Here's the final chapter of A Serpent's Bite. Enjoy! :)

Chapter Five

As the Galvan ship came out of hyperspace, Ben got an incoming call on his badge. " Ben Tennyson here. Is that you Grandpa?" " It's me Ben, I hope you have the antidote, because the doctors want to take Gwen off of life support. I barricaded the door so they can't get in." " Keep them away from Gwen as long as you can Grandpa, we're on our way. Kevin, you better floor it." " On it Tennyson!" Kevin shouted as he hit the accelerator. The ship came roaring into Earth's atmosphere and landed outside the hospital. " We made it, now let's get in there and save your cousin, Tennyson." Kevin said as they bolted into the hospital. " Hi, can you tell us where my cousin's room is at?" The receptionist looked up at the two, " I'm sorry, but no visitors are allowed at this time." Ben was about to use the Ultimatrix and turn into Rath, when Kevin pointed towards the changing rooms. They later emerged wearing scrubs and heard the receptionist telling two doctors where Gwen's hospital room was at.

" Let's go. Gwen's room is on the second floor, and it's the third room on the left." Ben said. The two quickly got in the elevator and headed to the second floor. Once arriving, they found Gwen's hospital room and knocked on the door. " I told you quacks, I ain't letting you pull the plug on my granddaughter!" Max shouted from inside. " Grandpa it's us, Ben and Kevin. let us in." Max let them in. " Why are you two dressed as surgeons?" Max asked, completely confused. " Only way we could sneak past the doctors and avoid getting into trouble." Kevin said as he loaded the antidote into a syringe. " Ok, according to Azmuth. We have to inject the antidote into the spot where Gwen got bitten in order for it to work." Ben said.

Kevin slipped the syringe into Gwen's shoulder and injected the medicine into her. Gwen moaned in pain before finally regaining consciousness. As she woke up, she saw Ben and Kevin staring at her while still disguised as surgeons. " Where am I? And are you two dressed as surgeons?" Gwen asked as she sat up. " First off, you're in the hospital. You got sick after Ssserpent bit you. And if you're wondering why Tennyson and I are dressed as surgeons, lets just say the doctors weren't allowing visitors, and we needed to get the antidote into you before it was too late." Kevin said as he embraced his girlfriend. removing the oxygen mask from her face, Kevin gently kissed Gwen on the lips.

" Eww! Do you two really have to do that?! I'm right here you know!" Ben cried in disgust. " I swear Ben, you act like you're still 10-years old." Gwen said as she laid back down. " What's going on in here?!" The doctor shouted as he stormed in only to notice that Gwen was awake. " Oh, by the way doc. This is for wanting to pull the plug on my girl!" Kevin said as he absorbed some metal and punched the doctor in the face. Gwen giggled as Ben, who had turned into Fourarms, and Max had to pry an angry Kevin off of the terrified doctor. Things were finally back to normal for the gang.

The End

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