them.

In another area of the battlefield a team of mass produced Guncannons landed on a Musai cruiser and began to systemtically destroy all the weapon emplacements on the ship, being careful not to be in the sight of it's mega particle cannons, which were capable of destroying them utterly in a single shot. Upon seeing what the Guncannons were doing, a few Gelgoogs tried to stop them but a GM command team stepped in and fought them off. Once the Guncannons were done, they flew off the ship to assist the GM command team in destroying the Gelgoogs.

In a third area, a GM sniper II team had found some asteroids to use for cover and began providing sniper support for mobile suits, and soon to be, warships that were in their area by concentrating their fire on weapon emplacements, mobile suits, and even warship bridges. With precision, they've destroyed a team of Doms that were about to ambush a team of mass produced Guncannon that were departing for emergency repairs.

In a fourth area, in W field, four Musais and two Chivvays were under the assault by a single Full Armor Gundam painted dark blue and white. Strangely enough, this Gundam was emitting Jazz music that can be heard if one got close to it. Obliterating two Musais with a single pass due to his heavy weapons, the Full Armor's pilot then began blasting away any Zeon mobile suits that tried to stop it from destroying their ships. Blasting two Zakus in half with it's twin beam rifle, the Gundam then blasted a Dom with it's beam cannon, incinerating the entire upper torso. As this happened, the Gundam then rammed it's rocket holding hand into the torso of a Zaku, piercing it's armor and splatting the pilot when it reached him. It then used the Zaku as a shield against the beam saber of a Gelgoog, which sliced the head off of the Zaku. The Gundam then kicked the Zaku off it's hand while blasting the Gelgoog's head away before finishing it off with a rocket to the torso. It then quickly charged at a Chivvay heavy cruiser, it's music permeating to anyone that can hear it.


A Baoa Qu command center


"This is the Dolos carrier Dolowa! The Federation is coming in at full force! We're holding but barely! Requesting additional forces at S Field!"

"They're overrunning N field! We need assistance! We need..argh!"

"We're doomed! We're doomed! We should run!"

"Hold firm! Don't give these Federation bastards any sort of satisfaction! Make them bled for every single inch they gain this day!"

Stuff like this, both cowardice and brave talk, were perpetuating their comms ever since the Federation begun their attack. While some it was admirable talk, Kycilia just knew that the battle was lost. The Solar Ray attack on their own forces instead of the Federation had sealed their defeat here. Their plan had been to utilize the Solar Ray system against the Federation fleets, hopefully taken out a good portion of them, and then inflict so many casualties on them that they're forced into retreat, giving them some time to repair and rebuild their lost forces as well as making better defenses against their artificial intelligence advantage. But that plan was thrown out of the window with recent events. Not only did the Solar Ray destroyed nearly half of their forces, including one of their only two Dolos carriers, but also the Federation was attacking in full force while they were disorganized from the sudden attack by their own super weapon. To make matters worse, the Federation was at full strength and they were at almost half. So, to sum it up, in Kycilia's eyes, their defeat at A Baoa Qu has been guaranteed and that smart thing to do right now was to surrender and plan for the future. There was only one thing preventing that.

"All mobile suit pilots and units, stand firm!" Yelled Gihren Zabi as he tried to restore order in their forces, moral plummeting as the Federation continued their unstoppable advance to A Baoa Qu itself. Gihren, whether due to arrogance or an inability to accept defeat, is still ordering their remaining forces around, still in the belief that they can win this fight, but Kycilia knew that such a thing was no longer possible. That meant that he had to go in order for her to take care of this mess. Something she didn't really mind, honestly.

Placing a hand on her pistol, Kycilia took a minute to think of the consequences of killing Gihren here and now. Obviously, she'll have to release the evidence she had on him regarding the death of their father in order to justify her stance and actions, which wouldn't be too difficult, she had her agents on standby to release the evidence to multiple media outlets and newspaper companies all over Side 3 in case this happened or if Gihren caught wind of her actions, but killing him now could cause some trouble in this battle, especially with his die hard loyalists, to the point of abandonment or fierce infighting. And lead to fierce fighting post war that will hamper her ability to rule Side 3. That is if the Federation allows it. Then again, she had complete loyalty of the Axis asteroid base due to M'Quve stationed there, no doubt ensuring the loyalty of those there, and the Federation was doing a marvelous job at destroying their forces right now. Perhaps she didn't need to worry about infighting and abandonment of their forces. Oh, how she despised not having all the cards in her possession. She despised relying on those not under her thumbs and whose abilities she can't accurately determine when she needed to. She'll just have to have faith that everything will do good enough for her and she wanted doing that.

So, with great reluctance, she got up from her seat in the command center and walked over to Gihren, who was busy coordinating their dwindling forces, not showing anything but anger and a complete confidence in their ability to win this battle, pistol at the ready. Walking right behind Gihren, Kycilia spoke.

"It's pointless to continue the battle, Gihren." Said Kycilia, getting her brother's attention. "The Federation has vastly crippled us, with our own super weapon no less. For every soldier we kill, we lose dozens of our own. It's high time we surrender, Gihren." Gihren, upon hearing that, scoffed.

"That is the words of a coward, Kycilia." Said Gihren, turning around a bit to look at Kycilia with one eye. "We can still win this. We haven't showed our full strength." Narrowing her eyes at that, Kycilia spoke up, more annoyance in her voice this time.

"Those are the words of a cynic, Gihren." Said Kycilia as she switched off the safety of her gun before pointing her gun at Gihren's forehead. It appears she has to kill him. "Their also the words of someone who knows when to accept defeat and see a hopeless battle. Neither of which you seem to lack or, rather more to the point, unwilling to see or admit. This battle is lost. We have to either surrender or use the chaos to retreat back to Side 3, Gihren. There is no other way. Although you escaping here may prove to be a great danger to us all." Upon hearing that, Gihren began to laugh at that.

"Kycilia, our people need me." Said Gihren, looking back at the battlefield, where their single remaining Dolos carrier was in danger of being destroyed. "I'm the only one that can hold our people together after all the events that happened in this war. The death of most of our family, including beloved Garma and our popular father, the forced draft, and volunteer amputation of most of our people to fight better here, and the ruination of our economy. I'm the only one that can keep them together in the trying times to come. You. You don't care about them, you only care about how much worth our remaining people are and ruling them. You lack their loyalty and commitment that I have at the moment. The moment I die and you take command, that loyalty and commitment will die and chaos will ensue. So please, put the gun down and go back to your seat so we can continue our duties as leaders to soldiers." Kycilia, however, did not back down. Rather, she merely chuckled, causing Gihren to look at her in slight surprise.

"You think you're invincible because you have the loyalty of our people, Gihren, and you may be right." Conceded Kycilia with a hint of amusement in her voice. "But what if I have evidence that takes away that loyalty. What if that evidence is about the truth of how our father died?"


Dolos carrier

"This is lieutenant command Jung! I'm going in! Cover me!" Yelled a GM command space type pilot, whose suit was painted in black and blue highlights, indicating and ace pilot, as he made his way past heavy firepower from the only Dolos carrier in the Zeon fleet at A Baoa Qu after the Solar Ray system attack and several other Zeon warships along with dozens of Zeon mobile suits. High odds, but the pilot was confident he can deal with it all so long as people covered him adequately enough.

Flying besides the ace was twelve teams of other GM command units and Guncannon mass production types. These Federation mobile suits soon clashed with the Zeon forces, mingling with the Zeon mobile suits so the warships couldn't fire at them without risking friendly fire.

A single Guncannon blasted two Zaku II before dodging a rocket shot from a Dom. It shoot down the Dom before being destroyed by a surprise attack from a Gelgoog. The Gelgoog was then blasted to bit by two GM command types, who zipped towards a team of Zakus, which were reloading their machineguns after failing to kill a different team of GMs.

A Guncannon mass production team soon flew near a Musai cruiser and began systematically destroying the Musai with their shoulder cannons, flying around to avoid being shot at by either Zeon warships or Zeon mobile suits. A Dom team, upon seeing this, tried to stop them but another Guncannon mass produced team stopped them in their tracks and obliterated them.

As this was happening, the ace pilot was making his way towards the Dolas carrier, which had just destroyed a Salamis cruiser with it's massive mega particle cannons on it's portside. Dodging and blasting any mobile suit or missile that got in his way, the ace pilot took down over a dozen Zeon mobile suits when he landed on top of the Dolos carrier. Upon landing, the ace pilot drew out a beam saber and jabbed it on the Dolos's hull. He then activated it and began to slowly moving towards the bridge of the Dolos carrier with one hand. The other was aiming his beam gun at the various mobile suits that tried to stop or shoot him down. After three minutes, the pilot had a sizable cut along the Dolos's upper hull. Putting the nearly dry beam saber to it's recharge rack, the GM command mobile suit then opened fire on the cut, pumping multiple beam shots at the cut, enabling them to go deeper into the ship and destroy more critical systems that way, before jumping off the ship and flying towards the bridge of the ship, which was at the front of the vessel. Once the bridge was in range, the GM then unloaded on the bridge with the last of his shots, destroying it. He then flew away as the Dolos began to have multiple explosions erupt in it's hull that spewed outside.

With this, several Salamis cruisers launched wave after wave of missiles and barrages of mega particle shots at the Dolos in order to ensure it's destruction. Eventually, the Dolos blew up, erupting in a fiery explosion that destroyed several Musai cruisers that were in it's radius. With the destruction of the Dolos carrier, several Zeon mobile suit teams began to retreat, seeing the hopelessness of the situation. Several Federation teams wanted to pursue them, but were held back by cooler heads. They then went on to destroy other Zeon vessels or forces that were giving the Federation trouble.



"And what if I have that evidence right now? Ready to destroy your reputation and transfer that loyalty and commitment to me." Said Kycilia as their remaining Dolos carrier exploded. Gihren, upon hearing that, widened his eyes in horror before Kycilia pulled the trigger, splattering his brain matter all over the console that was in front of him. She then pushed the body aside, watching it float away from her and in full view of everyone in the command center. Many gasps were heard as they saw the body of Gihren Zabi floating around in the command center, a hole in his head. Kycilia, then took the reins, intending to explain her actions before things got out of hand.

"The Supreme Commander has deceived you all!" Announced Kycilia. "While it is true that the Federation has been the one that killed our beloved Sovereign, it was our Supreme Commander that allowed it to happen. He placed a mole in my father's ship in order to leak it's location to the Federation so that they'll destroy it before they could announce their intentions to the Federation in order to end the war! Such an act demands proper punishment, to which I delivered to him! If you don't believe me, then file and slander me after the battle, but I assure you it's the truth! And I'll prove it to all of Zeon by the day's end. In a few hours, my agents will release the evidence that proves Gihren's conspiracy against my father to our homeland, where it'll be verified by independent contractors. It is there, you'll decide to believe it or not. If you believe it, good. If not, then you're living a delusion. But none of that matters now, we have a battle to fight. So, unless you wish more of our countrymen to die, listen to my orders from now on!" Most of the operators, however, just stood there, shocked at what they've just heard and witnessed, unsure of what to do with all these shocking revelations. Because of this, the Zeon forces were unable to be effectively coordinated, enabling the Federation to advance even deeper and begin wiping out the disorganized rabble ahead of them with ease. Eventually, a Kycilia loyalist spoke out.

"Supreme Commander Gihren died honorably in battle! The enemy is destroying our people and are advancing ever closer to A Baoa Qu! What are your orders, your excellency?" Asked the man. Giving that man a nod of appreciation, Kycilia ordered them to continue fighting and for nonessential people to begin evacuation procedures of A Baoa Qu. She also had her new flagship be prepped for takeoff. Officially it was to ensure it'll be ready for battle should it be needed, but in reality it was for Kycilia's escape from A Baoa Qu. The battle was lost, many could see that, but either refused to accept it or see retreat as dishonorable and cowardly, and Kycilia wasn't going to stay here and be under the mercy of the Federation. Not with all the things her family has done in this war.

She then sat back in her command seat before giving out her final instructions. She'll stay for around fifteen more minutes before she would take off in her Zanzibar cruiser. After that, she'll make an excuse and take off for her flagship to escape to Side 3, where she'll begin her plan to surrender to the Federation, giving them whatever they want in exchange for immunity to persecution and to remain ruler of Side 3. Among those orders was to release their last card, the Zeong mobile suit and it's honor guard as well as to not tell anyone of Gihren's death so as to preserve moral. Some operators, those loyal to Gihren, however, disobeyed those orders and relayed them to other Gihren loyalists, mainly admiral Delaz, recently promoted to the rank by Gihren Zabi, so they learn of what happened.


Lucy Yugo

It had gone to hell so quickly. One moment, Miranda and Lucy were waiting behind a sizable asteroid that was big enough to hide a mobile suit or two if they were stacked on top of one another, using it as cover, with several other mobile suits for the Federation assault and the firing of Zeons new super weapon at them. Their superior told them that it would give them more than a fighting chance against the Federation, destroying their central command forces and enabling them to fight disorganized rabble for a short time, but even then they would win if they fight hard enough. It sounded good enough that Lucy thought they had a good shot in accomplishing it, but then everything went to hell.

Somehow, she didn't know how, but the Federation managed to get control of the Solar Ray system and used it against them, taking out a good chunk of their forces at N field, including the Dolos carrier stationed there, and causing chaos in their ranks, which the Federation soon exploited by launching an assault on their forces as they tried to collect themselves. Their response was sloppy, costing many lives, and now Lucy and her sister were just doing whatever they could just to survive because they were stationed at N field as they wanted to be at the frontlines against the Federation. And now, cut off from her unit and her sister, Lucy was trying to fight for her life against the Federation as she tried to find what was left of her unit as well as seeing if her sister was still alive.

Utilizing the full capabilities of her Gelgoog mobile suit and her new operating system, fired on a Federation mobile suit with shoulder cannons, only for it to dodge moments before she fired, causing her to miss with her beam rifle. She then tried to retarget it but then another Federation mobile suit, a GM command space type, came and engaged her to close combat.

Crying out in shock, Lucy piloted her Gelgoog away from the enemy, drawing her beam saber as the GM was far too close for her to effectively shoot it down. Dodging the first strike, Lucy tried to go for a horizontal slash before flowing up with vertical one, but the GM used a saber to block while moving out of the way of the other swing. It then flew under her, freeing it's blade before slicing off her Gelgoog's legs. Screaming as the computers registered the damage, Lucy tried to fly away but the GM once again drew close and was prepared to destroy her when a beam shot hit it's torso, causing it to explode.

"Lucy!" Yelled Miranda as she arrived and stopped her sister's Gelgoog with her own. After stopping it, Miranda asked if she was okay.

"I…I think so." Said Lucy as she looked at her new prosthetic hands, checking to see if anything happened to them from the impact with her sister's Gelgoog. After that, she checked her Gelgoog's status with her computer and found that it was still able to fight. "I can still fight. Let's go and face the Federation."

"Right." Said Miranda, angry that the Federation nearly killed her sister and was itching for payback. Before either of them could move, however, a Zaku team flew past them to engage a single GM sniper II in black and white that was annihilating a team of Rick Doms on it's own. Opening fire on the GM, the Zakus didn't do much as the GM quickly dodged it all before retaliating with a machinegun on one hand and a beam sniper rifle on the other, taking them all out with controlled bursts from either weapon. It then saw the two Yugo sister Gelgoogs and aimed it's sniper rifle at them.

Registering this, the two sisters quickly moved out of the way before the sniper rifle could fire. Unfortunately, the GM's AI saw this and quickly calculated where they were going. So, before either sister could react, the GM fired and destroyed the left arm of Miranda's Gelgoog, causing her to be momentarily stunned and crash into a small debris field.

"Miranda!" Yelled Lucy as she saw her sister hit the debris field. Angry rose within her and a part of her was yelling to go and engage that GM for, maybe, killing her sister when a team of other Gelgoogs came and engaged the GM sniper II, forcing it to stop in order to fight off the other Gelgoogs. With it distracted, Lucy wanted to go and help those other Gelgoogs in taking down that GM sniper II, but her sister instincts told her to help her sister and get her out of here. With no time to spare, Lucy listened to her sister instincts and went to her sister's Gelgoog, which was slowly floating away from the debris field.

Flying towards her sister's Gelgoog, Lucy caught it and yelled at Miranda, asking if she was alright, even shaking the Gelgoog a bit in order to see if her sister was fine. With each passing moment of her sister not responding, Lucy feared that her other sister, Erika, had been right and that they made a terrible mistake in joining up with the military. Eventually, Miranda spoke.

"Stop shaking my mobile suit around, Lucy." Demanded Miranda as she moved her Gelgoog's head around to indicate she was fine. "You're disorienting my sensors with that." Relieved to hear that her sister was fine, Lucy sighed in relief.

"I'm so glad that you're fine." Said Lucy, tears in her eyes. "I thought that you joined mom and dad in the afterlife."

"Please, it'll take more than a cowardly shot from a Feddie mobile suit to take me down." Said Miranda as she shook her head. "I was the top in our class in the academy, regardless of how short our time there was." She then checked her Gelgoog's systems for any problems that'll affect her combat effectiveness. Aside from a missing arm on her mobile suit, she was still good to go for battle. A part of her, and likely Lucy, wanted to go back to a ship and fix her arm problem, but things were going so poorly that they needed all the mobile suits they can get. And Miranda refused to leave her sister alone even for a moment in a battle like this. She was about to tell Lucy that they need to find a good ambush spot when she suddenly felt a great surge of pain coming from her right arm. Yelping in pain, Miranda clutched her right arm with her other one.

"What happened?" Asked Lucy, hearing the yelp, causing her to worry about her sister's health.

"It's my arm." Said Miranda, looking at where the prosthetic met her flesh. Moving it around, Miranda could feel some liquid touching her flesh and she knew that it was blood. Her body was still adjusting to her prosthetics it seemed. "Damn prosthetics caused some bleeding it seems. Blood is spilling out." Upon hearing that, Lucy grew even more worried.

"You got to get that checked by a doctor now." Said Lucy as she placed both of her Gelgoog's hands on her sisters' and began to flew towards the relative safety of their remaining warships, carrying it side to side with her own Gelgoog. "If it's internal bleeding then you're in big trouble. I'll drop you off in one of the warships where you'll get treatment."

"I'm not going to leave you alone here." Said Miranda. "This battle is chaotic enough as it is, I'm not leaving you in a battlefield this chaotic on your own. We stick together." Lucy, frustrated at her sister's stubbornness, was about to refute that she will be fine when she noticed a glint in her Gelgoog's scanners. Panicking, she flew away just as a massive beam came and nearly destroyed the two Gelgoogs. Reacting to this attack, Miranda turned around to see a smaller, but still big, stream of Minovsky particles coming their way. Seeing no time to move out of the way, Miranda removed herself from her sister, kicking her Gelgoog for good measure, before being incinerated by the beam blast.

"Miranda!" Yelled Lucy as she watched this happen. Horror and pain filled her as she watched her sister's mobile suit explode from the amount of damage it took. Despair soon overtook the Yugo as she thought of how she failed her family by allowing her sister to die. And she wondered how she'll explain this to Erika. Though that despair and questioning didn't last long as another beam blast came and blasted the remaining Gelgoog to bits before a Full Armor Gundam II, colored green, came through it's created debris field and began to fight other Zeon forces.


Char Aznable

"Red Comet, you are to launch with your escort. Your mission is to hold the Federation off long enough for us to evacuate lady Kycilia from the battle. Is that understood?"

"So, Kycilia is leaving us all to die in order to save her own skin. Why am I not surprised?" Thought Char as he heard these orders. After giving his confirmation to those orders, Char readied his Zeong mobile suit for battle. As he did so, Char Newtype senses began to detect the presence of the White Devil, growing stronger and stronger as time passed. Even without knowing the location of the White Devil exactly, he knew that individual was getting closer and closer to A Baoa Qu. As a result, he was coming closer to him and what was probably their final battle against one another. And Char was eager to finally settle the score between them.

Readying his Zeong as the hanger bay opened up, Char contacted his bodyguards. There were three in total, each piloting the new Dolmel mobile suits.

One of them was the infamous Johnny Ridden, the Crimson Lightning. An ace pilot that was loyal to Kycilia Zabi and a member of the elite Chimera Corps before being assigned to support Char and his Zeong. There were rumors that he was the lover of Kycilia Zabi herself, but that didn't matter to Char.

Another bodyguard was Eric Manthfield, captain of the Zabi family's elite royal guard, a good ace pilot, and loyal to Gihren Zabi to a fault. It was a bit surprising, Char had to admit, that the captain of the royal guard was assigned to protect him and not the Zabi family, but it seemed desperate times called for desperate measures.

Char was a bit cautious with working side by side with the two ace pilots. Not because he doubted their skills, but rather because of their loyalties. Johnny was loyal to Kycilia and Eric was loyal to Gihren. Despite being the captain of the Zabi royal guard, who were supposed to protect the entire Zabi family with equal fervor, it was no secret that Gihren had the loyalty of the commander of the entire royal guard. With two pilots loyal to a different Zabi, both of whom didn't like each other one bit, Char strongly suspected some problems will arise if they fought with each other for an extended period of time. Especially if Kycilia decided to stage a coup against Gihren for whatever reason. He could only hope they don't get in his way of revenge.

The third pilot, however, was a bit of an unknown. Her name was Ramuiko Stein. Claiming to be born at A Baoa Qu, she was loyal to the Zeon cause as a whole and not to a single Zabi, which was probably why, aside from her piloting skills, she was selected to be the third bodyguard to Char. To be a sort of mediator between two ace pilots that were loyal to two different Zabis. Char didn't like having an unknown watching his back, but if she can keep Johnny and Eric from fighting against each other, then he was all for her.

Telling them all that he's ready and that they should be as well, Char quickly piloted the Zeong out of one of A Baoa Qu's many hangers and to the massive battle that was occurring now. Even as he made it out, he could see Federation mobile suits obliterating what forces of Zeon that were still left and were rapidly approaching A Baoa Qu.

Upon seeing a large platoon of mobile suits approaching towards his direction, Char readied his mobile suit's weapons.


G04 Gundam

"I must admit." Said Xulas the Thoroughbred's mobile suit complement began making it's way towards A Baoa Qu, hoping to help in the fighting there before it ended. Though, truth be told, any help they provide there will be miniscule compared to what they did with the Zeons own super weapon. "We did much good today by unleashing that weapon on the Zeons and not us, didn't we, Ford?"

"You bet, Xul." Said Ford with a smile. "To bad we couldn't use it more than once, right?" Xul gave a noise of confirmation. As much as they all wanted to use it one more time against A Baoa Qu and truly end the battle before it even began, they couldn't. During the fighting for the Solar Ray system, they inflicted so much damage to the gathered energy for the Solar Ray system and the weapon itself that they could only fire it once and after that, the weapon just destroyed itself. Unable to deal with all the damage it sustained from their fight. Xul even said that, even if they prevented too much damage from being inflicted on the Solar Ray, the Zeons had begun sabotaging their own weapon when it was clear the Federation was going to take it. So, it wasn't a total lose there. Ah well, it's not like they're going to lose now. "Then again, we don't want it to be too easy for us, right?"

"Easy is good, Ford." Said Luce as he checked his Gundam's systems again, to see if anything was wrong. Xil could do it, but Luce did it anyway to past the time. Plus, it didn't hurt to be careful. It kept him on his toes and that was an important thing when you're on the battlefield. "Easy means less lives lost for us and the whole human race in general. Though I shouldn't be saying that after we used a giant laser on the Zeons to kill tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands, of Zeon soldiers."

"Actually you can if you specify Federation lives in terms of less lives lost." Said Xil, feeling a bit snarky. Luce just grunted at that before conceding to his point. Ford then chuckled as he wondered why they're even bothering to go straight to A Baoa Qu. They did their part and it would take sometime before they arrived to the battlefield to do any sort of difference there. By the time they made, in Ford's mind, the battle would already be won and the officers that survived will probably be thinking of who deserved a promotion or commendation for their service in this battle. But their captain wasn't having any of it and ordered them all to travel to A Baoa Qu after they finished rearming, refueling, and making emergency repairs on any damages they've sustained in the last battle. Just because they did a great thing for the Federation today, doesn't mean they should take a break when other soldiers are giving their all at A Baoa Qu, even losing their lives. And Lombard would sooner kiss a rock than take a break when he could make a difference in a battlefield. So, here they all were, traveling to A Baoa Qu in hopes they get there to do something meaningful. The Thoroughbred close behind, both for support and to refuel the mobile suits should they need it.

As they flew to A Baoa Qu, Ford silently made a bet against himself that, if they did one more amazing thing today, he'll kiss Miyu, their operator.



"For Degwin Zabi! Die White Devil!" Yelled a Gelgoog pilot as he and eight other Gelgoogs tried to gang up and destroy the White Devil, but Amuro simply blasted them all apart with his Gundam's myriad of weapons. Hayato and Kai providing ample support by blasting apart any other Zeon forces that got in their way as they made their way towards A Baoa Qu. Burning was leading the 4th Immortal team to the same destination, albeit in a different route and Yuu was doing the same with a large group of the 13th Autonomous corps mobile suits. The three had the support of several GM Command units, Guncannon mass production units, and a full team of GM sniper IIs. A bit overkill considering the RX-78-7's pilot, but Amuro wasn't complaining.

Keeping a tally of the current amount of kills he has during this battle, twenty mobile suits and four warships in all, Amuro motioned for everyone to follow him as they made their way to A Baoa Qu, avoiding any stray fire that might have hit them or destroying any enemy fighters or mobile suits that their AIs gave them targeting info on or just decided to be stupid and tried to fight them.

"Oh yeah!" Yelled Merc as the group flew towards A Baoa Qu, avoiding various types of projectiles that came at them or blasting apart any Zeon forces that came at them. Explosions everywhere. Guns blazing and gears grinding. What more could the AI ask for. "Let's keep the pressure on them!" As soon as he said this, he had the Guncannon he was inhabiting turn around before firing it's beam cannon at a flight of Zeon fighters that tried to fire their missiles at them, obliterating them all. "Nice try Zeon scum! Next time try to actually think before you fight!"

"Okay, things are going well." Said Green as he kept firing with Hayato at anything that got to close to them. They saved a handful of pilots with their vigilance. "Let's pray and hope that continues for us."

"Keep calm, Green." Said Hayato as he heard the AI getting nervous. "We got this. Just keep it together and everything will go fine, okay."

"You just had to jinx it, didn't you?" Asked Green upon hearing Hayato's answer. "Something bad is going to happen now because you said that."

"Knock it off with that superstition, Green. Even if something bad happens, we got Vega and Amuro in their fancy new suit. You're worrying over nothing!" Yelled Merc as he and Kai destroyed a team of Zakus as they tried to take aim at them and destroy them.

"Now you're doing it as well!" Complained Green. Before anyone else could interject, Amuro suddenly gasped out loud as he sensed a great deal of hatred and anger coming some distance ahead. And it was all directed at him.

Bringing out his targeting computer, Amuro quickly zoomed in to where the anger was coming from and saw a group of GM and Guncannons being destroyed, despite their struggles to beat whatever was attacking them, by a large blue mobile suit, who was flying everywhere in a rapid pace while it's arms were detached from it's body and shooting from multiple directions. Despite the best efforts of the Federation pilots, they were destroyed without much difficulty. The mobile suit then stopped and looked forward, towards Amuro's direction. And it was there, right there, that Amuro knew who the pilot of that mobile suit was.

"Char!" Yelled Amuro before yelling at everyone that they he found Char, surprising them all. "We need to take him down now! Before he lose anymore men."

"Agreed. Char is an important target to eliminate before he could do even more damage to our men." Said Vega as he watched the Red Comet destroy their forces. He saw the debris of some destroyed Zakus, Doms, Gelgoogs, a handful of fighters, and even a couple of warships there. He guessed they were destroyed prior to the Red Comet's coming and the Red Comet ambushed them just as they finished those Zeon forces. With the Red Comet was a large detachment of Zeon mobile suits, including three unidentified Zeon mobile suits. He guessed around fifty or so of them.

"Oh yeah! The Red Comet! Finally, we get to fight a Zeon ace!" Yelled Merc. "I'm pumped for it."

"I'm not." Stated Hayato. Having never actually fought Char even once, Amuro and Vega was the only that actually fought him, Hayato was worried that his first fight with the Red Comet will be his last.

"Well to bad, Hayato, cause you'll have to." Said Kai. Though he also was nervous with facing against the Red Comet for the first time in combat, he was willing to do it because to not and leave Amuro alone to deal with it was a break of the promise he made with Amuro back on Earth to help him in his fights from then on. Plus, this would be payback for all the times he's tried to kill them at Earth and for destroying their home at Side 7. "Ain't leaving Amuro to face him alone. Not after what we all went through in this war."

"Yeah. Come on Green! Let's go and face off the legendary Red Comet!" Yelled Merc, eager to face him off. Granted with help, but still. It'll be awesome. "Don't be a coward right now, Green! Come on! Let's go and take that Red Comet down together with Vega and the others. I'll be sure to cover your ass and your pilots!" Green, faced with pressure, agreed and said that he'll fight with them if that's what they want. Hayato, hearing this, sighed and agreed to stand by Amuro's side when he faces Char again. But he was going to contact for extra reinforcements, mainly those that utilize the EXAM system to help face off Char, who they knew was a Newtype. Nodding at that, Amuro flew towards Char as he finished off the Federation forces.



As Char finished off the last of the Federation mobile suits, he sensed the growing presence of the White Devil, the one responsible for Lalah's death, coming closer and closer to him. Sensing it, Char looked to where it was coming from and, using his targeting computer, saw the presence of the White Devil in a new Gundam, bulkier than his last one. Probably also was more powerful as well, but Char didn't care. The White Devil was here and he was going to kill him.

"Char, we just got a distress call from a Zanzibar warship." Said Johnny Ridden, contacting Char. "They're under assault from a massive mobile suit force backed up by at least two Salamis cruiser groups. We're the closets one that can actually do something so we should help them out."

"Indeed." Said Eric. "They are in dire need of assistance and we should provide that assistance."

"Agreed." Said Ramuiko. "They're in need of our assistance and we need all the manpower we can get in order to fend off these Federation soldiers!" Even though all three of his bodyguards wanted him to help those Zeon soldiers out, Char didn't care about them. He was only after one thing. The White Devil, no matter what.

"The White Devil is here." Said Char, anger showing in his voice. "We're going after him. If you don't want to help me, fine. Stay out of my way while I gain vengeance for all those that devil killed." Upon hearing that, his three bodyguards widened their eyes in shock.

"The White Devil is here? This quickly?" Asked Eric in shock. Among his orders from Gihren Zabi in this battle was to kill the White Devil, both for all the death they caused as well as preventing them from participating any more in this battle than they already have. Though he didn't care much for the reward, which included a two rank promotion and sizable momentary value for the kill, killing the White Devil was something that Eric was willingly to do for all the people the White Devil killed. So, between that and the fact that allowing the White Devil to pounce around in the battlefield, causing more death and destruction than they already have in this battle, Eric was willing to go and face them.

"If that's the case, we got to go and take them down." Said Johnny. He was ordered by Kycilia herself to take down the White Devil if he got the chance, no matter what. Given how much trouble he's heard they've down over the course of the war, confirmed that is, they've probably done a lot more that high command doesn't know of, Johnny saw them as one of the things they've got to do. That and protecting lady Kycilia from harm. So, he was with Char in taking down the White Devil. The only one against facing off the White Devil was Ramuiko. She wanted to help those Zeon soldiers in need, rather than facing off the White Devil. Yes, they was dangerous, but she wasn't going to leave those poor soldiers to die just because she wanted to go face off the White Devil, no sir.

Besides, they've defeated so many of their pilots on their own, including Ramba Ral, the Midnight Fenrir, and Ramba Ral, whose to say they'll fare any better? Plus, those warships could help them out in facing off the White Devil, providing some extra firepower.

She was about to suggest they help the warships when Char and the other two ace pilots suddenly moved away from her. Wondering what that was about, she suddenly received a warning from her mobile suit's computers. Before she could do anything, she was suddenly blasted by a large beam blast, killing her and turning her Dolmel to dust. It was then that the White Devil's new Gundam appeared with a large detachment of Federation mobile suits.

Upon seeing the Gundam up close and personal, Char yelled out in rage before charging at them, specifically the Gundam. Johnny and Eric, shocked to see the Gundam coming at them so quickly and with such a large number of mobile suits with it. Upon seeing them, Johnny began asking for additional support, any support, before following Char. Eric and the other pilots they had with them following soon.

As they charged, Char launched his arms at the Gundam, focusing solely on him. He didn't care about the other Federation forces. Just the White Devil.



"Incoming!" Yelled Vega as Amuro sensed the detachment of the arms of Char's mobile suit, which were coming right at them. Dodging the ten mega cannon beams that came from the mobile suit's hands, Amuro didn't even need to see the results of those beams to know that Char had to be taken down soon before he could inflict a lot of damage on their people. He also needed to get him away from everyone here so that any missed shots from Char's mobile suit wouldn't hit any of their guys on accident. With that, he told Kai and Hayato that he was going to draw Char away from everyone here and that he was counting on them to back him up once every single Zeon mobile suit that Char brought along with him was taken out. Both Hayato and Kai wanted to protest at that, but Amuro insisted and that they're better off supporting the other Federation mobile suits than him. Asking them to trust him, Amuro then put more power to his thrusters and charged straight towards Char and the other Zeon forces.

"You fricking hype man! I wanted to fight Char!" Yelled Merc as he watched this happen. "Come on Kai! Let's take these Zeon scum down so we can help that hype man that is known as the White Devil take down Char!" Kai, also a bit peeved that he wasn't facing off Char and getting some payback for all the things he's done to them, just nodded before telling Hayato the same thing, to which he also nodded. He, however, was a bit relieved that he wasn't facing Char and was facing just regular Zeon mobile suits. To that end, the two White Base pilots led the charge against the other Zeon mobile suits while Amuro was leading Char away.


"You can't escape from me White Devil!" Yelled Char as he flew after Amuro's new Gundam, firing all his weapons at it from multiple directions if possible. To his frustraction, the Gundam dodged them all and returned fire, to which Char also dodged. "You're going to pay for all those that you've killed!" Deciding to taunt his opponent, Char left his communications open, allowing everyone to hear him. So, Amuro can hear all his anger and rage at him.

Amuro, who didn't need the open radio frequency to know what Char felt about him, didn't respond and instead kept firing at Char while leading him away from his friends and his fellow Federation pilots. A few Zeon fighters and mobile suits saw this and tried to help the Red Comet, but Amuro quickly destroyed them all with ease. He even destroyed a Chivvay that tried to take potshots at him while he was maneuvering away from one of Char's attacks. Though it nearly allowed Char to kill him after he escaped the ship's explosion. Knocked a part of his Gundam's V fin off as he dodged the attack from one of his hands, a very close call, but Amuro blasted off one of one Char's back thrusters as payback.

But aside from that, to his slight frustration, Char evaded his attacks, even those that he thought were unavoidable, yet Char kept dodging them. His Newtype abilities were working just as well as his in protecting him. To the point that Amuro was glad that he was facing Char alone because he was sure that Char would be killing his allies while able to dodging his attacks and theirs. Same thing with him, no doubt. So really, perhaps it was best that they were fighting by themselves and without any outside interference. Well, aside from Vega and those Zeon soldiers that tried to help Char sometime ago.

Firing a dozen or so missiles at the Char's mobile suit, Amuro watched as the Red Comet either dodged them all or shot them down. As he did this, Amuro had his Gundam's large beam cannon, his most powerful weapon, mounted on his right shoulder and fired, hoping that do it, but the Red Comet just dodged that attack and fired his mega cannons at him again, forcing Amuro to dodge them again. After dodging that row of attacks, Amuro fired both his beam cannon and beam rifle at Char while firing his remaining missiles at him, creating a large screen of fire that was nearly impossible to dodge if one was not a Newtype. As Char began to dodge his attacks, Amuro readied himself to act on a moment's notice.

"Wait for it." Thought Amuro as he waited for the spark to come to him of which path Char was going to take. Eventually, after a few tense seconds, it did in a flash of lightning, at least in Amuro's mind, and the young man got to work. Firing a volley from his beam rifle to the area where his Newtype powers were telling him Char was going to take. Praying they'll hit so that he can go and help his friends. His prayers seemed to be answered, fortunately, as Char went to that area his powers told he went and was too close to them to dodge. All of them at least. To his credit, Char managed to dodge most of them, but one shot from his beam rifle managed to destroy his left arm, rendering the mega cannons on that arm useless. With his enemy crippeled, Amuro charged at him to engage in close combat.

Char, seeing this, flew back and fired his remaining hand's mega cannon at him along with the waist ones as Amuro kept coming in, firing his beam rifles along the way. As he was coming in closer, Amuro suddenly detected something arriving at him from the right. Looking there, Amuro saw a small pod coming at him. The pod soon opened up, revealing multibed wires that tried to catch him. Flying up to dodge the wires, Amuro, unfortunately, couldn't avoid the top wires, which wrapped around his Gundam's left leg. Once it fully latched there, it began letting loose electric shocks that disrupted the Gundam's electronics and internal systems as well as shocking Amuro a bit. Vega, who was also affected but still able to function, quickly brought out the Gundam's beam sabers and cut the Gundam's leg off. There wasn't enough time to carefully aim at the wires. It was now or never at all with Char literally nearby. Once that was done, Vega quickly moved the Gundam away from it's original spot while Amuro recovered from the shock. Just in time as several mega particle beams nearly hit the Gundam from where it was just a moment ago. Unfortunately, another beam hit them at where the Gundam's left arm was, destroying it completely. It was then that Amuro recovered enough that he took back control of the Gundam.

Seeing the damage wrought by Char, Amuro then fired his beam cannon and rifle at the Red Comet as it was about to fire another round of mega particle shots at them, forcing him to dodge as the beams left their barrels. While Amuro dodged the shots, his connected with Char's Mobile suit, destroying the Zeong's remaining arm and a portion of it's chest.

"Damn you!" Yelled Char as his computer's blared out in alarm as they registered the damage wrought by the White Devil. "It doesn't matter how much damage you wrought in this machine, I'll never stop until you're dead! You hear me, White Devil!? I'll get you back for killing Lalah!" Upon hearing that name, Amuro widened his eyes upon hearing that name. Lalah? The name of the woman he saw at Side 6? The one that was with Char when he helped him and Chan in the road? He…killed her? He killed that innocent young woman? When? Needing to know more, Amuro began to speak to Char.

"What do you mean I killed Lalah?" Asked Amuro as he dodged retaliatory fire from Char from two mega cannons from his mobile suit's waist. "Are you talking about Lalah Sune of Side 6?" Upon hearing that question and that voice, Char widened his eyes in shock. He recognized that voice. It's the same voice as that young man he helped back at Side 6. He was the one that had been the thorn in his back for so long? Shock then turned to angry upon realizing this.

"You're the one that killed Lalah. Amuro Ray, isn't it?" Asked Char, hatred in his voice. Upon hearing the confirmation from Amuro, Char gritted his teeth at that. To think the White Devil was that young boy he met in Side 6. "If I'd known you were the White Devil, what you would do to Zeon in this war, I would have killed you and that girl you were with that day. Would have gotten in trouble with Side 6, spend some time in a jail cell there, but it'll be worth it in terms of how many people would have been spared by your rampage." Upon hearing that, Amuro gritted his teeth at that, anger filling in him, but was restrained.

"It wouldn't have made much of a difference." Said Amuro as he fought Char more, both of their suits' damaged, but Chars' mobile suit was more damaged than Amuros', which allowed Amuro to push Char back towards A Baoa Qu, where they began to fight on the surface of the asteroid. "The Federation would have killed those people anyway. Even without me there to do it. They have plenty of other pilots, aces, and AIs to do it. May have taken more casualties, but they would have died the same nonetheless. I just was the one that did it first."

"And that leaves you a target for my wrath, Amuro. You and your entire family and loved ones." Said Char. The threat to his family and loved ones increased Amuro's anger, but it was Char's next comment that finally broke the camel's back. "Perhaps, if I capture that blue-haired harlot of yours, I'll break her and make her a whore in a Side 3 brothel. Then show you all that as a way to break your spirit or to make you feel even a fraction of my pain." Hearing what he did to Chan if he caught her, Amuro lost his temper.

"You would do that to a young girl like Chan simply because of me killing Lalah?" Demanded Amuro, losing his temper. Attacking him he was alright, but going after Chan, his lover, was going too far for him. "What kind of insane man or vengeful man do you have to be to do such a thing? She has nothing to do with this? This is strictly between you and me!"

"She have everything to do with this!" Yelled Char as he fired all his remaining weapons at Amuro's Gundam, not managing to even hit once on him again, but the same could be said to Amuro, even as they landed on A Baoa Qu's rocky surface, limiting their maneuverability. "She became involved in this when you became attached to her! The day that you became attached to her also became the day she became a way to hurt you! A weakness that I'm willing to exploit!" Upon hearing that, Amuro glared at Char's mobile suit, anger filling him. This was the man that Sayla wanted to save? It seemed, based on what he was seeing now, his choice to kill Char was the right choice. The man, it seemed, was irredeemable now. His fault, no doubt, but something that he was willing to bear if it he could rectify it before it went out of hand.

"So, you're willing to hurt the people that are close to the one's that wrong you, huh?" Demanded Amuro as he fired his beam cannon at Char's mobile suit, who flew up before it was even fired, causing it to miss him completely and hit a poor Zaku that got in it's path. "Did you do the same with Degwin Zabi's son? Garma Zabi. Back at Earth, you spotted the White Base during the night that Garma died. You should have given him the correct information where the White Base was and taken it out, but you didn't. Why? Because you wanted Degwin to suffer, right? Because you blame him and his entire family for your father's death. Am I right, Casval? Your sister told me all about your want to gain vengeance against the Zabi family because you believe they're responsible for your father's death." Stunned to hear all that, Char nonetheless answered.

"Yes!" Yelled Char as he fired his waist cannons at the Gundam, only for it to dodge by crashing into the ground before flying towards him and firing again, missing once again as Char used his Zeong mobility to dodge them all in time. "Degwin was responsible for my father's death. The great Zeon Zum Deikun. And I intend to pay him back by making him suffer."

"By killing his entire family first!" Demanded Amuro. "If they really are responsible for your father's death, then you're just as bad as they are for going down this path. Garma was around your age when he died, so he had nothing to do with your father's death. And yet you had him killed because you want his father to suffer! I don't know much about your father, but I know that your sister is ashamed at you. And so should your father for what you've become! You're nothing more than a murderer that is dragging his name to the ground with your actions! And so should Lalah!" Upon hearing that, Char yelled out in anger before flying towards Amuro, not thinking before it was too late. Amuro, using this opportunity fired on Char's mobile suit as it came towards him, firing it's waist cannons at him again. Dodging, at the last minute, the blasts just before they fired, Amuro flew sideways as the Zeong fired, causing the beams to miss. His beam blast, however, hit Char's mobile suits, straight in the chest, causing it to explode in a fiery explosion. For a moment, Amuro thought he destroyed Char, but then his senses kicked in and he moved away as a mega particle blast came straight at him cockpit a few seconds later. Amuro then watched, dodging mega beam blasts as well, as the head of Char's mobile suit flew out of the smoke that came from Char's destroyed mobile suit and towards the interior of A Baoa Qu, using a nearby entranceway. Amuro fired at the fleeing head, but all his shots missed.

Cursing this, Amuro flew in after Char, needing to finish him off once and for all before things go bad. As he went in, he told Vega to contact Kai and Hayato to tell them that he's almost done with Char and that he may need assistance. With that, Amuro went inside A Baoa Qu, where he'll face the Red Comet one last time in this war.