More Than Just A New Beginning

Chapter 17

Harry inhaled sharply, standing outside of Loretta Shaw's hospital room. He'd already had a conversation with their healers, they were as good as they'd ever be for such questionings. Their parents naturally, were with them, and Harry could hear quiet murmuring behind the door. He wasn't going to be their favourite person, that was for damn certain. Nobody wanted them questioning their children, they wanted to take them home amongst pack and just forget it but they couldn't.

It would be detrimental to both children and the adults in the long run. The team had decided he was best to deal with the youngest of the lot. Not only did he have the best temperament, he also had the greatest control of their magic.

All the calming draughts in the world wouldn't stop their magic from flaring out when they heard the worst of what those kids had been through. So when Harry acknowledged it was going to be a bad day, he knew it was going to be a really bad day.

For the first time in years, he wanted to go home and crawl under his covers and just ignore the world entirely. He wasn't used to dealing with kids, not like this. Adults, dead or alive, it wasn't so…difficult as this. There was just some things in the world that shouldn't be hurt, and that was animals and children. Not that adults deserve it either, but there was just something more depraved about picking on such a small being.

Before he could back out, he knocked on the door lightly, well aware that he was dealing with supernatural creatures. They'd probably known he was there, realized how cut up he was too, he couldn't stop his emotions if he tried, but he forced himself to erect his mental barriers, fortifying himself against the day.

"Who are you?" the voice who didn't believe him Harry silently recalled.

Harry handed over his ID, "My name is Auror Harry Potter, I spoke to Mrs. Shaw on the phone yesterday." He explained softly, not wishing to scare the little girl than she'd already been scared. "I'm sorry but I really do need to talk to your daughter." He added apologetically, glancing at whom he assumed was Mrs. Shaw.

The Were' inhaled sharply, "Well, you definitely stink of Hale," realizing that the man was telling the truth about everything. As he handed back his ID card that the Auror force had given him when he began the Taskforce department.

Harry just gave a wry grin, used to his privacy being invaded – although not in years – and definitely not quite this way. It was disconcerting how easily though; he'd began to accept it.

"Mike!" came the stern but quiet reprimand, presumably for his words.

"My daughter isn't up for this, can't you…can't you leave it?" Mrs. Shaw begged, as Harry stepped into the room.

The little girl was still groggy, but coming around, the potion had worn off quicker than the healers had thought they said. No surprise, considering how quickly things ran through their system at an alarming rate. Loretta had a drip with a potion going through her system so she never felt any pain and a nutrient drip as well he observed.

"I'm sorry, I really am, but I can't, the law won't wait for anyone…and I refuse to allow those…" Harry glanced at the girl, "Back on the street." Refraining from using the words he actually wanted to use. Not that they would get back on the street, MACUSA wouldn't allow it, the fact they'd touched a child? Oh, no, there was nothing more important to MACUSA than children, magical or otherwise, stemming from just how precious each magical child was.

As long as they weren't raised as a sacrificial lamb naturally…like Dumbledore had done with him.

Putting a small smile on his face, Harry approached the girl, ignoring the subvocal growls from the pack inside the room. They were going to be extremely protect of her. "I'm going to shift over a chair, and take a seat next to the bed." Informing them of what he was doing. "I'm going to ask you a few questions Loretta, can you do that?" he asked the child once he was seated, taking care not to sit too close. He didn't want her scared.

"Who are you?" the girl so very bravely asked, clutching her mother closely.

"My name is Harry Potter," Harry said kindly, "I'm a magical wizard, would you like to see some magic?"

That got an enthusiastic nod from her.

Harry chuckled softly, before waving his wand, and a miniature Patronus stag emerged from his wand. She gasped in awe, fingers touching it, and she smiled, a small thing, but there, and relaxed further as the Patronus enticed a sense of safety in her.

"Pretty!" she murmured her fingers going straight through it, but she didn't mind.

"I have some questions to ask you, I'm sure a big brave girl like you could answer them," Harry said softly, "Do you feel up to it?" guilt laying thickly and heavily in his stomach. He didn't want to remind the girl of the horror she'd faced.

To think his men were going through the exact same thing, having to question the rest of the kids. He'd given Will the oldest child, to make it easier on him…although he was proving to be quite strong compared to Jerry who had fallen apart during the raid. It had been a close call for them all…Merlin only knows how long they'd have survived otherwise.

The Were's made discontent noises but didn't actually outright protest.

Despite wanting to, they understood the necessity. They didn't want those fuckers to get away any more than the Aurors did. Plus, they knew Harry was kind, patient, they'd been told he would never hurt a kid and would do all he could to protect them.

"What?" Loretta asked, glancing up at Harry that innocent look on her face…how she could look that way given all she'd been through was a mystery.

"Do you remember the day the bad people took you?"

That innocence quickly faded, she nodded her head, yes.

"I'll bet it was very scary?" Harry said softly.

She nodded again.

"They hurt mama," Loretta murmured tears springing to her eyes.

"Yes, they did, do you remember how you travelled?" Harry then asked. "Car? Van?" hoping the little girl could understand.

Loretta just shrugged.

Harry brought out cards, "What happened after they took you away from Mama?" holding out the card that showed a car that slowly changed colours and models, it would jog her memory give us what they needed without too many questions and pushing too far. The cards acted a little like Legillimency, showing what she remembered when it happened.

"That!" she said, and Harry checked it, noticing it was a black van, nodding his understanding as he wrote everything in his notebook. "You're a very brave girl, thank you for helping me." He didn't ask for potential registration plates, hopefully one of the other – older – kids could do that.

"Do you remember the…trip?" Harry asked settling on that word even though it couldn't have been further from a 'trip'. "Were you taken straight to the place we found you in?" trying to find out if they'd been set up someplace else.

Loretta stared back in fear, clearly not able to answer.

"Please stop!" Mrs Shaw begged, clutching her daughter tightly, "You're scaring her." she protested.

Harry sighed, his mind whirling, they needed to get as much information as they could. The more they had the more likely these hunters would be executed. "We need this information…the more we have…the greater the chance we will have of being able to execute them for their actions." He explained patiently.

"Execute?" they asked dubiously. "The last one was in like...1860 or something…"

"In the Mundane world, yes, but the magical world does things…a little differently." Harry told them, a vindictive gleam in his eye and his scent. "Even if they aren't executed, they'll never see the outside world again. They will never be released…we take a very serious stance when it comes to hunters. We know just how big a danger to society they are."

"Then why are you questioning them?" Mrs Shaw asked stiffly.

"We still have an obligation to adhere to the letter of the law. There will still be a trial, and everything will be questioned. The more evidence we have…the less likely they can say they were in the wrong place at the wrong time rescuing these kids." Harry explained, "There is a way I can get the information from your daughter without asking her any questions."

The Were's glance at each other, a hint of bear peaking out through the human visage.

"How?" was asked curtly, from the one who answered the door. He had nothing but respect for the wizard, but he didn't like someone being here in his daughter's temporary den. Not when she was recovering from what sadists had put her through.

Harry's stomach twisted at the thought of doing this, "I can remove the memories of some of her time there. In fact, if anything, memories are irrefutable, and will make MACUSA come down harder on them and there's nothing the damn hunters could say that would help them."

"What would that do to her?" Mrs Shaw asked, tightening her grip still. Scooting her daughter, a little further away from Harry as if suspecting he'd do it anyway.

Loretta already had her eyes closed sleepily again, just the small conversation had taken a great deal from the girl. He felt awful for having to remind her, but needs a must.

"Actually, it would help her, there's a heaviness in difficult memories, once removed that heaviness is lifted. She would get over what happened to her a little easier. It doesn't hurt to extract memories…see here, let me show you," Harry murmured, slowly placing his wand at his own temple and letting the silvery mist extract, but before it could come out entirely, he let go and the memory went back.

There were gasps of awe and quiet murmuring from everyone, even those who had remained silent since he stepped in.

"Entirely painless, no more questions, the memories will be returned after the trial. She'll still remember everything, it will just be a bit like trying to recall a fading dream…" Harry was struggling to explain, in a way they'd understand. "I can show you so you can understand yourself…but it's not easily put into words." Hoping they'd understand he wasn't trying to trick them.

"How many memories do you need?" Mr Loretta asked, his row of teeth becoming more bear like than human.

"Ten memories should do it," Harry easily and swiftly answered, inclining his head in silent thanks for the consideration. Even if they don't ultimately go along with it.

"And you won't have to question her again?" that was stressed out, he could see they were beginning to lose their composure.

Noticing their predicament, "If you need to let off some steam…go here, it's magically concealed, normally only used on the full moon, miles and miles for you to run and just let go…nobody human can get in." handing over the card that he gave to all Were's he met. "You'll know when you pass over, there's all sorts of information on the other side. Including a lot of information about hunters and were they're setting up shop so you can avoid them and things like that."

"Thanks," the worst of the lot at keeping control said, he was still young himself.

Harry gave a nod, "Okay, I don't mean to rush you, I can leave you to discuss it if you like?"

"No, do it," the father declared, if it wasn't going to hurt his daughter and ensure he could take her home soon then yes.

"Will we need to attend the trial?" Mrs Shaw asked, would her daughter?

"The children will never see them again," Harry said vehemently, "Our memories of these meetings as well as other memories makes it so that there's no need for further questioning." They did get asked a few additional questions themselves, about their observations and such, but other than that? No, there was no need for them to be at the trial. "You are allowed to be there to see justice served, and see the sentencing if you wish. You'll receive an owl of the trial date. Again, there is no need for you to attend unless you want to. All our mail is sent through owl, they don't bite, you just collect the mail and hopefully refrain from eating them." He added with a pang of amusement that made a few of the youngsters laugh.

Harry rummaged in his bag, bringing out ten small vials, "These are where we store the memories, they'll be sealed in until the trial. Then they'll be viewed before I'll personally return them." He told them all, "I have something for you Loretta," he told her, seeing the little girl was awake again. The slightest movement probably disturbed her. He brought out a soft plush toy, a Doe, "Doe's have a special meaning to me, they're my favourite animal next to wolves and stags." He told her as he handed it over to her, she already had plenty of stuffed toys, it was clear they'd actually listened to him.

There were no scents except his now on the Doe. It was as big as her chest, but she clearly felt delighted by it.

"See this? It's my wand," Harry said, letting her touch it, not something usually done. "I'm going to point this bit, right here, you won't feel a thing okay?" pointing towards her temple making her giggle a bit.

Slowly so not to startle her, Harry pressed his wand against her temple. Not asking her to think on the memories, instead he entered her surface memories. No surprise many of them were there, what she'd been through won't be easily forgotten.

One by one, Harry slowly extracted ten memories, barely able to refrain from heaving in disgust. A flick of his wand had the memories sealed, and Harry quickly wrote down everything on an evidence bag before sealing that too and placing it in his bag.

"Thank you, princess Loretta, you were amazing, thank you so much for your help." Harry said exaggeratedly bowing causing her to giggle a little. "You're safe now, they can't hurt you anymore, can't come back, they're going to be locked up forever or killed to ensure they never hurt anyone else again." He didn't sugar-coat it, she had to know she was safe if she hoped to regain a normal life. it might not be something they want to discuss with her but he'd never been one to adhere to what people want.

Loretta stared at Harry, then glanced at her mum, who nodded. Able to understand what his daughter wanted without a word. She'd simply wanted to know if he was telling the truth. Her Mama confirmed that Harry was telling the truth. "Thank you," she said, squeezing the Doe close.

"You're more than welcome, get well soon, little one," Harry said, not touching her despite wanting to pat her hand. Scent was important, and they wouldn't like his scent on her. "Thank you for allowing me in here, I appreciate how difficult it was."

Not as difficult as it was than him seeing those memories though.

"And thank you for finding my daughter, Mrs. Shaw choked out, clutching his hands, "You have no idea how much it means to me." To have her daughter back, to have her back alive. She'd prayed so hard that her daughter was alive, but she'd slowly lost all hope over time. Then the phone rang…oh, the hope she'd felt…it had blasted into her. She refused to give up entirely on her cub.

Harry squeezed back, aware of the honour he'd been given with the single touch of a hand. It would have been the magical world equivalent of letting someone touch no…hold his wand. "It was my genuine pleasure." He told her, "And it will be a greater pleasure still, when I can tell you that they're dead." When he watched their lives leave their eyes, oh, he'd watch, and he'd rejoice when the scum of the earth was taken out. "Children are precious to us; we protect them all." It didn't matter if they were magical, supernatural or not.

"Yes," she murmured her agreement, nobody sane hurt pups or pack children. They knew what would happen, they'd be eviscerated.

"Thank you for your time," he murmured at least, giving a nod to the others in the room. Making no move to shake their hands or express further sentiments. "I'll leave you now,"

With that Harry let himself out, swallowing thickly, he closed his eyes before bolting for the nearest bathroom. He made it just in time too, he continued to be sick until he had regurgitated everything in his stomach including stomach acid.

They were going down, and he was going to push for the death penalty. He thought savagely, gripping the toilet bowl tightly, thrumming with anger. Merlin, help him he wanted to kill them himself.

Not a good idea, he was emotionally compromised. He huffed out, as he regained his footing. Standing up, he turned the faucet on and wet his face, drinking from the tap to get rid of the taste. All of them could probably be coined emotionally compromised, it was kids for Merlin's sake.

To make matters worse, he'd need to actually see the memories and give written descriptions. Fuck.

It was going to be an extremely long bloody day.

Inhaling sharply, he dried himself off, he had another child to see. Blake Hamilton, also six-years-old. It sucked being the boss sometimes, but he wouldn't wish it on anyone least of all his team.

Stomach still churning, he asked one of the healers for a calming draught before visiting the young lad.

Time to get his game face on, he felt much more centred with the calming draught anyway.

By the time Harry returned home, he was emotionally wrought. He could definitely say without a single doubt, or reservation that today had been the most difficult day on the job. He'd sent the rest home at five o'clock, they needed to spend time decompressing or with family. Zane especially, many of the victims were the same age as his kids.

He could only imagine the thoughts running through Zane's head.

"When you said it was a tough case, you weren't exaggerating, were you," Peter said, able to smell Harry's misery, anger, the feeling of uselessness that enveloped him.

Harry grunted, only to be enveloped in a hug from Cora. The youngster seemed embarrassed by her actions. Which led Harry to believe it was more instinctive than actual desire to do so. Perhaps comforting her Alpha? Oddly enough, he did feel marginally better. He had saved them, he'd saved Derek, he'd saved Peter. Although she may not thank him for a good long while, he'd saved Laura Hale too. It could have been a lot worse; he could have been finding dead bodies. Before Cora could draw back, he wrapped her in a tight hug, so very grateful that he wasn't alone.

She fled the room afterwards, honestly, he was beginning to think being emotionally constipated was a Hale thing. Flinging his bag at the door, he put away his Auror stuff, before silently padding through to his bedroom, and into the bathroom, he needed a shower badly.

Derek watched him go with a concerned look on his face.

Peter, ever the curious werewolf, immediately dove for Harry's bag. Curious to see what kind of case he was currently involved it.

"Peter!" Derek protested, "That's private!" despite his own curiosities.

Peter smirked, "There's no such thing as private anything in a pack den," he added smugly, "He'll learn that the hard way." There was always someone going through your stuff, admittedly not as nosy as he was being and it was mostly kids. He had learned that lesson quickly when his things were drawn on, broken or ripped.

Any amusement he had felt faded fast, as he poured over the information written within the files. Inhaling sharply, understanding Harry's mood, utterly aghast. Just when you think hunters couldn't get any worse…these kids were human, there was no knowing whether they'd transform or not.

"Peter?" Derek asked, becoming concerned by the abrupt mood shift.

Peter slammed it shut, shaking his head, "You don't need to see that." Steel undertone in his voice.

"What is it?" Derek asked, "Let me see!"

"No," Peter replied, his eyes flashing in warning.

Derek's own flashed back in anger, Harry was his mate, if anyone deserved to know what was going on, it was him.

"Neither of you should be looking into my work," Harry said loudly, staring at both of them pissed off. His back had barely been turned for ten minutes and they were rummaging through his case files? Peter definitely should know better; he was a damn lawyer.

"Do you know what they were attempting?" Peter asked grimly, keeping the folder from Derek, although his nephew was no longer trying to get it.

"No," Harry confessed, continuing to explain as he summoned his ringing phone, "I spent the entire day at the hospital and when I got back to MACUSA I was looking through memories. I'll be questioning him tomorrow."


"The wards went off, we ambushed the suspect…she got the better of us, Zane and I were shot, not fatally," Jerry was quick to explain, "We do have confirmation on who it was…"

"How did she get the better of you two?" Harry asked befuddled.

"She had someone nearby with a sniper rifle, would have killed Zane if not for his vest." Jerry said grimly, "She must have sensed something was wrong…no idea how."

"She might have been calling them," Harry replied, rubbing his temples, "How did you recognize her?" realizing what Jerry was saying.

"Her picture, it's Kate Argent, she's in New York," Jerry told him.

Derek stiffened in fear and panic, while Peter snarled claws emerging, glancing at the door as if he wanted to hunt the bitch down himself.

"Did you at least get a tracking charm on her?" Harry asked, remaining calm.

"Negative, we missed," Jerry said, his tone filled with embarrassment.

"It's alright, I'll think of something," Harry said, plans already being made in his mind. "Are you both still at the hospital?"

"We're just leaving MACUSA, we've both been healed, we're fine." Jerry explained, "We'll see you tomorrow boss…and I'm sorry." Feeling like a failure.

"Don't be, but first thing in the morning, get on the phone and warn every single supernatural family we know…see if they've made new acquaintances…or if the kids have…especially at school…you understand?"

"Got it boss," Jerry agreed.

"Go home, get some rest, if you can't make it in tomorrow tell Will what he's to do." Harry ordered.

"Got it boss, night," with that the call ended.

"How would you feel about setting up a trap for Kate Argent?" Harry asked, staring both Hales down.

"It's easy for you to say that," Derek bit out, lashing out in his fear. "It didn't happen to you."

Peter opened his mouth to warn Derek to not go down that road before closing his mouth with a snap when Harry began talking. Too late, and Harry was too emotional to deal with Derek the way he no doubt always does.

"Oh? When I told you that we were more like than you can fathom, Derek I wasn't being untruthful. You think you were the only one who was used that way? Think you're the only one that remembers your first time with revulsion and disgust? Think you were the only one raped?" Harry said bitterly, "You weren't, only it wasn't a fucking teacher that decided to do it to me, it was someone I trusted with my life. Would have sacrificed my life for! Someone I had actually nearly died for a few years before!" he bit out, before taking a calming breath and walking away summoning his work before closing his door with a little snick.

Derek stared at the closed door, guilt and shame already getting the better of him. He just hated any mention of Kate, it made him remember everything he wanted to forget. "You don't seem surprised…you know something," Derek realized.

"Yes, I suspected, but that just confirmed it," Peter commented, the Aurors had alluded to it, but that was all.

"What happened?" Derek asked plaintively.

Peter vehemently shook his head, "No, this is something you should hear from him. It's your mate, Derek start acting like one before you destroy something good and beautiful before it starts." Mates were sacred, loved, desires above all else.

Derek's shoulders hunched.

"Don't let Argent take anything else away from you." was Peter's last comment before he went to bed, empty handed but with a mind busting full of information he honestly felt disgusted by.

Poor Derek, just keeps putting his mouth in it! BUT I think I'll have the next chapter be just them how about it? I know his work has been taking primary focus...and I know a lot of you like that! It seems though that when I write Peter he doesn't have any desire to return to Beacon Hills...will that change once the Argent Hunters are out of the picture? I had not intended the last one to be an Argent...they already know everything about werewolves well, not everything I suppose...but there we go! it's done anyway will she already be at a high school? Will the Aurors get there in time to prevent another pack being killed? Will Peter get his revenge before they can stop him? I mean she's been arrested, executed killed in each of my stories...i think can't recall if killed is one of them... well not by MACUSA anyway I meant by the Hales :P I'd like them to be a bit different to one another! :) Would you like to see some scenes with Stiles and Mike before the time skip which will inevitably happen R&R please