Chapter Three: The Third One

Harry's Dreamscape

Harry had no idea what the hell was going on around him. Everything was dark, noises were coming from every direction and he felt completely naked. He had no idea how to deal with a situation like this, he never let himself be caught without his rifle or knife ever.

After a couple more seconds of confused panicking Harry's eyes eventually focused to a point where he could see the basic outline of the area around him. It looked like some kind of aristocrat's home decorated in a Victorian English style. He looked down and saw that he was floating of the ground somehow, and a little boy was peeking through a door into what appeared to be a living room. Harry tentatively asked. "Hey kid? Where are we?"

The kid didn't respond, and Harry went up to him and put his hand on his shoulder. "Kid? You alright?"

Harry was surprised when his hand flew straight through the kid and he stumbled through the door the kid was looking through. What Harry saw when he finally finished tumbling made him growl out in anger, his parents. James and Lily Potter were sat next to each other in front of their oh so special daughter Evelynn as they smiled sweetly at her. Harry dropped into a fighting stance before he realized that none of them were paying any attention to him and were instead conversing. What Harry heard should have shocked him but instead it only made him feel as sad and betrayed as the day he realized that his parents didn't want him as their son. "Eve, you know we love you right?"

Eve nodded impatiently as she pulled her dark black hair over her shoulder. Lily continued from where James left off. "Good good. Now, you remember Mr Dumbledore right? Well, he's organized a special thing for you."

Harry heard a small gasp from behind him and twirled around to see the boy he vaguely remembered as himself slumping to the ground with an old man standing behind him. Levitating Harry's younger self away Dumbledore walked into the room with a grandfatherly smile which Harry could recognize was ingenuine as he said. "Yes, thank you Lily. Now then Evelynn, as the girl-who-lived you must be the bravest young girl of the century hmm?"

Evelynn nodded vigorously and said. "I defeated Vol-volde...?"

Albus helpfully supplied. "Voldemort?"

Evelynn nodded and said thank you before Albus began talking again. "Yes, quite the achievement. Now, I want you to know that he will be coming back."

All of them gasped and Albus waited for them to calm down before he began talking again. "Yes, but I have no intention of being unprepared for the journey ahead. I would like to extend the offer for early magical training to you Evelynn, for you to become my apprentice."

Evelynn shifted around for a moment before asking. "I-If I do...can I help my little brother?"

Lily and James looked very bored with her talk as Albus laughed fakely and said. "Of course you can, ah it has been a while since I've seen dedication like that to family. Maybe since young Sirius Black..."

James cut Albus off as Harry quickly recalled everything he could about Sirius Black. From what the Death Eaters and files on Sirius told him apparently he was the last remaining lord of the Black Family and was notorious for while once promising to lead the Black family into the light side of politics, instead became grey after the events which destroyed Voldemort. Harry looked back up at them and saw that Albus had his wand trained on all of them, while all their eyes were whited over as he said. "You will trust everything I say and do, you will intentionally forget Harry Potter in all matters unless the situation calls for your attention. In those situations, you will act as distant and cold as possible."

Albus dropped his wand into a hidden holster and the Potter's eyes regained their pupils. Albus said conclusively. "Well, it is good to see that you are so willing to prepare for the future. I will owl you the details at a later date James, have a good evening."

As Albus left the room he quickly sent a silent obliviate at the young Harry's body and hit him with an underpowered bludgeoning curse in the head. Harry lifted his hand to his head and remembered the pain he felt that night thanks to what he assumed was a bump falling down the stairs. Just as he was about to go and check over his young body he heard a small beeping as he felt a small hook behind his navel. The last thing he saw was James and Lily looking him dead in the eyes...

End Dreamscape

Harry gasped as he awoke to the green beeping light of the transport he was flying on. Checking over himself he realized that everything was in order, 6 clips of ammo, claymore...

Hitting a switch on the side the door opened up and he saw that he was on the ground level. Running out he saw the transport's door close and the whole craft fly off and grabbed his comms unit, speaking into it. "Potter here, what am I doing here Volk?"

He heard a long pause before he heard Volk speak up. "Good to hear your safe Potter. Primary objective is the assassination of Kieth Ogden, make his body unrecognizable. Secondary objective is to obtain your ascertain the rules of engagement for the bank meeting, and to obtain a bank account with them. Also, Helskid talked to me about allowing some time off for your birthday as a celebration. If this goes off without a hitch, you can have a week for all I care. You can have all of your cheques when you get back, cash it with the goblins when you're at the bank."

Harry made a grunt and said. "Got it. What's the address of this guy?"

Volk quickly said. "5 Viola Terrance, good hunting Potter."

Volk cut off the channel and Harry dropped into the shadows with his mask on before anybody could start asking questions. Pulling out a small datapad Harry quickly looked up the location of Viola Terrance and saw that it was about 7 kilometers away. Quickly climbing up the fire escape of the building next to him he got up to the top of the roof and took in the sight of nighttime London, noisy, bustling, just the conditions for a stealth mission.

Harry quickly began to run and grapple his way across the rooftops, being nothing more then a dot covering the stars for a split second to a few commoners below him. After a couple of hours he managed to find himself in the quiet little area of London known as Viola Terrace. The walls and windows were eerily similar in design the whole way through the disturbingly quiet alleyway as Harry slowly stalked around the houses until he reached number 5.

Harry quickly assessed the situation, no lights were on, he couldn't feel any magic from around the area. Tentatively he walked forward and tried the door, locked. Pulling out his wand he began to cast a spell before he felt a large magical presence close to popping before he quickly stopped the spell. As he did the presence died off without exploding and Harry made a guess that the guy had locked all of the doors and windows, and had set the wards to trigger when somebody tried to spell their way in. Harry was thankful for his training in casting on electronics or else he may have tripped those wards and paid the price for it.

Bringing out his knife Harry quickly destroyed the wood around the screws of the handle and took it off, destroying the lock in the process. Walking in he wrinkled his nose at the messiness of the place and decided to finish the job fast. Walking up the stairs he quickly found the master bedroom and found the large, wiry man sleeping with several bottles of Firewhiskey, obviously from his family it seemed. Flipping his knife a bit he went over to him and after a moment brought the knife down into his jugular, twisting it as blood spurted up as Harry leaned back to avoid the spray.

Uncaringly looking down at the body Harry got to work slashing up the body to make it look like a real hackjob. While he took no limit of pleasure in ending ADVENT life he never really felt comfortable killing humans, but then again he was a Reaper, and the target shouldn't have made rich enemies.

When he was done Harry walked around and found anything he thought was expensive, stuffed it into his coat. While he didn't usually grab anything from his kill's homes he felt like we would want to grab something nice for Kaitlyn, so this would be a way to pay for it. Finishing his quick loot he walked out of the house and went up onto the roof before bringing out his comms unit and saying into it. "Potter here, Ogden is dead. Also, start using Spectre for now."

He heard a small grunt after a while and head Volk say. "Good job Spectre. I've got Dementor here with me, she'll direct you from here."

A small clunking was heard as the unit was passed over and Harry heard Flora speak on the other side. "Dementor here Spectre. You're close as hell to Diagon Alley, two blocks down your going to get to the main road which contains the entrance to The Leaky Cauldron. Don't take that entrance, you'll probably be detained as fast as you get into the main street in Reaper clothing. Head back into the house and look around for a fireplace. Light it up and find a jar on the mantle full of green powder. You're going to want to throw half a handful in, but use a full handful just in case. When the fire turns emerald green walk into it and call out 'Diagon Alley', that'll bring you straight into Diagon Alley. The big marble building is Gringotts. Head up to a free teller, keep your head high and ask away. If they ask for identification hold out your hand and they'll handle the rest."

Harry grunted and closed off the channel before dropping back down to the ground. Walking back through the destroyed door he quickly explored around and found the living room with ease. Locating the fireplace he realized that he had no idea about a spell which could cause a fire and so he went into the kitchen and ruffled through the cupboards. Finding a small lighter among the various moldy towels and oven gloves Harry went back into the living room and lit up the coals with a bit of lighter fluid from his tactical rig.

Watching as the whole thing became a roaring flame Harry threw the lighter to the other side of the room and searched the mantle piece for the green powder. Eventually finding a Tupperware container containing the green powder he threw a handful of it into the fire, watching as it swirled into a deep verdant green. Tentatively passing his hand through it he felt no heat or pain from the flames and stepped inside, calling out as clear as possible. "Diagon Alley."

He felt a wave of sickness crash over him as he was swirled away into a rainbow of colours. After a couple of agonizing seconds Harry was spat out at the other side down into the wooden ground of some kind of medieval pub. Looking around he saw a couple suspicious faces along with a man behind the counter looking at him suspiciously. Getting up and working out any kinks in his back he went up to him and said. "Hey, mind telling me where the Alley is?"

The pub visibly relaxed at his statement and the man said with a smile. "Ah, must be from America based on your accent eh? Well welcome to Britain young sir, I'm Tom. Here, I'll show you into the alley."

Harry nodded thankful that his mask didn't come off and was lead away by Tom who went out a door to the side into an alleyway. "Here, three up and two across from this bin. Tap it twice with your wand and it will make the entrance to Diagon Alley."

Tom did it for him as to demonstrate and the gateway opened. Harry nodded to him with a word of thanks and entered into the unknown territory. Looking around he saw the standard wizarding fare, potion shops, broom shops the like. Walking through the crowd as inconspicuously as possible he quickly made his way into the Gringotts bank, wincing at the poem and remembering what he had just done.

Entering into the bank he saw that it was rather quiet due to it being night time and quickly went up to a free teller. "Hello, my name is Harry Potter and I wish to open an account with your bank."

The teller looked down at him appraisingly and said curtly. "Identification."

Remembering Flora's instructions he extended his hand and the goblin grabbed it. Pulling off his glove the goblin pulled out a long, wicked looking dagger and sliced along his finger. The knife seemed to attract the blood as a long sliver of it was drawn out of his finger before the goblin brought it back and ran his long, snakelike tongue across the blood.

Harry was pretty disgusted by the display but the goblin nodded after he wiped his mouth off. "You are Harry Potter. You currently have no accounts available to you, and you have an appointment in approximately 5 days. You wish to open a new account, correct?"

Harry nodded and took back his glove, slipping it back onto his hand. The goblin made a couple notes within his ledger before a large, brass key materialized in his hand. Handing it to Harry he said. "Your vault number is 1779, don't forget it. If you wish you may make a deposit of all of those valuables if you have no use for them right now."

Harry's eyes went wide with shock as the goblin managed to spot all of the hidden valuables on him. "But I'm a th..."

The goblin cut him off. "Thief? No, you won those through Right of Conquest and Revenge through the goblin laws. Kieth Ogden owed us many debts, and by defeating him you are legally able to claim all of his material goods."

Harry sighed and said quietly, making sure nobody heard. "Okay then, I want all of this stuff turned into cash and put into my vault please. Anything else he owned is yours if you keep everything quiet."

The goblin nodded and Harry placed all of the rings and jewels onto the desk in front of him. The goblin snapped his fingers and all of it disappeared as he said. "870 Galleons."

Harry nodded happily and said. "Turn them into pounds please."

The goblin nodded and said. "5220 Pounds. Do you wish to take a Gringotts Debit Card for any purchases?"

Harry nodded and the goblin snapped his fingers, causing a small brown wallet appear in front of him. Handing it to Harry who opened it up to see a small golden card within he said. "A complement from Gringotts for your disposal of Ogden. Your pin is that of your vault number."

Harry nodded and said. "Am I allowed to know anything about the proceedings 5 days from now?"

The goblin shook his head and said. "I am unable to know any of the inner workings of the Heirship sector of Gringotts, and you should not be able to either. Will that be all?"

Harry shook his head. "Are you able to provide me with magical transportation, for a price?"

The goblin nodded and asked. "Gringotts offers many services, do not hesitate to ask for anything. Where do you need to get to?"

Harry gave him the coordinates of the Skirmisher base, well close to them, and the goblin nodded. "Of course. I will deduct the 350 Galleon total from your account."

Harry was handed a small piece of paper from the desk and the goblin said. "Thank you for your business. Simply say 'Gringotts' to activate the portkey."

Harry nodded with a word of thanks and said the activation key, being whisked away into the savannah of Africa. Getting up of the ground he annoyed said to himself. "Dammit, need to get better magical transportation..."

Looking around he saw the Skirmisher base on the horizon and quickly ran over to it. It took him about 20 minutes to get there but when he arrived he quickly went up to the front gate and saw the guards point their bullpups at him. One of them quickly shouted out. "Hey! What's brings you here?"

Realizing that they wouldn't recognize him in the dark he quickly took off his mask and shouted, thankful to be free of the stuffiness. "It's just me! Lieutenant Reaper Harry Potter!"

One of them grunted and said. "Name the Templar you brought in yesterday!"

Harry groaned in annoyance and said. "Flora 'Dementor' Carrow, we done?"

The guard shouted. "Yep, sorry we needed to confirm it was you."

The gate swung open and Harry walked in. Bringing out his comms unit he quick said into it. "Volk, Potter here."

All he managed to receive was static however. Looking down at it he realized that the magic must have been too much and fried it. Yet again grunting in annoyance he quickly went to Kaitlyn's room while checking the time, about 3am. It was pretty early so he probably could get some sleep before tomorrow. Quickly unlocking the door with his wand he walked in slowly as to not disturb Kaitlyn and locked it behind him.

Looking over to the bed he saw Kaitlyn quietly snoozing away and smiled softly down at her body. Shuffling off his trench coat and mask he quietly sat them down on his crate neatly and cast a scourgify at himself, ridding him of all of the sweat and debris of the day. Laying on top of the comforter of the bed he quickly fell asleep, his back to Kaitlyn no matter how right it felt in the few seconds he spent facing her.

Timeskip, 5am

Kaitlyn awoke with a bat of her eyes. In the darkness it was pretty hard to see but the pressure and small outline of Harry in her bed was pretty telling. Sighing at his reluctance to enjoy himself here she readjusted herself before quickly pulling the cover from under him. He was fast asleep already so he didn't notice the quick shift as Kaitlyn now held the whole sheet. Throwing it over both of them she snuggled closer up to his back and looped her arms around his abdomen once more. Kaitlyn didn't notice how bright her eyes glowed in that moment, neither did she notice the small red glowing coming from the place where Harry's heart would be on his chest.

Timeskip 7am

Harry groggily opened his eyes to see that yet again he had managed to get under the covers. Not groaning but making a noise of defeat he turned his head to see Kaitlyn still fast asleep. As quietly as possible he got up and out of the covers, not without a drop of terror when she shuffled around agitatedly at the lack of heat. Grabbing his trench coat, he slowly got his clothes on, being as quiet as can be before walking out of the room. Running slowly towards the canteen he nodded to a couple of the early guards as he reached the hall. Nobody was around but he saw Volk and Honos talking up at the head of the table and walked over. "Sir!"

Volk nodded at him and motioned him down as he rifled around in a satchel. "Potter, good to see you. Why did you not report in last night?"

Harry sheepishly bowed his head as he sat down. "The operation fried my comms unit. I got back last night and just crashed."

He nodded satisfiedly and handed him a fat envelope. "There's your payments and all the outstanding ones yet to be processed. 1.5 Million with tax. Also, you can have the next week off along with Helskid. That envelope has the cheques needed for the transactions with your bank along with some physical."

Harry nodded at him and took the envelope, staring at it in wonder from the amount before stuffing it down into one of his pockets and zipping it up. Grabbing his meal he quickly began to wolf it down, not noticing the grin on both the men's faces. When he had finished Honos said. "So what are your plans for your holiday? Helskid was rather quiet about it."

He was about to respond when the doors slammed open. Looking over to the entrance Harry saw Flora storming towards him, and when she got there she grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and pulled him up while whispering. "You've been confirmed alive by the wizarding media, someone had bugged Gringotts. Nobody saw your face, nobody can associate you with the Reapers, but they're running around like mad men trying to find you."

Harry swore and pulled Flora's hand off him. "Fuck! Alright I think we should leave it until the day of the meeting."

She nodded and sat down at the table, rubbing her head in stress as Harry turned to Volk and Honos. "While that's not good news, it isn't the most serious. Anyways, I was thinking of taking Kait and going to California and do some parkour there, also some shopping."

Honos smirked at him and continued to ask lazily about some details. It felt nice to simply talk to someone else for a change, but eventually Honos stood up and claimed that he needed to go and review some people. Turning back to Flora Harry said. "I'm going to need your help to learn that little trick, mind doing it today?"

Flora nodded and was about to respond when Kaitlyn dropped down into the seat next to Harry, instantly leaning against him. He was about to ask her to get up before giving in and wrapping an arm around her. Flora smirked at the two and said. "Well, I'm certain it can wait. Meet me at my room, I'll teach you what I can about getting places."

That was all Harry needed before his attention was firmly grabbed by Kaitlyn. The lack of tension in the atmosphere was almost exhilarating, but eventually Kait also had to go and do some training with the newbies and left Harry in the mess hall. This was about the first time he had been properly bored, but eventually he decided on heading out to the nearby lake and take a walk. When he got there he was surprised to see that he wasn't the only person there, as Flora was meditating at the side of the river. Walking up to her he laid his hand on her shoulder, breaking her out of her reverie. "Oh, Harry. I didn't notice you there."

He nodded and said. "Well, I came down here to take a walk when I saw you here."

She smiled up at him, looking more serene then before and said. "How about we do that apparition here and now? No-one is around, and it is wide enough so that we may not lose each other."

Harry brought out his wand and Flora calmly lead him through the process, watching as he slowly managed to blink around the clearing before eventually traversing the entire savannah with a single jump. Flora knew that it was much easier for him with a teacher like her, but his progress was still astounding for a single day and a 15 year old. Coming up beside her Harry asked. "So what next? I really want to try inter-continental."

She viciously grinned at him and said. "Well, have a go at it then. Go to London, and come back again. It's the same procedure."

Harry didn't seem to notice her apparent malice but instead closed his eyes, focused on his destination and twirled, disappearing in thin air. Flora blinked at the space, waiting for a minute before Harry reappeared with a loud pop. He was holding a small flagon of butter beer and smilling confidently. "That wasn't too hard you know. I wonder if America will be any different…"

Flora just frowned at him and said. "Do you mind if I checked your magical levels? This is pretty unusual for a new start."

Harry nodded and dipped his head, taking a small sip of butterbeer. Flora laid her hand on his forehead and began to shake as she felt the immense pressure on her body. Gasping she fell to her knees and said. "Oh Morgana above…That was intense…"

Standing back up she pulled the worried Harry closer and began to inspect his forehead, in particular his scar. Harry waited under her scrutiny before she pulled back and nodded, seemingly understanding what was going on. "It appears that Voldemort left some kind of mark on you, magical that is. Essentially it allows you to access a level of knowledge from the Death Eaters you kill, kind of like a mental version of the Dark Mark."

Harry slowly stroked his fingers over his scar and asked concernedly. "Wait, so it could go both ways?"

She shook her head with a smile and sat back down. "Nah, Voldemort only takes his followers knowledge at their initiation. After that, they're free to do as they please."

He nodded happily and said. "So I can obtain magic just by killing Death Eaters huh? That'll be useful."

Flora giggled and said. "You'll learn how to do it, not doing it. You still need to practice it before it will be perfected."

Harry pouted and pulled her to her feet, noticing the sight of the sun in the distance hanging dangerously low. "Come on, we need to get back to base."

Flora nodded and twisted in the air, apparating back into her room. Smiling Harry did the same, giving his wand a sharp twist and focusing on his and Kaitlyn's room. After a moment he opened his eyes, only to be met by the form of the naked Kaitlyn. Quickly closing his eyes Harry stammered out an apology to the dumbfounded Kaitlyn and turned around, letting her get dressed. When he felt a finger on his shoulder he turned around to be met with Kaitlyn's blushing smile. "Don't worry about it, kay? Just teleport into the corridor after everybody knows."

Harry nodded, still too embarrassed to say anything as he went over to his crate and grabbed a fresh comms unit. "Volk, Potter here. Do you have my get-up ready?"

It cracked awake and he heard Volk say. "It is. Head down to 301 and we'll get changed for it."

Stripping off his normal clothes Harry left the room as Kaitlyn was getting into her dress and made his way to Volk's room. Knocking he saw the door open and a sight he would never expect to see, Volk struggling with a tie and suit. "Hey Potter, you know how to do these things?"

Quickly searching his memories Harry found a few disjointed memories from the Death Eaters about a spell used for getting ready. Closing the door he pointed his wand at Volk and cast. "Presti Accelero."

The tie began to move like a snake and tied itself perfectly around Volk's neck as the rest of his suit realigned itself. Volk whistled at the display and said. "Damn, that's pretty handy. Alright get dressed up Potter, we move in T-10."

Harry saluted and walked over to where the outfit was hung on an open door to the en suite. Quickly shrugging off his old clothes he spelled himself clean before throwing the outfit on and casting the same spell he used on Volk on himself. Shrugging to alleviate the stiffness of the suit he turned back to the waiting Volk and said. "I'm ready, rules of engagement sir?"

He stood up from where he was leaning against the wall, looking every bit the leader of the Reapers that he was. "No weapons, no fights. I want you to be on your best behavior with Helskid and Carrow, we could use them later on specialist missions. Leave talking to me, but if one of their big wigs addresses you do what you need to."

Harry nodded and followed him out of the room, his dress boots clacking slightly on the hard wooden floor as they made their way up and to the highest level of the compound. Harry looked over the edge and saw over the entire area, shivering slightly at the height of it. Eventually they reached a door and Volk turned back to Harry. "Remember the plan and try to enjoy yourself, consider this a mission."

Harry nodded and Volk turned back to the door, and pushed it open. Inside was something of a dining room, with a large chandelier and ornate paintings around the walls. Betos, Mox and Honos were sat at the head of a large table, along with a man who's face was covered by a large, circular mask with ornate decoration in the form of purple inlays. Kaitlyn and Flora were sat at the end of the respective chains, both in beautiful dresses which appear to have been tailor made for this night considering their colours matched their faction's modus operandi. Keeping in step behind Volk, the two Reapers sat down at the end of the table, filling the last two seats. Betos stood up and said. "Welcome, friends and visitors, to this commune of our factions. We have gathered you here in hopes to end hostilities, and present a more united front against the tide of ADVENT and their subsidiaries."

Volk stood up and said. "It is a pleasure Elder Betos, but I don't believe I have had the pleasure Mr?"

The masked figure turned up to Volk and a simple, robotic voice came from it. "My name is Geist Commander Volk, nothing more or less."

Standing up the figure stated. "I apologize for not showing my face, but it is integral for my health that I do. I hope you will forgive this transgression."

All of the elders nodded at Geist and they all sat back down. Betos snapped her fingers and a few butlers appeared from the sides, holding bottles of expensive looking wine. They poured all of them a glass before stepping back, leaving Betos to speak. "Well, let us begin shall we? We at the Skirmishers wish to invite your groups together in an alliance, a united front against the tide of ADVENT. We offer our services and knowledge in the field of combat techniques and equipment, along with any other reasonable request you may have of us."

Volk took the initiative after this. "The Reapers will offer much the same, with our safehouses and a large number of prisoners as examples. We are also willing to offer our soldiers on missions which we are more suited for then your own units."

Geist opted to stay seated this time as his robotic voice said. "The Templar are willing to offer our knowledge in medicine to this mutual cause, and in training any of your people with aptitude in our ways."

Volk and Betos nodded to him and Volk turned back to Betos. "Even if an alliance is not reached today, I wish to allow us to continue the exchange of information. As such, it is about time that we revealed the secret that has caused turmoil amongst us. Potter, if you will?"

Harry was genuinely surprised at how well Volk could talk formally and stood up. Pulling out his wand he began to explain in as clear a voice as he could. "ADVENT controls many sects, the Exalt corporation and their own PMC being examples of them. I will demonstrate the abilities of their least known group, the Death Eaters."

Bringing his wand to his side Harry focused on the space behind Betos and twisted, apparating next to her with a pop. All of the elders turned around in surprise as Harry apparated back to his own seat, trying to contain his laughter at their reactions. Flora and Kait were less successful, hiding their giggles behind their hands. Harry waited for the shock to dissipate before saying. "Yes, there is an energy in the world akin to what we would call magic. The Templars control it, but there is an entire underground society that uses magic away from non-magical eyes."

Honos spoke up as Betos was still calming down. "So what else can you do? If we are able to command these weapons in battle, and even in normal situations, we could increase our effectiveness by a massive amount."

Harry sat back down, feeling Kaitlyn's hand intertwine with his free one he said. "Only those born with magic can learn to use it, but I'm willing to help in any situation I can. If the Templars are willing, we could scan our respective factions for personnel with the gift?"

Geist and Flora nodded and said. "We have no objections to training those worth in the art, but it will take some time to fully scan the population."

Betos calmed down enough to say shakily. "T-Thank you for sharing that with us, how did we… Never mind, this is simply another perk of this alliance. Now, are we all in agreement that a formal alliance would do us well?"

Everyone nodded in agreement and Betos stood up, holding up her glass to the other two leaders. "In the shadows, we keep our vigil."

Volk stood up and mimicked her. "They are the food, we are the hunters."

Geist stood up as well and held up his glass, still full from not being able to drink it from behind his masl. "Cleanse the unworthy, retake our domain."

Everyone chanted their respective mantra before drinking, sans Geist of course, and the alliance was sealed. They all sat back down and the meal was brought our for them, a stew apparently native to the area around them. Harry dug into his meal with as much grace as he could muster, making small talk with Flora and Kaitlyn who appeared to be trying to get as close as possible to him from across their seats while the adults conversed among themselves. Eventually as they were coming to the end of their meal Geist turned his helmeted head to Harry and said. "Potter, I believe it would be prudent to inform the Skirmishers about your past. This might help us understand your appointment on your birthday."

Harry turned to the curious Skirmishers and sighed, folding his arms as Volk nodded his consent. "In the magical world I am something of a figure in the public. Years ago there was a leader of the Death Eaters who decided that my family were too big of a threat, and moved to eliminate my sister and I. He killed off the babysitter, but when he turned to my older sister and cast the Killing Curse, it rebounded and killed him. We have reason to suspect he's still alive, but my family went into the limelight while I stayed behind. It got to a point where I left to provide for myself on the streets, but that was when I found myself in the employ of the Reapers."

Kaitlyn tightened his grip on arm as Honos began to mutter under his breath. After a few seconds Volk nodded to Harry and said. "You're one of us now, there is no reason for you to go back."

Remembering the dream he had on the way to London Harry said. "I don't have any proof but it could come to that. I'll fill you in later, but I think there's another figure in the magical stage, Albus Dumbledore."

Geist and Flora growled at the name, and everyone turned to them. Flora took up the explanation. "Dumbledore is the headmaster of the wizarding school in Britain, and one of the biggest players in politics. We know him for his manipulations, and it wouldn't surprise me if he's touched your family considering their status."

A small pressure built up in Harry's chest, but it wasn't what he felt when he saw Kaitlyn sleeping. "Goddamit, then I guess this is more then I realized. In my…I guess my vision, I saw him casting an Obliviate and Imperio on them."

Flora nodded and sank back in her chair, rubbing her forehead. "This is much bigger than I expected if this proves to be true… Okay we'll deal with this after you get back with Kaitlyn, no need to rush things. I'll put some protections in place for now but expect some problems later."

Harry frowned and laid back. Turning to Volk Harry said. "I'm going to go and cash in these cheques now and try and secure myself as best I can."

Standing up Harry tried to alleviate himself from Kaitlyn's grasp gently, faltering when it was obvious that she wasn't letting go. Opting for another approach Harry quickly kissed her cheek, shocking her away from him and apparated to their room. Quickly grabbing his satchel full of cash Harry focused hard on Gringotts and twisted his wand, firmly clutching the satchel. After a few agonizing seconds Harry was deposited in the main foyer, on his knees. It was tiring but doable in his opinion. Walking over to an open Teller Harry said. "I wish to make a deposit to vault…1779. By cheque and cash."

The goblin looked up and smiled ferally. "Of course, if you would?"

Harry opened the satchel and brought out the envelope. Handing it to the goblin he scanned it over before grabbing a small green stone and waving it over the envelope before putting it down a chute. "1.5 Million US Dollars, equivalent to 500K Galleons. Do you have any other business here, a blood test perhaps?"

He turned up to the goblin and lifted an eyebrow. "What does that entail?"

The goblin brought out a list which had sharp, almost illegible by human standards writing on it. "Well Mr Potter, the Blood Test is performed on all prominent members of society. It will reveal characteristics about your magic, classified by the Department of Mysteries. All we require is 5 minutes, 300 Galleons and a drop of blood."

Harry thought over the prospect for a moment before shrugging and nodding. "Sure, no harm in it right? Deduct the total from Vault 1779 please."

Doing the standard identification procedure the goblin jumped down form it's large seat and walked around the counter. "If you would follow me Mr Potter, we will proceed to the ritual room."

Following the goblin amongst the stares of a few straggling wizards they eventually reached the room. It was much more tribality then the other rooms, with a large depiction of a tree with various sigils etched into it. Moving over to the tree the goblin took out a wicked looking dagger and handed it to Harry. "A prick from your finger if you will."

Harry flipped the knife in his hand once before bringing it down on his index finger, watching as the blood pooled in a small well on the knife. Handing it back to the goblin Harry stepped back and watched the goblin work. Doing a small spell on the knife he stabbed it into the roots of the tree, making the blood splatter across it. The roots appeared to absorb the blood and made it travel upwards, filling in specific sigils on its way. Taking a piece of parchment from a stack on a table the goblin waved its finger over the tree and placed it on the parchment, causing words to appear in blood red ink.

Handing it back to Harry he said. "If you have any queries, please ask them now."

Harry scanned over the parchment and whistled, a pretty long list if he said so himself. But upon closer inspection, his heart sank.

Harrison James Potter

Son of James Potter and Lily Evans Nee Potter


Heir Apparent to House Potter

Heir Disputable to House Black

Magical Dispositions

Transfiguration and The Dark Arts

Current magical links outside of family

Godson of Sirius Orion Black by the Godfather Ritual

Employee of Volk Jackson

Apprentice to Flora Carrow in Magical Tutelage

Sworn Rival of Thomas Riddle by prophecy

Lovesworn of Kaitlyn Helskid

Current Contracts

Various Marriage Contracts to lesser houses

Notable Marriage contracts (Greengrass, Abott, Bones, Dumbledore.)

Contract of exclusivity to Gringotts Bank

Looking up from the parchment Harry asked shakily. "Marriage contracts… What… How…"

The goblin nodded gravely in understanding. "I understand you've not been made aware of your responsibilities as heir to house Potter and Black. As the current oldest living male of two patriarchal ancient and noble houses, you are expected to honour at least one contract from each family. As it appears you have a Lovesworn bond with a non-magical however, the deadline for the honourment is in 3 years."

Harry nearly vomited from the shock before continuing. "Can I get any information on the individual contracts and their participants? And what is this Lovesworn thing?"

The goblin nodded and snapped his fingers, causing files to fly in from under the door. Handing the stack to Harry he said. "These are the notable contracts and their participants. Normally you would be unable to access these until your majority, but as you are in the business of war by Goblin standards you are an adult. As for the Lovesworn, it is something that we Goblins have only witnessed among humans. It is a bond which entails that your destinies will forever be intertwined, and should the other fall, you will too."

He looked down at his watch before saying. "It appears that the dinner rush nearly done. If you wish to avoid the media, I would recommend you leave now."

Harry shook his head to shake himself out of his stupor and cleared his throat. "Well, thank you for your services today."

The goblin nodded and lead the two back out and into the foyer of the main bank. Rushing outside Harry quickly apparated back to the outside of his and Kaitlyn's room, thinking over what the parchment had told him about him and Kaitlyn. Setting down all of his files in the crate Harry apparated back to the dining room to see all of them conversing amongst themselves over various pudding dishes. All of them turned to him in surprise and Volk grinned at him, noticing his disheveled appearance. "Christ above Potter, your dog die?"

Harry glared at him and sat back down in his seat, quickly repairing himself while saying. "Not quite, but it looks like things are much, much, worse then I thought…"

Kaitlyn sympathetically rubbed his back as he took a long sip from his glass, noticing that the flavour had become somewhat more powerful then what he was drinking before. Volk waved him off and said. "We've got this, don't worry Potter. You just focus on enjoying your first ever holiday, got it?"

Everybody that wasn't a Reaper looked at them in abject horror. Betos spoke in an imperious voice which betrayed the shock that she was feeling. "Volk, is this the same with every Reaper?"

They both turned to her and Volk shook his head. "As long as they finish their quotas for the time they're going to be off, we don't really give a damn about what they do. The thing is, Harry never takes a break be it from operations or training."

Kaitlyn wrapped her arm around his and pulled it close to his, applying just enough pressure to make him feel comfortable. All of the others looked at him questioningly and he said. "Well ADVENT isn't going to stop any time soon, and I'm sure as hell letting them win with or without anybody's help."

They all fell into an uncomfortable silence before one by one they stood up and left the room, contemplating Harry's declaration. ADVENT had killed and maimed children, even indoctrinated them, but to cause a child to have that much drive just to see them fall was eye opening. Eventually it was just Harry and Kaitlyn left and she sighed, pulling herself closer to his side. "Well, I think that could have gone worse."

He chuckled lowly before she spoke again. "You know, I think I want to spend a night in the pool and unwind. You ever done something like this before?"

Harry shook his head and pulled her close, apparating down to the rockpool. Kaitlyn dropped the floor at the sensation and glared up at his laughing form. "Damn it Harry! Tell me if you're going to do something like that!"

Lifting his hands in surrender Harry began to strip, not caring for Kaitlyn's eyes on his rippling form as he pulled on his trunks. Knowing that there was something of a bond between them, he felt strangely comfortable around her, like he could tell her every secret and never regret it. Dropping down into the pool Harry just let his arms and legs fall asleep as Kaitlyn floated over to him and tucked herself into the side of his arm. Neither of them noticed just how comfortable they were together, nor would they realize that if anybody saw them they would think that they were born for each other. All Harry could think about was the feeling in his chest as he felt Kait's chest rise and fall next to him, and the small glow emanating from his chest which he scarcely noticed as he fell into the realms of sleep.

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