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This is so unfair.

Just because I blew up half of the chem labs, which, if anyone asks, was Bex's fault, not mine, my mother sends me on a recruiting mission.

Two Days Ago

I walked through the halls, on my way to the labs to try out Liz's new truth serum (I had no choice in the matter, if I didn't, Bex would punch me). So here I am, standing in front of the chem labs, regretting all life decisions. The doors opened and Bex dragged me inside. I was greeted with the smell of chemicals that I'm pretty sure aren't supposed to be inhaled. I saw Liz standing over a bubbling test tube that contained a liquid colored a suspicious looking shade of green. I looked over at Bex and saw her grinning evilly with a list of questions at her side. I snatched the paper away from her, only to have Bex punch me in the stomach. I doubled over, accidentally knocking over the truth serum...I woke up to the sound of sirens and I saw my mother standing over me, a disapproving look on her face. So basically, I was sent on a recruiting mission because of that, and it really wasn't my fault!

Back to the Present

Now I'm sitting on a small bed in an orphanage, missing out on movie night. I picked up my cover, looking at the information inside. Apparently, I was sixteen-year-old Olivia Enderwood, whose parents were killed in a horrific car crash two weeks ago. My door suddenly burst open and a matronly looking woman entered.

"Hello darling," she said, "Welcome to Red Roofs Orphanage. I see that you've settled in quite nicely. Your roommate, Evelyn, should come back from sc-" She was cut off by a young boy's yells and quickly hustled out of the room.

I wandered downstairs taking in everything. As orphanages go, it was on the higher end, which I am very thankful for because last time I was on a recruiting mission I stayed in a run-down orphanage, where they packed eleven or twelve kids to a room, and gunfights broke out almost every night. Needless to say, that recruiting mission ended quicker than most.

The walls at Red Roofs were covered with pictures of all the children who had lived here, and, towards the end, I saw my picture, but with the name Olivia Enderwood. I continued roaming the halls, until I found a white bookshelf, which was holding a book entitled Animals of East Asia, which, unlike all the other books, refused to tilt, which is an indicator of a secret passage. My skin began to tingle, and I felt the usual excitement that comes along with discovering a new secret passage. Hesitantly, I pulled the book out, and the bookshelf slowly moved to the right. I crept into the passage, waiting until the bookcase went back to its original position. I was blanketed in darkness and continued to walk through the passage until I came across a girl about my age staring back at me.


I walked through the halls, on my way to a meeting with the inner circle. I stood in front of the door, unsure of whether or not I was supposed to enter until I heard my mother's voice echoing through the hallway, "Don't eavesdrop Zachy darling, it's impolite." I quickly opened the door, the room instantly becoming silent with my presence.

"Hello, Zachary," one of the men said, "Welcome. I apologize for the masks, but it is unsafe for anyone to know our identity, including loyal members of the Circle, such as yourself." I noticed the mask crinkling and I knew that he was smiling.

"We have more important matters to attend to, so let's get this over with." Another man said, glaring at me.

"Zachary Goode, do you swear your loyalty to the Circle of Cavan until your death?" A woman asked, her voice high and melodic for such a serious question, but I had been preparing for this moment since birth, and I knew what I had to say.

"Yes," I said, my voice cracking, "Yes, I swear."

The same man who had first greeted me walked up to me and pulled out a sharp sword that glistened as he moved it in the light. He brought it down, and in one swift motion, sliced open my wrist.