Hi there, so this is my first ever fanfic. I wanted to write something from a fandom I love so much. Which is the Twilight series. I chose to write about the lives and progress or Esme and Carlisle's relationship during the beginning. I know this story of how Carlisle changed Esme and how their love bloomed has been written many times, but I wanted to write it from my perspective and I really did enjoy writing it. So, I hope you enjoy. I really did try. :3

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Ashland, 1921

Esme's POV.

I was on the edge to scared to jump but also to scared to turn around and go back to a reality of pain and loss. Rather I had chosen to stand on the edge of a cliff ready to end my life right there and then. The reason I was here in the first place was for I had lost my son to an infection in his lungs a few hours ago, he was my everything, he wasn't even three days old. He had saved me from a painful abusive marriage by giving me the courage to flee whilst I was still pregnant with him. I had to save my son and myself, but a lingering possibility still haunted me of what if I had not fallen pregnant with my son and never had the courage to leave my treacherous husband by the name of Charles Evenson. What would happen to me then?

This monster would have probably torn me down even more then what I was now if I had never left. The mental and physical abuse was a nightmare to me. He degraded me in every single way imaginable. I was a broken woman with nothing left in my life but a silly dream of a man who had kept me sane since I was 16 years old. This man was what I wanted my so-called husband to be like. This man by the name of Doctor Cullen was a man who I knew would respect his wife in every single way, and that's what I wanted when it came to having a significant other.

It had been 10 years ago, when I first met him. He was my doctor when I had been reckless teen as my mother would have called me. A teenage girl who had fallen out of a tree and broken her leg. The first time I heard Doctor Cullen's voice I already knew he was a calm and gentle man, a man who would have never been disrespectful to a woman at all. He listened to me unlike any person I knew. Never once did he say what I did was not how a lady should've behaved or how I was stupid. He was understanding and so sweet, he was an angel to me in so many ways. From how he spoke to how he looked.

His eyes captivating my heart right in the beginning. They were so unique definitely fitting for the soft spoken and gentle doctor who he was. His eyes where a gold colour which I had wished I had been able to have looked at forever, a colour not even the finest of gold jewellery or even the final glow of a golden sun set would have been able to have competed with. He was beautiful in every single way. Of course, I knew he would have his own family by now, a wife and many children, but I always wished he was mine. That I was the mother to his children. It was a silly dream I had carried with me until now. A dream of our life together, but of course I knew it would never be. There was nothing that would pull me back from jumping to my death now. My son was gone. The man I wished would have been my husband was probably enjoying his new family now. So, I had nothing left anymore to stop me now. I stood there for my final moments praying to god to let me be in heaven with my son George. Asking for his forgiveness for what I was about to do, a sin, committing suicide, ending my misery. I closed my eyes tightly and took one step forward. It was too late now from going back. I was falling to my death and the last thing I saw in my mind was the face of my angel, Doctor Cullen.

Carlisle's POV.

It had been a long evening at work. I enjoyed working the night shifts it was convenient in many ways. I could go to work when the sun was set which helped me not grab anyone's attention, as well as I liked helping those in silence and having no distractions of being bombarded by the day time rush. Recently I had worked over time helping my fellow co-workers with surgeries. I didn't mind the extra work on my hands it was nice knowing I was helping someone get better which always brightened my existence.

I was lost in thought thinking of how the other doctors pleaded with the chief doctors. Not wanting to get to work the night shifts. Many of them wanted to spend time with their wives and families. All my co-workers did not have any suspicions why I chose the night shifts. They knew I had no one to go home to so it wasn't an issue to them, and appreciated me nominating myself to work these times making it one less person for them to fill in. I did have Edward at home, but never was he bought up into conversation with my fellow doctors before. So, no one ever knew I lived with someone else and well I didn't mind it staying that way anyways. I wasn't pestered into going home after I extended my shift for a few more hours over the past few weeks. Except tonight I had been. Doctor Bennett the chief in charge of the night shifts had interrupted me in my train of thought.

''Doctor Cullen, why don't you call it a night. You have been working overtime these past few weeks. At least have a small break. As much as we appreciate your extra hand. You really do need to enjoy your young life and find yourself a girl for goodness sake. Soon you will be too old to find some one.'' He teasingly said.

I laughed knowing he was true. I had always kept my eyes open for someone special, but that someone I knew was someone I left many years ago, l had wanted to spend my existence with her, but I wasn't a heartless being. I did not have the courage to change a healthy young woman who had her life ahead of her. Who regardless at least have a say before being forced into this dammed life of being a vampire. I contemplated many times whether I would do such a horrid act by making her like me, but I also took her feelings into account. Of course, she wouldn't love someone as old as me. She was young at the time. Even though I was star struck by this woman.

Esme Platt was her name she was beautiful and kind, she was unlike any other woman I had ever met. She didn't drool over me or put on a flirtatious act like the rest of them, she was genuine. How she acted around me did make me think she had no interest in someone like me as a lover. So, in the end I left her behind. For I couldn't do such an act of changing an innocent woman who I fell for. After all it was against all I stood for. I shook off thought. Bringing up old memories always put me in a melancholy mood. Which was rare to happen, but when it did I felt broken and lost at times.

''Thank you for your concern, and I will try to do so.'' I calmly said giving the doctor a small thank you smile.

He smiled back at me before clearing his throat and speaking once more. "There is one last thing I would like you to do for me before you leave. If you don't mind could you go down to the morgue and complete some paper work on the new arrivals that came in a few minutes ago, I would find someone else but they are all busy with their shifts, and since you are just here to help during your free time I hope you wouldn't mind.''

''That's not a problem.'' I said giving him a small nod.

''Thank you so much Carlisle. You are a good man. Take a few days off you deserve it.'' He said as he made the way out of the door.

''Enjoy your evening Doctor Bennett and thank you once again.''

''You too." He replied cheerfully.

I made my way down a long hall way which led to a set of stairs leading down to the morgue. Walking down the stair I met a nurse half way. Her heart stopped for a second once she caught a glimpse of me. I smiled at her acting as if I didn't notice a change in her demeanour. Already it is very unnatural for a human suddenly realise someone's change in emotion let alone to hear someone's heart without the correct equipment. So, I acted on the means of being as human as possible.

''Good evening.'' I greeted her politely.

''Good evening to you too doctor, here is just some heads up its pretty depressing down there. So many youngster's lives have been lost today from the virus that's been going around lately.'' She said as her tone changed to be more somber

''Yes, I know it's such a shame we couldn't do anything to help. Their fevers just escalated to quickly.'' I replied matching her same tone of voice.

''Yes. '' she hesitated for a second before continuing. ''There is also a suspected suicide victim down there. She is in a bad shape. So, try stay strong she was so pretty and young. It's just so sad how someone could take their life like that.''

''Do you know the cause of death?'' I asked curiously

''Apparently, she had jumped off a cliff from what I've heard.''

''Well thank you for the warning. I will try to do so. Anyways enjoy your evening.'' I said continuing my trip down stairs

''You too doctor'' she replied.

Once I made my way finally into the morgue, I instantly had my attention redirected to one of the covered tables. A small thumping noise was coming from one in the far back of the room. Coming to terms I knew that person wasn't completely dead. So, I quickly made my way towards the table. Suddenly a similar scent that I couldn't seem to pin point belonging to hit me in an instant once I arrived at the table.

I might have had an impeccable memory but there was something similar but at the same time different with this scent all together which made me want to know who it belonged to, so I could get my suspicions out of the way. Quickly, but gently I pulled away the sheet that covered the almost dead person's body with. My eyes grew wide when I saw a young woman lying in front of me. I recognized her instantly. It was no one else but Esme Platt.

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