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Christine struggled to open her eyes. She felt weak but someone was calling her name. She thought the voice sounded familiar but her mind was foggy. Forcing herself to fight her weariness, she cracked her eyes open, the white light bright and her vision blurry. Above her, she saw the silhouette of a male figure, the same who was saying her name over and over. Finally, her vision cleared and she took a sharp breath in at recognizing who was with her.

"Raoul…" Christine whispered in awe.

She could not believe her husband was with her. The last time she had seen him was when he had to leave to deal with a job in London. While he was away, she had gotten sick and…

Christine frowned as she remembered. "Wait, what has happened? I was sick and didn't think I would recover."

"You did not." Raoul answered with a sad grin.

Christine felt her eyes begin to water and she struggled to sit up. Raoul helped her. All around was white, but not the kind that made one's eyes hurt, instead it was the kind that was relaxing and peaceful. However, it was strange that there was nothing in sight except for her and Raoul.

"Then, where am I? How are you here? Please tell me you're not…" Christine begged. Part of her knew where she was, if Raoul's last statement was any hint, but she did not want to know that he had also joined her so soon.

"Peace, Christine." Raoul hushed to soothe. "I believe you already know where you are, but do not worry, your husband is alive and well. His time has not come yet."

At Raoul's words she froze, staring at the man who looked exactly like her husband but by his own admission was not. She made to move away and the Raoul lookalike let her crawl backwards a few feet while he remained on his knees in front of her.

"Who are you?" Christine demanded.

Not-Raoul smiled. "You may call me Castiel. I am an angel of the Lord."

At the mention of the word angel, Christine's mind went blank. She stared at Not Raoul—Castiel—suspiciously.

"Then why do you look like my husband?" she grilled.

Castiel put his hands up as if to placate her. "Humans cannot witness my true form, even in heaven, it is not a pleasant thing for the soul to see. I took the form of your husband to calm and help you with your transition. We angels often do that to make things easier."

While Christine had her faith, it was strange talking to someone who looked like Raoul but was not him. However, with the sickness she endured, she knew that her life must have left her body. This white place was a factor that could not be ignored either.

"Wh—what is this transition?" Christine questioned, allowing herself to mentally admit that she was nervous.

Castiel nodded as if pleased. "For now, you have to wait for your husband to come here. It will not take long then—"

"What do you mean not take long?!" she interrupted with her fear at Raoul's death.

"Peace." Castiel commanded. "Time works differently in this realm. Your husband has many years yet, however, for you it will not feel like that. As I was saying, once he arrives the two of you will be sent on a mission. Only after this task is complete will you be able to enter heaven."

Apparently one cannot sweat if one was in the heaven realm because Christine was sure that she would have begun to. The same went for her heartbeat, she did not feel it even though, if she was alive, it would have started pounding.

"What mission?"

"You would not believe how glad I am that you asked before accepting." Castiel replied. Christine found his statement strange, was that not usually the case? "And no, people do not usually ask first. Their desire to enter heaven and their own arrogance causes them to say yes almost instantly every time."

Oh, well that explained that.

"As for you mission, you and your husband are to be sent back to earth to watch over another soul. The two of you will be his guardians, one his 'demon,' the other his 'angel.' Think of it as being his conscious as towards the good and bad in the world." Castiel informed her.

Christine frowned in confusion. "May I ask why we have to do such a thing in the first place? Is this with everyone who is to enter heaven?"

Castiel shook his head. "No, this is a special case. Let me ask you this, do you believe in soulmates?"

Christine nodded, thinking of Raoul, and Castiel continued. "You see, everyone has a soulmate. They do not always meet, but they are there. People are reincarnated until they meet with their soulmates so that they can be together in the afterlife. You and Raoul are soulmates, however, unlike most, you have a third. This soul has already passed on in life and has been reincarnated onto earth."

"This soul we must watch over, it is our third? Why are we then not also to be reincarnated to meet with them in life?" Christine inquired, her mind shaken by the thought of having another soulmate. She knew without a doubt that Raoul was hers as she was his, but another? She could not imagine who could possibly make her and Raoul's relationship any more filling then it already was.

"Yes, your third is exactly the soul you must watch over. And usually, yes, heaven would send you and your husband's souls back to earth for you all to meet, but my people are not pleased with you and your husband at the moment." Castiel stated grimly, Raoul's eyes flashing with disappointment at her.

"What? Why?" Christine questioned alarmed.

"Because in your life you had all met each other already, but instead of coming together as one, the two of you denied your third, rejected him and caused his death prematurely." Castiel explained with a frown. "It has been decided that as punishment, the two of you are given your mission. It is once it is completed that the three of you can enter heaven. If you cannot, you are dooming your third to an endless eternity of being reincarnated and the two of you will be there watching it."

"B—but, what third? You say that we had met in this last life and rejected him. But, how were we suppose to know that he was supposed to be with us?! How were we—?" Christine asked frantically but was cut off.

Castiel's mouth opened and out came a voice that sung a melody that did not sound anything like what Raoul sounded like. If Christine could feel her heart she knew it would have skipped a beat because she recognized that melody and voice. Even after years have passed since she had last heard it, she knew she could never forget it.

"Angel…" Christine whispered without realizing.

Castiel stopped singing and nodded. "Well, that was one thing you called him. Though I must admit that real angels sound nothing like that, our true voices can kill a human upon hearing it but for a comparison to what it might sound like if humans could, Erik is probably as close as one could get."

"Erik!" Christine exclaimed in disbelief as memories of the 'phantom' of the Opera Populaire came rushing forward in her mind. "The man who murdered innocent people and almost killed Raoul and Mr. Khan! The man who deceived me and then kidnapped me! He's our third?!"

Castiel had the decently to look sheepish. "I do not choose who belongs with whom, but I admit that the circumstances behind his life did not help his growth at all."

"He was insane!"

"And that was part of the debate as towards whether you should be punished or not." Castiel informed her, looking straight into her eyes so intensely that Christine did not feel that she could blink. "But, the two of you could have helped him. If you had stayed, he would have gotten better, but you both left and Erik's soul was here years before it should have been. It is bad enough when we get a soul prematurely because of general life circumstances, but to get one because of a soulmate's rejection? That will always result in consequences."

Christine could not believe what Castiel was telling her and looked away from the angel. Erik?! The deformed genius who was also a murderer. He was their third?!

"But his voice filled my spirit with a strange sweet sound." Christine jerked her head back up at the sound of her own voice. Castiel was staring at her and it was obvious that he was the one who said the words. Christine vaguely recalled them as being what she had once told Raoul. That night, so many nights ago…

"In the night, there was music in my mind." Castiel continued, it was eerie to hear her voice come from Raoul's mouth. "And through music, my spirit began to soar."

Christine forced herself to look away. "His voice was the only thing good about him and even that he used to hurt others."

"I am not trying to argue that he did not." Castiel stated back in Raoul's voice. "I wanted to remind you that you held him with affection before and, dare I say, fondness."

"Maybe." Christine conceded. "It is hard to completely hate someone who showed you such devotion and admiration."

"You never did, nor could hate him." Castiel countered. "I believe that you and your husband were only able to see the dark parts of his soul and that is why the two of you turned away. However, if you can see the brilliance of that soul maybe the three of you have a chance."

"Does he have any?" Christine could not help but ask as she turned to face her husband that was actually an angel.

Castiel nodded firmly. "During creation, my father had created a number of souls that shine brighter than others. While most souls, if a human were to see it, would appear in brightness like a star in the night. The souls that father had created special would appear to a human with the intensity of the sun in the sky. Your third is one of those souls."

Part of Christine wanted to accuse the angel of lying, but what objective could he possibly have for lying to her? She went through her memories of the man, the one who acted as her angel but also as the opera ghost within the Opera Populaire. He was a strict teacher towards her but fair. She had dreamed of meeting her angel one day and when the time had finally come the dream had turned into a nightmare. She was repulsed by his face upon first looking at it and he demanded that she would be his bride. She had seen no escape from him without the help of her Raoul and that had almost ended in disaster with his death.

However, she had begged Erik, even kissed him to persuade him that she would stay with him if only he would allow Raoul and Mr. Khan to live. She could remember the look of wonder and disbelief in his golden eyes when she had pulled away from him. Erik had let all of them go after that, his only request that she wear his ring until he died, which he assured them that the wait would not be too long, and to bring it back to him. Christine had been worried at his words but took the chance to escape and agreed to his wish.

Just a few weeks after that dreadful night, there was an ad in the newspaper by Mr. Khan, stating that Erik was dead. Christine had almost kept the ring for herself, as a last memento from her insane genius. By that point, she had started to feel an emptiness inside her that she knew could have only been filled by her fake angel. However, Mr. Khan had shown up and together with Raoul, the three made their way to the Opera Populaire where Erik's body rested. She took in Erik's dead body and forced herself to pull his ring off her finger and place it back on Erik's limp one. She had walked out shortly later.

Since then, while she held him in her thoughts as the crazed genius, she could not help how her mind would every so often feel sadden by his demise. A small part of her heart remained with him no matter how much she had tried to get rid of it and/or replace it with her love for others.

Castiel had told her that Erik has been reincarnated. Maybe with this new life, he would not have to suffer like he did before. Maybe she could…

"I see you are accepting him." Castiel cut into her thoughts.

Christine blinked and stared at him.

"Souls have a certain shade of color when they acknowledge their soulmates." Castiel explained almost dismissingly. "The mission will not be an easy one. Being a guardian is harder than one might think. Depending on your role, you have different responsibilities."

"How are we going to complete the mission? You said that we will be forced to remain what we are until it is finished but you have not told me what it is that we have to do." Christine inquired.

Castiel shrugged. "I was not given permission to tell you. Not knowing the how is part of the punishment."

Christine opened her mouth to protest but Castiel raised his hand to make her stop.

"I can tell you this." He began. "The closer the two of you get at accomplishing your goal, you will gain certain abilities to help you along. However, it has to be done within one of Erik's lifetimes. If you were able to make progress with him in one life, you will have to start over in the next one. For your sake, I hope the two of you never have to understand what that means."

"This is sounding like it is going to be a lot more difficult than I believed." Christine remarked to which Castiel smiled.

"It is a punishment for a reason."

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