Long before any of this, hundreds of years before all of the pain, heartbreak, death, and misery. Back shortly after Autumn and Ben had returned from their honeymoon, and had just started their lives in the small cottage on Ben's father's property. James and Henry were still alive, and unknown to the new newlyweds, Autumn was pregnant with their very first child. A son, who tragically would be stillborn, the first of countless dead children, foreseen as a curse between the two. They had both gone for a walk, hand in hand, exploring the woods, and walking in one of the fields, picking the milk grass, before they returned to their cottage. Faintly birds were chirping, as the sun continued to shine down. Both laid down in the soft grass out back, laying side by side, staring up at the sunlight that drifted through the branches of the trees that gently rocked back and forth from the wind. A cricked chirped in the distance, before Ben took his wife's hand, and brought it to his lips, kissing it. Smiling, she moved over closer, snuggling her head against his arm before she began to hum Beautiful Dreamer... The only two living children Ben would have were Elijah, who was killed along side with his mother in that carriage accident, drowned with his mother, his lifeless body laying on the grass by the river. A handsome young man, conceived that terrible stormy morning when Ben buried his two brothers after returning home from the war.

Autumn was raped by Ben, her soulmate, the love of her life after being driven insane after the loss of so many children, and his brothers. Elijah was a perfect, pure hearted soul, who was killed as he ventured to the Winchester mansion with his mother, lost to Ben forever, even in the afterlife. His other child, was also conceived by rape. This time it wasn't Ben. It used his soul as a vessel, the same cursed evil that drove him insane the morning he raped his wife, and murdered all of those innocent people. The same spirit that haunted Mrs. Winchester, and the same spirit that came back from crossing over, determined to not venture into the afterlife with his brothers. He twisted whatever was left of the real Ben, no longer caring who was harmed in the process. This evil raped Gypsy, trying to use her as a vessel for bringing Autumn back, as well as his son Elijah. A child was born, but Gypsy refused to be used, and died after giving birth. Ben had plans on trying to use this baby, half conceived by a supernatural presence, destined to be evil. Half human, half something else. He had plans on using Sarah's niece Marion as his next vessel, but they knew his plans and trapped him. Eric took the child and raised him as if he was his own, and far away from the evil that lingered. Samuel turned out to be a fine young man, and lived a full life, having a son named after himself, who had a son by the same name, and finally another son, carrying on the name. Samuel Price was in his thirties, jet black hair, hazel eyes, charm cheekbones, and had a striking handsome look about him, when in reality he looked just like his biological father Benjamin.

He had been raised with the secret of how his great grandfather came to be. It sounded insane, but this was a secret he had lived with, and waited for the signs until finally another death made the papers. A young woman who was working a tour guide from the Winchester mansion. He knew it was time, and drove in that direction, down the California highways. He had the Winchester rifle that had been passed down in his family for generations. His great grandfather's adopted father Dr. Price had given it to him. Driving in silence, Samuel stared forward. He had lived a happy content life. He worked as a bartender in Los Angeles. He was the drummer in a small band him and his buddies started up a few years ago, and they toured different clubs in the city. He lived with his two roommates, and actually enjoyed his life. He had just recently broken up with his girlfriend Alice of seven years. She wanted to have a baby, and Samuel just recently found out he was sterile.

That meant there would be no child to pass down the rifle, and insane story of how his bloodline came to be and what had to be done when the time was right. Part of him didn't want to believe it, while a small part of him had a sense of purpose. This was a secret part of his life nobody kew about. Still, would he be like his father, and his father before that and so on and so on? Would he live his life and wait for nothing to happen. What if really it was just one big lie? Some crazy story his great grandfather made up? He questioned his faith quite a lot and after Alice left him, he knew he would maybe find someone else. Maybe adopt a child like Dr. Price had done with his great grandfather, but maybe...just maybe it was just a sign to give up and continue living his life, ignoring keeping tabs on San Jose. Then after checking his email, he scanned the articled and suddenly he knew. It was time. He didn't know how he was sure, but he was. He simply grabbed his stuff, thankful his roommates were out for the day at work, and got into his car and left. Before starting the engine and heading down the street, he had glanced up at his apartment window and sighed. Something deep inside of him knew he wouldn't be coming back, and the sad thing was...he didn't even care.


Tim sat in his office, currently interviewing a woman named Silvia. She was in her late twenties, and was currently going back to school, taking classes online. She had brown hair with auburn highlights. Her eyes were big and brown, golden actually. Thin, and tall, with a great smile. She wore jeans and a navy blue button down blouse and big copper hoop earrings. She had been a tour guide at two museums before. She had grown up in San Fransisco, and had always been curious about the Winchester Mystery House after watching a documentary on it in high school. She was friendly, had great references, and had just recently moved to San Jose, living with her sister who was a few years older, a lawyer in the area who had just gotten divorced. Silvia explained she wanted to help her sister out so she wasn't alone, and figured this would be a nice job while she continued taking her online classes.

"Have you ever been on our tour?"

"I haven't, but I'm intending on taking one as soon as I'm finished here." Tim and her laughed before he smiled, looking over her paperwork.

"Well, I'll need to scan your license, but I think if everything checks out I'm happy to welcome you to our little family we have here at Sarah Winchester's home."

Silvia lit up.


Tim nodded.

"Now you'll have to go through our training program. You'll officially start next week. We'll start you off at the gift shop, maybe assist with the photographer with the photo package we offer guests before they start our tour. You'll shadow our guides for about a month, we stick to the same basic script where you'll learn the layout of the house, memorize your lines, and assist with taking tours with a veteran tour guide. Once you're comfortable we'll have you start taking guests out, small groups at first then work you're way up. If you like what you're doing and we see promise you'll be promoted to the other option of the Even More Tour. That's another package we offer where we take guests on areas of the house we're not allowed to go in on the basic main tour. The money is much better."

Silvia smiled.

"Well that's nice."

Tim smiled back nodding.

"Being a tour guide is basically the same everywhere, but it can be taxing. We get tons of tourist every day. Groups with small children, elderly, handicapped, the worst are punk teenagers. We usually screen the guests we have, and troublemakers rarely come around here, but you always get a cocky teen or father who had one too many beers outside in our garden area who wants to touch the walls, or venture off on our own. We'll go over everything in our training video and program. It's actually quite a nice place to work. Everyone is friendly, and the money is decent, and I'm always flexible with hours. I actually prefer hiring you younger kids, our social media page is in shambles and it wouldn't hurt if maybe you took a look at it once you feel comfortable."

Silvia smiled, opening her purse and taking her license.

"Sure, I would love that."

Smiling, Tim took her license, before pushing back his chair.

"I'll be right back. We're a little swamped right now. If you don't mind, could you come back after hours...say around seven-thirty tonight. I have a meeting downtown, but I can leave all the paperwork for you to sign, mostly basic stuff. Tina, one of our veteran tour guides will be here. She'll get you fitted for a uniform and have you a quick look around the place. Once your paperwork is all set and copied why don't we Monday at eight you can come by and we'll start your training?"

Silvia lit up, her eyes actually looking gold.

"That's great. Should I just park where I parked today?"

"Yeah, enter in through the gift shop, Tina will be there. I'll be right back."

With that, Tim got up and left, leaving Silvia. It was a little after five, and the last tours of the day were being held. Feeling pretty great about herself, she nervously drummed her hands against the thighs of her jeans. Just then she felt eyes on herself. Glancing over, at the open doorway that branched to a large landing, and across from there were the staff locker rooms. Standing in the doorway was a young man. He was thin, dressed as a butler, even though while passing through, Silvia didn't see any of the tour guides dressed like that. Still, maybe he was an actor. Staring at him, she smirked. He had sandy colored hair, and bright blue eyes. She slowly raised her hand.


The man looked slightly taken off guard staring at her before he cleared his throat.

"Hello ma'am."

Silvia smiled at him and laughed lightly.

"Hello sir."

The man smirked.

"Will you be working here now?"

Silvia smiled and nodded, tucking a strand a hair behind her ear.

"Yeah, tour that what you do?"


Tim's voice came from the back room. Silvia turned in that direction as Tim walked back with her license and the photocopy he had made.

"You got another form of ID? Credit card, school ID?"

Silvia nodded, digging in her purse.

"Yeah, just hold on one second..."

She glanced back at the doorway, and saw that the man was missing. Sighing, she figured he must have walked away. Still, he was pretty cute. She just wished she had gotten his name. She knew this was the last thing she needed, to start messing around with a co-worker. Those things never ended well. Turning her attention towards Tim. After giving him her school ID, he made a copy, returned everything to her, before asking again if coming back was okay? Silvia said sure, and she saw herself out. Walking out, she walked through the gift shop and smiled as tourists were checking out their T-shirts, and postcards with the house on it. Cutting through the front yard, going the long way to her car, she smiled, admiring how truly beautiful the entire place was. Staring up at the palm trees she smiled, before turning towards the house, really taken aback by the stunning shade of pink and purple the sky had turned as the sun began to set.

That's when she saw the man, up in one of the windows staring out at her. Smiling, she raised her hand and waved, feeling that silly little fluttering in her stomach as he smiled and waved back.


It took years before Ben was freed from the room he was trapped in. Countless decades trapped, knowing his son was out there somewhere. His anger boiled as he paced around, furious that he had been so foolish to fall into this awful trap. It wasn't until Sarah Winchester died and Marion donated the house that the nails had been removed and he himself, along with so many other spirts freed themselves and wandered around the mansion searching. But before that happened, before he was able to escape this prison, he found a way to escape by thinking back on his brief time when he was married to Autumn. Long before the war when James and Henry were killed, and long before those damned rifles took everything away from him. He thought back after they lost their first child, a son named Jospeh. Ben had gotten Autumn pregnant again, and when she was seven months along, she woke Ben up in their tiny little cabin frantic, after throwing back the comforter and sheets, showing blood had pooled beneath her. Ben ran and got his father to fetch the doctor.

When he came back, Autumn was sitting up in bed, her hair in sweaty strings, her face pale, and more blood slicked down her thighs.

"It's too early!"

She cried. Ben lit several lanterns, before hurrying over. He saw the pool of blood beneath her had gotten even bigger than it was before.

"'s okay, my father is getting the doctor, just stay awake, okay? You hear me? Stay awake honey..."

He squeezed her bloody hand, kissing it as he stared at her frightened. Autumn was breathing heavy, her eyes just as scared as his were.

"I can't feel the baby...he stopped moving. Feel!"

She took his hand and placed it on her round stomach, and pressed his palm against her. Sitting there he waited for the series of fluttering kicks, and instead he felt nothing. Frowning, he waited and felt even harder himself, when suddenly Autumn threw her head back and screamed in agony. "It's coming!" Ben stared at her frightened.

"No, no, no...just hold on. The doctor is coming..."

Autumn shook her head, tears spilling down her face.

"It's coming...oh God it hurts!"

Ben knew he needed to act fast. Rolling up his sleeves, he went to the edge of the bed, and spread her legs carefully. Just then Gladys, the housekeeper from the main house hurried in, carrying a lantern herself. The second she saw all of the blood she gasped.

"Dear lord what happened?!"

"Is the doctor coming?!"

Ben snapped. Gladys nodded.

"He's coming right away, is it coming?"

Ben nodded, looking down, all ready seeing the head starting to come out of his wife. Blood was everywhere, and he honestly felt his stomach roll by seeing this. Looking over his shoulder at Gladys, his sweaty bangs hanging in his face, he nervously sighed before he asked Gladys to get blankets and towels, as many as she could find. The baby was coming, there wouldn't be time for the doctor. Gladys hurried into the other room, as Ben took a deep breath and stared at his wife.

"Autumn, I'm going to need you to push. Scoot up on the bed, and only push when I say so."

Autumn looked horrified.

"No! It's too early!"

Ben stared at her.

"Listen to me, the baby is coming Autumn, the doctor won't come in time. I can see it. You're losing a lot of blood. I need you to start pushing, but breathe...and keep looking at me, nothing else but me okay?"

Nodding, Autumn tried to sit up a little bit before she snapped her eyes shut. Gasping in pain, Ben watched helplessly, before he suddenly remembered the medicine his father used whenever his headaches got bad. He had given Ben a bottle shortly after they lost Jospeh when Ben started getting headaches himself, ones bad enough that when he was working outside he would snap his eyes shut and have to sit in the shade. His father said it was because he as so skinny, but had given him a bottle telling him this was just enough to take the edge off whenever the headaches got bad. Ben had only taken it once, one evening when his temples throbbed.

The feeling he got was the strangest sensation. His entire body grew numb, and he became lightheaded. That night he remembered finding himself laying back, Autumn naked on top of him, swaying and slowly swaying as he laid back pumping his hips upwards at her, totally forgetting how he even got here and began making love to her. That night his headache was the furthest thing from his mind. He knew she needed some. Getting up quickly, he went to his dresser, digging past his slacks, before taking out the bottle before hurrying towards Autumn. The blood was scaring him, as were the purple circles underneath her eyes.

"Darling, take two big gulps of this, it will ease the pain..."

Autumn looked unsure, before she nodded, and tilted the bottle to her lips as she gulped. Instantly he could tell from the expression on her face that it was bitter. She sat back, before Gladys returned with the sheets and blankets. Outside thunder sounded as rain began to loudly hit the roof. Ben sighed, knowing if it was starting to storm the doctor wouldn't make it maybe even at all. He knew he had to act fast. Gladys joined Autumn, squeezing her hand, and coaxing her to relax. Ben could tell she was starting to feel the medicine. Ben went back to her legs, spreading them again before looking at her.

"Push Autumn, push with all your might."

"I can't!"

She said weakly. Ben ignored her, gently pressing against her swollen stomach.

"You can do it, push Autumn! Push!"

Taking a deep breath, Autumn sat forward as Gladys rubbed her arm. Gritting her teeth, she gritted her teeth before she pushed. Screaming, she bore down and pushed as Ben saw the head of the baby begin to move out of her. He stared up at her, telling her she was doing great, and to keep pushing. Autumn screamed as Gladys squeezed her hand, before she pushed again. Ben reached, feeling his hands go inside of her as the tiny baby slid out completely covered in blood. It slid into Ben's hands lifeless, and small. Ben stared down at it. It was a girl. The cord still attached, the baby stillborn, just like Jospeh. He stared down at it dead with emotion, as Autumn collapsed against Glady's arms.

She looked exhausted, before she panted, her sweaty hair hanging against her face.

"Is it a boy or a girl?"

Ben stared down at it, waiting for it to just open it's eyes and cry. Instead she remained dead in his hands, his daughter. Staring down at it, he heard his wife ask again if it was a boy or a girl. Here Ben stood, holding their dead daughter, having absolutely no idea how to tell his poor beautiful wife that the same tragic curse had struck again. He faintly remembered that old man telling him this would happen, and now holding his second child dead, a horrifying truth rang through his head. Perhaps she was right.

Maybe they were cursed?

This memory, along with all the others of the stillbirths and miscarriages kept repeating to Ben as punishment as he was trapped in this personal Hell. Over and over he remembered the vivid memories of Autumn delivering gray lifeless children, the doctor always walking out, his head bowed in shame. Countless times of sheets and dresses stained with blood, and helpless cries from his wife. Then the stormy morning after he buried his two brothers. The frantic struggles in the back of the carriage as he raped the only woman he would ever love, and then the look on her face before she killed herself using the very same rifle he would use to murder fifteen innocent people... As night took over, he smiled. This woman would be perfect. She looked so much like Autumn.

He knew he had no time to waste. He would get her alone, and rape her. He would then allow Autumn to take over. Once she was back, they could be together. He could kill her, and together their spirits would be together, but first she would have the baby...their son.

Then they could all be together again... Smiling, he walked the halls of the mansion waiting for her.

Later that night...

Silvia arrived back at the mansion and instantly hit it off with Tina.

They hung out in the gift shop chatting for awhile as Tina shut off the lights, and brought her to the rear garden.

"Let me just grab the lights, give me like ten minutes and then I'll head to the staff locker room with you and we'll get you a uniform. Trust me, it's super sexy."

Laughing, Silvia thanked her as she sat down on one of the benches, looking up at the strung up lights and smiled. It was a clear warm beautiful night, and there didn't seem to be a cloud in the sky.


Tina was switching off all of the lights inside, going over her mental checklist when suddenly a hand slapped over her mouth, muffling a scream that came out of her as her eyes widened. She knew this wasn't Todd playing a prank. A harsh whispered voice breathed into her ear.

"I'm sorry, I didn't want to do this but you need to believe me when I say I'm only doing this so you don't get hurt."

Tina was about to struggle and push off whoever this was when a hard whack hit her head, and suddenly her vision blurred as her eyes rolled back into her head and she slummed over, completely knocked out. Samuel carefully hooked his hands under her arms and dragged her to a closet. Laying her down, he sighed before steeping out. Standing in the shadows, he held his rifle. He had been extremely careful when he snuck in, making sure none of the security cameras had picked him up. He blended in with a tour group, and simply slipped away and hid. It was after hours, and he figured the alarm hadn't been set yet. Lucky for him, there were a few more staff members here. He wasn't sure how many, but he was determined to wait until Ben showed himself. He had been able to get his gun, carrying it in a gym bag. Still wearing his leather jacket, he deeply sighed before taking the safety off the gun and carefully walked around. Suddenly the air became very cold. So cold he could see his breath. Shivering, he looked around, knowing he was close.



Silvia heard a voice and turned, looking back and seeing the same staff member standing there in the shadows by the trees over near the restrooms. Raising an eyebrow she smiled.

"Hey, I thought it was just Tina left. You working late?"

Getting off the bench, Silvia smiled and walked towards him.

"I didn't get your name?"


"Well hi Benjamin. Looks like we're going to be co-workers. Tina is going to bring me upstairs to try on an outfit much like yourself."

She laughed as Ben cocked his head, closely staring at her. Nervously smiling, Silvia bit her bottom lip before she laughed.

"You said Autumn? That your girlfriend?"

Ben sighed, the moonlight shinning down on him.

" wife. You."

Silvia froze.


That's when the moon shinned down on Ben's face, and suddenly Silvia saw him. She really saw him. Eyes widening in both disbelief and horror, she stumbled back before she let out a scream. Ben's rotting ghost like face grinned.

"I promised we would be together my love..."

He went to step forward when suddenly a voice came from across the garden, shouting in their direction, causing both to freeze.

"Ben! Ben Block!"

Ben's face dropped as Silvia turned and stared. Samuel stepped out of the shadows, rifle raised. Silvia stumbled back, getting out of the way, and hiding behind one of the trees, watching in horror. Stepping into the garden, Samuel held the rifle, the moonlight catching against his hazel eyes. Instantly Ben looked at him.

"It's son..."

Samuel shook his head.

"No, I'm you're great, great grandson..but you're not my blood. You're not even the real Ben Block. You're the same evil that possessed him to rape his wife, and go mad and kill all those innocent people with this very same gun. You're the evil that haunted this house, and refused to let the real Ben truly cross over as his brothers did. You're the same evil that raped that poor woman, and started my bloodline. The same evil searching for Ben's wife, raping, and killing, and driving these women to kill themselves until you are happy. You claim you want a family, but the truth if you know your soul is cursed, and you are destined to walk the earth alone..."


The spirit roared, causing Silvia to scream. Samuel shook his head walking even closer.

"No, this ends now. You let Ben go, and head extremely where you belong...HELL!"

Aiming, he fired the gun which let out a crack shot, and hit Ben right in the chest. Silvia fell backwards onto the ground as the spirit fell backwards with a heavy thud. Silence filled the air as smoke drifted from the gun. Walking, he approached the body, before staring down. There laid the real Ben Block. The young tortured man finally set free. Blood dribbled from his mouth as he stared up at Samuel.

"Thank you..."

He whispered. Samuel nodded before squatting down.

"You can be with them're free."

Ben weakly grasped onto Samuel's hand, before he became still. Knowing his job had been served, Samuel knew he was destined to be taken as well. Having complete peace with finally finishing his family's work, he closed his eyes, and as Silvia slowly got up on shaken feet...she saw nobody was in the garden anymore.

Both Ben and Samuel were gone. When she finally found a hysterical Tina and they called the police, everyone was puzzled. There were no bodies, and nothing showed up on any of the security tables. Even Sam's car was never found since he parked it across the street at the mall and it got towed a little less than a month later. Samuel was marked as missing person, and nobody sadly ever heard from him again. Silvia didn't take the job at the house, too frightened after witnessing what she saw.

The house continued doing business, the whole night swept under the rug. That night in the garden, a climax after a curse was lifted, hundreds of years old.

As for the real Ben...the evil spirit was finally released from holding him. He was free.


Ben found himself on the front porch of the cottage. He had woken from a terrible nightmare, and was now home. Henry and James were playing in the fields, and it was a beautiful sunny day. Ben sat in his rocking chair smiling and watching them as Autumn walked out from inside, carrying their newborn son. Joseph. She was all ready pregnant again, and Ben had a feeling it was a girl. They were planning on having dozens of children, and in this perfect Heaven, he knew there was so such thing as pain, death, or curses. No, he was finally free, and with his wife. Sitting down beside him, she smiled as she carefully handed the sleeping baby to Ben. Smiling, he took him, holding him in his arms as he glanced up at Autumn and smiled. They were together again. Smiling down at his sleeping son, he softly began to sing...

"Beautiful dreamer...wake onto me..."

The End.