Yang carries an extremely large pumpkin into the kitchen, with Ruby following close behind. "Ah, I love this time of year." Yang say happily.

"Me too. Everything feels so festive!" A cheering Ruby smiles.

Ruby and Yang leave the kitchen for a moment, and the Geist flies in. "Mmmm, what's that smell? Smells like evil plaaans. Ha!" Floyd chuckles. Floyd enters the pumpkin from behind before jumping and spinning around to reveal its mask. "Aha, hahaha. I'll get-" The geist is interrupted by Crescent Rose cutting into the pumpkin. "Ah! Not the face!"

Ruby lifts the pumpkin up, with the tip of Crescent Rose still buried in it, before slamming it down into the table and cutting the fruit cleanly in half.

Moments later, Yang pulls a pumpkin pie out of the oven, Floyd's mask is in the middle with a large crack in it; allowing black smoke to seep out. Katira walks in smelling the pie with a please look.

"Aaaah, the perfect pumpkin pie." Ruby sigh happily. Katira pulls out a sign saying 'Smells Great!'

"I call first slice!" Yang lifts up her hand, holding a knife pointed downward at the pie. The room around her is tinted red, and a menacing smile appears on her face.

Floyd stares up in horror at the knife, screaming, as Yang stabs it into the pie. "Oooh, Ouchie!"

Nora Valkyrie stands over a cauldron, stirring it; the room around her is tinted green and the contents of the cauldron cast an unnatural pink glow onto her face. She laughs and cackles madly, wearing a demented grin. Pyrrha Nikos and Jaune Arc turn the light on, walking into the room. Nora's expression immediately reverts to her normal smile.

"Heyyyyy, Nora. Watcha doin'?" Pyrrha ask.

"Yeah, what is all this?" Jaune a little more confused than his partner.

"Oh, just makin' a little love potion with someone special in mind." Nora giggled as she tells her friends.

Pyrrha and Jaune laugh awkwardly.

"Nora, you're never going to trick Ren into drinking your-"Pyrrha interrupts Jaune, grabbing his arm and speaking over him.

"We'll just leave you to it."

"Okay! See you later!" Nora wave goodbye to her friends.

Pyrrha and Jaune leave, closing the door behind them. The cauldron begins to bubble rapidly and Nora grins at it. Both Ren and a Slaanesh Daemonette surfaces, pushing Magnhild out of the cauldron. Ren gasps for air. "Nora! I can't!"

Nora smacks Ren on the head with her hammer, dazing him, and begins pushing him back into the cauldron. The Daemonette sees this and beg Nora to do the same to her which Nora did happily. She begins to hum an increasingly demented tune and resumes stirring; the green hue returning to the room. She gives one last craze grin.

Ruby is laying in bed, asleep, and suddenly bolts awake, stars in her eyes. "It's October 31st!" Ruby falls out of bed, landing next to Weiss Schnee, who looks afraid. "Do you know what today is?!"

"Hallo-" Weiss hoping she got the right answer.

"It's my birthday!" Ruby shouted happily.

"What? Your birthday?"

Blake Belladonna is startled by Ruby's shouting, leaning back away from her. On her bed on the other side of the room, Yang rolls her eyes. "Yyyup."

Pyrrha wearing a fake moustache stands in line with Nora, in a nurse hat, Ren wearing groucho glasses, and Jaune wearing a red mask and Ruby's cloak. In front of a building. "Trick or treat!" Shopkeep leans out of the building and mumbles approvingly before retreating inside, tossing each of the students a candy bar.

"Iiit's my birthday!" The others toss their candy into Ruby's bag; Nora and Jaune cry, staring longingly.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN is written on a chalkboard along with depictions of a ghost, three spiders, three bats, four RIP tombstones, and a large web. At the top of the chalkboard is a drawing of Ruby wearing a witch hat and riding Crescent Rose like a broom. On the desk below is a bowl full of candy. Attached to the bowl is a note reading "ONE CANDY PER TRICK OR TREATER. - DR. OOBLECK"

Ruby reaches across the desk and grabs the whole bowl, sliding it across the desk empty; and replacing the sign with a note saying "It's my BIRthday - R. Rose"

Team RWBY are in the kitchen, lined up. Ruby is stuffing candy in her mouth. "Alright, everyone buy their costumes for tonight's party?" Yang making sure everyone had one.

"I mean, I was kiiinda hoping you guys would buy mine for meee 'cause you know uh, it's my birthday." Ruby trying to get a free custom.

Weiss sighs, annoyed while Yang rubs her hands together. 'Hmmm…'

Ruby is sitting, annoyed, in a room with brick walls. A stage with a stand up comedy night sign is in the back. Ruby is in a metal can, with a lid on her head, and a sign that simply says 'trash'. Nora walks past.

"Nice costume, Ruby." Nora said a tiny bit drunk.

"I didn't pick this!" Ruby jumps in the air, flailing her arms, and then falls over, rolling on the floor. "No! Aah! Guh!" Ruby begins to cry, reaching out with a pleading expression."Please help? It's my birthday."

Risa stands over the 'Trash' before her, she raise her right eyebrow as she looks at the girl. "It's really your birthday?" Ruby nods to which case, Risa smile and put her hands on the side of the can. "Put your hands and head in the can and if you throw up I'll leave you in this can."

"Where are we going" Ruby ask as she follow her orders.

"It's for your birthday present." Was all she said as she give a wicked grin.

I'm having writer's block for this story so I'm working on RWBY react to Storyteller remaster on AO3.