"In the grim darkness of the 41st Millennium, there is only war."

"From my blood and steel, I shall die in the battle that wish to bring the forces of Chaos free. We may be abhuman, but our faith to the Emperor is just as great as your own. We are the Grim Sword Legion, our ancestors gave everything for him and so shall we."-Dante Callar 15th Lord of Grim.

On the Feral world of Voastea, the morning sky show the medium size the extreme axial is so bad that the star raise from the West one day then raise from the South the next. A mouth ago, the world had it's winter, now it's going through with it's fall.

A young women, the look of her mid to late teens wearing a Imperium Commissar uniform. Her light gray skin being hit by the somewhat warm morning wind, with her raven black hair blow with it. She was moving with the remainder unit across the streets to meet up with the rest of their legion.

They only had three more blocks till they would make it to their destination, until one of her man was shot in the head. "Take cover!" She yells before another was hit, which everyone start rushing to get to cover. She starts breathing heavily, but then slows down to find where their attacker was. She spots a large broken window at the building across the street, after noticing this she gave her orders. "You! Go to that building and kill the son of a bitch! We'll suppressive fire until you until with the treat! You know what would happen if you come back if he's not dead before hand!"

The guardsman nods before moving closer to their attackers. It almost seem to easy, until the guardsman was shredded by a storm of pullets. "Fraker!" She looks at her remaining man, only six left and if they can't kill their attackers, then their all as good as dead.

Before she can give the next set of orders, the entrances explodes. She turns to source of the attack and smiles as she see a almost black armor with red trims and a large blood red skull on his right shoulder. That is the sign of a Space Marine, a Grim Angel Space Marine. Sadly, it looks as if he is on his own.

However the sight of the Space Marine alone not only gave the guardsmans a morale boost, but also made their attacker panic. Their attacker aim his rifle at the Space Marine, forgetting about his earlier targets. At this she order her guardsmans to open fire at attacker, to which their former attacker body falls out of the window and lands on the ground below.

After seeing their attacker's body on the ground, she turns to the Space Marine. The Space Marine walks closer to the guardsman and gives his report. "Ma'am, I am Battle-Brother Gabriel. I'm sorry that the rest of my brothers couldn't make it but their with the Emperor now. May I know who I'll be getting my orders from?"

"You may, Lord Commander Risa Callar." Risa informs the Space Marine whom armor she notice have a lot of damage. "What killed your brothers?" Risa ask as she begins walking to their objective.

"They were killed by Blades of Terror." Gabriel informs as he and the rest of the guardsman follow. "We were just a few blocks away from here when eight of them jump us. They killed half of my squad before we knew what hit us. Then of course you can tell we killed them."

"We? Then why do I only see you? And what happen to your bothers?" Risa was not liking what she heard. First she heard they were fight a group of cultist, but hearing about a Chaos Space Marine Warband on the world as well, it didn't leave a good feeling in her gut.

"Killing them wasn't easy ma'am. Five of my brothers weapons broke leaving only their teeth to use. But the Frakers use that as away to kill them, there were able to kill their targets before two shot. My Squad Sergeant Dabriel killed two before losing his arm by the damn heretic. I ran at him and slam my sword through him. After that was done, Dabriel hand me his bolt pistol."

Gabriel show Risa the pistol to which she nods finally understanding what happen. "Alright. We are almost to our objective." Risa points at the large build to which they see to two heads that point guns on them, only to lower after seeing who they were.

"Lady Callar, Space Marine! Lord Callar is waiting for you." The a female guard who sound familiar to Risa, It's hard to tell who it was behind the bone marked mask. But have no time to get answer as if her father wants to see them, they can't keep him waiting.

The two walk into a room with walls all around them with everything look as if it just set-up just moments ago. In the room would have everyone shot by a inquisitor for 'heresy'. A Eldar, a Ork and a Tau speaking with three Space Marines, a Sister of Battle and Lord Commander making a plan to attack the cult fort.

The Lord Commander look similar to Risa all but the dark brown hair with a short beard. His red eyes scan the map to figure out if the plan would work. A servo skull next to him with it's one red eye watching the door, as the gun in the other waits for enemies to kill. He is Malus Callar 19th Lord of Grim, as well as Risa's father.

The Space Marine standing next to the Lord right, wearing armor similar to Gabriel only without his helmet on, he look like another person from Grim. Light gray skin, dark brown hair and those red eyes, only having sclera being black helping their oversensitive occulobe. He is Chapter Master Domiel of the Grim Angel Space Marines.

The Space Marine to the left of the Lord, wearing black and yellow with a red fist. He almost look similar to the Marine to the right, all but his dark gray skin and dark brown hair. He is Chapter Master Cerviel of the Grim Fist Space Marines.

The Marine on the left side of the table, wearing blue and black with a red wolf head. Similar to Domiel only with a larger jaw and skull, do to their enlarge fangs and a white mane. He is Chapter Master Cadriel of the Grim Fang Space Marines.

The Sister, who is standing to the right side of the table. She wear the normal black and white armor. Like the people of Grim, her skin is light gray and short cut raven black hair. Next to her is a wolf like creature wearing a skull mask, known as a Grim Wolf. She is Canoness Superior Ala of the Order of the Bloody Grim.

The Fire Warrior wearing Black armor with a red shoulder guard. Her helmet was off showing blue skin and dark blue hair. She show to be friendly well talking to the Lord about where she plans to put some of her man. She is Shas'el N'dras Fir'jin, a Fire Caste Nobel from a Tau outpost close to Grim.

The Eldar wore farseer armor of white and blue, with gray eyes and aqua blue hair. She have been known for being the first xeno to make connect with them in a peaceful way. She is the Craftworld Anaris Farseer Fosa.

However the Ork was a different individual compared to the others. His armor and jaw pieces is black with his right forearm is just a giant gun. The Ork name is Zagtax warboss of the Savage Skull Klan, the only ork klan to help the Grim Sword Legion.

Having the legion here made sense to Risa, they always work together against chaos, only gaining allies when their common enemy to face. The Blades Terror are nothing new for them to face without help. But it means that they aren't only facing heretics, it means Chaos Orks and Dark Eldor are here.

"Father, reporting for duty." Risa slam her right fist to her heart. "Seven of my man have been KIA, sir!"

"Chapter Master Domiel, Gabriel reporting 4th company, 2nd squad. Everyone, including my sergeant are with the Emperor!" Gabriel doing the same as Risa.

"Understood. Domiel, if its no problem, would it be okay if Risa becomes Gabriel's CO until we return to Grim?" Lord Callar ask Domiel, the Chapter Master nods in agreement to the Lord's request. "This will be a joint operation. Ala, anyone needing a CO?" The sister nods and calls for a 'Sister Katira'.

Coming into the room is someone of equal age to Risa, wearing normal sister armor. Her short white hair reach just below her chain. On her shoulder was a Grim Raptor breed similar to the Holy Terra falcon, wearing a bone painted mask and metal claw attachment. She moves her hands fast with different gestures, Risa realize that Katira is using sign language. 'You called Canoness Superior Ala?'

"You will be joining Risa Callar's unit till we return to Grim." Ala tells the sister, to which Katira nods in understanding.

"Good. Cerviel, Cadriel, Fosa, Zagtax, N'dras? Anyone you want to join?" Lord Callar ask the other leaders in the room. Cerviel only mention that his man are defense units not anywhere close to a full on assault well Cadriel state that his man are a full attack unit and would probably forget that they were put on another unit. Fosa stated that her vision will effect them all no matter what they do, only that they can prevent things from getting worse. Zagtax said his boyz would help destroy everything that come at their way. And N'dras said her warriors are ready to support everyone who needs it. "Alright, move out. Risa, you and your squad will be taking Alexia the Brave with you." Risa only nods and leave.

Risa walks up to the guard at the entrance. "Remove your mask." Risa gave a firm order, to which the guardswoman complied. Removing her mask show a older version of Risa, to which Risa gives a hug to the woman. "Hey, mom. Sorry I couldn't do this early, but you know." As much as Risa wish to, she has to go on her mission. "I'll talk to you later." To which her mother nods and put her mask back on.

Outside stood two Imperial Knights, one a Lancer who pilot is know for not following orders from command. However the Paladin pilot is favored by many because of her willense to help her fellow legion members.

"Alexia!" Risa calls, to which a girl who looks to be in her early teens. Her snow white hair in bob style with her uniform nice and tidy. She looks up and down on her current CO, and then slam her fist to her chest. "At ease, you'll be accompany my unit, do you understand this?"

"I understand ma'am, when will we leave?" Alexia ask.

Risa only hummed at the question, normally the legion tactic was to circle the city first then send attack units to make sure no one escapes during the battle. But they are to far in the city to do this plan, so it could be that the Grim Fist Space Marines and the defensive guardsman stay here as a base.

Before Risa could say anything her father came to the forces to announces their attack. "Alright, some of you must be wonderly why the Eldar of Anaris, the Savage Skulls and our Tau allies are here. It is because the enemies we all be trying to destroy are all together. So we'll be working as one forces to finally end these Chaos bastards. Now every unit, should make it to the central building. You have your orders, now go!"

Before Risa could give her orders a adeptus mechanicus walks up towards her. It was easy to tell that the priest was female, her forearms have blades well her fingers are like blades. Under her hood was a skull painted mask that end above her nose, red lights through her eyes. "Risa Callar, I am Priestess Hana. I'd requested to join you're unit, after all both you and Alexia would need assistance if something happens." Risa nods and gives her orders.

That was only ten hours ago, and through all that time, Risa only have herself, Gabriel, Katira, Alexia, Hana and two members of her original unit. Risa now understood who they facing, they weren't just facing Lighting Wolves Cult and Blades Terror. But the dark eldar of Kabal of the Bleeding Hex, a chaos warband, a damned regiment, and the orks from The Kult of Destruction. And both sides been getting slaughtered, which didn't help with the rest of the legion been holding their bases as their only communication.

Risa was just glad that for some reason, there wasn't much enemies at the part of the enemy base they were in. Only killing about ten heretic, this however never stop the little nerve in the back of her head telling her something was wrong. Alexia was order to wait and come in when Risa order for backup. As they got closer, they began to hear a familiar voice, Risa give a signal to wait as she looks behind the wall.

In the center of the room are a handful of psykers who look to be controlled by Chaos. The walls and floor covered in blood and guts, with what looks like bones being used as torches. Six dark eldar, three Orks, a Inquisitor with about ten stormtroopers and the rest are heretics.

"You're sure that this would work?" Said the man wearing a lord Inquisitor uniform. His skin is that of normal humans, blond hair and blue eyes. Next to him is a female dark eldar ranger, her hood is down showing her pale white skin, naval blue hair and glowing blue eyes with black marks on her cheeks. "Tazarae, please tell this is worth all the trouble?"

"Why of course Lord Inquisitor Zarus. The Warp Gate will send us to where are masters want, and we will be going soon." Tazarae tell the Inquisitor.

Risa tense up, hearing about the Warp Gate was dangerous enough. But that didn't really bother her, since her people have faces many demons before. It was the Inquisitor that made her upset, Lord Inquisitor Zarus have tried to make some reason for her people to be extinct, but he never could.

Risa tap her com device, giving orders to Alexia. "Alexia, their planning to open a Warp Gate. This is no longer a wait for slag, come though the wall and kill as much heretics as we can." Risa pull out her chainsword, seeing their CO Risa's remaining unit pull out theirs.

Katira made a low whistle to her raptor that flow off her shoulder to take the first kill. The heretic has the raptor's claws in their neck. When the body hit the floor was when hell began, everyone pointed the guns at Risa's unit until Alexia's Paladin Knight broke through the wall to the far left and killing everyone that was standing there.

Risa's unit moved forward, with Alexia distraction everyone in the unit cut down equally of heretics. However, after hearing the painful screams from the six heretics scream their advantage was short lived. Risa only have time to watch one of her men rip apart by a ork well the other being crushed by it's foot.

Risa however notice a gas tank that looks to be able to destroy the build. "Alexia, fire at the tank at you're two o'clock!"

"You sure?" Alexia ask figuring out Risa plan. Out of anyone in the current unit, she would most likely to survive but everyone in her unit will die. "I need to know you're sure."

"Just do it!" Risa yells as she trust her sword into a heretic torso, and everything begin to moves slowly. She watch as Alexia fire a round on the tank, making it explode killing the psykers first. The Warp Gate formed in the last moments and begins to become unstable release a flash of light. Next thing she knows, she and her reminding units standing in front of five male humans.

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