A/N: This story has been sat in my computer for a few years, and I decided that I might as well publish it. I'm hopeful that I will continue this and make it into a proper fic, but we shall have to wait and see. I hope you all enjoy it! This is set towards the middle of the Occupation of Bajor, possibly during the Cardassian-Federation War.

Disclaimer: I don't own Star Trek (though sometimes I wish I owned Dukat), but I do own my OC.

When her eyes had been given the chance to adjust to the sudden darkness, she screamed. At least, she tried to scream. She writhed and wriggled and squirmed, but it was all to no avail. She tried to look her captors in the eye, in order to get a good look at them, but that didn't work particularly well, either.

"Stop moving," the Cardassian ordered her firmly. His voice was cold and emotionless.

She spat at him and he wiped the residue away with a mocking smile. "Let me go!" she yelled angrily.

He shook his head and smirked to his fellow officers as the dragged the defenceless woman to the chief of security.

The large, severely designed black chair swivelled around and she wanted to scream when she saw him. Yet another Cardassian. He steepled his fingers on the desk before him and leant forward. "Why, hello," he announced with mock happiness.

She saw her chance and lurched forward abruptly, trying to desperately escape the Cardassians' steadfast grip on her. They simply reached forward nonchalantly and pulled her back to them. The tears were pressing; burning the back of her eyes, but she knew that she had to hold them back. She wasn't planning on giving these aliens any sort of satisfaction. She sniffed and held back the salty tears.

"Remove your clothes," the hierarchal Cardassian demanded, his grey eyes managing to almost pierce her very soul, even though he was sat quite a distance away from her.

She shook her head determinedly and lashed out at the two guards holding her steady. Again, she spat at him, landing a glob of spittle in his face. "I'm a Federation citizen. You've got no right to do this!" she said, as if he would listen to reason. As if he cared what the law was.

"This is Cardassia," he simply replied, his tone floods with cold civility. "I can do what I please. You, my dear–" He paused, to stand up and walk over to her, touching her cheek softly with the back of his coarse hand "–cannot."

Despite being tired due to her struggling and lashing out at her captors, she fought hard against the welcoming desire to hang her head low and to appear defeated. But she was strong and she wasn't going to give in. She looked him in the eye. He was tall, his eyes were an uncomfortably piercing blue, and he was wearing the very geometric and deliberate uniform of the Cardassian military.

The leading Cardassian took a step back. "Now, remove your clothes," he requested again; this time, he sounded more urgent but it did not seem like a demand.

"No," she replied; she looked calm but inside, her heart was racing and her mind was thinking of a thousand unpleasant thoughts a minute. ""I will not."

The Cardassian rewarded her determination with a grim smile, and then he nodded to his subordinates and they shoved her against the wall abruptly.

She yelped in surprised pain as her back hit the hard metal wall. She closed her eyes right shut as she felt her hands being held above her head, and she shuddered, trying to squirm our of their grip. She felt a cold hand on the nape of her neck. One of the Cardassians acquired a small knife and slit the fabric of her dress from the neckline to the hem. She was nearly too overwhelmed to react. When she realised what had happened, she blinked in distressed alarm and tried to fold her arms, to cover herself up. They prised her arms apart, and she saw their lascivious smiles. But the overseeing Cardassian shook his head and intervened, for which she was very thankful. And it made her stomach churn, to think that she was even contemplating feeling grateful.

"That's enough," he snapped dominantly. "We must allow the young lady to maintain her dignity."

The subordinates looked at each other, then they both nodded and shrank back a little. The other officer shooed them away and they hurriedly left, obviously not wanting to feel his wrath to any further extent.

She crossed her legs where she stood and held the dress over her naked body defensibly.

"Now," she breathed. "Tell me what you want."

He, nonetheless, simply shook his head and smirked insufferably. "All in good time."

He took a step forward and his hand shot out, turning her head scrutinisingly from side to side. He grinned appreciatively and ran his hands down her sides.

"Tell me!" she spat, ignoring his advances.

He smiled and folded his arms reservedly, stepping back, frustrated. "My, you are quite demanding!" he observed mockingly. "I appreciate that." He handed her a towel.

"You bet!" She scowled and took the towel, wrapping it hurriedly around herself. "I have rights, you know!" she continued her rant. "You have to listen to me."

He threw his head back in a fit of barely contained low-pitched laughter. "As I have said, all in good time."

Another officer entered the dingy room and handed some clothing to the leading Cardassian. He snatched it hurriedly and placed it on his desk, and then the other Cardassian left.

"Now, tell me, girl. What's your name?" he asked, his demanding tone dropping rather significantly.

He sighed, but smiled, though she doubted that the expression was portraying true humanity. "I am Gul Telok."

"Corina," she muttered softly, determined to maintain eye contact with him throughout the exchange.

"What a lovely name."

"Your age?"

She sighed. "Twenty."

"And, you're human, yes?" he inquired.

She nodded slowly. "Yes."

He turned to leave.

She shot out her hand and struggled to grab a hold of his thick wrist. "Please," she said, the desperation now no longer hidden well. "Tell me what will happen to me."

He grunted. "You will find out. It is not customary for people like yourself to be given too much light on their circumstances."

She scoffed. "What? People like myself?" She wondered what he could mean. She wasn't Bajoran. She wasn't a spy. Up until now, her opinion on Cardassians had not been a particularly negative one.

He turned back to face her. "Yes. That is what I said," he replied nonchalantly.

She shook her head, countering his point.

"You'll get told later," he let on.

She bit her lip and held her breath, stepping forward to him. She didn't come up to his height, but came pretty close when she stood on her toes. She leant forward and breathed down his neck, "You know," she said as seductively as she could manage. "I could think of a few things I could do to say thank you, for being so understanding."

Gul Telok tried to lurch away from her gaze, but gave in very quickly. He couldn't resist her. She no longer looked angry or fearful. She had lowered her eyes and her voice; she very nearly smiled at him; she took a step forward. "I'm sure you could," he managed.

"So, what do you say...? Corina began hopefully.

Telok grinned and examined her figure. "I regret I've never seen a human female–" He studied her scantily-clad body "–like this." He leant in closer and touched her lips with his finger, caressing the suppleness of her skin. He looped his arms around her hips and that was when Corina made her move. She waited for him to get to his most vulnerable moment and then threw a kick at his crotch, sending him doubling over.

She punched his head as he fell and smirked at the sight of the unconscious Cardassian at her feet. She snatched up the clothes she had been given by him and winced as the rough fabric rubbed against her skin. She threw on the clothes in a huff and glared at the incapacitated alien before storming off.

Just as she had expected, she was stopped an apprehended pretty much as soon as she stepped just one foot out of the room. A tall, wiry Cardassian stepped in front of her.

"Where are you off to in such a hurry?" he asked, smirking.

Corina felt herself staring at him and shook her head. "Go ahead," she muttered defeatedly. "Take me hostage."

The man chuckled and sighed. "I wasn't going to take you hostage. You're not Bajoran. Why would I take you hostage?"

Corina blinked in surprise and stepped back. "Everyone seems to be doing that today," she murmured.

"You will be getting in the way here," he said icily. "I'll take you."

"You'll take me?" she repeated, alarmed. "You most certainly will not!"

He bent down, to her level and smiled, and she could have sworn she saw a glimmer of genuine feeling in his blue eyes. "You can either stay here with..." He sneered. "Telok and prepare for your impending trial, Corina. Or, you can come with me." He pulled her aside in the corridor.

She started away from him, her eyebrows raised in alarm. "You know my name?"

"I know many things."

Then, she realised something, after running through what he had previously said. "Trial?" She reached up and touched her forehead tentatively, suddenly realising that she felt a bit faint.

He nodded firmly. "What do you say?"

"And who the hell are you?" she asked hotly.

"I am Gul Dukat, Commander of the Second Order," he answered proudly.

"Then, shouldn't you be, like, commanding your Order?"

He shook his head. "It doesn't work like that," he responded.

"I'll go with you on one– no, two conditions," she finally said. "One: You tell me where we're going. Two: You tell me what my trial is for."

"You won't be attending the trial. I can clear that up. If you come back with me, that is," he suggested.

She had only ever really met one Cardassian other than this one, other than Gul Dukat, and that was Gul Telok, which made it extremely hard for her to decipher this Gul's true intentions. She bit her lower lip and considered, and then sighed. What would he want her for? Why did her wish for her to go with him? What did her welfare matter to him? Was it really a coincidence that Dukat had bumped into her when he head. But she shook her head free from those feelings and thoughts and apprehensions.

And so, Corina nodded and looked Dukat squarely in the eye. "Okay, I'll come with you."