Chapter 2 - New will

"Hi, my name is Bell, I would like to join your familia!" bang

"Hello! I wish to join your familia! My name is… " bang

"Please give a chance"

"I told you once kid, come back stronger if you want to join"… until he too closed the door with a bang

The bright blue sky changed into a deep orange sunset and eventually turned dark, the boy who had been rejected so many times made his way to an inn, the build-up of inner turmoil and conflict was shown on his face. His shirt sticking to his back from sweat after wandering for hours.

"Only 500 gold left, at this rate, I'll have to be sleeping outside on the floor" the boy whimpered before he laid down on the cold hard bed. The bright moon seemed to darken until it was completely covered by a cloud; the room looked as if it died itself.

"I'm so pathetic, I can't even get in a familia" as the boy thought, a tear drippled down his face as he shoved his head under the pillow so the world wouldn't see him.

A soft but dark voice played at the back of my head, "Just stop, you're not cut out to be an adventurer, your pathetic, useless, you have no hope" Somehow I see a sadistic smile along with it. My heart dropped and I go into a moment of despair for a second before I remember all the stories my grandpa told me, and I remember my dream. In an instant that sadistic smile is gone and its now as if a new reinforced light took its place. I remember what my goal is, and the pride of my grandfather with it. My eyes blur out and I doze off in a matter of minutes.

The shops open, and owners already call out to passing travelers trying to gain a sell. Adventurers armour clicking the ground as they make their way towards the dungeon, the thriving city wakes up and wakes me up at the same time

"Alright…. Well, time to try again" the boy said as he got out of bed with a stretch.

The warmth of the sun grazed my skin, the birds chirped, and a sense of tranquility filled the air. However, in a moment that's gone and all I hear is a girl screaming, not too away, it looks like even the birds are attracted towards the voice. I walk around the corner to see where it's coming from.

"Down the alley?.."

I pick up the pace to render the words being spoken.

"Stop! Give me back my purse!" someone exclaimed

I turn around the corner and see beautiful women about 8 meters away, also, running?

I stop glaring at her when a dwarf runs into me, we both collide and fall onto on the stone floor. He recovers almost instantly and sprints away without a trace, I'm about to call out to him when I see he drops his purse but I'm greeted with a soft feminine voice.

"Wow you were amazing, thank you so much. He just took my purse out of my hand and ran but then you… OH I'm so sorry my name is Syr-Syr Flova; Pleasure to meet you"

My words stumble out my mouth, "Hhhuh?..Well I-erm , uh, it wasn't really my doing.."

"What are you talking about? You helped me" she slightly blushes and looks away

I feel my face heat up a bit, "I.. my name is Bell, Bell Cranel. Urm.. P-pleasure to meet you too"

"Sorry I can't talk, I have to go now but, promise me you will come round to mama Mias bar tonight, I'll be waiting for you" She runs off in a hurry

"Wait... I didn't even get a chance to respond", it's too late she pays no bother to me and blends into the crowd

Something glittering catches my eye, it's a dark violet purse on the floor. "Don't tell me it's her purse! Mama Mias bar was it?" However, I have to keep moving to try and find the guild so I can enter the labyrinth

Two eyes fix onto me, full of lust, making my hairs stand and a shiver passing through my spine. Somehow I can sense it, "From Babel?.."

"This is orario?"

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