Hey, I'm 16 and doing this as a side hobby as a ways to improve my grade as well as because it's enjoyable.

Chapter 1 - The seed

It teared through the last cover, a sinister aura radiated from, it.

"The look of death was engraved on his face, a sense of despair filled the room, they were imprisoned, no way to escape and they were ready to accept their fate. However there was one who gave hope, one who truly risked his life, one who fought despite all odds stacked against him. One who was able to wipe the evil away, and gain the warmth of the world, the one who truly went on adventures, and the one who got the wome… The one who is the hero."

"Bell are you listening?.."

"Grandpa, do you think, maybe I could ever do that?"

"Of course you could, now come on its time for bed.."

"But Grandpa.."

"Not buts.."

My young Bell as transparent as daylight, one day you may be the one in the hearts of the people, however I may not be there with you to see it, so you must travel on your own, and find your own path, that much is for you..

Impatient and excited, the determined red eyed teenager ran through the gates into the city of Orario.

"I wonder if I'll ever be able to go on adventures..."

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