Ben vanished from sight, his vengeful furious spirit finally crossing over. Unknown to both Mary and Eric, the widow of the Now late Corporal Block froze in place where she stood. Her eyes snapping shut, her entire body turning to ice. Her once beautiful jet black hair tinted gray, and her skin just starting to show the wear of time, grief, and misery. She was a widow now 20 long years. Her marriage to sweet darling Benjamin had lasted less than a decade, but even after the scandal of his death she still devoted her soul to him. Together they had buried eight children. At the young age of twenty-four she laid her husband to rest, labeled a murderer, driven insane by the grief of his children and brothers. Still, she remained faithful and continued on her life with the only living child that resulted from the two of them. A beautiful son named Elijah who sadly had been a result of rape just a mere month before Ben's death

Autumn swayed shutting her eyes knowing that her husband's damned soul had finally moved on...


Ben slowly walked with Autumn as they walked side by side in the back of his father's orchards. Together, they went down the dirt pathways, walking among the peach trees, the moonlight shinning down above them, while music from the party further up the hill drifted through the air. Walking, Autumn carried her shoes and walked barefoot, not the slightest bit bothered by the dirt and rocks below. Instead she hummed the same song underneath her breath. It took Ben awhile, before he placed it as "Beautiful Dreamer." The entire time, Ben watched her from the side of his eyes. He found her quite beautiful. Her skin was a beautiful golden tan, unlike all the other girls he saw in town, their skin China white. This showed that Autumn wasn't afraid to go outdoors, and quite enjoyed being here. He watched as she picked up pebbles and tossed them, dragged a stick among the soil for awhile, and even did what appeared to be a half cartwheel, where instantly Ben stood back stunned and looked down when he saw her dress ride up slightly revealing her slip underneath. She wasn't exactly proper, and he wasn't about to lie and say she didn't frighten him slightly. She certainly was something else, and was full of energy.

Now they stopped in front of one of the trees. Autumn looked up and smiled.

"Give me a lift."

Ben raised an eyebrow.

"A what?"

She motioned to the tree and instantly it took Ben a moment before he understood what she meant.


Blushing, he stared at her, not exactly what to do. Autumn leaned down, and showed him to lace his hands together. There she carefully slipped her foot into his hands and hold him to lift her. Ben tried not to blush, and felt her body go against his, her dress ruffling against him as he smelled the faint sweet scent of her perfume. He rocked for a second, trying to balance, before she reached up and twisted off two peaches.

"There! Perfect!"

That's when Ben lost his balance. He felt her weight go against his, and both went toppling over. Autumn let out a squeal, before both toppled over hard onto the ground. Autumn fell on top of Ben, and both of their faces stared at each other less than an inch away. Instantly Autumn stared down at Ben, and both locked eyes. Ben took a deep breath, staring at her before his eyes drifted down and saw the full swell of her breasts. That's when the aching twinge in the pit of his stomach came, and he felt his loins start to awaken. Embarrassed, knowing it wasn't proper, he took in a haggard breath, staring at her before Autumn smiled down. Tucking a piece of her hair behind her ear, she cocked her head to the side and stared down at him.

"Are you scared of me?"

Ben stared up, his face stone set.


Autumn laughed, the sound sweet and healthy. Slowly Ben felt himself relax before Autumn rolled carefully over him, laying in the grass beside him still holding the peaches. Hiking herself up on one elbow, she stared at him with a highly amused look before holding up the peach. Leaning forward, she took a juicy bite, before offering it to Ben. Staring at her, he smirked before taking a bite himself, a small trail of juice squirting down his chin. Smiling, Autumn tosses the fruit into the grass and leaned against him.

"I guess I could see myself marrying you..."

With that she leaned forward, and her lips found his. Caught completely off guard, Ben raised an eyebrow, eyes widening in surprise, as he felt her mouth open and close. Ben closed his eyes slowly as he began to relax, both of their mouths slowly opening and closing as he felt her tongue tickle his. Moaning, his hands slipped against her, rubbing the cloth of her dress, before she pulled away, breathless. both stared at each other laughing, blushing, and excited. Autumn's thin fingertips wiped against his lips.

"You taste like a peach."

Ben laughed softly before his eyes looked down. Autumn laughed, and nudged him.


"I've...never kissed a girl before."

Autumn smiled, laying in the grass beside him. Gently her hand cupped the side of his face, wearing his late mother's sparking wedding ring.

"Oh Benjamin...I have a feeling we're going to have such a good time."

Puzzled, but excited, Ben continued to lay in the orchard under the moonlight with this stranger who had now become his fiancé. Smiling, he gazed at her feeling memorized.


Benjamin stood before his son's grave. It was in the small graveyard just North of the orchards where his grandparents and mother were laid to rest. Staring down at the tiny mound of dirt just a mere four days following his birth and death he couldn't believe how numb he still felt. This seemed as if it had happened to somebody else, not Autumn and him. They were supposed to be happy, they were supposed to be starting a future...

Instead that future laid in a small wooden coffin big enough for a doll.

Gazing forward, his large blue eyes filling with tears he had just met with both his own father and Autumn's. They had invited him in his father's study, poured him a stiff drink, and apologized for what a horrible tragedy it was. Autumn was still recovering with her mother by her side. She had insisted on staying in their tiny guest house instead of being moved to the main one. Benjamin so badly wanted to lay with her but Autumn's mother and maids hurried him out.

"I know this is the last thing on your mind, but in a few months you'll make another child with her. One that's supposed to be. One that's the true heir to our business."

Benjamin tuned out the rest of their words and simply nodded and nursed his drink. What he wanted more than anything at this exact moment was to be with his wife. After the sit-down with his father and father-in-law he ventured out to his son's grave. Thinking of all the tiny little clothes and bassinet his heart ached. He would ask June to take all of that out without Autumn seeing. He didn't want to upset her. Standing he glanced to the left and saw his two brothers running and playing about without so much as a care in the world. Sadly smiling he took a deep breath before swearing he could make this right. If it was the last thing he ever did...he swore he would make this right.