Chapter 3 - The first step

I enter the 'guild', and am presented with a massive room, with crystalloid walls and pillars. There are about a dozen adventurers in the room. 'I guess most people don't wake up this early and come to the guild..' the air is filled with a strong aroma of metal and a hint of sweat.

"Yup this definitely looks like a place for adventurers" I mumble with a small grin on my face. "Alright Bell remember what you gotta do", I keep repeating to myself until a half-elf with brown hair and piercing green eyes in her late teens or so approaches me.

"Hello! Are you seeking to become an adventurer?" she asks with a wide smile but somewhat forced. I nod my head and she guides me over to a counter to help me with the new registration process.

"Alright, what familia are you together with" she patiently asks

Huh? "I'm not in any familia at the moment" I respond

I see her eyes scanning me, the same way the familias looked at me at my request to join.

"Okay but I must warn you, wandering around the labyrinth without a gods falna is sure to lead to danger" she replies, her eyes almost pleading me to stop now.

I give her a nod as she carries on the process. 'she' explains the rules of the Guild to me. "The guild takes no responsibility for any losses in the dungeon, including an adventurers' own life", She finishes explaining all the rules in 5 minutes and enquires which type of advisor I want.

"Um, a female…" I hesitate slightly. Choosing a race would reveal my type, but I carry on anyway and choose an "elf".

"Okay, that's the last of it! Please take a seat and wait a few minutes before I come back to you", she says before she goes into a room "Staff Only".

She comes back before I know it and signals me to a free counter.

"I'll be your advisor, so I'll be telling you all about the dungeon, weapons, potions, party members or anything like that. This means if you every have any queries, just come and ask me! Also, we do a rookie bag which costs 200 valis which has 2 health potions, a map, and a lead knife" She says energetically

I accept the offer and look at the knife, "So this is the first step on becoming an adventurer and, a hero.." I quietly whisper hoping she doesn't hear me

Her eyes open a bit more, I feel my heart trying to hide, but she goes back to her normal happy face. Phew, I hope she didn't hear it or probably think she misunderstood. "Wait, but what's your name?" I request as I remember I haven't learned her name yet.

"Oh, sorry my name is Eina Tulle, but you can just call me Eina" she responds swiftly

"Alright, Ei… Ms. Eina, thank you" I say one last time before I head out into the dungeon.

I approach the stairs of Babel and already see other high tier adventurers in their parties. If the sun was fully up I would've probably been blinded from the reflecting armour. There was a range of races, each party accompanying some sort of mage with a staff, a shield user or a 'tank', with at least 2 with spears or swordmen. Their equipment materials ranging from iron to mithril to drop items. Each with their own unique design reflecting the wholesome work of their creators.

In the center of the room is a ten metre long hole that leads straight into the Dungeon. Within the circular room are multiple columns at equal intervals and above is a beautiful azure painting of the sky that resembles the real sky. Along the circle are gentle stairs that spiral down into the Dungeon.

Before long, I step foot in the dungeon. My grandfathers face instantly comes up as if he's watching me taking my first step "alright my story begins today!" I shout as I hear my voices bouncing off the wall and echoing back to me. The walls are light blue coloured, the surface is rough and rigid, the air smells of an old attic that's never been opened, well I mean I don't think fresh air even gets in.. there's a wide hallway, this must be the beginner's road! Ms. Eina let me know of everything to do with the first floor before I left, no wonder I left with a headache - I'm already alone, everyone else has already gone up ahead. I can already feel my palms becoming moist in a cold sweat, my muscles tense up and my eyes are already shooting each corner and surveying the area. I feel somewhat odd, my movements are out of place and I feel my legs gently shaking every few steps.

"Come on, chill out.." I tell myself as if I'm not in control. I take a deep breath and speedily say my prayers.


From the darkness came the sound of a light limb or weapon being dragged across the floor. Every once in a while, the sound stopped but then carried on right after until, IT came into view. The creature less than a metre tall with a wooden bat, oozing out bloodlust. It probably wouldn't have even caught the interest of a level 2, but for me, it was as though I was paralyzed. If my legs weren't shaking earlier, they most definitely are now! The creature steps closer making it easier to visualize. The creature is tainted in a deep green coat of flesh with a brown leather lungi at its waist. The creature gnarls its fangs accompanied by a snarl at me before it picks up speed.

I step out of my daze and ready my posture, dagger in hand. My right foot behind my left as I try and stay close to the floor and keep my centre of balance low. I take a few steps forward before I know it, I'm charging directly at it and within 3 metres..

Time slows down, the goblin swings its bat aiming for my lower rib-cage, its left side completely exposed. I take a step to the right followed by my left foot stepping into arm's length. The knife already lunging towards it until it meets contact. A deep red gash line follows the shoulders to the neck before the bat hits me, the goblin gives a final frustrated cry before it disappeared into a clear smoke.

The crimson eyed teen froze, still in his lunged posture looking at the lilac crystal as if he was caught in a spell.

"I… I did it?" The boy slowly stated, still caught off guard by the events that occurred.

"I DID IT!" the boy now exclaimed, realising his first feat.

Grandfather, I've taken my first step. Watch over me and send your blessings. I'm following your footsteps forever!

"So the boys started his journey, ey? Hahaha", Voiced the former god of the Zeus Familia

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