Return to Fever Swamp

Skye and her father were now hearing screaming come from the basement.

Skye jumped and grabbed her dads arm.

"Why are they screaming?" asked Skye.

Tom grabbed a flashlight and ran to the basement door, slamming it open.

He shined it down the rickety stairs, looking for the water workers.

"Are you guys ok down there?" he called to the darkened cellar.

A worker appeared in the light.

He smiled waving signaling they were fine.

"Yeah sorry. We were inspecting your pipes when we got an unexpected visitor," said one of the workers.

He came up the stairs and in his hands he held a corn snake.

Skye smiled, putting her hand over her heart to calm herself down. She breathed in through her nose then out through her mouth.

"Oh thank God. I thought you guys were getting attacked," said Skye.

"No. this little guy is nonpoisonous," said another worker coming up behind his coworker.

He chuckled to himself, while putting his hand on his bosses' shoulder.

"He's cute no?" asked the worker.

Skye nodded her head. He was pretty cute.

"This little bugger was taking shelter down here. He must have slithered in and gotten stuck," the worker said while the snake slithered from his right hand to his left.

"Skye why don't you take him outside and set him free?" asked Tom.

"Not after what I just saw running across the yard?" asked Skye.

She took the snake in her hands and frowned.

She looked outside into the now gray and rainy outdoors.

It was eerie out there. And she was scared.

"Dad can I please just set him free from the porch instead?" asked Skye.

"Skye you're letting your imagination run wild. Whatever you saw could have been a wild boar or a dog," said Tom.

The workers had now come in from the basement and all were looking at each other weird.

"What exactly did you see?" asked one of the workers.

Skye looked at him. Maybe now someone would believe her.

"It was huge and black. It was so fast. It was just a big black mass," said Skye.

Tom put his hand over his head in embarrassment.

"I'm sorry guys. My daughter has a very active imagination," said Tom.

"Imagination is always a good thing to have," said the worker.

He took off his hat and wiped away the gathering sweat off his forehead.

Skye looked from outside to the snake in her hands.

"Okay I'll set him free; as long as you leave that door open so I can come in fast," said Skye.

"Go Skye," said Tom.

He unlocked the front door and opened it wide for Skye to go out.

Skye took a deep breath and ran outside to the porch, jumped the stairs and ran to the edge of the swamp.

The rain pummeled the small girl, blinding her vision.

Skye slipped in the mud and fell on her side.

She groaned in disgust, but was on alert and looking everywhere for that creature she saw.

Skye opened her hands and let the snake slither off back home.

As soon as she did that, Skye crawled out of the mud and got back on her feet, but not before her eye caught something in the mud.

It was a paw print. It was huge and it was fresh.

Skye kneeled down and put her hand over the print and she started to shake.

It was the same shape and pattern as the one she had seen near the house when they first arrived.

She eyed the pattern and the paw prints led right into the swamp.

Skye heard guttural growling coming about seven to eight feet away from her. She wasn't alone.

Skye squinted her eyes as she saw something hunched down, something big and black, and it was growling at her.

"Oh hell no! Oh shit! Oh fuck!" screamed Skye.

She turned and ran back to the house, slipping slightly in the mud, but she held her ground.

She didn't even notice the water workmen crew had already left, leaving just her, her dad and her sister at the mercy at whatever this monster was.

Skye ran back to the house, and bounded her way up the front porch, with slamming the front door behind her and locking it tight.

"Dad I was right. There is something out there. It's massive. I saw it!" screamed Skye.

"Skye please. We got water so please just go upstairs and take a shower then go to bed," said Tom.

He glanced at his daughter's state.

"And please make sure you use plenty of soap," said Tom.

"Dad why aren't you listening to me?" complained Skye. She was frustrated beyond belief.

"Because what you're saying makes no sense. It's just an animal. And as soon as it realizes we are here to stay, it'll go further into the swamp and it'll leave us alone," said Tom.

"God damn it dad!" yelled an angered Skye.

"Skye just go upstairs!" yelled Tom. He was getting sick and tired of his daughter's accusations.

"If we die, I'm blaming you!" screamed Skye pointing at her father.

She banged her feet up the stairs towards the bathroom.

She was so mad and full of rage, she wanted to slam her fist against the bathroom mirror, but instead she took a towel and screamed into it, muffling the loud sound.

Courtney leaned against the doorframe after she heard Skye yelling.

"Did you see something again?" asked Courtney.

"You saw the dead dog as clear as day today," said Skye.

"Yes I did," said Skye.

"Tell me what animal can do that to a huge dog besides another canine?" asked Skye.

"That I can't," said Courtney.

Skye closed the door while stripping off her wet and muddy clothes.

Courtney leaned against the closed door while continuing to talk to her sister.

"There is something more going on here," said Courtney.

"You believe me right?" asked Skye while she took down her hair, ready to give it a nice thorough wash.

"Of course I do. I can sense it too. There is something bad, evil, here and I want answers just as badly as you do. But hey listen, even though we have electricity we don't have WIFI. Tomorrow I'll stay with dad while you go into town to do some research on this place," said Courtney.

"We will do just that. Now I have to get all this sweat and mud off me," said Skye.

"Don't take it all. I have to shower too," reminded Courtney.

Skye started the water and sure enough; water had come up from the pipes and spurted out in the shower. It took a while for the warm water to kick in but as soon as it did, Skye took a nice hot relaxing shower to calm her nerves.

Courtney was soon in the shower after her sister while Skye was in her room, making sure her phone was fully charged just in case of an emergency tomorrow.

Skye kept her buck knife close to her that stormy night.

Skye stood near the window, keeping an eye out for that creature that was clearly going to make itself known soon.

"You're not going to get my family," said Skye to the window.

Tom was the last to shower and the lights had been flickering for most of the night.

The entire household was locked up tighter than a coffin. Skye was very much on alert but was also so scared.

Her father didn't believe her so she had to step up and take control of the situation and the first being to keep her family safe.

First thing in the morning she would head to the local library and talk to some of the locals to try and get some answers.

IN the meantime, she had begged Courtney to spend the night in her room.

Courtney did so because she was terrified as well. Both teen girls were asleep on the double bed.

All Skye could think about was when that THING would break down the door and tear her family to pieces. It was powerful enough for sure, but what exactly was it? What kind of animal was she dealing with?

She just wanted daybreak to come fast.

Morning did come fast and Skye was up at seven o clock.

She quickly and quietly got out of bed without waking her sister.

She rushed a white tank top on with some jean shorts and some converse sneakers, then she unbraided her hair.

She unplugged her phone and jammed it into her back pocket alone with a small army knife.

While she made her way down the stairs she checked all the windows and doors for anything out of the ordinary.

Thankfully, there was no sign of anything out of place and no sign that anything had tried to come inside the house.

Skye went to the kitchen and made herself some raisin toast before going outside to get her ten speed bike to ride into town.

Skye left a note for her sister and dad telling them where she had went.

Once she hit the main street she pedaled with all her might to town.

Unbeknownst to Skye, Courtney watched her sister pedal to the road and disappear in between the trees.

"Courtney are you awake?" asked Tom who knocked on the door to the other room.

Courtney jumped up.

"In here dad," said Courtney unlocking Skye's door and seeing her dad stand in the hallway.

"Why are you in Skye's room?" asked Tom.

"Skye was scared so I spent the night in here with her. Dad she's really trying to tell you something is not right with this property," said Courtney.

"Oh Court please don't you start," said Tom.

Courtney sighed.

Tom looked around and didn't see his other daughter.

"Where is your sister?" asked Tom.

"She went into town," said Courtney.

"She's chasing a fairytale," said an annoyed Tom.

"Dad just let her go and she'll be home soon anyway then you can ground her okay?" asked Courtney.

"Alright come on downstairs once you're dressed. You can help me around the house," said Tom

"Gotcha dad," said Courtney saluting her father.

Courtney turned her back and took out her phone. She had forgotten to charge it last night and now she was running low on battery.

Courtney went to the window and sighed.

"Skye please hurry," said Courtney.

Skye pedaled as fast as her tiny muscles could go.

The warm breeze slammed her in the face while her body poured and pumped sweat out of her.

Skye stopped on the side of the road to catch her breath.

She was completely alone in the road.

Skye didn't like the silence. She looked around and all she saw was trees blowing in the wind.

There was no sounds of insects and there were no birds chirping either, which was unusual, especially in a swamp.

Then Skye heard a twig snap to her left. It came from in the trees.

"Hello?" she asked.

There was another snap, this time it was closer.

"I'm out of here," Skye said to herself. Then she pedaled hard and fast towards town hoping whatever was making those sounds wasn't following her.