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Story time!

Fire and Ice

Chapter 5


Lemma's class was dismissed, and she rushed down the hall toward the stair case. She was eager to escape the tower and join Glacia once more. Suddenly, a voice spoke.

"Hey, where do you think your going?"

Lemma turned, and saw Orabelle, and two other girls. One had cropped red hair and small beady brown eyes. The other, waist length hair tied up in a bun and round honey eyes.

"Um, to lunch?" Lemma said hesitantly.

"To sit with your freaky Ice friend?" Orabelle asked. Lemma felt hot.

"I know who she is. She's Glacia Snow. The girl who killed her own mother. Why would you be friends with that girl? Although, I do see how you two would be similar. You both are freaks. Except you have opposite elements. Fire doesn't mix with Ice." Orabelle snarled. Her minions smirked.

"I'm just trying to get to lunch, okay?" Lemma said, trying to sound calm. Her emotions were boiling up inside her, twisting knots in her stomach. Lemma wanted to let it out, but she knew she couldn't.

"But let's have some fun first." Orabelle said. Lemma backed down the stairs, and turned to run, but there was a wall of fire in front of her. But this didn't stop her. Surprisingly, Lemma stepped through the fire, and ran down the last few steps, her hair, not so much as singed. Outside, Lemma gasped for breath, but kept running along the path to the main tower. Glimpsing a familiar face, Lemma started running torward the fairy.

"Lanthus!" Lemma yelled, and hugged her brother tight. Lanthus laughed, and Lemma saw two boys behind him.

"Oh! Capricorn, Equator, this is my sister, Lemma." Lanthus said. The first boy, was taller than Lanthus. His sun-kissed face held upturned green eyes, and shaggy brown hair stuck up in random places. The boy on Lanthus' left, had short, buzzed mousy hair. There was a pair of sea-green eyes set on a tan complexion. Lemma waved shyly.

"So this is the famous Lemma. Lanthus talks about you all the time." The guy, who Lemma guessed was Capricorn, said. Lemma blushed.

"Are you really a Fire Fairy?" asked Equator. Lemma blew on her fingers, and small sparks fluttered into the sky. Equator applauded.

"Well, it was nice meeting you, but I need to go catch up with Glacia." Lemma said, waving as she walked away. When she went inside, Lemma headed to the Fire lunch stand. Thankfully, Orabelle was no where in sight.

Lemma picked out a hot dog, and a small biscuit for lunch, and scouted for Glacia. When she spotted her, Lemma saw Glacia wasn't alone. She was seated next to a boy, who was pretty good looking. Annnnd, about a dozen or so other boys staring at her. Lemma giggled, as she skipped over to their table.

"Seems like your already popular." Lemma said, plopping down next to Glacia.

"Um, who's this?" asked the boy

"This is Lemma! She's pretty awesome." Glacia said excitedly.

"Hi! What's your name?" Lemma said.

"Oh. Uh. Colden. Nice to meet you Lemma? I mean, you are an Earth Fairy, so I guess I can live with that. I mean, if you were a Fire Fairy, on the other hand... I dont know if I would let you be friends with Glacia anymore." Colden said. Lemma stiffened.

"Colden! She is a Fire fairy! And if you have a problem with that, we can't be friends." Glacia retorted. Ice formed on the table, probably from Colden.

"Oh. Sorry, Lemma... I didn't know. I mean, you look like a Earth Fairy." Colden said apologetically. Lemma smiled slightly.

"Um, it's an honest mistake. My parents are Earth Fairies, along with my siblings. I'm the only Fire Fairy. But seriously, Glacia and I have been friends for quite a while." Lemma said quietly. But she decided to change the subject.

"So, you never answered my question. Are you popular, or what? Because, there are like fifteen boys goggling at you." Lemma asked. Glacia rolled her eyes.

"It was like this this morning. All of the boys wanted me to sit next to them." Glacia sighed. Lemma held back a laugh.

"How was your day?" Glacia asked, licking her ice cream cone. Lemma thought of what to say.

"It was okay." Lemma said. She didn't feel like telling her about really anything. Well, Lemma would tell her about being 'The most powerful Fire Fairy ever', but after what Colden said... Lemma had mixed feelings torward Colden, but she could see that Glacia was happy with him. And that made Lemma happy too.

"How about you?" asked Lemma. Glacia smiled, and started chatting about the tests she took, how her instructor was so nice, and about Colden. Lemma was glad for the excuse to be quiet. When the lunch bell rang, Lemma hugged Glacia, and ran back to her tower.

Over the next few classes, Lemma kept thinking about what Colden had said. Maybe he was right, and she didn't belong with Glacia. But they'd been friends for so long, and now he was trying to ruin it! Lemma shrugged it off, and focused on her work. She'd think on it later. For now, she had a test to do.

did Sir Spark found the Fire tower, Blazing Spark?

a. 1,200 years ago

b. 4,000 years ago

c. 5,470 years ago

d. 3,789 years ago

Lemma circled b. and moved on.

Around three o'clock, the intercom announcer exclaimed it was time for the Wing Initiation! Excited Fairies ran down the corridor and outside torward the main tower. Thousands of Fairies were there, of all ages. Lemma spotted Lanthus, and he went over to her. Lemma wrapped her arms around him, and he hugged her back.

"I have something for you." Lanthus said, and he produced a fire red Lily of the Valley, Lemma's favorite flower. Shakily, Lemma took the precious gift, and tucked it behind her ear.

"Thank you, Lanthus." Lemma whispered, before heading into the crowd.

"Hey everyone!"

Lemma turned to see a Light Fairy onstage. The fairy looked happy and bubbly.

"You all look so so so excited! I'm excited too! Its time for Wing Initiation! Now, some of you might not know the protocol. I'll explain it with our most powerful example! My volunteer will be..." She started.

"Doesn't seem like a volunteer to me, as long as she's picking it." Glacia mumbled, and Lemma smiled, but didn't talk so as not to be disrespectful.

"The most powerful fairy, Glacia Snow! Come on up, love!" The light fairy chirped. Glacia paled and stepped up to the stage. Lemma tried to catch her eye, but Glacia seemed intent on staring into space.

"Alright, love. Here's how this works. I will pull this string-" Lemma's eyes followed the light's hand to a golden string- "and it will rain some Ice Dust on you. The Ice Dust will sense your power and give you your wings accordingly. Ooh, aren't you so excited!" The light fairy squealed. Glacia blinked incoherently.

"Ready?" The light fairy giggled.

Glacia swallowed. The light fairy pulled the string, and glittering teal and silver dust landed on Glacia's back. Glacia gasped. Lemma felt bad for her. Lanthus told Lemma it hurt to get wings. Glacia stayed stone still, like an ice sculpture, and only her best friend would be able to tell that she was in immense pain. Lemma wanted to run onstage and comfort her, but she couldn't.

In a moment, large, yet dainty wings sprouted from Glacia's back. When they were finished growing, Lemma observed their beauty. They were outlined in silver, but the wings themselves started purple, faded into teal, and ended in white, reminding Lemma of ombre paper she had seen on some book covers. Her wings looked amazing, and they looked like they were dusted in the Ice Dust, sparkly and silvery teal.

"Wow! You are powerful! Thank you, Glacia! Now, go ahead and step on off." The light fairy gestured to the lunch tables below, and Glacia stepped off, and Lemma, but only Lemma, could tell each step was an effort. Walking was painful.

"Now, this next fairy is a fire fairy. She is nearly as powerful as Glacia. Ooh, her name is Lemma Palmer! Come on up, lovely!"

Lemma froze. So much for it being a secret. Colden was looking her way, and Lemma avoided eye contact. Slowly, she pushed her way through the crowd, torward the stage. The light fairy smiled kindly, but Lemma could see the pity in her eyes. It must hurt. A LOT!

"Okay, sugar! I'm just gonna sprinkle this on you, and you shall grow wings!" The light fairy said. Lemma nodded. Suddenly, small golden flecks drifted onto her back, and excruciating pain erupted throughout her body. Lemma fell to her knees, and a small whimper came out. The pain was unbearable! Sharp knives cut and tore at her back that weren't really there. A faint glow surrounded her body, and the pain resided. Lemma gulped down fresh air, and gazed at her new wings. They were four big ovals on each side with a slight point, and the first and third were red, while the second and fourth were orange. The tips were golden and sparkles fluttered off them slowly. Lemma forgot about the pain, and ran off the stage to join Glacia.

"They're beautiful Lemma!" Glacia said, as the Light Fairy called more fairies up. Lemma smiled.

"Yours are marvelous!" Lemma said. Glacia smiled

"Let's get out. I'm annoyed by the Light Fairy. She's to optimistic." Glacia said, disgusted. Lemma grinned, and the two friends walked out of the building together. They decided to wait at their cloud for Ms. Aleka to drive them home.

"You didn't tell me anything about today yet." Glacia said suddenly. Lemma looked at her feet.

"I'm sorry. It's just... never mind." Lemma said. Glacia placed a cold hand on her friends shoulder.

"It's Colden, isn't it?" Glacia said quietly. Lemma nodded.

"What he said wasn't right, I know. And I guess I've been a bit distant today. But I still love you Lemma. And I'll always be there for you." Glacia said. Lemma hugged her friend awkwardly. Their wings clashed together weirdly.

"Well, this could take some getting used to." Lemma said lightly. Glacia laughed, as they broke apart.

"Let's try to fly!" Glacia suggested suddenly. Lemma agreed. Glacia went first. Her wings flapped slightly, then they started fluttering. Glacia's feet lifted off the ground and she rose up into the air.

"Woo hoo! Glacia you are flying!" Lemma gasped, but Glacia's response was cut off by someone clapping. Lemma turned, and saw Colden gazing at Glacia, and applauding her.

Gracefully, Glacia glided down, her feet touching the ground softly. Colden ran up to Glacia.

"That was amazing! Glacia, you're so talented!" Colden exclaimed. Glacia blushed, and started commenting on Colden's wings. They were pretty nice, but Glacia's were better. Lemma sighed. She guessed she'd try while the talked. Lemma tried to flutter her wings, but all she got was one movement. When she focused harder, they beat a bit, and her feet lifted off the grass. She rose up a bit, and started smiling, but then her wings froze. Suddenly, Lemma hit the ground, sprawling out on the grass. Glacia ran over to her, well she thought it was Glacia. Lemma could hear her voice, but her sight was blurred. As it returned, Glacia was holding her head up, and Lanthus was there too.

"Lemma! Lemma, what happened? I shouldn't have been so careless, and not warn you. You can't fly right away, it takes time. Are you alright?" Lanthus asked. Lemma nodded, but there was headache coming on. Glacia was stoking her hair, and Lemma thought she had watery eyes.

"Don't ever scare me like that again, Lemma. I knew I should've watched you closer. If something ever happened..." Glacia's voice trailed off.

"I'm not a baby, you know." Lemma said, annoyed. But she really just wanted to be home right now. In her bed, cozied under the blankets.

"Mrs. Aleka is here. She'll take us home." Glacia informed Lanthus. He nodded, and left to join his cloud mates. Colden was looking at his feet, quietly.

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow Glacia." Colden said, and walked away swiftly. Glacia sighed, and flew up onto the cloud, placing Lemma's head on her lap. As the friends cloud mates jumped on, Orabelle smirked at them. Her wings were brightly colored and boldly curved, and definitely resembled her personality.

"Heard you fell trying to fly. Bet you can't fly at all. Most can at least flutter off the ground a bit, but you can't at all. Wonder what happens tomorrow during flying lessons." Orabelle sneered. Glacia stood up, angrily.

"You stay away from her. If I hear anything from Lemma about you, you will wish you hadn't been born." Glacia snarled, blowing and icey wind at Orabelle, making her shiver. Orabelle blew sparks at Glacia, flicked her hair, and took a seat. Glacia sat back down, and stared ahead.

"If she bothers you again, I'll make sure she pays." Glacia whispered. Lemma sighed.

"It will only make it worse." Lemma said. Glacia didn't reply. When they reached the Palmer estate, Lemma waved good bye, and went inside slowly. Where she was met with open arms, and her dad picked Lemma up and set her on the couch.

"We heard you had an accident! Lanthus said you fell by trying to fly!" Mrs. Palmer exclaimed.

"I'm fine mom. I just wanted to see if I could. Glacia can already." Lemma said. Her mom muttered under her breath, something Lemma couldn't make out.

"Mama made leafy burgers!" Liam said excitedly.

"I'm not hungry. I think I'll just go to bed." Lemma said, and ran up to her room, and locked the door. She brushed her hair, and hung up the dress she was wearing with great difficulty. Her wings were awkward, but Lemma found special buttons to use. Quickly, she removed the makeup she had on, and put on a red nightgown. Without even turning off the light, Lemma sunk into bed, and fell asleep.