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Book 1: Air

Chapter 1: Newcomers of Republic City

In the Valley of the End an intense battle between two boys which are Naruto and Sasuke continues and while their abilities are equal to each other neither of them is giving each other an inch and they are later on the lower level of the valley where water is flowing and the two boys stare at each other while breathing heavily.

"You were totally serious just then… You rat…!" Naruto yelled.

"Yeah, dead serious. I intend to bury you where you stand." Sasuke said.

"Just what is wrong with you, Sasuke?! Don't you see me as a friend anymore? I mean, neither of us ever said anything, but I always thought of us…as friends." Naruto said but Sasuke scoffs at Naruto's words and chuckles.

"You know what they say, Naruto? When two shinobi are powerful enough, they can read each other's thoughts, through exchanging fists. You're always the idiot, Naruto. Tell me, do you know my thoughts? Can you tell what's on my mind?!" Sasuke asked as he charges at Naruto and delivers and uppercut sending Naruto into the water.

Naruto is now drifting underwater and is sinking.

"That's it. There's no mistaking it… You're dead serious about this, Sasuke? You mean to kill me… Still…I don't know why. I don't know WHY, but…" Naruto stops talking talking in his mind as his eyes start to turn crimson while his pupils turn slit, his birthmark whiskers turn edgy, and his teeth turn into fangs. "I can't stand to see you get taken by someone like Orochimaru!" Naruto yelled.

Back outside a quake occurs and water starts rising in front of Sasuke who sees someone covered in crimson chakra and that person is Naruto who now appears to have what looks like a chakra fox shape around his body.

"Is that…Naruto?! This…chakra is intense! He seems different! What…ARE you?!" Sasuke asked shocked.

"I'm your FRIEND! That's why you're NOT going to the likes of Orochimaru!" Naruto yelled as he charges at Sasuke and starts attacking Sasuke despite him trying to dodge and move but Naruto keeps attacking.

"My Sharingan can barely track his movements!" Sasuke said as he is receiving a few blows Sasuke gets sent back. "Why? Why go this far for me?!" Sasuke asked.

"This is the first bond I've ever had." Naruto said.

"Bond… If that's how it's gonna be…" Sasuke stops talking as his body starts turning pale, his hair turns longer with light grey, his eyes turn to the Sharingan, and wing like shapes appear on his back. "Then I'll have to sever that bond!" Sasuke said and Naruto uses his demonic chakra claw to strike at Sasuke sending him against a rock wall but Sasuke blocked the attack with one of his wings and manages to push Naruto back. "Hehehehe… You're strong, but I don't feel like I'm gonna lose! Let's end this… This battle, and all the battles until now!" Sasuke said.

"Fine…" Naruto said as he uses a shadow clone to help create a Rasengan which is covered in the demonic crimson chakra while Sasuke starts charging his Chidori which is black by his Curse Mark and after their respective attacks are charged up they start charging each other.

"NARUTOOOOOOOO!" Sasuke shouted.

"SASUKEEEEEEEEEE!" Naruto shouted.

The two boys charge at each other and clash with their respective attacks.

"RASENGAN!" Naruto shouted.

"CHIDORI!" Sasuke shouted.

After colliding with their attacks a massive explosion occurs.

"I want things to be how they were…" Naruto said in his mind.

"There's no going back. I WILL achieve my goal!" Sasuke said in his mind.

During the explosion the two boys fall with Naruto landing on a cliff unconscious while Sasuke falls into a downstream and is also unconscious and is in the water and later on two figures appear at the valley and it's Kakashi and his dog companion Pakkun and they find Naruto on the ground still unconscious.

"We were too late. I'm sorry we didn't make it in time, Naruto. Knowing you, you must have put up quite a fight." Kakashi said looking at Naruto.

"I'm tryin' to find Sasuke, but he's nowhere near here. The rain has washed away his scent." Pakkun said.

"Then, does that mean he's gone for Orochimaru?" Kakashi asked as he looks down to find the Leaf headband with a straight mark on the center. "Sasuke's headband. Where is he now?" Kakashi asked.

Somewhere else a girl with light blonde hair tied to a ponytail and wearing a blue and white kimono and carrying an oilpaper umbrella is walking down a stream until she finds someone in the stream and it's an unconscious boy which is Sasuke.

"How strange. I sensed a powerful amount of energy around here and I think this one was responsible." The girl said as she walks over to Sasuke and manages to take him out of the stream. "Hey, wake up. Are you alright?" The girl said and Sasuke starts to open his eyes and while his vision is a bit blurry he manages to see the girl.

"Where am I? Who are you?" Sasuke asked.

"Are we skipping the part where you say "thank you" and introduce yourself first?" The girl asked.

"I won't ask again! Who the hell are you?!" Sasuke demanded jumping from the girl and takes out his kunai and points at the girl with it making the girl sigh.

"How ungrateful. I'm not an enemy. I found you unconscious in the stream, and I had to make sure if you were alive. Fine. I'll tell you first. I am known as Setsuka Kisaragi." The girl named Setsuka introduced.

"Setsuka…Kisaragi?" Sasuke asked.

"Yes. Know, would you kindly tell me your name?" Setsuka asked.

"All I know that I'm Sasuke Uchiha." Sasuke introduced.

"All you know? What are you talking about? Do you know why you were in that stream?" Setsuka asked.

"No. I don't remember anything. All I know is that I'm Sasuke and you found me." Sasuke said.

"Oh, so you must have amnesia. That's too bad. Why don't I help you?" Setsuka asked.

"I don't need or want your help!" Sasuke snapped.

"Then how will you be able to remember if one can't help you? Do you expect to remember on your own?" Setsuka asked.

"I can try and remember myself!" Sasuke yelled.

"You're so stubborn. Let's go." Setsuka said as she takes Sasuke's arm.

"What are you doing?! Let go of me!" Sasuke yelled as he struugles to get free while Setsuka drags Sasuke out of the stream area and they both go into the forest.

Deeper in the forest the two arrive at a giant tree with an open hole in the trunk.

"Here we are. This is you could say my temporary home. I will be leaving for a week. You can stay with me if you like." Setsuka said.

"Thanks, but no thanks. I'll be going." Sasuke said as he starts to walk off.

"How will you be able to go anywhere if you can't remember where you were from?" Setsuka asked stopping Sasuke making him grumble and then lets out a sigh.

"Fine. I'll stay for one night only." Sasuke said.

"Fine then. Come in and make yourself at home. I'm getting food ready." Setsuka said as she enters the tree while Sasuke follows and inside has seats made of logs, a log table, and various supplies for food, and a bed.

"I take it you're a traveler?" Sasuke asked.

"You could say that, yes. I wander around the world. I go from country to country." Setsuka answered.

"How old are you?" Sasuke asked.

"That's not important." Setsuka answered.

"Whatever. Where are you from?" Sasuke asked.

"Again, not important. What's your story? Are you a shinobi?" Setsuka asked.

"Not that I know of. All I know is that I'm Sasuke, like I said. I don't know if I'm a ninja or not." Sasuke answered. "What about you?" Sasuke asked.

Not a ninja, but that doesn't mean I can't handle myself. Dinner will get started. Please wait." Setsuka said as she leaves Sasuke alone and he starts to think about himself.

"What am I doing here? Why can't I remember anything? What was I doing before? None of this is making sense!" Sasuke said but then a painful sense causes Sasuke to hold his head and he grunts in pain. "Dammit…! My head! What the hell?!" Sasuke asked.

"Are you okay?" Setsuka asked coming back.

"My head is hurting…!" Sasuke said still in pain.

"You must have a nasty headache. I think I have a remedy for that." Setsuka said as she leaves for a second.

"Why is this girl helping me? I tried to push her away, but she keeps insisting on being nice. We just met, and already she's helping. Why?" Sasuke asked in his mind and then Setsuka comes back.

"It seems we have a change in plans. It looks like I have to leave sooner than I thought." Setsuka said.

"Why is that?" Sasuke asked.

"There's somebody I have to meet, and that was why I had to leave in a week, but because there is an…urgent situation that demands my attention, we'll have to leave now." Setsuka said.

"Fine. Have fun." Sasuke said.

"Don't you want to come with me? Who knows, maybe there is a good chance you'll be able to get your memory back." Setsuka said making Sasuke think this over.

"Hn. Fine." Sasuke said and they pack everything and leaving the tree going back outside.

"My destination is at a shore. We'll have to travel far through the forest until we find it." Setsuka said.

"Fine. Let's just get this over with." Sasuke said.

"So impatient, I see. Okay then. Let's get going and let's make haste." Setsuka said as they start moving through the forest.

Meanwhile Kakashi arrives back at the Hidden Leaf Village with Naruto and he hurries his way for the hospital but then a girl comes to Kakashi and it's Sakura.

"Kakashi-sensei! You're back! You brought Naruto. Is he okay?" Sakura asked.

"Naruto will be fine. He is tough, after all." Kakashi said and Sakura looks around to find someone.

"Uh, where's Sasuke?" Sakura asked.

"I'm sorry, Sakura, but we couldn't find Sasuke. My guess is that he probably left for Orochimaru." Kakashi said making Sakura break down, kneel to the ground, and starts crying.

"Sasuke…! No! SASUKE! Why didn't I go with you?!" Sakura cried.

"I'm sorry, Sakura. You should go talk to Shizune about this and talk about it." Kakashi said as he dashes off. "Whew. I never was good at calming people down, let alone girls." Kakashi said to himself.

Meanwhile Sasuke and Setsuka continue their way through the forest.

"So, who are we meeting at this shore?" Sasuke asked.

"A friend of mine. You could say he's my travelling partner." Setsuka answered.

"And why are we going to meet him soon than what you intended?" Sasuke asked.

"That's what I'm going to find out. I found a note while trying to find that remedy for you, and it told me to come and meet him at the meeting destination." Setsuka answered.

"Whatever. So how long until we reach this shore destination." Sasuke said.

"We should get there soon. The forest is big, but I'm sure he knows where he's going." Setsuka said as they keep going through the forest and later Setsuka sees something from afar. "This must be it. It has to be the shore. Come on, Sasuke." Setsuka said as she rushes off.

"Let's get this started." Sasuke said as he follows Setsuka through the remainder of the forest and they later leave the forest and arrive at a big shore with sand and an ocean and while looking around Setsuka finds a young man with dark brown hair and wearing a blue long sleeve robe and behind him is a big blue boat.

"There you are, Shang." Setsuka said.

"Setsuka, you've received my message. Now, we can go." The young man named Shang said and he looks at Sasuke. "Who's this?" Shang asked.

"This is Sasuke Uchiha. I found him in a stream unconscious, and he seems to have lost his memory." Setsuka said.

"I see. He's coming with us, I take it?" Shang asked.

"Yes." Setsuka answered.

"So, what's with the boat? Where are we going?" Sasuke asked.

"We're using this boat to take us to the South Pole." Shang answered.

"Why is that?" Sasuke asked.

"It regards our mission. Now, we must get on quickly." Shang said.

"Okay then. Come on, Sasuke." Setsuka said.

"How long will take us to this South Pole?" Sasuke asked.

"About months, considering the South Pole is just about on the other side of the world, so our travel will be long." Shang answered.

"Whatever." Sasuke unimpressed and the three get on the blue boat and Shang begins to pilot the boat.

"Off to the South Pole we go." Shang said as the blue boat starts to move through the water and the travel through the ocean begins.

Meanwhile somewhere at a different part of the world a girl who appears seventeen-years-old and wearing red armor unleashes two kicks which brings out fire blasts toward a man who is wearing the same red armor and raises his hands to try and defend himself the fire blasts still sends the man flying and he crashes into the ground.

Just then two more men wearing the same red armor shoot their own fire blasts at the girl who is engulfed in a ball of flames but the girl dissipates the flames by moving her hands in a circular motion and gets into her fighting stance again and then one of the men charges at her by shooting three jets of flames but the girl dodges the first fire blast, gets rid of the second flame with a grunt, then dodges the third and then rushes forward but the man jumps up and sends two fire arcs in the girl's direction but the girl tumbles underneath the flames and extends her legs making the man get thrown off balance and he flips over several times and crashes to the ground but manages to stand back up.

The girl is now between two more men and catches a stream of fire in front of her head on as she kicks back a man charging at her from behind and manages to knock him down while retaliating with her own fire blasts and knows down the man while also defending herself against incoming fire blasts from the two men and then she powers up her own attack and fires it at the man in front sending him flying to a nearby triangular roof of a small building near a training ground and is unconscious leaving a trail of smoke.

While all of this is happening five people are watching with one being an elder woman in blue and white clothing and four people wearing blue and white robes while one of them is wearing a red robe.

"She's strong." The old woman said impressed.

"She lacks restraint!" One of the men in blue of white robes said.

Just then the last man charges at the girl and showers her with a fire stream but she smiles confidently while running toward the man and straight into the fire blast, parts it, and then pushes the man's arms apart making him stop his bending and then uses him to propel himself into the air and then kicks a fire arc in the man's direction and then showers him with her own powerful fire stream while she goes down and the man tries to block but gets thrown backward and he falls on his back with a light groan in defeat and smoking lightly.

"Woohoo!" The girl cheered as she runs up to the five while taking her helmet off. "Hey, why all the doom and gloom, people? We should be celebrating! Three elements down, one to go!" The girl said confidently.

"You're getting ahead of yourself AS USUAL, Korra! We haven't decided if you passed your Firebending test yet." The man in red robes said.

"Ever since you were a little girl, you've excelled at the physical side of bending, but you've completely IGNORED the spiritual side. The Avatar must master BOTH." The first blue and white robed man said making the girl named Korra have a bored look and slightly bows her head.

"I haven't ignored it, it just doesn't come as easy to me. That's why I should start training with Tenzin immediately. He's Mister Spiritual." Korra said.

"Do you think she's ready, Master Katara?" The White Lotus Leader asked.

"Yes. If anyone can teach her what she needs to learn, it's Tenzin." The old woman named Katara said.

"Very well, Korra. It's time for you to begin your Airbending training." The White Lotus Leader said making Korra jump for joy and excitement.

"YES! Finally!" Korra cheered but stops as she realizes the elders are watching her and they have dismayed looks so she turns serious, clasps her hands together, and bows. "I mean, thank you all for believing in me." Korra said as she smiles and then walks away while unable to contain her joy and then runs and leaves the training grounds and Katara smiles.

Korra later visits a curled up polar bear-dog.

"Naga, you should've seen it. I kicked some Firebdender butt, and I passed!" Korra said to the polar bear-dog named Naga who waggles her tail and meets with Korra who cuddles her by the head. "Tenzin will be here in a few days." Korra said scratching Naga's head while Naga licks Korra who laughs gleefully.

Later outside of a compound of the Southern Water Tribe which has tall and thick walls with a huge decorated gate Korra is riding on Naga toward the gate but then a White Lotus sentry guard walks toward the edge of his guard tower and looks down at Korra who looks up.

"Just taking Naga for a stroll." Korra said but the guard looks unsure but Korra looks annoyed and crosses her arms. "Don't worry. We're not going far." Korra said slightly irritated and the guard complies and walks back.

With the gates opened Korra leads Naga out of the gates but two White Lotus members eye Korra from atop a nearby mountain as she rides Naga over a large snow-covered plain and Korra starts riding Naga.

"Naga, go!" Korra said and Naga runs faster. "That a girl! Go! Go! Go!" Korra ordered and Naga continues to run faster and Korra sways along with Naga's movements.

Meanwhile on the blue boat which is still going through the ocean Shang is still piloting the boat while Sasuke and Setsuka are in the boat during the trip.

"So, why are we going to the South Pole? Why do you have to go early?" Sasuke asked.

"Shang might have had a vision. He's like that. I will go see and ask." Setsuka said as she gets up and walks toward Shang. "Shang, is there a reason why we had to leave now rather than our intended date?" Setsuka asked.

"There is. I had a vision. It was about a girl, who be in trouble if we don't help her. It's about her being able to control three out of four elements, and she's about be a target of a masked man, who seeks to destroy her." Shang explained.

"I see. That girl. The Avatar, as I've heard right. Never thought she'd be in trouble already. Hopefully, we'll be there." Setsuka said.

"Time will tell." Shang said and unknowing to them Sasuke overhears them.

"Avatar? Vision of her being in trouble? What does that mean?" Sasuke asked and Setsuka returns back to Sasuke.

"We'll be at the South Pole in about a while. You should rest until then." Setsuka said.

"Fine." Sasuke said as he finds a bed and goes for it and lies down in it to get some sleep but while Sasuke is trying to sleep his head starts to hurt and he starts grunting.

In a field the figures with one being a young boy and a young man are talking.

"Big brother! Big brother!" The young boy called.

"What's wrong, Sasuke?" The young man asked.

"What do you mean what's wrong?! You promised you'd see my Shuriken Jutsu today!" Young Sasuke said.

"Oh, that. I'm sorry. I have an important mission tomorrow. I'll be busy, so…" The young man was cut off.

"You're such a liar!" Young Sasuke pouted and the young man sighs and he pokes Young Sasuke's forehead.

"Sorry, Sasuke. Maybe next time." The young man said

Sasuke opens his eyes quickly.

"Just who was that man? Why do I feel angry when I think about him? Does he know me?" Sasuke asked.

Back outside Setsuka looks up at the sky and notices dark grey skies.

"A storm is coming." Setsuka said.

"Then, we'll be in for some rough weather. Brace yourself soon." Shang said.

"Right." Setsuka said.

Meanwhile at the Southern Water Tribe a flying bison with six legs is flying for the tribe and the bison later lands and Katara watches the bison coming and on the bison is a man, a woman, two girls, and a boy.

"Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? It looks like we're there. I know it, this looks familiar! Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Ooh please tell me we're there!" One of the young girls said talking quickly and the man who is directing the bison to land sighs in relief and annoyance.

"Yes, Ikki, as I've been telling you for the last fifteenth minutes, we are finally here." The man said as the bison lands and the two girls jump off and ride on their air scooters while the man also gets off as Katara walks to him.

"Hello, Mother." The man said while holding his right arm in front of his chest while the boy is on his shoulders and pulling the man's ears, the girls pulling up both sides while one of them who is Ikki is jerking his arm. "I can't tell you how happy I am to see you. Please help me." The man begged and Katara laughs as the man bows allowing Katara to get the boy off the man's shoulders and the boy is in her arms.

"Unhand me, strange woman!" The young boy said while frantically waving his arms to break free.

"That's your grandmother, Meelo." The man said and the boy named Meelo nimbly pushes off on Katara's hand who looks surprised and somersaults above her head and lands behind her and then dashes off from behind her making Katara smile.

"It's so good to see all of you." Katara said and the other girl comes to Katara.

"Gran-Gran, I've been reading all about your old adventures. I've been dying to ask you: What happened to Zuko's mom?" The second girl asked.

"Well, Jinora, it's an incredible tale…" Katara was cut off by Ikki jumping between the two.

"Gran-Gran, you look old. How old ARE you? And why is it so cold in the South Pole? Can we make a campfire, and all huddle around it, and tell scary stories, and make snowmen? And then can you make the snowmen move with Waterbending and chase us? Wouldn't that be fuuun? Huh? Wouldn't it?" As Ikki is talking fast and asking too many questions Jinora gives a look of annoyance and disappointment and then becomes embarrassed and ashamed while Katara is unsure how to respond.

The man known as Tenzin then sees a woman slowly sliding down the bison's tail and he walks over to her and catches her hands while reaching the ground.

"Pema, let me help you. Careful now." Tenzin said helping the woman named Pema walk a few steps.

"Stop doting on me. I'm not helpless. I'm just pregnant." Pema said retracting her hand from Tenzin and lay their hands on her swollen belly and as Pema descends the last few steps off the bison's tail Katara walks over and gives Pema a hug.

"The baby's strong. I see another Airbender in your future." Katara said smiling but Pema is a little unhappy to hear it.

"All I want is one child like me, a nice NON-bender, who doesn't blast wind in my face every five seconds." Pema said a little upset.

"Mommy, look!" Meelo called and Pema darts an irritated look at her youngest son and sees Meelo covering himself in snow before blasting it off himself using his Airbending.

"I'm a Snowbender!" Meelo said and Pema who is dismayed has snow on her head but shakes it off her with her hair now a mess.

"Were Tenzin and his siblings THIS crazy when they were kids?" Pema asked.

"Kya and Bumi certainly were, but Tenzin has always been…rather serious." Katara said putting her hand on Tenzin's chin making him slightly embarrassed.

"Mother, please." Tenzin said embarrassed and Katara smiles at her son and just then Korra stands a few meters behind her and waits with her hands behind her back and Tenzin notices her. "Korra?" Tenzin asked as he approaches the young Avatar and puts his arms around her shoulder. "Look at you, so big and strong. You've grown up into quite the young Avatar." Tenzin said.

"Master Tenzin, I'm SO glad you're here. I can't wait to get started." Korra said excited.

"Yes…well…" Tenzin stops talking and sighs.

"You're going to have to tell her sooner or later." Pema said.

"Tell me what?" Korra asked a little unhappy.

"You're not staying, are you?" Katara asked sadly.

"I'm afraid not. We're only visiting for the night. Then I have to return to Republic City." Tenzin said making Korra have a sad look.

"But…no, you're supposed to move here. You're supposed to teach me." Korra said upset.

"I'm sorry, Korra. Your Airbending training is going to have to wait." Tenzin said and Korra is dismayed.

It's later nighttime and in a house Korra, Tenzin, and three White Lotus members are sitting at a table.

"So, how long until you're ready to teach me Airbending? A week? A month?" Korra asked.

"It could be much longer." Tenzin answered.

"I don't understand. Why are you making me wait?" Korra asked.

"I have a responsibility to Republic City. I am one of its leaders, and the situation there is very unstable right now." Tenzin answered.

"But you also have a responsibility to teach me. Believe me, I'd be happy to find another Airbending master, but you're the only one. We're stuck with each other." Korra said.

"I wish there was another way." Tenzin said and Korra has an idea.

"Wait, there is! If you can't stay here, then I'll go to Republic City with you! It's perfect!" Korra said happily but the White Lotus leader bangs his hand on the table making the contents on the table shake.

"Absolutely not! The city is far too dangerous. Avatar Aang tasked us with keeping you safe while you mastered the four elements." The White Lotus Leader objected.

"I get that, but I don't think keeping me locked up in this compound like a prisoner is what he had in mind." Korra replied.

"I know this is difficult to accept, but it's not the right time for you to come to the city." Tenzin said trying to calm the tension.

"Whatever." Korra said dismissively as she gets up, leaves the room, and slams the door shut making Tenzin and the White Lotus leader sigh.

It's a new day at the courtyard and Tenzin, Pema, Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo are sitting on their sky bison and Pema, Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo wave goodbye at Katara who waves back.

"Goodbye, Gran Gran!" Ikki said waving at Katara

"Oogi, yip-yip!" Tenzin ordered as he tugs the reigns and the bison named Oogi grunts and pushes off and starts to fly while Katara starts to shed a tear but wipes it away and someone is sitting at a rim of a cliff and it's Korra who is on Naga and Oogi flies past them and Naga whimpers softly while two members of the White Lotus are watching her and after Oogi leaves Korra's expression turns from sad to determined and serious.

Later at night at the stables Naga is at her shed but then Korra comes to the shed making the polar-dog look up at her master and Korra takes Naga's saddle and starts putting it up on her back and starts tightening the straps.

"Nice night for an escape, isn't it?" A voice asked making Korra startled as she turns to see it's Katara.

"I have to leave. I have to find my own path as the Avatar." Korra said

"I know you do." Katara smiles and Korra makes a grateful look. "Aang's time has passed. My brother and many of my friends are gone. It's time for you and your generation to take over the responsibility of keeping peace and balance in the world." Katara said as she places her hand on Korra's shoulder. "I think you're going to be a great Avatar." Katara said.

"Thank you." Korra said hugging Katara.

"Goodbye, Korra." Katara said.

Korra and Naga emerge from the tunnel and Naga shakes snow off her pelt and Korra mounts on Naga and the polar-dog dashes off and later Korra is at her parents' house and she hugs them.

"Mom, Dad. I'll miss you." Korra said.

"We love you so much." Korra's mother said.

Korra runs to Naga and climbs on her and then looks at her parents who are hugging each other one more time before Korra has Naga run off.

Meanwhile at the blue boat Shang continues to pilot the boat that is going through the sea that's going rough as small waves keep rising and Setsuka joins him.

"The weather seems to be getting worse." Setsuka said.

"That's not going to stop me from continuing to sail." Shang said but thunder roars in the dark grey sky and lightning flashes in the distance as rain starts falling and starts getting heavy.

"This is what I feared." Setsuka said.

"Just hang on. We can make it!" Shang said.

In the room Sasuke continues to sleep but the roaring thunder makes him open his eyes and he rushes out of the room and goes outside only to see a storm is happening.

"This is not good." Sasuke said.

"You're awake, I see." Setsuka said.

"You realize we won't survive, right?" Sasuke asked.

"Don't think negatively. I'm sure we'll make it." Shang said and the weather continues to get worse as more rain becomes intense and the waves of the water become more aggressive and more lightning appears and crackles more.

"At this rate, we'll all be dead before going to the South Pole." Setsuka said.

"What do you propose we can do?" Shang asked and Setsuka thinks and sighs.

"I have no choice. I'll have to perform a jutsu to transport us out of the boat." Setsuka said.

"Jutsu? I thought you said you weren't a ninja." Sasuke said pointing at Setsuka.

"I lied. Sue me." Setsuka replied.

"Are you sure?" Shang asked.

"It's the only way." Setsuka said.

"Okay." Shang said.

Setsuka begins to perform hand signs.

"Transportation Jutsu!" Setsuka yelled and before the storm could consume at the boat pink flower petals appear around Setsuka, Sasuke, and Shang and the flower petals take the three and disappear along with the flower petals while the boat is now destroyed in the storm.

Meanwhile an engine-powered ship starts sailing through a sea and inside the ship are Korra and Naga lying behind some crates and Naga is sleeping while Korra is resting against the polar-dog's flank looking content and the two are sailing away from the South Pole and continue their journey.

In the next morning Korra and Naga are sleeping in the tonnage and then Korra hears metal sounds and Korra wakes up and looks around while rubbing her eyes and then she sees something.

"Naga, we're here!" Korra said excitedly.

The ship's loading doors start to open and Korra shades her eyes from the bright sunlight and glances forward and goes back to Naga while the dock workers start unloading crates from the ship and Naga runs past them while Korra rides he shocking them as the polar-dog dashes out of the tonnage and knocks over a shocked dock worker and he grunts as he falls.

"Thanks for the ride!" Korra yelled as she waves at the fallen dock worker and Korra rides away on Naga toward a large suspension bridge leading toward a city and Korra pulls up nearly at the base of the bridge and they later arrive at a large city with many buildings and skyscrapers. "Wow, look at this place." Korra said amazed looking around to see many vehicles on the bridge honking as they're in a traffic jam. "I've never seen so many Satomobiles before." Korra said as she continues riding through the city and finds a statue of a bald young man at the water and Korra continues to look in awe around the city and then she finds that the statue is not far from an island that has a temple. "Air Temple Island. That's where Tenzin lives." Korra said petting Naga's head. "You ready for a little swim, girl?" Korra asked but then Naga puts her nose in the air and starts sniffing something before quickly running to find the source. "Okay, okay! Food first, then Air Temple." Korra said.

Meanwhile at a different part of the city the pink flower petals appear and it reveals only Sasuke who struggles to maintain his balance until he manages to retain it.

"That was some jutsu. I still can't believe she lied to me about being a ninja." Sasuke said and looks around to see that Setsuka and Shang are not with him. "Setsuka! Where are you?" Sasuke called but no answer. "I guess that jutsu separated us. Whatever." Sasuke said and looks around the city and sees many buildings, skyscrapers, airships, and vehicles. "This is one interesting place. Is this a village? It's…huge. What's all this stuff? Never mind that. I need to find out where I am." Sasuke said.

"Naga, look out!" A voice yelled.

"Huh?" Sasuke asked and he sees something coming and it's a big polar bear-dog avoiding a collision with a rapidly incoming truck which brakes and slides horizontally over the road and it slams into a vehicle while the polar bear-dog keeps running while a seventeen-year-old girl looks back at the damage but then the polar bear-dog runs into Sasuke who tried to move but gets hit. "Ugh!" Sasuke grunted being hit.

"Sorry!" A girl called.

Sasuke gets up and looks at the polar bear-dog.

"What an idiot." Sasuke said coldly.

"Whoops, sorry about that. Excuse us. Coming through. Heads up. Eh, sorry, we're new in town." Korra said as she and Naga run through the city and pass many pedestrians.

Naga later comes to an open square and slows down bending over to the smell the ground to try and pinpoint the location of the smell and Naga follows her nose toward a small food stall with its wall comprised of an orange cloth and Naga goes over to the side of the stall and sticks her head through the curtains and inside the food stall appears to be selling different kinds of meat and Korra tries to stick her head through the curtain as well and Naga starts to devour the food.

"Naga, wait." Korra said in a stern voice crossing her arms making Naga widen her eyes and slants down in disappointment and lies down whimpering while Korra leans back out of the curtains and then Korra slides off Naga and walks to the front of the stall while Naga wags her tail excitedly and Korra is picking up a meat stick while a proprietor eyes at her. "We'll take one of everything, please." Korra said.

"That will be twenty yuans." The shopkeeper said in a stern voice.

"Uh…I don't have any money?" Korra said and the shopkeeper becomes angry and snatches the meat stick out of the Avatar's hands making Korra get into a karate-like position and gets angry.

"Then what good are you to me?" The shopkeeper asked making Korra feel dejected and walks to Naga and pets her neck and Naha whimpers.

"Don't worry, girl. The city's big. I bet we could find a place to rustle up something to eat." Korra said as Naga starts walking slowly while still having a depressed look.

Later Korra and Naga are at a park and Korra is frying three fish with her Firebending while Naga is looking for fish for her own in a pond and while Korra is placing a middle fish on a stick Naga catches a fish herself and Korra continues to fry her fish before blowing on it.

Just then a strange man appears in a bush next to her eyeing her with a crazed grin and while Korra is having a bite she looks at the man and gasps as the man emerges from the bush.

"Uh, say, think I can I get one of them tasty-smelling fishies?" The strange man asked while flapping his elbows.

"Uh, yeah, sure." Korra said in an unsure voice as the man waggles up to Korra with big weird steps, takes a fish on a stick, and squats down ferociously devouring the fish while smacking loudly. "So, do you…live in that bush?" Korra asked pointing at the bush.

"Yes, presently that is what I do call home. Took me a while to procure a bush that beauteous. This park is quite popular with all the vagabonds." The strange man said.

"So, there are a lot of you out here? I thought everyone in this city was "living it up"." Korra said with an unsure expression and the man chuckles.

"Hey, you've got a lot to learn, newcomer. Welcome to Republic City." The strange man said widening his arms and Korra arcs her eyebrows and makes a strange gaze unnerved but then they hear a whistle being blown and they find a guard from a bridge over the pond.

"Hey, you! Stop! You can't fish here!" The guard yelled as he runs at Korra while the man jumps into his bush.

"You best skedaddle." The strange man said and Korra whistles on her fingers and Naga comes running toward her and Korra runs a few steps along with the polar-dog and then gets on her back and Naga runs off but the guard runs after her while blowing his whistle and waving his truncheon until he stops at Korra's spot and rests his hands on his knees and breathes heavily while the man emerges from his bush and waves after Korra.

Meanwhile Sasuke arrives at the park and is exploring around to wonder where he is and while he continues to keep walking he finds a stage like stand and finds a man with a megaphone and is standing in front of a poster of a masked figure.

"Are you tired of living under the tyranny of benders? Then join the Equalists! For too long, the bending elite of this city have forced non-benders to live as lower-class citizens. Join Amon, and together, we will tear down the bending establishment." The protester announced as Sasuke walks over among twelve people who are listening and Korra and Naga arrive as well and she is disgusted by what the man just said.

"What are you talking about? Bending is the coolest thing in the world." Korra said proudly making the protester eye at the Avatar.

"Oh, yeah? Let me guess; you're a bender." The protester said.

"Yeah, I am." Korra said crossing her arms in a proud tone.

"Then I bet you'd just LOVE to knock me off this platform with some Waterbending, huh?" The protester asked.

"I'm seriously thinking about it." Korra said annoyed with the protester.

"This is what's wrong with this city! Benders like this girl only use their powers to oppress us!" The protester said.

"Shut up." Sasuke said making the protester look at Sasuke shocked and the spectators are shocked as well and Korra turns to see Sasuke after hearing what he said. "Your voice is seriously annoying, and hurting my ears. Can it." Sasuke said annoyed.

"Who do you think you are, boy? Are you a bender too?" The protester asked.

"Bender? I don't even know what that is, but your constant yelling and talk of oppressing is pissing me off. Shut up or I'll beat you." Sasuke threatened.

"I'd like to see you try!" The protester said arrogantly and Sasuke walks up to the protester and delivers a punch at the protester followed a roundhouse kick and knocks the protester down.

"Hey, don't hurt our voice!" One of the crowd members yelled as the rest of the crowd start bowing at Sasuke.

"Leave him alone! I think that kid was right to shut that guy up." Korra said proudly.

"You be quiet and get outta here!" Another person from the crowd yelled.

"Yeah, oppressor!" Another person in the crowd yelled.

"What? You think I'm oppressing you? I'm not oppressing anyone. You're…you're oppressing yourselves!" Korra said.

"That doesn't even make any sense!" The protester yelled.

"I said shut UP!" Sasuke yelled as he was about to deliver another punch but Korra gets off Naga, takes Sasuke, and then takes him to Naga and gets Naga to run off while the crowd start booing at them.

Korra and Naga take Sasuke and are walking through a street.

"Why did you stop me?" Sasuke asked.

"Look, as much as I enjoyed watching you beat that guy, I can't stand to see someone get in trouble because of me." Korra answered and Sasuke snorts.

"I wasn't doing it for you. I only did it because he was pissing me off." Sasuke said.

"Yeah, I know that feeling. Well, take care and stay out of trouble." Korra said as she and Naga leave.

"Whatever." Sasuke said as he keeps going.

Korra and Naga continue through the street and she finds a young man and old woman sitting in front of a shop talking to each other.

"Excuse me, I think I'm lost. How do I get to Air Temple Island from here?" Korra asked.

"Just head down this street." The old woman said pointing to down the street that Korra needs to go by but then a red vehicle comes turns down the street and goes for the shops. "You should get moving, young lady. It isn't safe." The old woman said.

The vehicle pulls up and stops and as it stops three people get out and they approach a phonograph vendor who is cleaning one of his products and one of the men approach the phonograph vendor who gets scared.

"Mr. Chung, please tell me that you have my money or else I can't guarantee I can protect your fine establishment." One of the men said as the second man lights his left hand with fire while grinning evilly.

"I'm sorry, business has been slow. Please, take one of my phonographs." Chung said offering a phonograph but the Firebending man smacks the object out of Chung's hands with a fire kick and the phonograph is now burning making Chung jump back to avoid the fire blast and falls to the ground.

"My friend here is not a music lover. Give me the money or else…" The first man was cut off by Korra coming in and confronting the men.

"Or else what, hoodlum?" Korra asked but the men burst in laughter as Korra puts her hands on her hips.

"Since you're obviously fresh off the boat, let me explain a couple of things: You're in Triple Threat territory, and we're about to put YOU in the hospital." The first man said.

"You're the only ones, who are gonna need a hospital, and for your sake, I hope there's one nearby." Korra said as she smashes her fists in her left palm and then rubs her right fists into her left palm with a wicked look.

"Who do you think you are?" The first man asked.

"Why don't you come at me and find out?" Korra asked back.

The first man bends a water bullet from an unseen water skin from under his coat but Korra stops the water easily with one hand and then sends it back at the gangster freezing the water over his head making him lose his balance and he stumbles forward toward Korra who hits him on the head with a back spin kick and then he slams head first against the golden ornament of the vehicle and the ice around his head shatters as he sags down making the third man cringe at the pain.

Unknowing to them Sasuke is on a rooftop watching the fight and he is shocked to see what just happened.

"That girl can manipulate water, huh? Is that Water Style? Could she be a ninja too?" Sasuke asked.

An Earthbending gangster charges at Korra and jumps up but Korra extends a portion of earth where the gangster was going to land and then catapults him high into the air.

"Earth Style too? How can she learn two of them?" Sasuke asked.

The old woman and the young man are also watching the fight.

"What just happened?" The old woman asked.

"Did she just Earthbend?" The young man asked shocked.

The Earthbending gangster falls on a wire suspended from one building to the other and then he is catapulted again to a wooden advertising board and falls on the pentice of a shop and thrown into a tapestry which rips under his weight and falls onto a shop display before flopping on the ground where he lies still.

The third gangster unleashes a big fire blast at Korra who smiles cockily as she jumps forward and deflected the fire by holding two small flames in her palms and then grabs the man's hands making him scream in pain.

"She can do Fire Style as well? Who is she? WHAT is she?" Sasuke asked.

"Can she Firebend too?" The old woman asked.

"Could she be…?" The young man stops talking.

Korra then turns the gangster around to build momentum and then she throws the man to a window of a radio shop and then Korra walks over to the defeated man.

"Got an idea of who I am NOW, chumps?" Korra asked and just then a roaring engine sound is heard and Korra sees a vehicle tearing down the street toward her and she moves to avoid being run over and the vehicle pulls over at the radio shop.

"Come on!" The Earthbending Triple Traid member said as he jumps out of the window onto the street and runs after the car in a stumbling fashion and the earth gangster extends the part of earth where he was running and causes him to fly inside the vehicle with a yelp.

"You're NOT getting away!" Korra yelled.

Just then Sasuke jumps in and runs after the vehicle shocking Korra and Sasuke manages to get to the vehicle and jumps to the top of it and starts attacking it with his fists causing damage to it and then uses a kunai to take out a wheel causing the vehicle to tumble a few times before falling down and crashing into a shop at the other side of the road.

Korra runs over to see if Sasuke is not hurt and she finds smoke clearing out and finds the banged-up car and the gangsters who are at the smashed window of a shop and the vehicle doors are flipped open with the two gangsters falling to the ground grunting.

"Where's the kid?" Korra asked grabbing the first man by the shirt.

"What kid?" The first man asked.

"Over here." A voice said and Korra sees Sasuke emerging from the shop.

"You're okay, but what were you thinking going after them? You could've gotten yourself killed." Korra said.

"You were hogging the action. I wanted some of it." Sasuke said and Korra smiles a cocky smile.

"I'll admit, what you did was stupid, but it was gutsy at the same time. Not bad." Korra said.

"Hn." Sasuke said.

Just then an alarm sounds from above and Naga starts barking while Korra and Sasuke look up to see where the sound is coming from and they see an airship.

"Police! Freeze where you are!" A voice ordered.

The airship opens a hatch and it reveals three cops wearing metal armor and unleashing metal cables on the nearby buildings securing a safe landing.

"Police? What are they doing?" Sasuke asked.

"Wait, they're Metalbenders!" Korra said impressed.

"Metal what?" Sasuke asked confused.

Just then a fourth cop gently lands and retracts the metal cables into his armor.

"We caught the bad guys for you, officers." Korra said.

"Arrest them!" The fourth metal cop commanded and the other three cops run forward and bend their metal cables to catch the three gangsters with their arms tied to their body and they fall. "You're both under arrest too!" The metal cop said and Korra gasps while Sasuke has a shocked expression.

"What do you mean we're under arrest? Those are the bad guys over there! They were smashing up shop!" Korra said.

"From the looks of it, you smashed up more than that." The metal cop said as he shoots a cable at Korra but Sasuke slashes at it with his kunai breaking it.

"If you think you can arrest me, you can think again." Sasuke said.

"You little brat!" The metal cop yelled.

"Wait, let us explain!" Korra said.

"You can explain yourself all you like, down at headquarters." The metal cop said as he charges at the two and then bends his cables again at them but Sasuke destroys them again with his kunai but the metal cop smashes the ground with his cables where Korra landed but Naga grunts and comes to her master's defense and pushes the metal cop down from behind while Sasuke delivers a roundhouse kick but more metal cops arrive and they're angry by what just happened and they rush forward to apprehend the two.

Before Sasuke could do anything Korra grabs Sasuke, gets on Naga, and gets Naga to rush off but the metal cops give chase but Naga goes for the left alley but one of the metal cops launches forward as Naga slows down to turn and Sasuke delivers a punch to knock the cop back knocking him off but more cops pursue and one of them bends their cables at an overhead wire and he hoists himself off the ground and nimbly lands on of the overhanging cables and slides over it in hot pursuit of Naga and then bends two more cables at the polar-dog but Sasuke slashes at the cables with his kunai as Naga keeps dashing off through the street and then turns right into another street and avoids more cables while a citizen shrieks.

The trio reach for a bridge over a small stream and one of the cops smashes up some roof tiles while sliding over it and then jumps off bending his cables toward the trio and the cables wrap around Korra's ponytail making her grunt in pain but Sasuke slashes at the cable to free her ponytail and Korra bends water out of the stream and then turns it into ice creating a wall and the cop sliding over a cable is pulled forward and he sees the ice wall and crashes to it.

Naga continues to run through the street and then up the stairs and then a vehicle driver stops hard on brakes making the car slip and halts across the road as Naga keeps running.

"Hey!" The driver yelled.

Two cops then slide over two overhead wires to their left and Korra looks at them and jerks Naga's reigns leading them to the right and then a train just passes underneath the bridge and Naga leaps off the bridge and lands atop the train and slides forward and nearly slips off but manages to remain on the roof making Korra sigh in relief and then she sees Air Temple Island at a distance but then an alarm sounds and they look up to see the airship of the metal cops making Korra have a determined face while Sasuke stays ready and Naga keeps going forward and while the train turns right Naga jumps off toward the roof of an adjacent building but as Naga touches down several cables successfully bind the polar-dog's paws lifting her in the air and while being suspended in the air three more cables bind Korra and Sasuke and they struggle to break free while Naga hangs in defeat and Sasuke knows this is over and so does Korra.

Later at a police station Korra is inside and is in an interrogation room and coming in is an older woman with short white hair and wearing the same metal armor while carrying a clipboard.

"Let's see. Multiple counts of destruction of privacy and city property. Not to mention, evading arrest." The policewoman said slamming her board on the desk in front of Korra. "You're in a whole mess of trouble, young lady. The same thing for that kid you were with." The policewoman said.

"But there were some thugs threatening a helpless shopkeeper, and I had it…" Korra was cut off.

"Can it! You should have called the police and stayed out of the way!" The policewoman yelled.

"But I couldn't just sit by and do nothing. It's my duty to help people. See, I'm the Avatar." Korra said but the policewoman crosses her arms unimpressed.

"Oh, I'm well aware of who you are, and your Avatar title might impress some people, but not ME." The policewoman said.

"Okay fine. Then I wanna talk to who's in charge." Korra said.

"You're talking to her. Chief Beifong." The policewoman introduced.

"Wait, Beifong? Lin Beifong? You're Toph's daughter!" Korra exclaimed.

"What of it?" Lin asked raising an eyebrow slightly annoyed.

"Well then, why are you treating me like a criminal? Avatar Aang and your mother were friends. They saved the world together." Korra said but Lin scoffs.

"That's ancient history! It's got diddly-squat to do with the mess you're in right now. You can't just waltz in here and dole out vigilante justice like you own the place!" Lin yelled and the two glare at each other but then a metal cop opens a peephole in a metal wall.

"Chief, Councilman Tenzin is here." The metal cop informed and Lin sighs annoyed.

"Send him in." Lin ordered and the wall slides aside to form a door allowing Tenzin to enter and he's dismayed at Korra who has a worried expression.

"Tenzin, sorry. I got a little sidetracked on my way to see you." Korra said trying to be upbeat trying to win Tenzin but he sighs annoyed and arcs an eyebrow at Lin and smiles.

"Lin, you are looking radiant as usual." Tenzin said.

"Cut the garbage, Tenzin! Why is the Avatar in Republic City? I thought you were supposed to be moving down to the South Pole to train her." Lin said in an aggressive tone.

"My relocation has been delayed. The Avatar on the other hand, will be heading back to the South Pole immediately, where she will stay put." Tenzin said eyeing at Korra disapprovingly.

"But…" Korra was cut off.

"If you would be so kind as to drop the charges against Korra and someone else involved with her, I will take full responsibility for today's regrettable events and cover all the damages." Tenzin said and Lin thinks while looking at Korra and then sighs and raises her left hand to open Korra's cuffs that were binding her to the table.

"Fine. Get her out of my sight." Lin said coldly.

"Always a pleasure, Lin." Tenzin said bowing and then looks at Korra. "Let's go, Korra." Tenzin ordered as he starts moving but Korra remembers something.

"Wait, what's going to happen to the boy?" Korra asked.

"What boy?" Tenzin asked stopping and raising an eyebrow.

"He will be spending his time in the juvenile detention center. He's more trouble than you. We've also found some weapons he was carrying, making him dangerous." Lin said.

"If I'm going to be released, then you have to let him out too!" Korra said in a demanding tone.

"And if I don't?" Lin asked crossing her arms unfazed.

"Korra…" Tenzin warned but Korra ignores him slams her hands against the desk.

"Let…me…see…him!" Korra demanded and they glare at each other and Lin sighs.

"Fine. You have five minutes." Lin said coldly and Korra is now calm.

In a cell Sasuke is sitting on a metal bench with his hands tied but then a metal wall slides revealing an opening and it shows a metal cop.

"You have a visitor." The metal cop informed as Korra and Tenzin come to the cell and Lin follows.

"Hey, you okay?" Korra asked.

"Other than being in here, yeah." Sasuke answered.

"I'm sorry you got involved. I'm going to make this up to you." Korra said.

"How?" Sasuke asked.

"I'm going to make sure you don't spend your time here." Korra said

"Korra, he's…" Tenzin was cut off.

"He's just a kid! He was helping me dealing with those thugs. He doesn't deserve to be spending his life here!" Korra yelled.

"Why are you defending me? We hardly even met." Sasuke said.

"Because you scratched my back, and now it's time I do the same." Korra said.

"So, you're going to bail me out?" Sasuke asked.

"Yes." Korra answered.

"Thanks, I guess." Sasuke said and Korra smiles.

"By the way. I never got your name." Korra said.

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha." Sasuke introduced.

"Sasuke. Nice name. Where are you from?" Korra asked.

"I…don't remember. I don't remember anything." Sasuke said.

"Wait, so you lost your memory of everything other than your name?" Korra asked.

"Yeah." Sasuke answered.

"I'm sorry." Korra said with sympathy and sadness.

"You don't remember your home or your family?" Tenzin asked stroking his beard.

"No." Sasuke answered.

"Well, there's one reason why he doesn't deserve to be in here." Korra said eyeing at Lin.

"He still caused trouble and damages and assaulted my officers! Not to mention, he used weapons!" Lin said.

"He was trying to defend me." Korra argued.

"That doesn't matter. Even if he did lose his memory, it's no excuse." Lin countered.

"But how can he try to regain his memory if he's just going to be cooped up in here?" Korra asked.

"I'll take full responsibility for him until we can try to do something to regain his memory. I'll also cover the damages he caused." Tenzin said Lin thinks this over and then sighs.

"Fine. Just get him out of my sight, and I'd better not see him cause trouble again." Lin said.

"Thanks." Korra said smiling.

"Shut up. If I catch him do something against the law again, it will be on YOUR head." Lin said aggressively pointing at the Avatar.

"Fine." Korra said annoyed and Lin raises her hand and uncuffs Sasuke.

"Keep a leash on him. I can tell he's dangerous. Those weapons he was carrying will remain confiscated until further notice." Lin said coldly.

"A pleasure, Lin." Tenzin said bowing and looks at the two. "Come along, Korra. Sasuke." Tenzin said leaving the cell and Korra and Sasuke follow.

"Since you helped me, you owe me your name." Sasuke said.

"Korra. I'm the Avatar." Korra introduced.

"Avatar... So, what Setsuka said is true…" Sasuke said to himself.

"What's that?" Korra asked.

"Nothing. So, tell me, are you a ninja?" Sasuke asked.

"Ninja? What do you mean?" Korra asked confused.

"I just saw you do Water Style, Earth Style, and Fire Style. How can you be able to do that?" Sasuke asked.

"It's simple. I'm the Avatar. That means I can control more than one element. I'm able to manipulate three elements so far. I'm about to learn how to Airbend, which was why I left the South Pole." Korra explained.

"The South Pole…" Sasuke said.

"Yeah. It was my home. I was hoping Tenzin would train me." Korra said and realizes. "Speaking of which, Tenzin, don't send me home." Korra begged.

"You blatantly disobeyed my wishes and the orders of the White Lotus." Tenzin said in a scolding tone.

"Katara agreed with me that I should come. She said my destiny is in Republic City." Korra said and Tenzin's face turns red.

"Don't bring my mother into this!" Tenzin yelled.

"Look, I can't wait any longer to finish my training. Being cooped up and hidden away from the world isn't helping me become a better Avatar. I saw a lot of the city today, and it's totally out of whack. I understand now why you need to stay. Republic City does need you, but it needs me too. That, and since Sasuke doesn't remember anything from his past and he's new here, then I have to help him somehow." Korra said.

"You…ah…" Tenzin stops talking and sighs.

"So, what's it gonna be?" Sasuke asked.

Just then the sound of bars open and they turn to see Naga and a metal cop.

"Is this your polar bear-dog, miss?" The metal cop asked as Naga licks Korra happy to see her master and then licks Sasuke.

"Hey!" Sasuke said annoyed of being licked and Korra giggles.

" Awww. Naga likes you already." Korra said as Naga continues to lick Sasuke much to his annoyance.

It's twilight and a sailboat is navigating around the statue of Aang and on the boat is Tenzin who looks up at the Aang statue and he bows his head and looks over Korra leaning against a railing watching how they move away from the city while Sasuke is with her and is sitting on the ground while Naga is sleeping on the deck.

The boat is heading for a harbor of an island and larger ship is docked there as well with some people standing beside it on the dock and those people of members of the White Lotus standing beside the boat with serious looks and Korra sees them and sadly bows her head sighing.

Just then two air gliders come swooping to the dock and one is Ikki and the second is Jinora who is carrying Meelo on her back and they see Korra.

"Korra!" Meelo and Ikki cheered as they come to hug Korra while Jinora was held back but she joins the hug.

"Are you coming to live with us on the island?" Ikki as excitedly.

"No, I'm sorry, Ikki. I have to go home now." Korra answered sadly and Ikki sighs sadly.

Jinora then sees Sasuke.

"Who's he?" Jinora asked.

"This is Sasuke. I met him in the city. He has amnesia." Korra said.

"What's that mean?" Meelo asked confused.

"It means he lost his memory, Meelo." Jinora said.

Ikki dashes to Sasuke.

"Hi, I'm Ikki. This is my brother, Meelo, and this is my sister Jinora. We're Airbenders, who live in this island, and we're grandchildren of Grandpa Aang, and…" Ikki was cut off.

"Can you be quiet? You're hurting my ears." Sasuke said slightly annoyed.

"Okay." Ikki said.

"You're not staying with us, are you?" Jinora asked.

"Possibly not. I don't have a place in the world." Sasuke answered.

Tenzin's face starts to lighten up and he sees Korra going with the White Lotus members for the ship.

"Wait." Tenzin said making Korra and the White Lotus stop. "I have done my best to guide Republic City toward the dream my father had for it, but you're right. It has fallen out of balance since he passed. I thought I should put off your training in order to uphold his legacy, but you ARE his legacy. You may stay and train Airbending here with me. Republic City needs its Avatar once again." Tenzin said and Korra gasps with excitement.

"YES! Thank you! You're the best!" Korra cheered and Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo join the cheering "And Sasuke?" Korra asked.

"Well, I did say I'd take responsibility for him until we find a way to get his memory back. Since he has no place in the world, he may stay here with us for the time being." Tenzin said and Sasuke nods.

"Thanks." Sasuke said and Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo cheer.

"So, is he going to be our new brother?" Ikki asked excited.

"I wouldn't say that. He'll just be staying with us for a while." Tenzin said and Korra excitedly lifts Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo into the air and does the same for Sasuke who sighs annoyed and Naga joins in the group hug while Tenzin just sighs.

Later at the Republic City Hall a large cheering crowd gathers in front and there are many people taking pictures and Korra is standing behind a speech bench with five microphones and Sasuke is standing next to her and she clears her throat.

"Hello? I'm Korra, your new Avatar." Korra announced on the microphone.

"Does this mean you've moved to Republic City?" One of the male journalists asked.

"Were you and that boy trying to send a message to the Traids yesterday?" A female journalist asked.

"Will you be fighting crime or the Anti-Bending Revolution or both?" The second male journalist asked.

"Will you be working with Chief Beifong and the police?" The third male journalist asked.

"What about that boy you've met and you're with right now? Is he your new sidekick and is he dangerous?" The fourth male journalist asked.

"Uh, yes, I am definitely here to stay, but honestly, I don't exactly have a plan yet. See, I'm still in training, but, look, all I know is Avatar Aang mean for this city to be the center of peace and balance in the world, and I believe we can make his dream a reality. I look forward to serving you. Also, Sasuke is not my new sidekick, he's my friend and I'm sure he's a good fighter, and together, we can make the city, no, the world a better place!" Korra explained and the crowd goes wild and all the journalists take pictures while Korra is smiling while Sasuke just looks up annoyed while covering his eyes from the flashing cameras.

In a dimly lit room someone is listening to an old radio.

"I'm so happy to be here. Thank you, Republic City!" Korra said from the radio.

"Alright, that's all the questions the Av…" The radio announcer was cut off as the radio is turned off.

"Amon, how do you want to handle this?" A male voice asked.

A figure wearing a hooded cape with his hands behind his back known as Amon is looking at a large map of the world hanging from the wall in front of him.

"So, the Avatar has arrived early. It looks like we'll have to accelerate our plans." Amon said.

"And the boy she's with?" The man asked.

"We'll keep watch over him…for now, and we'll determine if he'll be of any use to us." Amon said.

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