Chapter 1 One job has gone wrong.

In a space bar in the Milky Way galaxy, it like you would think a bar in space would be like, it's a ship turn into a bar where space travelers go to get a drink before continuing their journey across the stars. The bar was full of a variety of aliens, but one that stood out was a plant-like alien who sat at the bar by himself, he was Methanosian and he was having a glass which a mix of multiple liquids into one which is how he likes it. This Methanosian was fully mature one, he is wearing a black jacket and also back short pants that almost go down to his knees and has a belt with a single plant arrow hanging from his hip?

He was pretty down on his luck, he hasn't had a good job in weeks and it not like he can ever go home… ever. So he getting drunk and maybe pick up a hot chick to bang for the night, but all the girls at the place are one that had experience with him so they were not interested when they figure out he slept with all of them, once a week for two months, during month 3 they gave him the no when he asked. Anyway, he was about to go back to his ship and fly a barking zone in space for the night when suddenly. "Alex man! How my green thumb friend doing." Alex turns to see his Cerebrocrustacean friend who was a normal one, a brown crab-like creature with wimpy looking spikes all over him. And he wore a purple-like collar on him. Alex said.

"Hey Shock what's up?" then took another jug of his drink while he waits for Shock to say what he has to say to Alex. Shock then said to Alex. "I have a job for you." Alex then said to Shock. "What is it, and it better not is another one of that job where I have to capture or kill a Xenomorph. Trust me friend I seen enough Alien movies to know what will happen." Shock shook his head and said to his plant friend. "No no no no it's just a smash and grab, you see there this Prypiatosian-B that's after some Taydenite to free him of his suit because he has one that sealed shut and can't get out without the Taydenite." Alex thought and then asked more questions.

"And why is this a smash and grab job? And why does this guy want to do once he is free?" Shock then said to Alex. "Because the person that asks me to find an abandon ship full of the stuff and ask someone to retrieve it for him so the other guy doesn't get it, because if the other guy gets it. He will go to solar the planet city and absorb the core of the planet and then use is now godlike power to go after his former boss." Alex had to admit this seems very serious but he still was not if he should take it or not. He then asked. "Who is the one who hires you to find this ship full of Taydenite?" Shock look around to make sure no one is listening and whisper one word to his friend.

"Ragnarok." Alex froze and almost shouted out loud but he lowers it to a whisper. "Ragnarok… Are you fucking kidding me you're telling me you want me to steal Taydenite for the most powerful being the universe so he keeps one of his puppets in line?" Shock then said to him. "Well he would deal with him his self but he is a busy man so he asked me to find someone to retrieve the Taydenite for him." Alex calm down and thought and then asked Shock the most important part of a job, the money you earn. "What is he paying us?" Shock calculate in his head and then said.

"Well, his robot minion said to me that we get can get all the money from giving it to him. He will pay how much it's worth so it is around 84 million credits, so if you get 60% you'll get 50,400,000 credits and I get the rest which is 33,600,000 credits, we both will be set for a long time." Alex thought and thought and then said. "Deal okay where the ship?" Shock said. "I send the directions and coordinates to the ship to your phone. Good luck." Alex left the bar ship and head to his personal ship leaving Shock behind. His ship was an average ship that for traveling fast and for living in, also is load with weapons to shoot meteor or when in space battles. He got on and head to the pilot's seat and check his phone and got the coordinates where this ship has been left and abandon.

It only took him 20 minutes to arrive at the wrecked of this ship, the ship was more like a frater ship ones to carry large cargo across the galaxy, it was big enough to consider a space station but not quite. Anyway, he close to an open part of the ship and park his ship and kept in park mode so it doesn't float away. Then he places on his coat a holographic space suit model 2, this one is a light force field that protects the user from the vacuum of space and give breathe able air and also allow him to use his fire powers. He forms a barrier to protect stuff in his ship from floating away, then he opens the hatch of his ship and leap out and use his hand to blast fire to propel him into the open part of the ship so he can enter and retrieve the Taydenite. But unknown to him the trip an alarm which was sent to not only to a plumber base on earth but also to a large battleship in space.

In the ship in the captain chair sat a large metal suited man, it was the Prypiatosian-B Shock was talking about to Alex. His name was Strahlung and he is a space pirate that owe Ragnarok for giving him the power he got today but Strahlung doesn't like owing anyone so he going to steal some Taydenite to free him of this suit which he got when he went to jail years ago and then head to Solar and absorb the radiation that runs the entire planet and with it he will be able to destroy planet with that much power, it should be more than enough to wipe out Ragnarok from existence. He said to the one control his ship which was a guy a black armor stormtrooper.

"Where is this alarm coming from?" then the Stormtrooper next to the pilot said. "The Alarm came from this abandoned ship, it seems to be the one you are after." Strahlung was excited it seems like his plan might act be possible to pull off. So he orders them to head there and retrieve the only thing in the universe that can free him from his metal tomb. So the giant battleship took off heading towards the abandon ship, and to Strahlung's freedom.

Meanwhile the plumber base on earth where the plumber kids were hanging out waiting for Max to tell them what to do. They got the alarm about the abandon ship and decide to check it out, Helen, Manny, Pierce, and Alan put on holographic space suit model 2 so they still wear their clothes and Pierce and Alan can use their powers. And got on a plumber ship and head to the abandon ship. They were closer to it compare to Strahlung's ship so they arrive first. Meanwhile, Alex was looking around the ship for the vault with the Taydenite. He soon found it, but he needs to crack the code to open the vault. It was a giant cub with the only win is to type the password in and the door open reveal its contents.

"I guess I have to either hack it or get the password, or I could use this." He said to himself as he pulls out a laser cutter. And start to cut the center of the door. It took quite a bit to burn through the door and he slowly starts to make I hole in the door. While he was doing that, the kids arrive and follow the sound of the laser cutter which lead them to Alex, unknown to them Strahlung was only moments away and he plans to leave with no survivor other than him and his men. Helen went ahead because she was a half Kineceleran so she was very fast. She reaches where Alex was after he finishes making a large slash hole in the door. She pulls out a laser pistol and shouted.

"Freeze!" Alex stopped what he was doing and saw Helen, he was surprised but then he checks her out and admits she was pretty hot and cute. He also notices she had a gun and even though he wouldn't be killed, but he didn't want it to get violent. He said to her. "Hey, look there is no need for pointing a gun at people." Helen didn't lower her gun and said. "Why are you breaking into the vault?" Alex then said to her. "Well, for one to get the Taydenite and also stop someone else from getting it as well." Helen was not sure what this guy was up to. Then the rest of her team got there. Manny aims his four guns at Alex and said. "Well, it looks like we got our first bad guy," Pierce said to Manny.

"Manny slow down! Helen who is this guy." Helen was going to say he was breaking into the vault but then they notice a green gas covering them, then Alex snaps his figure causing a big explosion, launching the kids back, while they were down he force the door open and grab the Taydenite which was around the size of a typical rifle. He then quickly made a mad dash to his ship. The kids soon got up and follow him. Alex knew he won't outrun the Kineceleran, so he drops some seed, Helen was catching up to him. When suddenly vines ensnare her stopping her in her tracks.

Alex kept on running as he turns the corner and saw a bunch of Stormtroopers around a plumber ship place explosives on it. Alex form a fireball and toss it at one of the explosives, it destroyed the plumber ship but it took out all the Stormtroopers around it. Then Alex saw Strahlung and he was angry, he turns to where the fireball came from and saw Alex. Strahlung fire a beam of nuclear energy through his grill plate. Alex dodges the blast but Strahlung kept his beam following him. Some of his Stormtrooper start to fire a laser at him.

Alex knew he had to get rid of them, so he started to whistle. Then his arrow flew out his holster and flew down to the Stormtroopers, and went through them like a rock sinks in water. The arrow swiftly went through most of the remaining stormtroopers. The arrow soon flies back to Alex and he caught it and put it back in its holster and continue to do his mad dash to ship. As he ran into the plumbers again. Before any of the kids spoke he said to them. "Look if you want to get out of here you better follow me." They were about to question why then they saw Stormtrooper and then start firing lasers at them.

"Lead the way!" all four of the kids said at once. And then they follow Alex to his ship. Manny fires his handguns at the Stormtroopers killing some of them. Alan turns to his Pyronite mode and unleashes a blast of fire at them, Pierce launch spikes at some of them as well. As they continue their run they reach his ship, he opens the hatch so they can jump on. Alex and Helen jump on first. The rest follow behind them. So Alex uses his flying whistled power arrow and launch at the Stormtroopers killing as much as he could before the rest join. He quickly calls it back and closes the hatch. It made it through the hatch before it close and caught it and place it back where he had it and run to the pilot seat and start up the ship.

Helen took the co-pilot seat and help launch the ship and they took off further into space. After a couple minutes of flying into space. Once they were far enough away Helen asked. "Who the hell were they and who the f**k are you!? Alex got out his seat and said. "All tell you all at once." So he and Helen join back with the others. The others were sitting at the table in the kitchen section of his ship he made when he got the ship. Pierce said to Alex. "You better explain who those guys were and why you and those guy were are after the Taydenite." Alex sigh and then told them everything expect him getting it for money, he told he figure it out and decide to take it and give it to the plumbers. Pierce thought about what to do and said to them.

"Let's head back to plumber Base and give them the Taydenite." Alex knew if he did that he never gets his payment so needed to give it to Shock. So he said. "Unfortunately we need to stop and get some fuel for my ship." Manny stood up and said. "Well too bad! We're going-" Alex gave him a blast of gas that knocks him out. Pierce agrees to do it since it better be safe than sorry. As he heads back to the pilot seat he texts Shock to meet him at the cosmic mall. Shock text back that he will be waiting there for him. Alex turns to his co-pilot and smile, he going to have plumber aid him in retrieving the Taydenite.

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