Chapter 55

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General Revil

1st fleet

"This is cruiser group four of the 1st fleet! We've breached the enemy lines and our mobile suits are landing on A Baoa Qu now! We're also sending additional troops in shuttles to help secure A Baoa Qu!" Yelled a captain over the radio.

"This is Mobile suit team 05 of the 2nd fleet. We've punctured another hole in A Baoa Qu's line and have landed on the remains of the asteroid. We'll secure the area for additional forces and wait for them to arrive to commence our assault on A Baoa Qu."

"This is admiral Gopp of the 2nd fleet. The enemy is in full disarray. They're either retreating off the battlefield or are fighting a hopeless fight against us."

All these were permeating through the radio as various officers or mobile suit pilots informed everyone of their success in the battle, assuring Revil that they are winning on all fronts. There were, of course, a few requests for assistance here and there, but they were quickly responded to and dealt with in a flash.

There had been three fields of territory of A Baoa Qu they've launched their attack on. A field, which was the direct front of A Baoa Qu, B field, which was the left flank, and C field, which was the right and rear of A Baoa Qu, and they were winning in all of them. This was due to the unexpected laser attack on Zeon forces by some sort of super weapon, Revil guessed, that decimated their forces in A and B field, sending all the Zeon forces in disarray, which they took advantage of. Now they're landing forces on A Baoa Qu and are steadily entering the remains of the asteroid fortress to take it for themselves, which would be a huge boon for the Federation, both in the long term and short term. Not only was it still a good base of operations, despite the damages to it before and during the battle, it was also a treasure trove of mobile suit research as, prior to the war and even during it, A Baoa Qu was confirmed to be a major research and development base for mobile suits and beyond with some of their most powerful mobile suits being developed there, including the Gelgoog. As a result, taking the base would be a strategic victory for the Federation. They'll also probably take it from Side 3 as recompense after the war, along with any research they find in the asteroid, along with many other things. Which is fine by him.

Placing his hands behind his back, Revil watched from the safe confines of his flagship as the battle entered it's final stages. Once they secure A Baoa Qu and wipe out the remaining Zeon forces, they'll send a fleet or two to deal with Side 3 and force their surrender. After that, they'll advise the Earth Federation council on what to do and what not to do for terms of surrender for the Zeons. It will be a long list, that Revil had no doubt, but one that must be restrained to prevent more dissent from Side 3 than was necessary.

Humming to himself, he suddenly received an urgent report from one of his officers.

"Sir, we just received confirmation that an entire Zeon battlegroup has left the battlefield twenty minutes ago." Said the officer. Upon hearing that, Revil looked at the officer in slight surprise.

"How many ships and how did they manage to escape?" Asked Revil, taking this very seriously.

"One Gwazine cruiser, twenty Musai cruisers, eight Chivvay heavy cruisers, and over forty Papua and Pazock supply ships have escaped the battlefield." Said the officer. "They were all stationed in B field, at they very edges of A Baoa Qu, forming a sort of last line of defense against our forces with additional warships, when they all suddenly turned tail and ran, going in a direction where we had no forces around. They then used those additional warships as a sort of sacrificial lamb to give them extra time to escape." Revil frowned at that. This wasn't good. That was a formidable force that needed to be hunted down and destroyed.

"Where did they go?" Asked Revil. The answer he received as what he predicted.

"I'm afraid the fighting there as well as the wreckage there is preventing us from accurately tracing that fleet's general direction." Said the officer. "I'm sorry sir."

"No need, officer." Said Revil. "You're just doing your job. Well, it seems we have something to worry about after this battle. With luck, those ships will be stationed in Side 3 as a last line of defense there rather than here." Though Revil sincerely doubted it. It wouldn't make sense to force a fight at Side 3, not with their large mobile suit force. They could just sent their mobile suits to deal with any ship defenders at Side 3 and not risk too much collateral damage. So, Revil suspected those ships were going to conduct guerilla warfare on them as they made their way to Side 3, meaning they'll have to be careful and guard their supply ships. Which honestly wouldn't be too difficult as they have more than enough ships to spare to do so.

Pursing his lips, Revil then heard a communications' operator telling him that Tianem has reported in that his forces have begun landing mobile suits on A Baoa Qu's surface and have begun attacking it's interior. He also said the same thing is being done with admiral Gopp's forces as well. With that information, Revil ordered them to finish off the remaining enemy forces so they can land even more forces on A Baoa Qu.


Shiro Amada

"Take this!" Yelled Shiro as he sliced a Gelgoog in half with his beam saber before pulling away from the blast radius. As the Gelgoog exploded, Kled spotted several fighters coming at them with missiles from their right. With that information, Shiro turned to face them and fired all his machineguns at them, taking them all out. Once that was done, Shiro flew over to Karen, who had just destroyed two Doms that tried to get her in the back while she was distracted in providing sniper cover for Terry and a couple of Guncannon mass production types that had just destroyed a Musai cruiser. Upon getting into radio range with her, she asked her if she was alright. Minovsky particles were heavy in the area, but he could still contact her via radio, albeit with heavy static.

"I'm fine." Said Karen as she rubbed her neck. There was a close call at the beginning, but she came out on top. "Bastards nearly got me at the start when they got the jump on me, but instincts kicked in just in time."

"That's great." Said Shiro, relieved to hear that. "Let's link up with Terry and then regroup with the 4th Immortal team. Kled said that they were nearby. Once those two things are done, we'll try to make a landing on A Baoa Qu." Karen gave an affirmative at that before the two went to find Terry and his new mates. Once they did, they went to link up with the 4th Immortal team, fighting off Zeon forces that got in their way as well as assisting any Federation forces in whatever fight they were in. Eventually, the found the 4th Immortal team finishing off a Chivvay heavy cruiser and regrouped with them. Upon seeing the Gundam Ez8, Burning spoke up.

"Nice of you to join up, lieutenant Amada." Said Burning as the 08th MS team arrived to help reinforce them and a few other mobile suit teams, including Agar's own team as well. "Now, we got to go and help out Amuro and the others. They just encountered the Red Comet and have requested assistance in dealing with him and his escort." Upon hearing that Amuro needed their help, Shiro quickly followed Burning as they flew towards the last known location of the White Devil and his friends.



"Whoa!" Yelled Kai as he dodged an attack from one of the new Zeon mobile suits, an attack that came from two beam guns from the mobile suit's wrists it seemed. He then fired back with his shoulder cannon, but the mobile suit quickly moved away before firing a barrage of missiles at him. Seeing the missiles, Kai quickly shot them all down before returning fire with his various beam weapons at the mobile suit, who quickly retreated to dodge them all before coming back with it's beam guns emitting blades now. "Ah crap!" Kai then quickly fell back, trying to shoot at it to stop it, but the mobile suit quickly adopted erratic maneuvering that made it hard for Merc to predict.

"Ah shit. I can't get a good read on this guy." Said Merc as he tried to figure out where the mobile suit was going to go next. Every time he thought he got it, the mobile suit derailed it by quickly adopting a new direction, throwing off his predictions on where it was going to go. After the fifth time this happened and with the mobile suit getting closer to them, Merc just gave up and decided to adopt a more, as humans would say, red-neck approach. Quickly taking control of the Guncannon II, Merc then began to shoot literally at areas that Merc thought the mobile suit was going to take, quickly firing one area in a split second before firing at a different area in the next. It was a reaction time that only a machine could do and it was just what they needed.

The Zeon pilot, surprised at this, quickly lost an arm and then a leg, before it retreated from the Guncannon II, zipping away from it even as it fired back at it.

"Yeah! Red-neck shooting for the win!" Yelled Merc as he saw the mobile suit run. "And who said that is never an effective way to fight?" Kai, chuckling at that to hid the fact that he was relieved that they're still alive, congratulated Merc, saying he owed him one, to which Merc said it wasn't needed. "I'm you AI, buddy! My job is to make sure you live! And a spectacular job I'm doing at it!" Kai nodded at that, agreeing with him. They then heard the panicking voice of Hayato, causing them to quickly look around to find Hayato losing an arm to the other new mobile suit. Said arm holding his beam rifle. After losing that arm, he quickly zipped away from the mobile suit, firing his shoulder cannon at it in order to make it go away, but the suit quickly dodged the attack and sliced off the shoulder cannon, disabling it. It then tried to finish off Hayato's Guncannon with a slice to the torso, but two Guncannon mass production types came and drove it off, allowing Hayato to recover.

"Hayato, you should retreat back to the White Base and recover. Most of your weapons are gone now." Said Kai as he went to his friend, seeing the damaged state that his friend's mobile suit was. Hayato, much as he wanted to stay and help fight, he knew that Kai was telling the truth. He wouldn't be that much help with the loss of his beam rifle and cannon. So, it was probably for the best that he retreated from the battlefield. Besides, they had more than enough forces to take A Baoa Qu. One crippled Guncannon II leaving the battlefield shouldn't turn the tide against them.

He then looked at Kai's Guncannon II, which was perfectly fine compared to his, and it left him a bit annoyed and somewhat embarrassed. Kai, unlike him, didn't have much damage on his suit when he last saw him, which was him taking off to fight off the other new mobile suit. Given he was here, he could only assume he destroyed the mobile suit or it ran off. The fact he did so without any significant damage to his mobile suit left Hayato a bit down on his own piloting skills. Yes, he was glad that Kai defeated the mobile suit, but he still felt a bit sore that he did it with ease unlike him. He didn't even defeat his opponent. He was just overwhelmed by the appearance of two Guncannon mass production types and ran off.

"Okay." Said Hayato, letting his feelings spill out a bit, catching Kai's attention. "I'm going to go now. Go get them for me, Kai." With that, Hayato quickly left the battlefield for the safe confines of the White Base.

"Sorry about that last battle, Hayato." Said Green as they left. "It's my fault that we lost so much from that last battle. I'm sorry." Hayato, upon hearing that, spoke softly at the AI.

"It's not entirely your fault, Green." Said Hayato as they piloted back to the safety of the White Base, confident that no one was going to attack them now that they pushed the Zeons back to the surface of A Baoa Qu. The defenders were probably too busy with other mobile suit pilots to focus on them. But just in case, the two were speeding towards the safety of the White Base while keeping an eye out for any enemy forces that might want to kill them. "I didn't do so well there either. Even with your help, I didn't do so hot against that guy. I didn't even get to hit him even once. If it weren't for those two guys, bless them, we would be dead right now. If anything, it's both of our fault for this."

"But the blame is mostly on me." Said Green. "I'm suppose to help you win all your battles and I failed you on that one. I'm sorry. To make matters worse, Merc did much better than me. He got Kai through with just scratches. Unlike us. I've failed you, Hayato."

"Green." Said Hayato with a sigh. "I don't blame you, alright. We're still alive and that's all that matters. Once we get back to the ship, let's promise each other to do better the next time, okay? Even if it's a simulation, okay?" Green, though still down on his failure, just said okay and the two quickly left the battlefield for the White Base, which was advancing to A Baoa Qu with the rest of the 13th Autonomous corps. A few minutes later, Shiro Amada and everyone he gathered up flew past Hayato to go assist Kai and the rest of his allies as they fought against Char's honor guard. The young man inquired what happened, to which Hayato explained what was happening, finishing just before he lost contact with him due to Minovsky interference. But it was enough for Shiro to get the idea of what was going on. Flying harder, Shiro hoped that Amuro was doing well enough that he didn't need their help. Because Hayato said that they didn't know where he was, meaning it would be pointless for them to go and find the White Devil. Not unless they wanted to let Federation lives die because of them pointlessly searching for the White Devil.

As he flew, Shiro wondered what the Zeon soldiers were feeling as they pushed them back to A Baoa Qu.



"Well shit." Said Johnny as he and Ramuiko fell back from the attack on those two unique Guncannon models just as their remaining allies did as well, twenty or so mobile suits of varying models and in varying damages to them. None of them being minor. Ramuiko's own suit being of the same issue, having lost an arm and leg to his opponent while he didn't lose anything. This was bad. As far as Johnny knew, they only took ten enemy suits from that last engagement and that very bad for them. It made Johnny question if this battle was doomed from the start, even if they fired the Solar Ray system at the Federation instead of them using it against them. He'll never know though, as he received a transmission from Kycilia Zabi herself. The beautiful voice of Kycilia Zabi.

"This is Kycilia Zabi." Said the sole remaining Zabi member still alive, unbeknownst to Johnny. "We're launching what few ships we still have in the hull of A Baoa Qu to help in the fight against the Federation. All remaining members of the Chimera Corps and the Zeong's honor guard are to leave for hanger bays twenty nine to thirty two in order to guard them as they launch our remaining ships. They'll be launching in ten minutes." With that, the transmission ended.

"Well shit." Said Johnny. As a former member of the Chimera corps, he had a duty to help out. Plus, she called for the Zeong's honor guard to help out as well. So, it doesn't matter. He then addressed Ramuiko and told him that they'll have to follow through with that order, to which he nodded in agreement.

"Let us go and assist our fellow soldiers." Said Ramuiko as he and Johnny, along with their remaining mobile suits, went to assist in securing those hanger bays. As they flew, however, they were intercepted by a bunch of Federation mobile suits. Leading them was one Gundam type mobile suit with shoulder cannons and a uniquely designed one with red optics.

"Take this, you Zeon scum!" Yelled Agar as he fired all his weapons at the new Zeon mobile suits, the undamaged one to be precise. He missed with his shoulder cannons, but he managed to hit the thing's legs, destroying them. Shiro, firing all his weapons as well, but at the various mobile suits with them, destroying two Doms that way. The mobile suits with him, two Guncannons, and a boat load of GM Sniper IIs and GM command units destroyed the rest. Agar, himself, seeing the weakened two mobile suits, charged in after them to finish them off himself, putting all the power he had to the thrusters.

Seeing this, both Johnny and Ramuiko tried to fire at him, but Agar had his shield take all the damage before he tackled Ramuiko's Dolmel, crashing them into the surface of A Baoa Qu, causing Ramuiko to be temporarily dazed and out of the fight. Johnny, seeing this, went in to save the pilot as Agar brought out a beam saber to kill the Dolmel and Ramuiko. Seeing no possible way to use his beam weapons to take out the mobile suit without also killing Ramuiko, Johnny went in close range, putting a lot of power to his thrusters, hoping his speed can prevent the AI of this Gundam from detecting him in time.

Unfortunately, it wasn't to be as the Gundam quickly grabbed the Dolmel of Ramuiko and had it be used as a shield for Johnny's beam sabers. Widening his eyes in shock, Johnny tried to back away but it was too late, his speed was just too much and his beam sabers went through Ramuiko's Dolmel's torso, where the cockpit was, killing the pilot. With that, Agar then kicked the Dolmel deeper into the sabers before flying back to fire all his weapons at Johnny, who dodged the weapons just in time. Unfortunately, Agar, anticipated this and fired another set of shots from his shoulder cannons, this time, destroying the Dolmel's arms, rendering it useless.

Recovering from the shockwave of the Mudrock Gundam's shoulder cannons, Johnny looked at it as it aimed it's beam rifle at him and fired. Just before the beam connect, Johnny thought about a possible reality of him and Kycilia living peacefully and having a family. It was a good dream, but one that would never come to be now.


"Take that Zeon." Said Agar as the Dolmel exploded. "That should teach you that, no matter what new suit you come up with, it won't make a difference against us now. The Federation is the clear winner of this war and there's nothing that you can do to stop it."

"Great work with them, lieutenant Agar." Said Shiro as he flew towards Agar, looking around for any defenses or any enemy mobile suits that may try to ambush them. Everyone else flew forwards to land on A Baoa Qu and begin operations in the interior of the fortress. "Though that maneuver was a little reckless."

"Admittedly." Said Agar. "But I was confident in Scourge. He pulled me through in a lot of battles since Odessa. Right, Scourge?"

"Indeed." Said Scourge. "There was no need for concern for us. We knew what we were doing." Shiro, still a bit unsure if the maneuver was necessary, just nodded, not wanting to cause an argument in a battlefield between allies. As a result, the two Gundams went with their allies to A Baoa Qu, landing on the surface and finding a nearby access bay that led into the asteroid. Once inside, they began to divide their forces up in order to quickly secure the location so other Federation forces arrive and use it to get inside the base. As Shiro began ordering men around, he hoped Amuro was doing well on his own.



"Char! I know you're here!" Yelled Amuro as he flew the Gundam around the tight corridors of A Baoa Qu. He couldn't walk the mobile suit on account of them losing a leg prior to entering the asteroid base, but it wasn't anything too concerning. They had more than enough energy to sustain flight. Around them, was debris of several Zaku mobile suits, both I and IIs, that tried to stop them or ambush them as they entered A Baoa Qu to find the Red Comet. None of them stood a chance against them. They didn't even lay a single scratch on their Gundam on account of both Vega and Amuro's Newtype powers. "I know you're nearby! Just show yourself so I can end this!" No response, though Amuro thought as much. The Red Comet was in a bad spot and he knew it. The only possible way he could win was him through a surprise ambush on them, but that wasn't going to happen. Amuro was at his toes, looking at every possible ambush point in these massive halls of A Baoa Qu carefully and with purpose. His hands and Vega were ready to move the Gundam out of harm's way the second that he sensed danger. And so far, there was no source of danger around them that could seriously harm them. But still, that could change at a moment's notice as Amuro learned during this war.

"I detect nothing on the scanners nearby." Said Vega. "However, I am receiving massive amounts of transmission from both Zeon and Federation communication networks. It seems a lot of our troops are landing on A Baoa Qu at the moment and are beginning to commence fighting within the asteroid's superstructure. It's only a matter of time before this base falls to us." Nodding at that, Amuro shouted that to Char, knowing, just knowing, that he still had his comms still open.

"You hear that, Char!" Yelled Amuro. "This base is going to fall to the Federation soon! There's no point in us continuing the fight! Just give up and take the loss of the war with some form of dignity! Wouldn't Lalah want you to live?"As soon as he said that last sentence, he heard Char's voice from his commlink.

"Don't say her name! You have no right!" Yelled Char, full of malice and hatred in his voice. Vega, upon hearing that, began to trace the source of the transmission so they could pinpoint the location of the Red Comet. "She was an innocent, young girl that you took from me! She was my future! A chance to continue the Degwin line! And you took that away from me!" Amuro, sensing the hostility, tried to talk with Char, no matter how pointless it was in doing so. If anything, Vega can use it to pinpoint the location of Char.

"You loved her, didn't you?" Asked Amuro as he flew deeper and deeper in A Baoa Qu. "And she loved you, right?"

"…Yes." Said Char after a moment of contemplation. He realized that Amuro was still a moral individual and he could sense the regret in his voice and, dare he say it, soul for killing Lalah. Perhaps he could use that to his advantage. "She was a woman that connected with me. That showed me that my life doesn't have to be all about revenge or killing. She continued to believe in me, even after all my failures. She was someone that I can connect with and speak my greatest worries to and be comforted as a result. And you took her away from me. Not only someone I loved, but my future as well. And for that, you must die."

"As if that will ever happen." Promised Amuro as Vega finally pinpointed Char's location. A few hundred meters from their position forward. With that, Amuro flew the Gundam towards that area. Just as he was about to enter the room where Vega's coordinates said Char was in, Amuro stopped, sensing something was wrong. Narrowing his eyes, Amuro sensed some danger coming from above if he entered that room. Telling Vega this, he told him what they'll do instead of just flying there. After hearing the plan, Vega agreed to it and the two readied themselves, putting more power to their thrusters.

After doing this, they quickly flew towards the room, turning their mobile suit so that it was facing upward, directly at Char's mobile suit head. It fired at them just as they passed it, taking out their last leg, but in return, they fired at it, destroying it. Stopping just inches before they hit a wall, the Gundam recollected itself as Amuro spoke to Char again.

"Char, I know you're still alive." Said Amuro as he readjusted the Gundam again. "Just give up and surrender yourself to Federation law. You can't beat me. Even with all the mobile suits' given to you by your nation, with all their power and stuff, couldn't give you the victory against me. There's nothing that you can do to change the outcome of this fight between us. So, just give up."

"You're right in that I can't beat you in mobile suit combat." Said Char, using a personal radio to continue speaking with Amuro. It was short range and there was a lot of static around, but Amuro could still hear him. "But that was all because of your AI. Without him, I would have ended you long ago."

"You're right." Said Amuro, knowing that Char was right. "But that doesn't mean a thing now. I've grown stronger than I was before at Side 7. I no longer need Vega to help me win my battles. I can win them with just my own instincts now." Upon hearing that, Char realized that Amuro was a Newtype, just like him and Lalah. That made him angry as, by right, he should be working with Zeon, the people that supported the theory of Newtypes, and not the Federation, who will likely see them as a threat to their power.

"If so, that means you're a Newtype, correct?" Asked Char. When Amuro confirmed it, he got even more angry. "You should be fighting with Zeon, not against us! We support the arrival of Newtypes! We support the idea that humans will evolve to become them and lead us to a new age of prosperity. Of peace! Yet, you side with the corrupt Federation and their decedent leaders back on Earth, who will likely see you as a threat to their power. Why!?"

"Because of all the things you've done to humanity." Said Amuro. "You think I would help a people that destroyed other sides? Launched colonies on Earth after slaughtering it's occupants! Even if you haven't went and destroyed my home in Side 7, I would have never joined you! Not after all that you've done to humanity in the name of independence!"

"It was all for the greater good for all. Sacrifices must be made for the Greater Good. You should know this." Said Char.

"Great good? Sacrifices?" Asked Amuro before scoffing. "Easy thing to say when you're not the one making the sacrifices here. Easy thing to say when you don't know the people you're killing, right? Countless families were torn apart or killed entirely off because of you guys! I know the Federation is doing the same thing right now, but they're not doing it to the same extent as you Zeon scum did at the beginning of this war! Would you still say sacrifices must me made for the Greater Good if Lalah was sacrificed for it? For independence?" When he didn't get an answer for a good long while. Amuro knew what the answer was. "Just as I thought, Char. You are even less of a man than I thought you were. I'm glad Sayla isn't here to see how far gone you've become. She would be so ashamed."

"It's Artesia, not Sayla." Said Char strongly, offended that Amuro used Artesia's fake name and instead of her real name.

"Not anymore." Said Amuro as Vega finally pinpointed where Char was communicating all this from. A small room nearby. Looking at where Vega marked it in his cameras, Amuro readied to give the killing blow. "Artesia Deikun is no more. She died the moment her brother became the monster you've become, Char. In fact, she probably was dead the moment you turned you're back on her all those years ago. So, really, you're responsible for the death of your sister as well. Sad really." Upon hearing that, Char yelled out in rage and flew out of the room he was in to fight the Gundam. In his hands was a standard Zeon assault rifle and he kept firing at the Gundam as he flew around it, the bullets doing absolutely nothing to the armored mobile suit, all the while spouting out curses and threats to the White Devil. Amuro, feeling all the malice and hatred directed at him by Char, momentarily shook his entire body in fear before recomposing himself. The hatred and malice was real and so strong that it actually affected Vega, much to the AI's surprise. Nonetheless, the two decided to end this pitiful fight by dropping their beam rifle and grabbing Char with their now free hand. They than slammed the Red Comet to a wall where they held him in place. Even with this, Char continued to fight. Freeing the arm holding the rifle from the Gundam's grip, he kept firing and firing at the Gundam's head, doing nothing, even to it's optics.

"Kill me, Amuro Ray!" Yelled Char, hatred and malice in his eyes. "Kill me or I'll come back and haunt you for the rest of your life!" Seeing just how far gone Char had become, Amuro realized that it was time to end his life. So, with no actual feelings of malice or regret, Amuro quickly pulled the Gundam's hand back, turning it into a palm, before slamming it hard into the wall. With Char on the palm. Once this was done, Amuro pulled back the palm to see a bloody stain on the Gundam's hand with bit of metal and glass on it as well. Seeing the bloody mess that used to be the Red Comet, Amuro couldn't help but feel slightly guilty of what Sayla's brother came to be. All because of him. He knew that it was a consequence of him killing Lalah and beating him so many times, but he couldn't help but feel guilty for it. Vega noticed this and tried to reconcile him.

"It may be your fault for what he had become, Amuro." Said Vega. Though he didn't know the whole story. What information he got from Amuro's and Char's conversation between the two was enough for him to get a picture of what was going on. Sayla was relating to Char. Char blamed Amuro for the death of a lover and both Char and Sayla were the missing children of Zeon Zum Deikun. That and Char became utterly mad with revenge on Amuro for killing his lover. "But it is also his fault for choosing this path of utter vengeance. It drove him to become what he became. You…did the right thing in ending his life. He would have been a major threat to you, Chan, and your friends and family if he remained alive. Selfish reasoning, I know, but sometimes we can't help but be selfish at times. Especially when it involves threats to those close to us."

"I know." Said Amuro. "I don't regret killing him. He threatened my family, and Chan, Vega. I just…can't help but feel that we may have friends in a different lifetime had this war not come to pass. Had Deikun not died."

"Perhaps, but we have no time to lament on that." Said Vega. "Regrettably, we still have a part to play in this battle. And we must do it." Amuro nodding at that, stopped lamenting on Char and grabbed his beam rifle. Once he did, the two piloted the Gundam deeper into A Baoa Qu, hoping to link up with other Federation forces to augment their firepower.


"We're fixing Hayato's Guncannon as fast as we can." Said Isaac as the rest of the engineering team on the White Base worked hard to fix Hayato's Guncannon so go back to the fight before it ends. The 13th Autonomous corps found him returning back to the White Base with his Guncannon damaged heavily. After an explanation from Hayato about the situation and how it got so damaged, Ryu and Sleggar escorted him back to the White Base, where he was now getting repairs to his Guncannon. "With luck, we'll be able to fix it in under ten minutes."

"Good." Said Bright, the person who Isaac was reporting this to. "As soon as it's done, have him sent forth with a small detachment of mobile suits as reinforcements. I'll begin deciding who to send with him." With that, Bright ended the call and thought of how the battle was going.

It seemed to be going well for them. At first, the battle was chaotic, thousands upon thousands of explosions were occurring at the same time at the beginning and for sometime, but now it was no dying down, going down to mere hundreds of explosions at sparse intervals. And the few sparse communication signals they got get with all the Minovsky interference along with those with using laser technology, which they got in abundance, seemed to so that everything was going smoothly for them. A part of him, as a result of this, thought it would be a good idea to just send every single fighter and mobile suit they had left, but refrained from it. They didn't know if some any forces, whether out of rotten luck on their part or insane luck on the part of the Zeons, will come and attack their forces. So he was having a portion of their mobile suit force stay to help protect their ships. Not that it looked like they were needed on the frontlines. Still, as time passed and nothing seemed to come to attack them, Bright was considering sending a portion of those guards to help in the frontlines.

Looking out at his crew, Bright was proud to see they were all doing their assigned posts with the dignity and efficiency he's come to expect from them since the first days of the White Base's voyage. Sweeping over them, Bright spotted Sayla and frowned. Sitting in her assigned seat, Sayla, in her space suit, had her two hands over her heart. Even though the suit did a good job concealing her body movements, Bright knew that she was in pain. Likely over her brother. He wanted to go and comfort her, but doing so would be unbecoming of a captain and so, how loathed he is to admit to it, he would have to do it later when the battle was over. Hoping she can recover soon before she is needed, Bright waited for Isaac to tell him that Hayato's Guncannon was fixed so he can send him back to the battlefield with some backup.


"Lieutenant Commander Jung here! We've landed on A Baoa Qu and are obliterating the enemy!" Yelled Tenneth A. Jung as he landed with a platoon sized mobile suit force near a hanger bay. The hanger bay was guarded by a squad sized Zaku team, but they quickly pinned them down, enabling Jung to charge right at them and obliterate them by himself.

Blasting two Zakus into pieces with his beam gun, he quickly brought out a beam saber and sliced on in half as it tried to recover from his sudden advance. He then fired his Vulcan guns at a Zaku as it tried to aim it's bazooka at him, taking out it's optic. Even without it's optic, it fired at him, forcing Jung to flew away to avoid it. Nonetheless, the ace pilot recovered and fired his beam gun at that Zaku and another one as it tried to fire it's machine gun at him. As he finished those two off, a Zaku came and tried to hack it from behind, only for the GM command Space type Jung was using to bisect in half without looking flying above it in order to perform it without endangering itself.

"Nice work, Havoc." Said Jung with a smile as the Zaku exploded. "How are we in ammo?"

"Beam gun has eight shots remaining." Said the AI of Tenneth A. Jung. "We have one more unused charge pack for it left. Vulcan rounds are sitting at four hundred rounds, and our beam saber is still full operational. All systems are green and operational. We are good to go, pilot." Jung nodded at that before ordering a team of Guncannon mass production types to come and blast open the hanger bay doors, which were sealed tight. The Guncannons soon arrived and began blasting the door to pieces with their shoulder cannons. Eventually, they broke through and blasted a sizable enough hole for them all to fit in. Jung, deciding it to be the best, went in first, going through the hole and checking for any hostiles on the other side. After finding no one, Jung signaled everyone to enter the hole and to proceed deeper into the base.


"Taste my Jazz!" Yelled Io as he flew around a group of Musai cruisers, blasting them and any fighters or Zeon mobile suits that got in his way. Launching a few missiles at a group of Zeon fighters and mobile suits, Io watched as the missiles destroyed them all before going back to the Musai cruisers and destroying their bridges' with his beam weapons. Once that was done, he began to blast their engines apart, causing the ships' to explode in a fiery explosion. All the while, his Jazz music was being heard by all those that were in range to hear it over the Minovsky particle interference.

Smiling to himself a job well done, Io then looked at his radar and saw two Doms trying to fly towards him and take pot shots at him. Amused, Io turned around and was about to face them when they were shot down by a two beams each, destroying them both. Stunned a bit, Io then heard the sounds of a girl's laughter.

"C'mon, Io." Said Bianca as she arrived with a few other GM sniper IIs. "You got to react far quicker than that if you want to stop me taking your kills." Shaking off his shock, Io then smirked at the girl before speaking.

"Guess you have to steal my kills, huh?" Asked Io with amusement. "I've been doing too good here that all the Zeons are trying to kill me and not you. If you want more kills, then you got to do better, Bianca. Maybe if you pick things up, you might be an ace after all this is over." Rather than get mad, Bianca just smirked in amusement.

"Guess I'll be the first female ace pilot in the Federation then." Said Bianca, taking up on Io's challenge. "C'mon. Let's go and get me my promotion to ace pilot!" She then quickly flew past Io towards another battle site. Io, chuckling a bit, flew after her with the other GM sniper IIs.

Kycilia Zabi

"Things are deteriorating even quicker than I thought. The Federation has grown far stronger than anticipated." Thought Kycilia as she made her way to her Zanzibar. She needed to get there quick if she wanted to escape A Baoa Qu. The battle was deteriorating even faster than anticipated. The Federation was quickly gaining ground everywhere, even in A Baoa Qu's interior. Their forces were barely, if at all, slowing them down. Those that had surgeries done to their limbs to make them better use the operating system that Gihren claimed would help them are doing even more poorly than their regular soldiers, despite Gihren's claims to the contrary. The reason being that many of them are beginning to reject their prosthetics, causing exterior or internal bleeding that caused great pain to them, resulting in them being easy targets for the Federation forces, who didn't know of their condition to really question their good fortune. Another reason being that many of them were acting on their base instincts, which was to fight the Federation and avenge their beloved Degwin Zabi, leaving defensible positions to fight in areas that gave the Federation the advantage. They were, at best, a distraction for the Federation forces, one that they easily dispatched. To make matters even worse, no one knew where Char was as well as his honor guard. She could only guess why this was. Her heart ached at the death of her beloved Johnny, but she steeled herself for what needed to be done, which was leaving this hopeless battle to live for her people.

After giving a believable excuse to the command staff for her departure, Kycilia was quickly making her way to her Zanzibar warship so she can escape to Side 3 and commence peace talks with the Federation. Peace talks that will have her remain as leader of Side 3. As long as the Federation enabled her to remain leader of Side 3, she will give them whatever they want from the nation. And she very much doubted they'll do anything to her if she remained, to their eyes, a good dog for them to control and exploit.

She'll play the long game, teach the Federation to eat from her hands, and when the time comes, she'll make them regret ever leaving her in command of Side 3. M'Quve, with his last instructions from her, would have constructed a fine fortress from Axis. Even better than A Baoa Qu and Solomon combined with a grand fleet as well. Strong enough to take the Earth Sphere when the time comes and leave her as leader of all humanity. That is if she can escape from this battle to do so.

Trudging forward, Kycilia prayed that luck would hold for her. It had been quite awful for Zeon as of late, she hoped that fortune will smile on them for this one occasion.



"Watch out!" Yelled Kai as a bazooka round came and shot off an arm of a GM command unit. Turning around, Kai fired his beam rifle and destroyed the Dom that shot the rocket. He then blasted multiple Zakus apart with his beam cannon. But no matter how many he killed, more came to take their place.

"For Zeon! For Deikun!" Yelled a Zaku pilot as he charged at the Federation mobile suits, brandishing a heat hawk high in the air. Frost, detecting this, destroyed the mobile suit before it could be a threat. It and Burning's GM Command was then tackled by a Dom that flew past it's destroyed comrades to them, sending them crashing into the ground. It then drew out a heat saber and tried to stab Burning's mobile suit with it, but both Monsha and Alpha blasted it's arms off before it could do so. Chap then came and stabbed the cockpit of the Dom, killing the pilot without causing the mobile suit to explode.

"Thanks!" Yelled Burning as Chap kicked the Dom away from them and towards the wrecked remains of it's comrades. "These pilots have no idea what they're doing. They're just throwing away their lives."

"Indeed. I've spoke to some of my fellow brethren and most of them are reporting in that the majority of the surviving Zeon forces seem to not act like actual military personal. They're just throwing themselves into our line of fire, either exposing themselves to other Federation forces, or leaving key defensive positions behind to engage their own forces, endangering other Zeon forces. It's madness." Said Frost as Burning stood up the GM command up. "They're acting like children in an online game in a sense. Doesn't make any sense."

"That sounds very odd." Said Chap as he looked around for any more Zeon forces, to which there were none at the moment. "What's going on with the Zeons?"

"Don't know." Said Burning. "From the sounds of it, these pilots are conscripts or poorly trained soldiers. That's the only logical sense of this."

"I'm afraid that may be the case." Said Frost. "Their behavior does indicate this. Another thing to note is that some Zeon mobile suits, for some odd reason, suddenly stop what they were doing, whether in the middle of firing a weapon or about to destroy one of our own forces." That caused Burning to ask what he meant, genuinely surprised. "I mean just that. They just stop. I don't know why. They just do, allowing us to take them down with any problem. I don't know why this is, but I fear I won't like the answer." Burning also got the feeling he wouldn't like the answer as well. Before anyone else could talk about the matter, they suddenly received a transmission.

"This is artificial intelligence Vega of the RX-78-07. To any Federation forces in the area, my pilot and I are inside A Baoa Qu and we are requesting assistance. We're currently destroying a full two squad of Zeon mobile suits, but we would appreciate some assistance before more show up and overwhelm us with numbers." Said Vega over laser frequencies. Upon hearing that voice, Merc cried out in joy.

"Let's go and save that hype men!" Yelled Merc as he finished crying out in joy. "They owe us for not giving us a chance to fight Char together. Might as well do it by saving their butts! C'mon!" With that, Kai began to order Merc to trace that transmission so they can locate Vega and Amuro. After a few minutes, the found it. With those coordinates, Kai took the 4th Immortal team, 08th MS team of the Kojima battalion, and Agar's 3rd mobile suit artillery team to go help out Amuro.

Few minutes later


"It'll take more than numbers to take me down!" Yelled Amuro as he dodged an attack from a Dom before blasting it and a few other Zeon mobile suits. He then blasted a few more with his beam cannon, leaving only a handful of Zakus left to fight him, which unfortunately soon changed when more arrived to fight him, causing him to grit his teeth in frustraction.

It was just his luck that he had to fight a large group of Zeon mobile suits in a room that had no cover to use and had multiple entrance ways for more enemy forces to come and fight him. The only saving grace to this was his Newtype powers were working overtime for him to stay ahead of them all, but he was running low on ammo and it was only a matter of time before they overwhelm them.

"I'm afraid that it may be so." Said Vega as he checked what ammo they had left. "We're almost out of ammo. Pretty soon, we'll be forced to use a fist instead of weaponry. I hope someone got our message."

"You and me both, Vega." Said Amuro as he used up the last few shots of his beam cannon to take out a squad of Zaku Is, a bit surprising, but Amuro wasn't in a position to ponder, as they came out of an entranceway. "For both of our sakes and Chans'." Vega, agreed to that and began to scan the area for any more enemy reinforcements.

Down to just a handful of shots in his beam rifle and a beam saber, Amuro used the shots sparingly on Zeon mobile suits that came too close or were in the position to do some serious damage to the Gundam. Firing one at a Zaku with a bazooka about to take a potshot at them, he then fired another at two Zaku II coming out of another entranceway, taking them both out in a single shot. He then blasted another group of Zakus that tried to gang up on him, but that caused him to use up the last of his shots, forcing Amuro to use his beam saber. So, with no ammo and with only one limb left to fight back, Amuro prepared to make a last stand. For a brief moment, he felt fear creep up to him that he'll never see Chan again, but he quickly shot it down. If he let fear control him, it'll affect his performance in battle, decreasing his already slim chances of survival even lower. So, to ensure he had the best shot of surviving this, he kept calm and looked at the group of Zakus, both I and IIs, ganging up on him, surrounding him as he floated in the zero gravity room they were in, their optics glowing brightly. Though they looked soulless, Amuro could sense the want for revenge against him and the Federation for the current state of the war from the pilots. It wasn't as bad as Chars', but it was enough that Amuro tightened his grip on his controls, waiting to see which one will make the first move first.

As it turned out, he didn't have to as, just before any of the Zakus made their move, a bunch of beam shots filled the room they were in that destroyed a good portion of the Zakus before being followed by a bunch of cannon shells that further reduced the number of Zakus.

"Hell yeah!" Yelled Merc as he and Kai's Guncannon arrived with reinforcements to help out Amuro. "Take this you piece of shit Zeon scum! C'mon!" The arrival of fresh reinforcements shocked the Zeon forces, causing complete chaos to spread amongst the Zeon pilots. With this, Amuro sliced two in half and soon, the entire room was clear of Zeon forces.

Sighing in relief, Amuro thanked everyone for saving him.

"No biggie man." Said Kai with a smile. "It's just what friends and teammates do." Amuro smiled at that, before looking at Shiro's mobile suit and thanked him as well.

"No need to thank us." Said Shiro. "You did an amazing job holding out as much as you did. Kled is telling me you must have taken out over twenty mobile suits by yourself here by the time we got here."

"Thirty. I was counting." Said Vega as he continued to scan the area so they wouldn't be surprised by a Zeon ambush.

"Even more impressive." Said Agar as he looked at Amuro's Gundam, impressed that it still looked so operational despite the overwhelming number's disadvantage. He knew he would have ended up dead if he was in the same scenario as Amuro, thus giving him more respect to the White Devil. "Heard you also fought Char by yourself. At your own request. Crazy, but since you're still alive and no fighting him, I'm guessing you killed him."

"You're right on that." Said Amuro, remembering how he killed Char. "He's dead. I can confirm that. He's a smear on a wall now. Vega has a recording of it if you want confirmation." Upon hearing the death of the Red Comet, Kai looked at Amuro in shock. The Red Comet, the one that had taken their home on Side 7, the one that destroyed five battleships at Loum, and was the one that constantly tried to kill them multiple times, was dead. A part of him was upset that he didn't have a chance to fight off the Red Comet with Amuro, but perhaps that was the best. He would have probably been a crutch at most between those two. Still, if the Red Comet was dead, he was dead and that was enough for Kai. Merc, however, was a bit peeved off that he never managed to actually face the Red Comet even once, but refrained from speaking it now. He'll do it later on when it was safe. For now, they got a lot of people to clear out.

"Well congratulations on that." Said Kai. "Let's get a big celebratory dinner back at the White Base for it. That is if we all survive this."

"I believe we will." Said Vega. "Most of the enemy forces seemed to be wiped out and all that is left is just a bunch of stragglers. I don't think we have much to worry about, but I recommend being cautious still."

"Agreed." Said Kled. "To that end, I recommend we get you out of here. Your constant fighting must have had considerable drain on your ammo supply, if not outright drained it."

"You are correct in that assumption, Kled." Said Vega. "We only need a small escort back to the White Base. The rest should stay to help clear our remaining stragglers that either refuse to surrender or believe, if some reason, that anymore fighting can tip the scale of the battle to Zeon."

"We'll do it." Said Burning. "Chap, you're with me. Monsha and Alpha. Stay here with everyone else. As he's the highest-ranking officer at the moment, you'll be under the command of lieutenant Amada. Treat him as you would do me."

"Yes sir." Said Alpha.

"Whatever." Said Monsha with a roll of his eyes. With that, Burning and Chap began escorting Amuro out of A Baoa Qu to the safe confines of the White Base. As they flew away, Burning congratulated Amuro for his victory over Char, to which Amuro said thanks, though he wondered what Sayla will think of this and if they'll still remain friends after this.



"Take off immediately." Said Kycilia with a glare as her Zanzibar's bridge crew as they scrambled to launch her ship from it's hanger bay. "We don't have much time."

"Understood, your excellency." Said the captain of her ship. "But, I advise for you to stay in your quarters. There are several Federation warships near our hanger bay, a single strike on the bridge of this ship may cause us to lose you, lady Kycilia."

"A sound argument." Admitted Kycilia. "But one that is pointless. If a strike does hit this ship's bridge, then it will seal our fate. The Federation will continue to pound this vessel before we can establish proper communications with them and destroy us. So, really, there is no point where I am on this ship. Either we escape before the Federation finds us or die as a result of them finding us. Besides, I refuse to cower in my room while I escape for my home." The captain tried to make her understand the situation when a comm officer yelled out their escort is firing on Federation warships that entered their immediate area. With that information, the captain began to bark out orders to his crew as the Zanzibar began to exit the hanger bay with several Musai cruisers. As soon as they left the hanger bay, however, they suffered a missile attack from the right as a Magellan battleship led ten Salamis cruisers against the newly arrived Zeon ships. They destroyed one Musai cruiser with the attack and crippled another, but retaliatory attack from the Zanzibar destroyed the primary bridge of one of the Salamis cruisers. As her flagship returned fire at the Federation forces, Kycilia began to get a foreboding sense of dread as she looked out the windows of her flagship. As she did so, she spotted a spark of light approaching from the left of her fleet. Curious, she looked closer. A few minutes later, to her shock, a Gundam, clad in red, black, and white appeared, leading a group of GM units at her fleet. Stunned to see this, Kycilia couldn't even yell out this when a massive beam of pink energy came and struck a Musai cruiser on the Zanzibar's left, destroying it completely. As she endured the shockwaves of the cruiser's explosion, she looked at the Gundam again as it opened fire on her ship with a large gatling gun, aiming for the bridge. Kycilia couldn't even scream as several, large caliber bullets, broke through the glass and began tearing apart the crew into chunks, including herself.


"Take this, Zeon scum." Said Ford as he finished firing into the bridge of the Zanzibar warship that had just crippled a Salamis cruiser. He then aimed at the massive cannon on top of the warship before opening fire on it, destroying it. With no other weapon the Zanzibar had to damage their warships, it's mega particle cannons were at the front of the ship and the Federation warships were at it's right, the warships fired everything they had on the ship, destroying it. With that thing gone, Ford led his men against the remaining Musai ships as the Salamis and Magellan warships supported them along with their mobile suit complement. With them was Luce and a lot of GM sniper IIs. They were on their way to help out in the battle at A Baoa Qu when they received a transmission from a Federation battlegroup requesting assistance in dealing with some Zeon warships that just launched from A Baoa Qu. Seeing they were the closets to them, the mobile suits of the Thoroughbred went to assist them, saving them from losing a single warship from the Zeon forces. A thing to be proud of to be sure.

After a few minutes of more fighting, they destroyed every single warship in the area. After receiving thanks from the leader of the battlegroup, Ford asked if there was anymore fighting to be had.

"There's still some fighting occurring in the interior of A Baoa Qu." Said the captain of the Magellan battleship. "But from what I'm hearing, it's just mop up operations now. I don't think they need anymore help. Especially from a Gundam. Still, we appreciate your help." Ford nodded at that before sighing in slight disappointment. He wanted to help even more than they already did. Xul, seeing the disappointment on his pilot's face, told him that they all did more than what he thought they did. And that he should be proud of that.

"I know." Said Ford as he looked at A Baoa Qu and it's new damaged state. "Still, wanted to do more to help out. Feels wrong that I did nothing more than prevent a laser weapon from wiping out a good portion of Federation forces and help destroy a few warships."

"You will get over it in time." Said Xul. "In time, you'll realize you did much more than you're giving yourself credit for at the moment."

"You're probably right." Said Ford as he looked at the Federation warships beginning to secure the area for their mobile suits. "I just hope this is the last battle for the war. I don't want to fight at Side 3."

"You and me both, Ford." Said Xul, not wanting to fight at Side 3 with countless civilians in the line. "I hope the Zeon government will realize the fruitlessness in continuing this war and will surrender to us." Ford nodded at that before contacting Luce and telling him that he's going to enter A Baoa Qu to see if he can't help secure the fortress for the Federation. After getting confirmation from Luce as well as him stating he'll come over to help out, Ford sighed and entered A Baoa Qu.

Few hours later

It took a few more hours for the Federation to take out every last Zeon fighter in or around A Baoa Qu, but eventually they did so and secured A Baoa Qu for the Federation. Once they fully secured it, they'll use it to launch a fleet to the outskirts of Side 3, where they'll ask for their unconditional surrender. If they refuse, they'll begin the long and arduous task of taking each colony one by one. It would be a slough, but one they had to do, unfortunately. Though, many officers were hoping that they choose to surrender.

Still, Revil and the other Federation admirals were discussing plans to invade Side 3 in the unlikely event they choose to fight to the death. As they were discussing on what to do, an aide of Revil came up to him to inform him of something that he may want to hear. As soon as that man did, aides of the other admirals came to inform them of the same thing.

"Uh, sir. Our AIs and tech heads found some interesting information you may want to hear about." Said the aide before giving Revil a clipboard containing said information. Raising an eyebrow, Revil looked through the clipboard's clipped on papers and began reading all the information. As he progressed through it all, he grew increasingly furious and shocked at what he was reading.

"Dear god." Said Revil as he finished reading the information. He looked at the expression of the other admirals and it was clear they were all reading the same information. Tianem reacted with disapproval and anger. Gopp had a raised eyebrow at the information, but didn't bother hiding his shock. Wyatt was blinking at what he just read, not believing the Zeons went that far. "So many of their citizens mutilated themselves just to gain a fighting chance on us. And so many died at our hands."

"That does explain the sheer number of mobile suits they had at A Baoa Qu." Said Tianem, still a bit angry at what he just read, but in control of his emotions now. "Our scouts reported in tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of mobile suits at A Baoa Qu. That's forty percent more than the forces they had at the beginning of the war. Many of whom that have died by that laser cannon they built to stop us. They drafted their people to the war and made them lose original limbs in hopes that can actually do a difference. It's somewhat sickening."

"Indeed." Said Gopp. Secretly he was impressed with the lengths Zeon would go to try to win this war, but at the same time it was quite sad really. And perhaps a bit stupid. "This will no doubt affect what we could recommend to the council on what reparations we can give to Side 3 without giving reasons for guerilla movements to form."

"Agreed." Said Wyatt. "However, I believe the liquidation of most of their military assets and all their corporations responsible for production and research should be still in the table." The other admirals agreed to that. Still, though, this sort of thing will affect what they can ask the council to do with Side 3 in the days to come as well as what Side 3 can give to the rest of the Earth Sphere as repayment for this war. Things were…looking very grim for Side 3.



Amuro was currently looking at his Gundam, which was under repairs for the damages it sustained at A Baoa Qu. He didn't have anything to do now that the battle was officially over. Kai was organizing a big celebration party at the White Base cafeteria for his defeat of Char and the victory at A Baoa Qu, but it wouldn't be ready for another hour or so. So, he was here with nothing to do, but look at his Gundam while it's being repaired. Not healthy perhaps, but it was better than sitting in his room doing nothing.

"You know, you could be doing other things with Kai and the others you know." Said Chan as she walked next to him and stood next to him in the catwalk he was in that allowed him to observe the Gundam's face as it was being repaired. "They're making a celebratory feast for you finishing off Char and the win here at A Baoa Qu. I'm guessing you don't want to thought on account of Sayla." Amuro just nodded at that. It felt wrong helping in organizing a feast that partly celebrated the death of a crewmate's brother, even if it was deserved.

"How is she?" Asked Amuro, highly doubting that Sayla was happy to hear about the feast and the news of her brother's death at his hands.

"I heard that she's in her room now, locked in." Said Chan sadly with a sigh. "I don't think you should see her for awhile." Amuro nodded at that, hurt that Sayla was grieving over the death of her brother, but he can't really blame her. It'll be awhile for him to speak to her, but he'll talk to her, even if it solely consists of her blaming him over the death of her brother. She deserves that much.

"A part of me still thinks I made a mistake in killing him, Chan." Admitted Amuro. "Maybe Sayla could have helped her brother out. Maybe, he could help us in fixing all the damage wrought from this war. Mend things between Side 3 and the rest of the Earth Sphere. I don't know. The future is uncertain to me and I'm scared that my choice might have darkened it a bit for me and you."

"I know what you mean." Said Chan softly as she took Amuro's hand and held it tightly. "That regret and fear, however, is what makes you human. And even if your choice comes to bite you in the butt, that doesn't change how I feel about you. I love you Amuro, and your choices and their consequences won't affect that. Well, at the moment anyway." Smiling at that, Amuro hugged her, which she returned in kind. Vega, spotting this, choose to not comment on it. Not that it was needed.

"Chan, if there's one thing about the future I'm certain is, it's that you and I are going to be together for awhile. And maybe even for the rest of our lives." Said Amuro, whispering to her ears. Smiling in delight at that, Chan tightened her hold on Amuro.

"I'll hold you to that." Said Chan.

Two days later

After the Federation has fully secured A Baoa Qu, an unarmed civilian transport arrived in their space, just outside of their weapon range. When a team of mobile suits, led by the White Devil, arrived to investigate it, the transport told them that it was here to discuss peace with the Federation and that it held Prime Minster Darcia Bakharov, the de facto leader of the Principality of Zeon after the deaths of Kycilia and Gihren Zabi. The prime minster begged for the Federation to accept the offer of peace and surrender, an offer that Revil took.

A week later, on the January of the year 0080, the war was declared officially over to the joy of countless citizens and soldiers in the Federation. Discussions for punishment and reparations from Side 3 will commence soon, none of which will be light. Whether they will future conflicts or not is unknown, what is known, however, is that the war in the Universal Century that killed a good portions of humans is now over and that peace can now settle in the Earth Sphere for some time. Though whether or not it'll be long or quick period of peace is for another tale.

Teaser 1

Luna II

Interrogation cell 02

A man with tan skin, brown hair, and blue eyes was sitting in a dull gray room that only contained a metal table and two chairs on opposite sides of it, one of which the man was currently sitting on. The man was also wearing an old Zeon pilot suit and he had cuffs that tied him to the table. Soon, a door opened and out came a massive machine, easily dwarfing the man considerably. The machine was built similarly to the GMs used currently, but was bulkier and was unarmed. Though it didn't need them to break the Zeon pilot in two. With the machine, was a Federation space force officer with a folder. After the two entered the room, the officer sat opposite of the man and set the folder he brought on the table before opening it. Getting comfortable, the officer began to speak.

"Internal Affairs agent Smith reporting in. Commencing interrogation of Petty Officer 2nd class Karius Otto. Currently the only known survivor of the Delaz fleet, a group of Side 3 soldiers that have refused the outcome of the One Year War, resulting in them being labeled renegades and terrorists by the Earth Federation and the Zeon protectorate." Said the officer before speaking again. "Mr. Otto. You're going to explain in great detail of what happened on October 13th of the year 0083 to November 10th of the same year. As well as any information that helps the Federation figuring out what led to the events of that time period." Karius, however kept quiet. "Mr. Otto, there is little point in not telling us what happened that led your group of renegades to conduct an attack on a Federation base as well as a failed attack on the Federation forces mustered at Konpei Island. We already have in great detail of what made you all do what you did, more than enough to make this interrogation meaningless. However, we are offering a way for you to try and attempt to justify your actions on those days so we can see if there is anything that can help your trial, no matter how slim it is that anything you say will help your case. So please." The agent leaned closer to Karius. "Tell me about Operation Stardust and what led to the Delaz fleet doing it.

Teaser 2

"Welcome to the Zeon protectorate, Mr. Shiden." Said the AI, encompassed in a GM trooper body as Kai showed it his pass, enabling him entry to the Federation garrison in the capital of Side 3. It's there where he's going to see his body guards "I hope you're trip has been uneventful and safe."

"Yes and considering the hell I'm about to go in a few days, it'll be something I'll come to miss later on in my life. If I live that long." Said Kai with a smile. The AI didn't comment on that and simply allowed Kai entry out of the spaceport and to the interior of Side 3's capital. Looking at the vibrant green before him and the still intact buildings of the capital, Kai almost forgot about the terrorist's attacks and massive problems going on throughout Side 3. All of which he's going to cover to tell people of the truth of what was going on in Side 3 after the war ended. He was about to look all over it all again when a cough nearby him caught his attention.

"Are you Mr. Shiden?" Asked a young woman's voice, getting louder as the sounds of footsteps approached him. Looking to where the source of it was coming from, Kai spotted a young woman, probably around fourteen or fifteen years of age approaching him.

He had to admit, she was quite beautiful with her long, dark red hair tied in a top knot behind her head and her vibrant green eyes. She wore a Side 3 militia uniform that put Kai on guard, but upon seeing the non-hostile way she approached him, he slightly let his guard down. When she stopped a few feet before him, she spoke up.

"I'm Erika Yugo." Said the woman as she looked at Kai, not displaying any emotions. "And I'm part of your security team during your stay here on Side 3. I'm also here to escort you to the Federation garrison near the capital. So, if you would, follow me. I'll lead you to the vehicle that'll bring us there." With that introduction, Kai followed the young woman as she led him to a military vehicle that was guarded by various AIs in GM trooper platforms.

Here it is. The final chapter of this story. As you know from above, several other stories are in the making along with a sort of aftermath story that'll showcase what happened after the One Year War, what became of our pilots, state of Federation, AI development, and whatnot. I don't actually have a time stamp for when the next story will be out, so I guess keep an eye out for it. If you want. But that is all I have. Good day and hopefully the next story from me will come out soon.