Book 3: Change

Chapter 13: Fall of the Heroes

Sasuke is chained up regaining consciousness and he finds himself in a rocky chamber of the cave of the Red Lotus' hideout above where Zaheer and Korra are and he sees Korra trying to struggle to break free from the chains and he also sees what looks like black-silver liquid.

"Don't tell me. Are they...?" Sasuke stops talking.

"Yes, the Red Lotus are planning to poison your friend." A voice said and it's Itachi.

"Damn you, Itachi! When I get out of this, I..." Sasuke was cut off.

"You won't be able to do anything because soon, you will be brought back to the Shinobi Countries and the Akatsuki will decide what to do with you." Itachi said.

"I'm NOT going anywhere with you! I will get out and get Korra out of here! You'll be sorry you messed with me!" Sasuke yelled.

"Kami, shut that brat up!" Sasori yelled.

"He's got spirit, I'll give him that. Still, your brother is right. There's no way out. So, just sit back and we'll be ready to depart soon." Kisame said.

"But before watching your Avatar friend dying, ha!" Deidara said.

"Screw you all!" Sasuke yelled but Sasori kicks the Uchiha's face.

"Shut it, you irritating brat!" Sasori yelled.

"Enough, Sasori." Itachi said.

"Tch!" Sasori grunted.

"Let's just enjoy the show." Kisame said looking down at the ground level.

Korra struggles to break free from her chains while angry and full of hatred.

"When I get out of this and I get Sasuke out, none of you will survive this!" Korra yelled.

"You won't get out, not unless the Metal Clan taught you how to bend platinum." Zaheer said gesturing one of the cloaked members who is holding the poison in midair to come forward. "Once we administer the poison, your body will naturally react, forcing you into the Avatar State in an effort to keep you alive. Sadly for you, you'll be entering it for the final time." Zaheer said.

"The Avatar Cycle!" Sasuke said.

"It will be broken and once the Avatar dies in the Avatar State, the cycle is broken and the Avatar shall never exist again." Itachi said.

"You assholes!" Sasuke yelled.

"Once we dispatch you in the Avatar State, the cycle will end. We lucky few, his band of brothers and sisters in anarchy, are witnessing the beginning of an era of true freedom. Together, we will forge a world without kings and queens, without borders or nations, where Man's only allegiance is to himself and those he loves. We will return the true balance of natural order. Though you will never again be reborn, your name will echo throughout history: Korra, the last Avatar." Zaheer said shocking Korra while Sasuke continues to struggle to break free to no avail.

Unknowing to them Jinora's spirit eavesdrops the conversation and then returns to her body.

"You found them?" Kai asked.

"Yeah. They're in real trouble. I feel like we have to do something." Jinora said.

"Right. Hopefully, we're not too late." Kai said as their bison keeps flying while leading Oogi to the hideout.

Meanwhile in a different part of the cave where Pema, Ikki, Meelo, Rohan, and the rest of the Airbenders are chained to the floor while guarded by Red Lotus sentries and Bumi and Kya are with them but Kya's leg is broken while Bumi's arm is also broken.

"Is anyone going to come save us?" Opal asked.

"I hope so..." Ikki said.

"They might not make it that long." Daw said pointing at Kya and Bumi.

"But I know Korra and Sasuke will come save us. They always do." Ikki said.

Sasuke continues to struggle again.

"How much longer do you think you can try and break out? You've been doing this too many times. It's not going to work." Sasori said.

"Shut your mouth, Puppet boy!" Sasuke yelled.

"Administer the poison!" Zaheer ordered.

"Dammit, no!" Sasuke said.

"It's no use, Sasuke. The Avatar is finished." Itachi said.

The guards begin to bend the poison into four portions and attaches them into Korra's limbs and then Metalbends making the poison diffuse into the Avatar's body making Korra scream in pain as her eyes start glowing.

"Korra!" Sasuke cried.

"Get ready! As soon as Korra's in the Avatar State, take her out." Zaheer said as Ming-Hua bends her water arms into ice blades while Ghazan bends the floor under Korra into lava.

Korra continues to scream while trying to fight her Avatar State as it's trying to activate itself and as Korra's eyes start glowing she fights it to not make them glow as Korra continues to scream at a banshee level.

"Wait, why isn't she in the Avatar State?" Ghazan asked.

"Give it time. She can't resist for long." Zaheer said.

"What's taking so long?" Deidara asked.

"Why isn't she in the damn Avatar State?" Sasori asked.

"Be patient. She'll be in soon." Itachi said.

"Shut the hell up! Korra's will is strong. She'll resist for as long as it takes!" Sasuke said.

"You give her too much credit. She can't fight it for long." Itachi said.

While riding on their bison Jinora and Kai lead Oogi towards the hideout and the area where the Airbenders are being held.

"That's the place where we saw the Airbenders being taken." Jinora said.

"That's also where they're keeping Korra and Sasuke." Mako said.

Kai then sees a cave with five Air Nomads carved on the wall.

"Down there!" Kai said.

"Come on." Jinora said as they fly down.

"The three bison land in front of the cave and dismount as Tonraq and Bolin support Tenzin.

"Find the Airbenders and my family." Tenzin said.

"We will. I'm not coming out without our children and the rest of your people." Suyin said.

"Let's go." Mako said as they run into the cave while Tenzin looks on.

Korra screams louder as she keeps trying to resist getting into the Avatar State and the poison but Zaheer sees her energy lowering.

"It's working." Zaheer said.

As Korra keeps trying to resist getting into the Avatar State her vision is getting hazy and she starts hearing voices.

"I told you, Korra." A voice said and Korra sees Zaheer's face cracking like broken glass revealing a mask and it's Amon's mask. "The world does not need you anymore." Amon's voice said.

Korra then turns to Ghazan whose head turns 360 degrees and his head turns into Unalaq's.

"The time of the Avatar is over, Korra. Give up." Unalaq's voice said.

Korra then turns to see Ming-Hua whose body turns into Vaatu.

"You're too weak to resist and I'm stronger than ever. There's no use fighting. Let go." Vaatu's voice said.

"Let go! Let go! Let go!" The voices echo in Korra's head.

"Korra! Fight it!" Sasuke said.

"I said shut up!" Sasori said punching the Uchiha.

Meanwhile in the cave cell Ikki turns to the sentries.

"I'm thirsty!" Ikki whined.

"I gotta pee!" Meelo whined rolling around the ground.

"Me too." Daw said.

"Hey, keep it down in there or you'll end up like them!" One of the sentries said pointing at Kya and Bumi.

"Sir, please. We just want some water. There are children and a baby here." Pema said.

The first sentry turns to his partner who shrugs and so the first sentry walks over to offer some water but Ikki uses her Airbending to cover the sentry's face with his robes causing the keys to fall off and Meelo Airbends as well throwing the keys to Opal who catches them and hides them from view while the sentry readjusts his robes.

"Oh, so you called me here just to attack me. Fine, no one gets water." The first sentry said drinking the water for himself before joining his partner. "I dunno why we're stuck here in this daycare while everyone else gets to watch the Avatar get destroyed. I can hold a bowl of poison." The first sentry said.

Opal takes out the keys and starts unlocking her cuffs but the sentries hear the click of the cuffs.

"Hey! What're you doing?!" The first sentry asked.

Just then a rock hits the sentry in the head revealing to be Bolin who Earthbends to pin the first sentry against the wall while Mako, Asami, Suyin, and Tonraq arrive while the second sentry bends two rocks at the them only for Bolin to break them allowing Asami to leap over and stuns the second sentry with her electric glove.

The group rush to the cell.

"Mom!" Opal cheered as she hugs Suyin.

"Oh, Opal, I'm glad you're okay." Suyin said but Bolin shives her aside so he could hug her next.

"Me too!" Bolin said.

Jinora and Kai rush to the cell and Jinora finds Pema, Ikki, and Meelo.

"Mom!" Jinora said.

"Jinora! I'm so glad you're not hurt!" Pema said hugging Jinora tightly.

"Don't scare me like that again!" Ikki said hugging her sister.

"Yeah, I'm okay too, in case everyone cares." Kai said.

"I care." Bolin said.

"We need to get these two out of here." Lin said supporting Kya and Bumi.

"Right, they don't look so good." Mako said.

"Are you kidding? I feel great!" Bumi said slumping down and coughing weakly.

"Go find your daughter, Tonraq. We'll get them out of here." Suyin said.

"Thank you, Su." Tonraq said.

"We'll go with you." Mako said and Bolin nods.

"You don't have to search for them. I know where they're being held." Jinora said.

Korra keeps struggling and fighting but the poison is too strong for her and finally Korra gives into the poison and gives one last scream that echoes the cave causing it to shake as Korra's eyes glow pure white as she is now in the Avatar State and is in an air dome.

"She has finally reached the Avatar State." Itachi said.

"Korra, NO!" Sasuke cried.

"Too late, kiddo. Now you can sit back and watch as your friend dies!" Deidara said.

"Now, destroy her!" Zaheer said.

"Damn it! Damn it... DAMMIT!" Sasuke shouted in rage.

"What now?" Sasori asked as Sasuke screams loudly that the entire cave shakes making rocks fall.

"Well, this is new." Kisame said.

"This rage... How?" Itachi asked.

"You...will...REGRET THIS!" Sasuke shouted as his spirit mark glows again and white marks appear on his body while his eyes turn pure white, his hair grows longer and turning white, angelic like spirit wings appear on his back and his Sharingan activates.

"That form..." Itachi said.

"Again?" Sasori asked.

"I will KILL YOU!" Sasuke yelled as he manages to break free from his chains. "Fire Style: Phoenix Spark!" Sasuke yelled unleashing four small white fireballs at the Akatsuki members sending them off the upper part of the cave and they join the Red Lotus.

"Itachi, what's going on?" Zaheer asked.

"That." Itachi said seeing Sasuke flying to confront the Akatsuki and the Red Lotus.

"What is that?" Ming-Hua asked.

"That must his spirit form." Itachi said.

Sasuke lights his left hand with white lightning and unleashes a powerful lightning beam at the Akatsuki and Red Lotus who dodge and Sasuke shoots a giant white fireball at Zaheer who flies away to dodge and Ming-Hua tries to attack Korra only for Sasuke to get rid of the ice but breathing white fire while Korra struggles her chains and pulls off her right chain and swings it at Zaheer and then Ming-Hua and while Zaheer dodges the chain attack Ming-Hua got hit and is slammed against the wall and Kisame tries to use Water Shotgun Jutsu to attack Korra but Sasuke uses Chidori Heaven to attack the Mist Ninja and then delivers a barrage of attacks at Deidara and Sasori who try to attack the Uchiha while Ghazan erupts lava toward the Avatar who swings the chain around her arm and directs the lava flow with Airbending back at Ghazan causing him to retreat to avoid the lava.

"So, I guess we can now determine what this brat is." Sasori said.

"Yeah, threat!" Deidara said throwing his detonating clay at Sasuke who easily destroys them with white lightning shards and they go for Deidara only for Sasori to use his chakra threads to pull the artist away.

Kisame attacks Sasuke with Shark Skin and then unleashes a water shark to attack only for Sasuke to fly at great speed and gets behind Kisame and delivers a roundhouse kick at Kisame who disappears in water allowing Itachi to fire his fireball but Sasuke unleashes his white fireball to counter creating a fiery explosion creating smoke and in the smoke Sasuke and Itachi exchange attacks with Itachi slashing with his kunai but Sasuke dodges every attack and delivers punches at Itachi who disappears in ravens and they fly away and Sasuke flies after the ravens.

Korra rips off the chains on her legs and Airbends herself away while propelling herself with Firebending and rips off the final chain and lands in front of Zaheer and then bends four boulders and circles them around her and bends then boulders at the criminal making the Red Lotus and the Akatsuki retreat to avoid the boulders but Sasuke unleashes white fireballs and white lightning shards to attack the criminal groups making them dodge every attack and Sasuke lights his hand with white lightning again to being doing Chidori Heaven but as Sasuke is about to attack Korra who is in line with Sasuke and anger blinding her unleashes flames in fury at Zaheer who dodges and the flames get Sasuke instead burning him alive.

"AHHHHHH!" Sasuke screamed in agony as he's burning by Korra's fire.

Korra looks around only to see Sasuke on fire and is shocked and frightened that she just burned the Uchiha.

Mako, Bolin, and Tonraq enter the cave and they see Sasuke burning alive and Korra in her Avatar State.

"Korra!" Tonraq called but Korra gets her anger back and goes for Zaheer.

Korra breathes fire at Zaheer again but Zaheer dodges the attack and flies out from the cave's open hole and Korra propels herself with her Firebending to chase after the mad Airbender.

Sasuke looks up to see Korra giving chase at Zaheer but then he sees Itachi approaching.

"Sasuke... Stop this and come with me. You don't belong in this country." Itachi said but Sasuke's rage ignites once more and attacks Itachi again and Itachi disappears into ravens and they fly out of the cave.

Sasuke uses her wings to fly after the ravens and leaves the cave.

"Sasuke!" Mako called.

"Look out!" Bolin said as Ghazan attacks with rocks while Deidara throws his detonating clay.

"Chief Tonraq, go help Korra and Sasuke. We got this." Mako said as Tonraq does so while the brothers stay behind to deal with Ghazan, Ming-Hua, Sasori, Kisame, and Deidara.

"Two stupid brothers versus three ninjas and two more stupid benders. You barely survived against us." Sasori said.

"Results can change." Mako said.

"Prove it." Kisame said as they charge at each other.

Zaheer flies out of the cave while Korra gives chase and Korra sends two boulders at Zaheer who dodges but Korra pushes him off but Zaheer grabs the Avatar by the waist and tosses her away slamming her against a column and as Zaheer is about to attack Sasuke unleashes two white fireballs at the Airbender and then flies at him and uses Chidori Heaven electrocuting Zaheer and then delivers a big kick sending him to a different column but then Itachi delivers an air strike sending Sasuke to the ground and the brothers confront each other once more and Sasuke delivers a flurry of punches and kicks only for Itachi to dodge every attack and tries to attack with his kunai only for Sasuke to grab his brother's wrist and then tries to electrocute Itachi who vanishes in ravens again.

Tenzin witnesses the fight as Korra slides down the column and then charges at Zaheer who does the same and Korra circles around a pillar and breaks it sends it at Zaheer who dodges the pillar and as Tenzin continues to watch the fight he hears someone.

"Daddy!" A voice said and Tenzin sees Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, Pema, and Rohan.

"Thank goodness you're all alight." Tenzin said hugging his children and then hugs his wife. "Honey, are you okay?" Tenzin asked.

"I'll be fine." Pema said.

The other Airbenders walk out of the cave and one of them place Kya and Bumi onto the ground and they see Tonraq arriving.

"We need to help Korra and Sasuke." Tonraq said and they see Korra fighting Zaheer while Sasuke is fighting Itachi.

"Sasuke..." Jinora said with worry.

"It's okay. He can handle that jerk." Kai said.

Korra slams two pillars at Zaheer who dodges the pillars while Sasuke unleashes white lightning to strike at Itachi who dodges the lightning and throws his kunais at his little brother who flies to dodge every attack and unleashes white fireballs.

Meanwhile Mako bends fire at Ming-Hua and Kisame who dodge his flames and Kisame uses Water Shark Bomb Jutsu while Ming-Hua swings out of view as Mako and Kisame keep fighting but as Mako is about to attack Sasori unleashes flames from under his sleeves to try and get Mako who bends the flames to get them away and delivers a flaming kick at the puppet master who tries to send chakra threads on the Firebender who cuts them with his flame dagger and sends out a lightning attack at Sasori only for Kisame to block with with Shark Skin and then creates a water clone behind Mako and traps him in water and as Kisame and Sasori are about to attack Mako manages to unleash a fiery kick attack to break free and goes after Ming-Hua.

Bolin sends two rocks at Ghazan and Deidara who dodge and Ghazan creates an earth wall and sends it at Bolin while Deidara creates two giant clay birds and sends them flying at Bolin who breaks Ghazan's earth wall and dodges Deidara's explosive clay and sends rocks to attack the two only for Ghazan to hide behind a wall and catches him but Bolin regains his ground and throws Ghazan away but Deidara sends two clay snakes slithering at Bolin who manages to crush them with his rocks only for Ghazan to throw two rocks at Bolin who dodges and smashes the rocks and Ghazan smiles.

"What're you smiling about?" Bolin asked.

"I was just remembering the last time we fought." Ghazan said sending lava at Bolin who manages to stop the lava flow shocking Ghazan.

"Well, a lot has changed since then." Bolin said sending the lava back at Ghazan who dodges with a backflip and Bolin gives a smirk.

"So, THAT'S how they got out of that damn temple." Deidara said.

"Not bad. Let's see what you got." Ghazan said.

Meanwhile Zaheer dodges rocks before flying off but Korra bends more rocks at Zaheer and manages to keep up and flies over the arch and propels herself up with Earthbending and starts attacking Zaheer with multiple fire blasts but Zaheer counters with his air blasts and manages to land a hit on the Avatar throwing her to the ground of a mountain and Zaheer zooms past Korra while tossing her off the edge of the cliff rolling her down but Korra regains her ground and bends a large boulder at Zaheer slamming it against the mountain but Zaheer dodges the boulder and flies back to Korra who dodges and propels herself while attacking with multiple fire blasts but Zaheer avoids the blasts.

Korra lands in a pool of water and water whips at Zaheer who dodges all of the attacks but then a water whip hits his right leg allowing Korra to freeze the water making Zaheer lose altitude but Zaheer smashes the ice and flies back at Korra who tries to breathe fire again but the poison's effects stop her.

"You can't fight me and the poison." Zaheer said.

Meanwhile Sasuke and Itachi continue their fight with Sasuke unleashing two white lightning at Itachi who avoids the lightning and throws two shurikens at his little brother who flies to dodge and tries to charge at Itachi only for his burns to make him stop allowing Itachi to get behind and deliver a chop attack on Sasuke's neck knocking Sasuke on the ground but he manages to recover and delivers a roundhouse kick at Itachi who grabs Sasuke's leg only for Sasuke to deliver an attack with his left coated in white lightning and manages to land a hit on Itachi who disappears into ravens and then shoots a giant fireball at Sasuke who counters with his white fireball and then sends out white lightning shards at Itachi dashes at great speed to avoid his brother's attacks and sends a clone to attack Sasuke who dodges as the clones explodes and Sasuke fires a white lightning beam but Itachi avoids the lightning beam and then delivers a downward aerial kick sending Sasuke to the ground.

"You're only hurting yourself, Sasuke. Stop this at once." Itachi said.

The group continue to watch as Zaheer and Itachi are winning the fight.

"I can fly up on my bison and help them." Kai said.

"You'd never to be able to keep up with Zaheer. He's too powerful and judging by Itachi's skills, there's no way we can stop him." Lin said.

"We have to do something!" Kai said.

"But how can Zaheer even fly like that?" Bumi asked.

"He's unlocked powers of Airbending that haven't existed for thousands of years." Tenzin said.

Jinora looks up to Korra and then Sasuke and tears up but then she has an idea.

"There haven't THIS many Airbenders in one place for a long time either. We have power together. Avatar Korra and Sasuke have done so much for us and no we need to do the same for them! Everyone form a circle and follow me!" Jinora said.

All the Airbenders follow Jinora and they form a circle with Jinora standing in the center and creates a small vortex that starts increasing in size while the other Airbenders create air gusts to the vortex causing it to increase.

Back at the cave Mako continues to chase Ming-Hua and cuts off her water arms making her slide down a small hill within the cave as Mako follows her ready for anything.

"You have no water, Ming-Hua. It's over." Mako said.

"Not yet..." Ming-Hua said as she jumps into a hole while dodging Mako's fire blast and Mako follows her down the hole landing in a lake of water and then lights his wrist turning to see Ming-Hua now having eight large water tentacles. "NOW it's over!" Ming-Hua said.

Ming-Hua directs multiple water blasts at Mako who dodges and leaps for a stalagmite and shoots lightning at the water electrocuting Ming-Hua in the process and she screams in agony and after the electrocution Ming-Hua's body lies on the watery ground not moving.

Back at the upper part of the cave Bolin is fighting Ghazan, Sasori, Kisame, and Deidara and Ghazan unleashes his Lavabending at Bolin who makes an earth wall and directs the lava back at Ghazan who leaps forward and Lavabends turning the earth wall into lava allowing Sasori to fire flames from his sleeves while Deidara throws more detonating clay while Kisame unleashes water blasts but Bolin dodges the attacks only for Ghazan to direct the lava at Bolin to solidifies it but as the Akatsuki members and Ghazan prepare to attack Mako arrives and unleashes a fire blast.

"You again!" Sasori yelled.

"Where's Ming-Hua?" Ghazan asked.

"Not here." Mako said.

"You...!" Ghazan growled.

"I shsould congradulate you. While worthless benders, you managed to survive. Here, I'll give you a nice taste of the end." Sasori said taking out a scroll and opens it unleashing puppets in red robes. "Rejoice, dogs! You get the honor of dying at the hands of my puppets!" Sasori said.

"He could've used those the whole time?!" Bolin asked.

"Welcome to Hell!" Deidara said throwing clay birds.

The brothers dodge the clay birds but then Sasori has his puppets to attack the brothers with one puppet attack with its sword while another puppet attacks with with a spear but Mako attacks the spear puppet while Bolin deals with the sword puppet but three more puppets attack with their claws while Ghazan uses his Lavabending again while Kisame slashes at the brothers with Shark Skin and then unleashes two water shark bombs but Mako delivers a flaming kick at Kisame and then unleashes a fire blast at Sasori who gets a puppet to protect him and the puppet bombards Mako with sickles but Mako backflips to dodge as Deidara sends out spider clays to try and blow up the brothers only for Bolin to use his Lavabending to destroy the spider clays but Ghazan counters with his Lavabending while Kisame uses Water Shark Shotgun Jutsu and Sasori unleashes ten puppets to attack with blades, kunais, and naginatas but the brothers fight off the ten puppets to attack Sasori who dodges and Bolin attacks Ghazan with rocks while Mako delivers a flaming kick knocking the Lavabender back but he regains his ground.

"Give up, Ghazan, you can't win! I dunno about the Akatsuki, but we won't let 'em win!" Bolin said.

"Filithy bending dog!" Sasori said.

"I'm never going back tp prison! If I'm going down, you're coming with me!" Ghazan said.

"What?" Deidara said.

"Are you going to..." Kisame was cut off as Ghazan punches the floor causing rocks to fall down as he melts the walls with lava and directs them downward.

"Are you stupid?!" Sasori asked.

"I told you, I'm not going back to prison!" Ghazan said.

"Well, we're not staying here!" Deidara said creating a giant clay bird and gets on and so does Sasori and Kisame.

"You can enjoy Hell for all I care, Ghazan! We have a mission to finish!" Sasori said as the clay bird flies out of the cave.

"Mako, hang on!" Bolin said creating a rock platform as they ride out of the cave while watching the cave collapse and then run out of the cave.

Korra tries to resist the poison but Zaheer zooms past her multiple times and fully knocks her out.

"The poison has done its work. The Avatar Cycle will be over momentarily!" Zaheer said as he begins to suffocate Korra in an air dome.

Itachi is about to pick up Sasuke.

"Not bad, Itachi, but I think I'll be taking him now." A voice said and it's Orochimaru.

"You will not be taking Sasuke today, Orochimaru. Leave now or suffer." Itachi said.

"I'm afraid you're not giving me much choice." Orochimaru said sending out snakes at Itachi who dashes behind Orochimaru stabs him in the back.

"Curse you...!" Orochimaru said.

"I told you, you couldn't take me and you're not taking Sasuke." Itachi said.

Just then Deidara's clay bird arrives.

"Hey, you got your kid brother, right? We all vote he's a threat. So?" Deidara asked.

"If he's a threat, then so be it." Itachi said looking at Sasuke who regains consciousness and unleashes white lightning to attack both Itachi and Orochimaru.

"Hahahahaha! You've gotten more and more interesting by the second, Sasuke! When this is over, you will be mine!" Orochimaru said vanishing in snakes.

"In that case, I just need one good hit." Deidara said.

Just then the Akatsuki start feeling a powerful wind.

"What now?" Kisame asked.

Itachi looks down to see the Airbenders creating a giant vortex.

"Damn. Not now." Itachi said as he gets on Deidara's bird. "Wait until their attack is over." Itachi said as Deidara's bird flies off.

As Zaheer continues to suffocate Korra he feels a gust of wind and sees a large vortex approaching him while Mako and Bolin exit the cave while shielding themselves form the gust while watching the Airbenders at work and as Zaheer watches the vortex the air dome around Korra's head is gone but Korra tumbles over only for Sasuke to fly and grab her but Zaheer grabs them both and tries to fly away but the three are being sucked into the vortex despite Zaheer trying to break free but he drops Korra and Sasuke and tries to fly off only to be caught by Sasuke while Korra hangs onto Zaheer's leg with her chain and Korra drops down while taking Zaheer with her and both she and Sasuke bring Zaheer down to the ground and the Airbenders stop their vortex while Sasuke reverts back to his normal state and falls to the ground while Korra finally succumbs to the poison and falls as well making Jinora, Kai, and the other Airbenders run to the two with worry as Lin and Suyin trap Zaheer in an earth shell as Mako, Bolin, Asami, and Tonraq run to the two worried and Jinora examines Sasuke's burns.

"Sasuke...?" Jinora asked.

"He's all banged up..." Mako said.

"What happened to him?" Bolin asked.

Tonraq rushes to his daughter and holds her to his arms.

"Korra, sweetheart, it's me. Dad. Please hang on." Tonraq said and Korra tries to reach out to her father but she faints causing Tonraq to tear up while Asmai clasp her hands together while Mako tries to resist his tears.

"Sasuke..." Kai said and Sasuke regains consciousness.

"Korra... Korra!" Sasuke said as he limps over to Korra but he falls to the ground close to her. "Korra..." Sasuke said weakly trying to reach the Avatar. "Korra, get up...! Please get up! You have to beat this! GET UP!" Sasuke cried but Zaheer cackles.

"What are you laughing about?" Lin asked.

"You're too late! The poison has been in her system too long. The Red Lotus has won, thanks to the Akatsuki!" Zaheer said.

"You're wrong!" Jinora said.

"What?!" Zaheer asked.

"The poison is metallic! You can still save her." Jinora said.

Suyin runs to Korra and holds by the Avatar's shoulders and forehead and begins Metalbending and pulling the poison from Korra's limbs while everyone looks on worried and Suyin successfully pulls the poison out of Korra's body making her cough as Suyin tosses the poison aside and Korra is no longer in the Avatar State and she sees Tonraq.

"Dad... You're alive..." Korra said.

"I'm here for you. I'll never let you go." Tonraq said.

"No! No! You don't understand! The revolution has already begun! Chaos is the natural order of..." Zaheer was cut off as Sasuke delivers a punch in the Airbender's head knocking him out.

"Shut...up...!" Sasuke said weakly.

"I was gonna put a sock in his mouth, but that works too." Bolin said grinning.

Just then Deidara's bird lands as Itachi gets off.

"Back off, Itachi!" Mako said as he, Bolin, Lin, Suyin, and Asami get ready to fight.

"I don't have time for you." Itachi said as he goes for Zaheer and destroys the earth shell and takes Zaheer.

"What are you doing?" Lin asked.

"I might as well take someone, who could actually help the Akatsuki and himself. We're finished here." Itachi said.

"It...achi...!" Sasuke yelled.

"Hmph. You showed promised, Sasuke, but it's still not enough. If you want to truly kill me, then you'll have to train yourself harder than ever. I'll give you two to three years to improve your hatred. Then find me." Itachi said as he gets on Deidara's clay bird while taking Zaheer with him.

"Later, losers! We'll might come back and kill someday." Deidara said as his clay bird flies off.

"Damn... you...!" Sasuke said as he falls.

"Sasuke!" Jinora cried.

"Dad... I want to see Sasuke." Korra said.

"Of course." Tonraq said.

Korra goes to Sasuke and sees the burns all over Sasuke's body.

"What have I done...?" Korra asked sadly.

"Korra, what happened?" Mako asked.

"When I was in the Avatar State, I was in a blind rage, not realizing what I was doing. Sasuke was in the middle of the fight and when I tried to attack Zaheer, I...hurt Sasuke...!" Korra said tearing up shocking everyone.

"But, it was an accident... Right? You didn't mean to hurt him." Jinora said tearing up.

"No, I didn't mean to, but... I hurt him...!" Korra said crying as Mako and Asami comfort her.

"It wasn't your fault." Asami said.

"Korra, we know you wouldn't..." Tonraq said comforting his daughter but Korra keeps crying over Sasuke's injury.

Meanwhile the Akatsuki are on Deidara's clay bird flying to get out of the Four Nations and Zaheer regains consciousness.

"Itachi, what's going on?" Zaheer asked.

"We're returning to our country. We're taking you with us." Itachi said.

"You should be grateful." Sasori said.

"Where are you going to take me?" Zaheer asked.

"To our hideout so you can meet the other members of the Akatsuki." Kisame said.

"You mean..." Zaheer stops talking.

"Yes, we'll introduce you to our Leader and he'll decide what to do. You might make a potential member of the Akatsuki." Itachi said.

"And if you do join us, it might even help with your dream." Kisame said.

"What is your goal?" Zaheer asked.

"Let's just say, we're also trying to change the world for the better." Itachi said.

"We're gonna create a world without lies, where everyone can truly be happy and free." Kisame said.

"I see. Thank you, for helping me." Zaheer said.

"Just don't get to cuddly about it. And we determined Sasuke's status. He's a threat." Deidara said.

"That means we'll be dealing with him more and more." Kisame said and Itachi says nothing.

At the airship Korra is in her resting place and Mako comes in.

"Are you okay?" Mako asked.

"Hardly. I got poisoned and I..." Korra stops talking.

"Korra, it was an accident." Mako said.

"Was it?! I promised I would take care of him and I would always be there for him, but now... I couldn't keep it." Korra said tearing up.

"You were in a blind rage. You had no idea what you were doing. Things didn't go planned, but Zaheer..." Mako was cut off.

"Zaheer was taken by Itachi! I failed!" Korra said.

"No you didn't. You helped recreate the Air Nation. We have many Airbenders now and they can flourish again. Yeah, Zaheer's out there, but we'll deal with him again and stop him the next time we meet him. You and Sasuke were amazing." Mako said.

"Yeah, but...after this, I don't think I can face him right now. I don't know if he'll forgive me." Korra said.

"Sasuke does have his...moments, but he's not a bad person. I think he'll find time to forgive you." Mako said.

"Well, until that time, I think we can't see each other." Korra said.

"Korra..." Mako stops talking.

"I've made my decision, Mako. It's best for both of us." Korra said.

"Yeah. Okay." Mako said leaving the room while Korra thinks about the events.

Two weeks later everyone is at Air Temple Island and Asami puts a hairpin on Korra's bunned hair.

"There you go. All fixed up for a formal Avatar appearance. Take a look." Asami said showing Korra who is now in a wheelchair a mirror.

"It's great. Thanks." Korra said downcast.

"You know, nobody expects you to bounce back right away. It's only been two weeks. You need time to heal. I want you to know I'm here for you. If you ever want to talk, or, anything. Let's just try and be happy today, for Jinora's day." Asami said holding Korra's hand.

"You're right. Let's go." Korra said and Asami wheels Korra out of her room.

Meanwhile Sasuke looks at the mirror in his room and sees all the burns on his body and with him are Mako, Bolin, and Hawk.

"It's not too bad. They're barely noticeable after two weeks." Hawk said but Sasuke says nothing.

"Look, I know you've had a rough two weeks, but what matters is you got out of it okay." Mako said placing his hand on the Uchiha's back but Sasuke remains silent.

"Hey, try to be happy for Jinora, okay? She'd want that." Bolin said and Sasuke simply nods.

"You ready, champ?" Mako asked and Sasuke nods again and they leave the room.

Outside the temple many Airbenders are going for the building and Asami wheels Korra in front of a crowd and Mako, Bolin, and Hawk escort Sasuke to the same crowd and Lord Zuko bows to them and Korra nods while Sasuke does the same and Senna runs to hug her daughter and then Sasuke.

"You look beautiful, sweetie." Tonraq said kissing Korra on her forehead and turns to Sasuke. "Sasuke, I want you to know you have no idea how proud I am of you." Tonraq said touching the Uchiha's face. "You're a strong and brave boy. Never forget that." Tonraq said.

"You both look strong everyday." Tenzin said.

"I'd like to welcome both of you back to Republic City. I know that the last time we saw each other, it didn't end on good terms, but I want to thank you both for taking down those Red Lotus terriorists. And not only them, but you also stopped those Akatsuki ruffians." Raiko said.

"We should go inside." Asami said wheeling Korra.

"I can help." Ikki said.

"I wanna ride with Korra! Jinora's already inside and smells like shoe trees." Meelo said getting on Korra's lap.

"Sandalwood, Meelo." Ikki corrected as they reach the stairs.

"I got this." Lin said bending the floor around them. "Hang in there, kid." Lin said patting the Avatar's shoulder and then moves the stairs upward.

"Hey, Sasuke, we can get to the building another way." Kai said and Sasuke nods and they start moving.

"Let's go, Bo." Mako said.

"Right. Here you go, little bro." Bolin said putting the Uchiha on his back and they start moving.

"They don't look so good." Raiko said.

"Neither would you if you'd gone through what they had." Tonraq said.

"They'll be fine. Korra needs time to heal. That poison too a toll. And Sasuke, well, I'm sure he'll snap out of it." Tenzin said.

"Of course. I'm just saying, with the Earth Kingdom in disarray since the loss of the Queen..." Raiko stops talking.

"And with Zaheer still out there, we don't still don't even know how many Red Lotus members might be out there, hiding." Zuko said.

"Not only that, but the Akatsuki have made themselves known and they're clearly a threat to all benders and ninjas everywhere." Tenzin said.

"Exactly. With the world getting more and more dangerous, we need the Avatar now more than ever, but who will protect us while she's in a wheelchair? I know Sasuke's strong, but still..." Raiko said and Tenzin thinks this over.

"I may have an idea. For the Akatsuki issue, since they're from the Shinobi Countries, we'll may need help from someone I know." Tenzin said.

"You're talking about Kakashi?" Tonraq asked.

"Yes. I know we're far apart, but they must know more about the Akatsuki than us. Getting ninja allies is our best chance against them." Tenzin said.

"But what about other threats besides the Akatsuki?" Zuko asked.

"I may also have an idea." Tenzin said.

At the temples ceremonial hall where incense sticks are burning Air Acolytes and other guests sit down to witness the ceremony while Airbenders are on stage and Jinora who is wearing a hood is in the middle.

"Jinora, come forward." Tenzin said and Jinora does so and kneels. "Today, we welcome the first Airbending master in a generation. I couldn't be any more proud of my own daughter. When the existence of our people was threatened, when the Avatar's life hung in the balance, Jinora never gave up hope. Thanks to her leadership, I see a very bright future for the Air Nation. Of course, there would be no Air Nation without Avatar Korra: She opened the portals and somehow, the world began anew for us. And she, along with Sasuke Uchiha, was able to lay down their lives in order to protect ours. There's no way we can ever repay them for all they have done. Showed us true equality for benders and non-benders, allowing humans and spirits to live together in harmony, and showing what true freedom means. Now, we must follow their example of service and sacrifice. So, while Korra and Sasuke recuperate, the Air Nation will reclaim its nomadic roots and roam the earth." Tenzin said showing the Airbenders such as Kai, Ryu, Daw, and many more. "Unlike our ancestors, we will serve people of all nations, working wherever there is corruption and discord to restore balance and peace. Avatar Korra, Sasuke Uchiha, I vow that we will do everything in our power to follow in your footsteps and bring harmony to the world." Tenzin said bowing and Korra bows back while Sasuke nods. "Now, let us anoint the master, who will help lead us to in our new path." Tenzin said removing Jinora's hood showing her now bald head but she now has Airbender tattoos while the Airbenders create smoke from the incense sticks while sounding windchimes around the hall and Jinora hugs her father.

"Thank you, Daddy." Jinora said tearing up while the audience cheer and clap while a tear rolls down from Korra's cheek and Sasuke small smiles at Jinora's status.

Later at night Sasuke is on his bed trying to sleep but keeps thinking about Itachi and the burns.

"If you want to truly kill me, then you'll have to train yourself harder than ever. I'll give you two to three years to improve your hatred. Then find me." Sasuke remembers Itachi's words.

"Itachi, I WILL kill you! I will train myself harder for three years and I'll end your life." Sasuke said.

"You can still do that." A voice said and Sasuke sees Kabuto.

"Kabuto!" Sasuke said.

"Shh. You don't want to wake everyone up, do you? I'm giving you another chance, Sasuke. The offer still stands. Lord Orochimaru can give you the power you need to kill Itachi. All you have to is abandon the Avatar, just as she has already." Kabuto said.

"Korra..." Sasuke was cut off.

"Burned you alive and almost killed you and now she doesn't anything to do with you anymore. Just accept the fact that she doesn't need you anymore." Kabuto said.

"Korra has been avoiding me, but..." Sasuke stops talking and thinks this over. "How will I know Orochimaru won't take my body? It's no longer possible now that I lost the Curse Mark." Sasuke said.

"Oh, I know. And honestly, your new spirit power does give you a good boost. There are other ways for you to finally have your revenge. You have to remember, Sasuke, you're not meant to be a hero, but an avenger. You want Itachi dead for so long. You can't abandon it now." Kabuto said.

Sasuke thinks this over.

"I want Itachi dead and make him pay for everything he's done." Sasuke said.

"And we can provide you your three year training. You'll be stronger than you'll ever realize. Being with those benders won't cut it." Kabuto said and Sasuke thinks about Korra, Mako, Bolin, Asami, Jinora, Tenzin, and everyone else he has met during his time in Four Nations and then thinks of something else.

"If Orochimaru can give me power, then fine. I'll gladly come along." Sasuke said.

"So you finally accept. Good. Meet us at the end of the island." Kabuto said disappearing in smoke.

Sasuke gets off his bed and packs everything in his room but then starts writing a letter on a scroll and places it on his bed.

"This is goodbye. Sorry, Korra, but I have to settle this myself." Sasuke said as he leaves the room.

Sasuke makes his way through the island while avoiding the White Lotus sentries and finds Orochimaru and Kabuto but then Hawk appears.

"Don't stop me, Hawk. This is what I'm gonna do." Sasuke said.

"Sasuke, I wanna go with you. I know I won't be much help, but..." Hawk was cut off.

"Fine. Do what you want, but stay out of my way." Sasuke said as he joins Orochimaru and Kabuto.

"So, you've finally decided to accept my offer." Orochimaru said.

"You lend me whatever you power you got and prepare me for three years so I can be ready." Sasuke said.

"Excellent. We'll return to how we got into this country. Come." Orochimaru said as they leave and Sasuke takes one last look at Air Temple and thinks about Korra and everyone else one more time.

"Goodbye." Sasuke said as he goes with Orochimaru. "Itachi, you better get ready. Because after three years, I am your demise!" Sasuke said.

Well, we're finally done with Book 3. And here comes the biggest one yet, Book 4, which is the time skip, so I'll have to do some serious thinking for that one. Anyway, thanks for reading and I'll see you in Book 4.