Old Author's Note (Abridged): Okay, for that of you who like Lucius angst, you are going to love this story. It's going to alternate between extreme Lucius angst and a much lighter, humorous situation at Hogwarts. As far as pairings go, I'm warning you in advance that this is going to be Draco/Millicent. If you don't like that, tough. I'm an ugly girl myself, and I think that she isn't given nearly as much press as she should be.

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My Angel is a Dragon, My Devil is a Snake


Chapter 1: Old Crimes

"Well here you are, off to another year at Hogwarts." Lucius smiled at Draco sadly as a baggage handler stowed away Draco's luggage. Lucius had intentionally arrived at the station early so that he could say goodbye to Draco in private; he was going to miss his precious son terribly.

Draco smiled back. "I'll miss you, father."

"I'll miss you too. I'll owl you at least twice a week. If you want to come home or need anything, just ask, and I'll be there in an instant. Remember to dress warmly and eat properly; I know you hate hearing it, but you're still too thin-" Lucius stopped when Draco smirked at him and rolled his eyes.

Draco smiled and hugged him; Lucius hugged back tightly. They suddenly broke apart, however when an amused voice commented, "That's so sweet. I wish I had a dad to worry about me like that." Lucius glared hatefully at a tanned boy who was hanging partially out a carriage window and grinning at them.

"Do you mind, Valini?" Draco snapped.

"Not at all." But the brat didn't move; he just kept leering at them.

"Go away," Draco said imperiously. Valini shrugged innocently.

"Where am I to go? Honestly, I mean you no harm. I don't have a father, so I must live vicariously through others." Valini then crossed his arms over the edge of the window and leaned on them, making it very clear he had no intention of going anywhere. Draco rolled his eyes and hugged Lucius again, Valini be damned.

Valini just smiled again, in a way that annoyingly reminded Lucius of Dumbledore. Well, to Hell with the self-righteous brat; Lucius hugged Draco tightly. "I will miss you so much, precious. Oh, and I almost forgot..." Lucius dug around in his pocket and pulled out a large pouch full of galleons. "Your pocket money. Owl me if you need more."

"Thanks." Draco slipped the bag into his pocket and sighed, "Well, I guess this is it..."

Lucius could hear the fear creeping into Draco's voice, though probably no one else would have been able to. "If you don't want to go through with this, we can go home right now."

Draco shook his head. "No, father, I have to go back. I need to learn how to be around people."

"You're certain?"

Draco smiled shyly. "Yes. But... could you stay a little while longer?"

"Of course; I'll stay until you want me to go. Let's find a carriage."


Draco groaned. "Here come Potter and Black."

Lucius raised an eyebrow. "Interesting, apparently twelve years in Azkaban actually managed to teach him punctuality."

"Or else Potter did. He looks awfully eager to see Valini, doesn't he?" And he did; Potter ran across the platform, shouting a boisterous greeting, while Valini came bolting out of the train. The Slytherin boy pinned Potter up against the side of the car and kissed him deeply; almost as deep as Potter's ensuing blush. Black just watched, chuckling. Lucius shook his head.

"Disgusting; that man should never have been put in charge of a child. At least they can't inadvertently impregnate each other."

Draco shuddered. "Ugh. One Potter is more than enough. We're already badly outnumbered." Many of the pureblooded Slytherin students (and a few from other houses) had transferred to Durmstrang and Beauxbatons this year, including all of Draco's former friends. No one knew exactly why, but there were plenty of rumors flying around, mostly centered around last year's defeat of You-Know-Who and the revelation the sorting hat had been placing muggle-born students in Slytherin house for the last ten years.

"And speaking of over-populated Gryffindors, the Weasleys actually managed to arrive earlier than a minute before the train is due to leave."

The redheaded horde tumbled through the barrier between platforms nine and ten looking as disorganized as ever. Potter rushed over and greeted all the Weasleys enthusiastically, while Valini sauntered after, waving like a performer on a stage.

Lucius and Draco watched as more and more children arrived with their families. Lucius sneered at Granger's muggle parents, who were exchanging pleasantries with the Weasleys.

"I can't wait to see Granger's face when she finds out she didn't come out on top of everything," Draco grinned.

"Now, Draco, it's not very dignified to gloat." Draco pouted. "That is why I asked Severus to bring it in class."

Draco grinned, "Thank you."

Lucius smiled, "It was the least I could do after you made prefect."

"Yeah, but so did Potter and Granger. And Valini, for that matter."

"Forget them. You did well, and you will continue to do well; they are irrelevant."

"I guess." Draco looked despondent, so Lucius held open his arms. Draco smiled and embraced his father.

"I'm going to miss you, my precious boy."

"You said that already."

"It bears repeating."

"Mm." Draco just sat in Lucius' arms while Lucius watched the children climb on to the train.

Suddenly, a sense of dread crept over Lucius; something terrible was about to happen. He pulled Draco on to the floor, drew his wand from his cane, and said, "Draw your wand. Lock the compartment door once I'm out. Promise me, Draco, that no matter what happens you will *stay here* until I come for you."

Draco drew his wand, his eyes wide with fear. "I promise."

"I love you." Lucius gripped Draco's hand desperately then bolted out of the compartment. He pushed past confused students and had reached the car's exit just as the first student screamed. Death Eaters started apparating into the middle of the platform by the dozens, casting unforgivables at anyone who was close.

Lucius did not hesitate either; he dove into the crowd, trying desperately to keep the Death Eaters away from the train. But the press of the crowd was simply too much, and each step seemed to drag him further away. Through the fray, Lucius could see many panicking students and parents, getting mixed up with those who were fighting back. Lucius might have noticed that the Death Eaters seemed to take particular interest in Potter and the newly revealed Slytherin muggle-borns if he did not also have more than his share of Death Eaters after him.

"You bloody traitor!" one screamed at him and attempted the Avada Kedavra. But before the Death Eater could finish, he screamed in pain and pitched forward. A blond woman dressed as a muggle had kicked him savagely behind one knee. Lucius cast Petrificus Totalus on the Death Eater before he could regain his balance. Lucius watched as the woman ran off to battle another Death Eater.

Forgetting the muggle, Lucius turned and stunned another dark wizard, but then gasped in pain as a crippling curse hit his left shoulder. A female Death Eater lunged at him, but Lucius managed to disarm the witch with such force that she was flung backwards. A resolute looking mother (Lucius thought her name was Melissa Jordan, but he couldn't swear to it) petrified the Death Eater as she hit the ground. Mrs. Jordan then grabbed the Death Eater's wand and put it in her pocket, ducking another curse. Lucius nodded his thanks to Mrs. Jordan as she disappeared into the chaos. Lucius took out several more Death Eaters before he heard the sound he'd been dreading since he was dragged away from the train.

"Father, help!"


Draco watched nervously as Lucius ran out of the train compartment. He slammed the door shut and locked it like his father had told him to. He huddled on the floor, dreading whatever it was that had made Lucius so wary. Draco jumped when he heard the first scream. His eagle owl, Hades, screeched and flapped restlessly inside his cage as Draco crawled to the window.

He slowly raised his head until he could see the Death Eaters apparating all over the platform. Draco looked around frantically for his father, terrified that something might happen to him. Draco knew that he should duck down, out of sight, but he could not tear his eyes away from his father. But in concentrating so hard on the battle outside, Draco had forgotten the door.

Without warning, it exploded inward showering Draco with splinters and glass and making Hades screech madly. Draco tried to stupefy the Death Eater who came charging at him, but before he could finish the incantation, the hulking figure in black had yanked his wand away and pinned him against the outer wall and window. Draco then began to panic as the Death Eater started pulling up the hem of Draco's green robe and stroking the inside of his skinny thighs.

Draco whimpered in fear as the dark wizard leaned forward, his while mask cold and hard against Draco's cheek, and whispered "That idiot Crouch said you were good; shame he couldn't hold onto you properly. I won't make the same mistake." Blinded by terror, Draco struck out at the Death Eater, relying completely on instinct. He kicked madly, driving one knee into the Death Eater's groin. The Death Eater gasped in pain, and his grip on Draco loosened the slightest bit. Draco slashed at the masked figure with a large, jagged shard of glass, catching him on the shoulder and causing him to loosen his grip a bit more.

With a final push, Draco was able to struggle free. He grabbed for his wand as he ran out but caught a handful of glass instead. He screamed but kept running; he had to get away! Draco only vaguely noticed that there were no other Death Eaters on the train, just groups of frightened students, mostly younger ones. Most of them, also, had had the good sense to barricade themselves inside their compartments.

Draco had to duck as the Death Eater started after him, firing curse after curse. The few students who had been in the hallway screamed, but the Death Eater paid them no mind; he was after Draco and Draco alone. Draco scrambled through the exit of the car stumbling on the steep stairs. He fell, landing hard on his left arm. He swallowed the scream of pain and tried to crawl away desperately, but the glass still embedded in his right palm and the fact that he couldn't move his left hand made it impossible for him to use his arms.

Strong hands grabbed him under his armpits and slammed him against the side of the train. "You shouldn't have done that, little snake. You're going to pay for that."

Draco sobbed faintly. There was nothing else he could do; he didn't have the strength fight this monster alone. But as the Death Eater shredded the skirt of Draco's robe, Draco remembered that he wasn't really alone; not like he had been with Crouch. "Father, help!" Draco screamed as loudly as he could.

The Death Eater snarled in rage and slammed Draco's head against the side of the train. "Shut up, little snake. You're daddy can't help you." Draco whimpered as the Death Eater pulled down Draco's underclothes and groped his genitals roughly. Where was his father?


Arthur sensed the Death Eaters' arrival a moment before it happened. "Kids, on the train, *now*," he ordered, but dark wizards were already appearing. Molly, Sirius, and the kids all drew their wands, tossing curses at the Death Eaters as fast as they could speak the incantations. Arthur spotted Lucius Malfoy rushing out of a train car, wand raised, and wondered briefly why he was not dressed as a Death Eater.

Arthur's first concern was for the children, but there was a mob of Death Eaters between them and the train, and there was no other reliable cover. "Stay together, everyone!" he yelled between curses. He realized immediately that the Death Eaters were targeting specific people as well as just causing general mayhem. "Harry, stay behind me!"

But Harry wasn't listening. Ron collapsed, stunned, and Harry leapt forward to battle the Death Eater who had cast the spell before she could do further harm. Blaise, who had appeared to have drawn a knife as well as his wand, followed immediately behind.

"Expelliarmis!" Sirius cried, sending the dark witch's wand flying as Harry cast a full body bind. Another Death Eater charged at Harry, the killing curse on his lips, but the twins tossed some of their inventions at him and he fell to the ground, covered in yellow slime. Fred had the good sense to grab the Death Eaters wand and shove it into his pocket.

Molly was at Ron's side in a minute and enervated him. Ginny was there too, tossing curses at the nearest Death Eaters. Arthur had been worried how she might react in a threatening situation given what had happened her first year, but she was doing fine, thank Merlin. Seeing that the kids were all right, Arthur charged forward, trying to subdue as many Death Eaters as possible. As he darted through the fray, he saw Malfoy frantically battling groups of dark witches and wizards.

Once the Death Eaters realized that Arthur was a significant threat to them, they started targeting him as well. He had to draw on everything that he had learned in the last war as an auror, but it had been fifteen years, and he was no longer in his thirties. He incapacitated as many Death Eaters as he could, but their curses were coming unsettlingly close to him.

Arthur dropped as a Cruciatus hit him full force. For the sake of his children, he tried to restrain his screams, but several broke free of him anyway. Suddenly, the pain ended, and strong hands pulled him to his feet. "You all right there?" a blonde woman in muggle clothing asked. Arthur nodded automatically, vaguely noticing that she was splattered with blood.

"Good," the woman panted as if she had run a great distance. "Look out!" she yelled suddenly, knocking Arthur to the side, spinning around, and kicking an advancing Death Eater, shattering his knee cap. As he pitched forward, she kicked him in the face; the impact was so forceful that the Death Eater's mask shattered and his nose was crushed.

He fell to the ground moaning and dripping blood. Arthur put the full body bind on him and gathered up his wand; adding it to the collection he was slowly amassing in his deep pockets. The blonde muggle (she must have been a muggle; she had no wand) looked at Arthur and actually grinned. "I guess all those years of martial arts and self defense classes weren't wasted." Arthur nodded, dazed, as she ran off.

Arthur took out several more Death Eaters until he heard a desperate cry, "Father, help!"

Arthur searched frantically for the source of the plea, terrified that the Death Eaters had cornered one of his own children; never mind that his kids all called him 'Dad'. Arthur finally spotted Draco Malfoy pinned up against the side of the train, being assaulted by a large Death Eater.

But before Arthur could figure out how to subdue the Death Eater without hurting Draco, Lucius came to his son's defense. His chest heaving with rage, and forgoing his wand, Lucius sprinted towards the Death Eater, grabbed the back of the dark wizard's hood (and presumably a handful of hair as well), and slammed the Death Eater's head into the side of the train with such force that his skull was crushed. Draco collapsed, sobbing, into Lucius' arms.

Arthur would never had expected it, but the expression on Lucius' face just then was so anguished and concerned that Arthur actually found himself admiring the devotion Lucius had for his boy. Arthur had always thought of Malfoy as a cold, heartless bastard; it had never occurred to him that he could love his son that much. Of course, that now explained why Lucius had been fighting against the Death Eaters; they had been targeting Draco for some reason. Or was it the other way around?

Arthur tore his eyes away from the Malfoys to rejoin the battle, but the ranks of Death Eaters had thinned considerably. Parents and older students were already targeting the few that were still standing. A couple of black robed figures advanced on the Malfoys, but Lucius cursed both of them, one arm still wrapped protectively around Draco.

Mindless of the bodies and blood littered around the platform, Lucius sat on the cement floor, cradling Draco in his lap. Both the boy's arms looked damaged, and Lucius inspected them carefully, cringing whenever Draco flinched in pain. Pushing this newfound and slightly disturbing image of Lucius Malfoy as a loving father out of his mind, Arthur picked his way across the platform to his family, checking Death Eaters along the way to make sure that they were indeed incapacitated. A handful of them were dead.

"Arthur! There you are!" Molly rushed up to Arthur and hugged him desperately. "Are you hurt?"

Arthur shook his head. "How are the children?"

"Fine, for the most part. George sprained his ankle and Ron has a bump on his head, but Blaise is the one I'm really worried about." Arthur glanced towards the boy, who was sitting on the cold cement, sobbing into his knees. Harry was kneeling next to him, trying to comfort him.

"What happened?" Arthur asked Molly quietly.

"He killed one of the Death Eaters that went after Harry. The poor boy; children should never have been dragged into this."

"But that's probably what they were after; why else attack the Hogwarts Express? I also noticed that they were after Harry and the muggleborns in particular. Are *you* all right?"

Molly smiled sadly and kissed him, "As well as can be expected."


Lucius' heart nearly stopped when he saw Draco pinned to the side of the Hogwarts Express by a large, hulking Death Eater. Completely mindless of the battle still raging around him, he ran to his son's defense. Forgetting that he was a wizard, forgetting that he was anything except a desperate father, he grabbed the back of the Death Eater's hood - getting a fistful of hair along with it - and rammed it into the side of the train. Blood and bits of bone and brain splattered all over Draco (and Lucius as well, though he was oblivious to this).

No longer being pinned up by the Death Eater, Draco fell into Lucius' arms, sobbing. Lucius tried to hug him, but Draco gave a muted scream, "Don't!"

"Draco, what's wrong? Where are you hurt? Oh, Merlin..." Lucius noticed Draco's glass mangled hand first and lifted it carefully.

"I think my other arm is broken," Draco panted tearfully.

"Oh, precious..." Lucius turned Draco around so he could hold him without hurting his arms. Two more Death Eaters charged at them, but Lucius stopped them easily; they were becoming increasingly disorganized and impulsive as their numbers dwindled. Without Voldemort to lead them, they appeared nothing more than disgruntled renegades.

Lucius sank to the ground, cradling Draco in his lap. Draco shifted his legs nervously, and Lucius realized that the front of Draco's robe was ripped open from waist to hem and his underclothes were down around his knees. Lucius' blood boiled; that monster had tried to rape his son!

"Here," Lucius whispered, pulling Draco's underclothes up and closing the gap in his robes. Draco cried quietly and buried the side of his face into Lucius' neck.

"It hurts, father."

"I know, but I can't attempt a numbing charm; I could cause permanent damage. I'm sure they'll have mediwizards here soon, just hang on, my dragon." The fact that he couldn't help Draco was causing Lucius an almost physical pain, but he had never learned healing magic.

The aurors arrived first, and some of the younger ones seemed almost disappointed that most of the Death Eaters had been subdued already. The mediwizards were next, but there were many others with more serious injuries than Draco's. Finally, the Hogwarts' professors arrived, and Severus immediately came to Draco's aid.

"Draco, what happened?"

"He came after me," Draco muttered, glancing at the body of the Death Eater. "I tried to grab my wand and got glass shards instead. And I broke my arm when I fell off the train." Draco's voice was trembling, and he gasped in pain every time Severus touched his wounds.

"How long have you been bleeding?"

"I... I don't know. Since a few minutes after father left the train. Ow!"

"Sorry," Severus apologized absentmindedly as he scanned Draco.

"That was about half an hour to forty-five minutes ago," Lucius supplied, glaring at Severus for hurting Draco. Severus nodded.

"You've lost some blood, but not too much, I don't think. I'm going to cast a numbing charm on your arms and remove the glass, heal those cuts, then mend your broken arm," he explained. Draco nodded, blinking back tears. Lucius tried to distract Draco while Severus worked, but Draco couldn't seem to resist staring as Severus removed each large piece of glass, sending blood gushing fourth from Draco's hand.

It was making Lucius nervous to see Draco loosing that much blood, but Severus finished quickly, and then healed the cuts. In a few minutes it was as if they had never been, except for the blood on Draco's robes and the pain Lucius had seen in his eyes. The broken arm was a bit trickier to heal, but that too was soon just a bad memory. Severus removed the numbing charms, and Draco moved both his hands and arms about to make sure they worked properly.

He smiled gratefully at Severus, "Thank you, Professor."

"You're perfectly welcome, Draco. I have others to tend to, but I hope to see you at Hogwarts tonight." Severus glanced at Lucius meaningfully before leaving; it had obviously occurred to him that Lucius might want to pull Draco out of Hogwarts after this incident.

"It's up to you, Draco. If you'd like, I'll take you straight home."

"I... can I think about it?"

"Of course. If I know the Ministry, and you know I do-" Draco grinned at him, "It will be hours yet before anyone will even be allowed to leave the scene. And for all we know, Dumbledore may decide to delay the beginning of the school year until this can be sorted out."

Draco nodded. "Father?"


"Can you possibly clean all this blood off me?"

"Of course, son. This will be easier if we can stand." Draco moved out of Lucius lap, and they both climbed to their feet, leaning on each other. Lucius cast a series of cleaning charms on Draco, but could not repair his robes, which were in tatters from the waist down. "Thank you, father."

Draco then looked curiously at Lucius, "Aren't you going to cast one on yourself?" Lucius' eyes widened; he hadn't realized that he had blood on him, though thinking about it now, it would be nearly impossible for there not to be. He cast the charm and raised an eyebrow, "Acceptable?"

Draco smiled and hugged him. They stood that way, motionless, hanging onto each other for many minutes. Lucius had hoped to this insanity would die with Riddle, but the Death Eaters had proved to be more of a serpent than he had previously believed. With the head cut off, the body thrashed mindlessly for a time until the last vestiges of living energy were spent.

Lucius surveyed the damage cautiously over the top of Draco's head. The scattered bodies of the Death Eaters were slowly disappearing as the aurors apparated them to the ministry, or possibly even directly to Azkaban. If they were smart, they'd interrogate them all before letting the dementors have them, but Fudge was still Minister, and he had all the intellectual capabilities of a house elf.

The aurors were leaving the bodies of the dead Death Eaters until all the live ones had been transported. Glancing around, Lucius could not see any dead parents or children, but any bodies would have been removed to protect the younger students from the sight. The mediwizards had their hands full with all the wounded families, and many of the children were crying, some wandering around, looking for their parents. Some parents were searching for their lost children.

Lucius spotted the muggle woman whom he had seen earlier with an older blond girl, also in muggle clothes, arguing with a pair of flustered looking aurors. She gestured to various scattered Death Eaters with various physical injuries. Lucius surmised that she was claiming to have caused those injuries, but the aurors seemed unwilling to believe that a muggle had defeated so many Death Eaters. Finally, the woman pulled over a dozen wands out of her pockets and waistband and dropped them at the aurors' feet. She crossed her arms, daring the flustered wizards to refute her again, but all they could do was sputter apologies.

No wonder the Death Eaters had been defeated so easily; without Riddle, they couldn't even stand up to *muggles* for Merlin's sake! What was the wizarding world coming to?

"Father?" Draco asked, suddenly looking worried about something.


"What about Hades? He's still in the compartment and there's glass and splinters everywhere."

"I'm sure he's all right. Let's go get him." Draco was right; glass and wood was everywhere. An explosion had destroyed the entire aisle facing wall, scorching the adjacent walls, ceiling, floor, and seats. Hades was still in his cage, hooting and flapping angrily. He appeared uninjured but was covered in glass shards. Draco opened the cage, and Hades stepped out, shaking off the debris then climbing onto Draco's proffered arm.

"He still has glass on him." Lucius pulled on a leather glove then gently brushed the last of the shards off the owl. Hades was, as always, well behaved. Lucius then shook the glass and wood out of the cage, and Draco placed Hades inside.

Lucius stooped to retrieve Draco's wand and the shaft of his cane. "Here you are, son; it looks undamaged." Draco took his wand gratefully. "Let's go find you a change of clothes, all right?" Draco nodded, and they left the decimated compartment.

* End Chapter 1 *