Jedi Master 325 here with a new Ben 10 fanfiction. I hope you enjoy! :)

Summary: After being bitten by Ssserpent in battle, Gwen falls ill and it's a race against time for Ben and Kevin to save her. The Question is, will they succeed?

Chapter One:

One morning in the town of Bellwood, an alarm went off at the first national bank. The snake like creature Ssserpent slithered out of the bank with two big sacks of money in his hands. " Excuse me. Do you have a receipt for that big withdrawal of yours?" A familiar voice called out. Ssserpent looked up and saw Ben Tennyson and his friends standing there. " That punchline was real corny Tennyson." Kevin said as he armored up. " Guys, let's just focus on sending Ssserpent back to the Null Void where he belongs." Gwen said as she launched two balls of mana at Ssserpent. Ben turned into Fourarms and charged at Ssserpent. However, the sneaky snake like creature tripped Ben with his tail and he crashed into a mailbox. " Ben!" Gwen cried out, concerned for her cousin.

Kevin saw Ssserpent sneaking up behind Gwen. " Gwen look out!" Kevin called to her, but it was too late. Without warning, Sserpent sunk his fangs into Gwen's shoulder. " Aaah!" she screamed in agonizing pain. Ben pulled Ssserpent off of Gwen and tossed him into the side of a building, knocking him out cold. After the plumbers came to take Ssserpent back to the Null Void, Gwen was getting her shoulder patched up by a medic. " There we go Miss Tennyson, now if your shoulder doesn't heal in three weeks, I'd go see a doctor at a medical facility." The medic said as he finished bandaging Gwen's shoulder and putting her arm in a sling. " Hey guys. How about we head over to Mr. Smoothy for a victory drink." Ben said as he made his way over to his friends.

" Sorry Ben, but I've got homework to do." Gwen said as she climbed into the passenger seat of Kevin's car. " Yeah, and I'm not gonna watch you guzzle down fifteen smoothies." Kevin said as he got in his car. " Your loss." Ben said as he got into his car and drove of to . After Kevin dropped Gwen off. She walked into the house and saw her mother watering the plants. " Hey mom, I'm home." Gwen said as she walked into the living room. " Honey, what happened to your arm?!" Natalie asked worriedly. " A little skirmish with Ssserpent, and I had my arm looked at by a medic. So don't worry mom. Nothing a healing spell won't fix." Gwen said, reassuring her mother only by a little bit. After Gwen walked into her bedroom, she found her spell book and flipped through the pages until she found the healing spell.

Trying to focus her mana on the injury, Gwen winced in pain as she lost her focus. " I see you're trying to fix that arm of yours huh." Gwen turned around and saw Kevin standing in the doorway of her bedroom. " Kevin, how'd you get in here?" Gwen asked, surprised to see her boyfriend. " Your mom let me in." Kevin said as he helped Gwen up. " I've tried using a healing spell to treat the injury on my shoulder, but I'm having trouble concentrating on my mana." " Don't try to rush the healing process Gwen. Just let your arm heal naturally." Kevin said reassuring his frustrated girlfriend. Little did they know, the situation was about to get a whole lot worse for them than they could possibly imagine.

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