The Batman contingency plan list

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JL Files: Contingency plan Dark

This is a list of ways to incapacitate the Dark night if he ever goes rogue. Further details may be elaborated on attached files. Keep in mind all of these suggestions are contingent on both Batman's and the person implementing the plans time to prepare.

1. Have Alfred drug him (This would require the Bat family to be against Batman.)

2. Have the Justice League all attack him at once. (Well he has plan's for all of them he probably can not implement them simultaneously. Second of all, if they just jump him that is next to zero prep time. ( Try to do this in an Isolated area to minimize casualties and property damage.

3. Hire Bane, Deathstroke and Deadshot to take him out (just make sure you can afford all three at once.)

4. Hack the Bat computer so he can not have access to his files ( This may require Cyborg or Oracle's help.

5. Get a Batman from an alternate universe to fight him. (best case scenario you can get one slightly smarter then the one you are fighting and preferably has superpowers.

6. If all else false either find a way to get the Specter , Lucifer Morningstar or the Phantom Stranger to help you. ( two deal out punishment for God The other is the Devil/ former warden of Hell enough said.) This is the nuclear option.