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Fire and Ice

Chapter 1


The sun was streaming in through the window, casting radiant rainbow rays across the room. Lemma opened her emerald green eyes. She saw her orange walls and white desk. Her nightstand was covered in books, and in her closet she saw . . . her Moonstarr Institute uniform. Lemma sat up sleepily, but then became excited. A bit too excited, since she accidentally burned a hole through her blanket. Lemma is a Fire Fairy. All fairies end up with elements by the time they are 6 months old. Usually the baby doesn't understand and nothing that could cause harm happens. On rare occasion though something terrible happens . . . like in Lemma's best friend Glacia's case. Lemma shuddered. Before Lemma was born, everyone thought she would be a Earth Fairy, since her parents and older brother, Lanthus, had the element. But she was gifted with Fire instead, which hadn't happened in the Palmer family in a long time.

"Whoops!" Lemma said, covering the hole with a blanket. She made a mental note to fix it before her mother saw, since she was supposed to keep her element under control. Lemma jumped out of bed, and threw on her Moonstarr uniform. It was Lemma's first day at Moonstarr, and she was thrilled about it. She'd never been there before, but her brother described it as "The most wonderful place in the Fairy world." It was Glacia's first day as well!

"Lemma Eline Palmer! You should be down stairs now! Your cloud will be here soon!" a voice called, snapping Lemma out of her thoughts.

"Coming Mom!" Lemma yelled back. Lemma hurriedly packed her books in her red backpack, brushed her long, dark, wavy hair, and slipped on new white boots. She ran down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"Morning Dad." Lemma said, as she slipped into her chair at the table.

"How's my fiery girl? Ready for today?" Mr. Palmer asked. Before Lemma could reply, her mom said,

"She should be ready, considering how long she took to get down here."

Lemma stirred her bowl of cereal nervously. She was kinda nervous, but also very excited.

"Where's Lanthus?" Lemma finally asked.

"He already left." Mrs. Palmer said.

"Oh . . ." Lemma sighed. She'd been hoping to ask him some questions about school before he left. The sound of feet on the stairs turned Lemma's attention else where. Her little twin sister and brother ran into the kitchen.

"Lia, sit down sweetie, while I grab you and Liam some toast."

Mrs. Palmer said sweetly.

"I wanna go to school with Lemma, Mom! It's not fair!" cried Liam.

Lia and Liam were only 9 so they still had . . . Lemma counted on her fingers. 5 more years or so. Moonstarr was for fairies ages 14-19.

"Oh honey, you will get to go when your older like Lanthus and Lemma." Mrs. Palmer reassured him.

Lemma rolled her eyes. It always seemed like the twins received all the attention. Even if they were the youngest. A knock sounded on the door.

"I'll get it!" Lemma said, grateful for an excuse to leave the table. When she opened the door, Lemma saw a short, plump fairy with small white wings and short blond hair.

"She must be a light fairy." Lemma thought. Fairies have different colored wings depending on their element. Her mom and dad had round green wings and her brother had dark green pointy ones, since they were Earth fairies. Lemma didn't have wings yet, but she would receive them today at Moonstarr!

"Hello dear! I'm Miss Aleka. Are you Lemma Palmer?" Miss Aleka asked kindly.

"That's me!" said Lemma.

"Well dearie, I am your cloud driver. You have 6 people accompanying you: Cammile Tinil, Mendel Lance, Glacia Snow, Marchi Gigor, Orabelle Mayna, and Arell Brighid, my son."

Lemma wasn't listening after Miss Aleka said "Glacia Snow."

"Yay!" thought Lemma.

"Excuse me? Miss Palmer?" questioned Miss Aleka.

"Oh! Yes? Sorry I was . . . thinking." Lemma apologized.

"No need to be sorry, Miss Palmer."

"Please just Lemma."

"Alright, Lemma, It's time to go. That's why I came to get you. Normally I'll blow a whistle, but today is your first day, so I didn't know if you knew about the whistle."

"OK. I just need to grab my bag. I'll be right back." Lemma said and ran inside.

"Mom! Dad! I'm leaving!" Lemma yelled, as she grabbed her bag.

"Have fun!" Said Mr. Palmer.

"You're coming home straight after school. No going to Glacia's house!" Called her mom.

" OK. . ." Lemma never really went to Glacia's house. Her family was. . . well never mind. When Lemma was outside, she saw Glacia with a seat next to her on the cloud. The cloud was light and fluffy but it had a hard surface on top of it, to walk on. Lemma waved to Glacia. Glacia smiled, and motioned for Lemma to sit next to her.

"How was your morning?" Lemma asked.

"Same as always." Glacia replied sadly. Lemma changed the subject.

"Are you excited for today?"

"Yes! I'm excited for my wings. I hope they are teal!" Glacia loved the color teal. She had teal lips and some teal in her hair.

"How about you?" Glacia asked.

"Yes! I am hoping I get big wings. I don't want small ones."

"I just hope I can fly!" Glacia and Lemma laughed.

"We will arrive at Moonstarr Institute in five minutes." Miss Aleka announced. Lemma looked around the cloud. She knew Marchi, she secretly had a crush on him. His fluorescent ocean hair paired with his big sea blue eyes had a dazzling effect on most girls. He was super nice and was at the top of all his classes. But everyone knew he was sweet on Erulisse Vanlanthriel. Marchi and Erulisse were both water fairies, no wonder he probably hated Lemma. Fairies aren't allowed to marry fairies of different elements. It could cause many problems in Sunsky. Although Lemma and Glacia were friends even if Lemma was a fire fairy and Glacia is an ice fairy . . . Lemma turned away. She saw a girl with red, perfectly curled hair. Her grayish brown eyes met Lemma's with a stone hard glare. Lemma waved. The glare turned into a scowl.

"Oh . . ." thought Lemma. she looked elsewhere. Cammile Tinil was sitting in front of her. Camille was the only one who never came to Lemma's birthday parties. Camille mostly hid behind her golden yellow hair and covered her golden brown eyes. Lemma thought it was because that she was still getting used to fairy life. Camille was found living with elves, humans, and mermaids, even though she was a fairy. Lemma didn't know much about her except that she was a light fairy. Lemma didn't know who Mendal was other than he was best friends with Marchi . His family was also in the higher ranks. She guessed he might be a water fairy, since he kept flicking water drops at Marchi.

"Here we are!" announced Miss Aleka. When Lemma, looked at the building in front of her, her eyes grew wide.