Chapter 2 off to the mall

Alex and the plumber kids were flying to the cosmic mall which was an hour and a half away. While they flew through Space Alex turn to Helen and got to admit he did find her attractive but he knew this might not be the best time to be flirting with her. He said to her. "So Helen, right? Where are you from?" Helen turns to him and said to him. "Earth, I am a hybrid. Why you ask?" Alex answers her question by saying. "I just wondering, I just it interesting that a race full of hot heads, and those who are very fast doing everything. But you, you take things slowly, I just find it… cute." The last one slip past him and he was about to say something then he saw her reaction.

Her cyan color face had a shade of red and she said. "th.. Thank you." She clearly likes what he said about her. It was awkward silence for a bit when she saw a picture. It was a small photo one you can hold in your hand. It shows Alex, but he was younger, he was with his parents and Alex was holding a badge like think that she couldn't quite place where she has seen it. She asked. "Are those your parents?" She said and pointed at the photo. Look at it and could tell it was a rough memory form him but he acts tough and said. "Yeah but I rather not talk about it." she decides not to dwell on it but made a note in her head of what the badge looks like.

While the two pilot were talking Pierce and Alan decide to snoop around mostly because Pierce didn't trust him. Alan said why they look around. "are you sure we should do this, he likely be mad when he found we been going through his stuff," Pierce said he looks through the guy's stuff in his kitchen area while Alan looks through the living room area. The kitchen had a bar, a stove and a fridge. The living room was across the kitchen it had a single couch with two tables on both sides, on the couch lies the knocked out Manny. The Tv was three monitor hanging down from the roof. The robot was a remote but can form a hard light keyboard.

So far Alan only found a small package of green dirt like stuff. Pierce only found in the kitchen he found a bag full of weed plants. Pierce was not what it's for so he'll ask Alex when he comes down. Speaking of which Alex came down and look at Alan and Pierce and saw what they were holding and was not happy, he said. "Did you both look through my stuff!? Pierce asked Alex. "What is this for?" Holding up the package of weed plants. Alex walks up to him and took it and open the package and pull some leaves off the weed plant and ate it and once he was done chewing he swallowed and said.

"It's a snack." He then places the package back and then notices Alan was holding something and said. "Kid put it down, that is highly explosive when near hot things." Alan places it down quickly knowing that he was the worse person to hold that stuff. Pierce then asked. "Why do you have stuff like that on your ship?" Alex walks to Pierce and uses his to show he was not one to mess with. "it stuff I got from a friend and… I don't know what use is for. Anyway stop snooping around my place!" he was about to head up but Manny was starting to wake up, when Manny woke up he saw Alex above him but before he could say anything. Alex knocked him out cold again.

As he got back he saw Helen took his seat. He decides to let her fly so he took her former seat as co-pilot. She then asked. "What happen back there, I heard you yelling?" Alex simply said. "That Pierce fellow been looking through my stuff." Helen Sigh, she knew her brother was worried about this guy but she agree with Pierce, he was lying something but she saw something else, a sad lonely person. They soon arrived at the cosmic mall, about this time Manny woke up again. "What happen?" Alex said as he walks past the four-armed guy.

"You slept through the whole trip." Manny didn't remember Alex knocking him out not just once, but twice. Manny was not sure why he slept but Manny was not the sharpest tool in the tool shed so he went along with it. They exit his ship and saw they were in a giant mall-like space station it had many stores you might see on earth. There is a library, there's a floor where all the food stations are at. Alex then walks to the closest person that work on fueling the ship, he gave him some credits to fuel his ship, once he made sure the others weren't looking he said to the guy. "Here a bit extra if you don't come to get me when it's done, I come to you." The guy nodded and went on to do his job with credits in his pocket.

Alex said to them when he got back to dealing with the guy. "Alright he said it's going to take some time so go look around I keep the prize safe." Then shook the bag on his back. The other knew inside of it was the only Taydenite in that vault on that abandon ship they were at earlier. So all but Helen and Alex went alone to check out what the cosmic mall has to offer. In the shadows, an agent of Strahlung saw Alex and Helen as they head up to the food court. He messages Strahlung mothership.

Meanwhile not too far away Strahlung was bending metal pipes then tossing them in the air and then blast nuclear energy at it turning it into metal liquid. He was doing it to reveal his anger. Before he got another metal pipe to bend a Stormtrooper step in and said. "Master, we got news on the thief he at the Cosmic Mall right now if we hurry we can catch him and free you." Strahlung turns to the trooper and shouted. "Why are you telling me this hurry gather the men get the ship there, I will have the Methanosian's head in a pot on my desk when I'm finished with him." The Stormtrooper to get the ship to the Cosmic Mall and get the troops ready, will Strahlung laugh and villainous laugh.

Back at the Cosmic Mall, Pierce was looking around when something caught him in this elder people shop, it was an ID Mask. He grabbed it and asked the elder aliens. "What is this?" the elder man answered by saying. "That their young fella is an ID Mask, they are used to disguise yourself, to blend in with any race." Pierce like the sound of it and then asked the pierce once they told him he paid for it and place it in his bag.

Alan was checking out a store that looks cool to him. Manny checks out a gun store and he was having a good time. He found a double pair of guns that look awesome, he couldn't afford any of them but when he can he pay them as soon as he can. After window shopping he saw in the center of the mall was a fight ring and it to aliens were fighting, the one that was losing was some dumb brown muscle alien that wore only pants. The other one was an Appoplexian. But unlike normal ones, this one was grayish white with blood red stripes, and where white would be was replaced with a dark purple color. The tiger alien only wore jeans and fighting glove which let his retractable blade attach at his wrist. But he also had red eyes like Ben has when he is Rath.

"it looks like the mountain is about to be beaten by our current champion. RED SCAR!" the announcer said as the fight continue, the mountain was being destroyed by Red Scar. After beating the Mountain, Red Scar Spoke. "Let me tell you something Mountain, you're about to be DESTROYED BY ME THE RED SCAR!" at the end his red eyes glowed slightly and once he was done shouting he roars out and charge at blinding speed toward Mountain. He punches the brown alien in the chest very hard. Then he suplex the guy knocking him out and winning the match.

"Look like the rein of RED SCAR is not going to end for a long time that's for sure!" the announcer said again. Red Scar took the mic from the announcer and said. "Let me tell you something audience who thinks the can match for Red Scar!?" Manny in his mind was made up. He rose his hand which caught Red Scar attention and Manny shouted. "You got yourself a challenger!" Manny said at the end with a smirk, Red Scar also smile since he got another opponent to pummel into the ground. Meanwhile, Alex and Helen were at the food court. Helen was trying to find something she might like to have, Alex knew what he wanted but decided to help Helen out since she still knew not all about stuff that isn't from Earth. She decides to get a space burger, with space fries and a space soda.

"You don't seem to be the type to like fast food?" as he went to get his lunch which was basically a salad. Helen said. "I only got this since I was not sure of the other food places would have food I like." Alex could understand. Soon they bound a see, near a balcony so they could see most of the mall from above, even the ring in the center of the mall. So as they eat they chatted, they got to know one another and both found the other interesting. As the kept talking Helen familiar grunts. Alex also heard it and was below them. Both look over the balcony and saw. Manny fights the Red Scar champion. Helen said. "I'll be back I got to stop Manny from doing something stupid." Then she heads off.

Alex sat there for a bit then Shock took Helen seat and asked. "Okay, where is the package. Alex put his bag on the ground. And Shock knew what was in it. He was about to take the bag when suddenly they heard an explosion. Everyone heard it and stop what they were doing. Alan and Pierce just met up and talking about something until they heard the explosion. Helen stop going to meet many was talking to a shopkeeper about something when the explosion happened that conversation ended. Red Scar was about to piledriver Manny, but stop when both heard and saw the explosion. From the smoke of the explosion came Stralhug and his Stormtroopers, they started to kill everyone. Red Scar toss Manny aside and leap into action first. He swiftly took out some Stormtroopers with ease.

"How the hell are you?!" Strahlung asked Red Scar. Red Scar shouted. "Let me tell you something metal head, you and your cannon fodder are about to feel the wrath of Red Scar." He then charges at Strahlung with his blade out ready to slice and dice. But his blade only bounces of Strahlung. He kept trying but it wasn't working. Strahlung grabs Red Scar by the throat and was about to choke him, but Red Scar grabs a hold of his hand and tosses him into a store which blew up. From the fire of the shop, Stralhug came out more upset than anything else. He shouted. "KILL EVERYONE! NO ONE IS LEAVING THIS MALL!"

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