Wait—what was that?

Sarah's inquiry broke my concentration, and the sounds of my family's duel in the clearing flickered from my mind. Now, I watched the slim, sandy wolf glance warily around herself. Her ears perked, straining to make sense of whatever she'd heard approaching in the forest.

Surely, her heightened senses had picked up the trail of a deer, a bear, or another woodland creature. There was nobody else out here—it was just us; I had made sure of that.

However, unwilling to take any chances, I prodded the surrounding area for any thoughts.

You seriously thought you could hide him from me? I thought you knew me better than that, Edythe…

The malicious, sneering mental voice froze me to the spot.

No… No… No, it couldn't be!

Sarah's nostrils flared, her ears twitching as two pairs of footsteps drew closer, whisper soft, and then we caught their scent on the carrying breeze.

I recognized them both immediately—one was the distinctly female cloy from Beau's bedroom. And the other… The other scent I would have known anywhere. I'd memorized his fragrance dozens of times over, to ensure I had it right. It was the fragrance I'd tracked for weeks on end... The scent I would never forget…



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