Ninja Gaiden

Genetics and Heretics

"He has silver hair." Hiroshi said.

Kimara Arushi was at a loss for words. She had expected that the child would not have his father's features, but this was too drastic. A brown-haired man with a black-haired wife, and their son was silver-haired? Too suspicious.

And suspicion was what she wanted to avoid.


The world was blurred. Why was it blurred?

She lifted herself up by her arms, starting when she felt a body beside her.

Moving her head, slowly opening her eyes, dreading what she would find there. And dread was right, because asleep beside her on the bed was-



"I- I remember one of my uncles having silver hair. Must have come from him."

"Then why not name our child after him? What was his name?"


Soon enough, his friends were talking about it.

Hiroshi had had a son, and his name was Hatake Sakumo.


Block. Jump. Fire incoming. Doryuheki. Hot. Too hot. Suijinheki. Yes, cool now.

But while he was dealing with green-eyes, the cute little children had been overwhelmed by the shitmouth. Not good, under the circumstances. Indeed, under any circumstances, really, but in these particular ones it was worse than worst.

Thunk. His little internal monologue had given time for green-eyes to get his blackarms behind him and- Damn, he was doing it again.

He ran up the trunk of the tree, narrowly avoiding several deadly attacks by instinct alone. He prepared the Chakra for a quick Kawarimi, in case it was needed, moulding it into-

A whirring sound, reminiscent of his sensei's signature technique made him perform it on instinct, and the purple girl started as he appeared near her. His left eye spinning wildly, he turned his head towards his previous position to see a blackarm batted away by an orange creature that looked startlingly like- Naruto?! What was he doing here?!

But there was no time to think. His cute little Genin was focusing on greeneyes, unaware of the fact that the Suiton monster was quickly advancing towards his unguarded back. He was too far away to run, and there was nothing to substitute with!

All ranged Jutsu powerful enough to destroy the monster would also have a small side-effect of obliterating Naruto, and even keeping the monster occupied would be impossible at this distance.

Was this it, then? Would he, once again, lose his comrades? Was this and this alone his fate?


His eye burned with need, and the words forced themselves out of his mouth. "Banshou Ten'in."