"Isn't it great to be back?" Jo Karev beamed, taking in the familiar scenery of the place she considered her second home. It looked exactly as it had when they left; she could only hope she didn't miss too many exciting, important cases.

"I'm ready to work, aren't you?" When she didn't receive an answer, Jo turned around to find her husband stalling by the front lobby doors. Rolling her eyes, she jerked him by the hand, snapping, "Alex!"

"What?" he grumbled. He'd been enjoying their vacation; it was relaxing without having his pager beep constantly or dealing with anyone's crap. Jo, on the other hand, was anxious to work again. Her boards were coming up in a few weeks and that was all she could think about.

"Were you even listening?" Her hands were on her hips.

"I tried not to," he deadpanned.

Being used to his sarcastic remarks, she ignored it. "Let's go. We'll be late and I don't care if you're my husband or not-I refuse to be late!" She forcibly grabbed his hand, dragging him to the elevators.

"And we couldn't extend our vacation, why?"

"You know why," she said in a duh tone. "My boards are coming up. I have to study as much as possible."

"You know," they stepped into the elevator, it was unnecessarily full so they stood close together, not that he minded. He rather liked feeling her breasts against his body. "Wouldn't it be ironic if you studied and failed? Talk about irony," he chuckled.

Jo gave him her best death glare. It didn't faze him in the least. "Ever heard of being supportive?"

The other elevator occupants were visibly uncomfortable at being in the middle of their squabble. Alex inwardly smirked. This was the perfect opportunity. He caught her eyes, giving her that look they'd give each other every time they wanted to mess with strangers. Her mouth turned to an "o' in realization.

"No use being supportive if you're doomed to failure," he said calmly.

"Why do you always do this to me?!" she burst into tears, startling everyone. "You're always putting me down!" she sniffled.

He shrugged uncaringly. "So?"

"So?!" her voice raised an octave. Alex was sure if her medical career didn't work out she'd be an excellent actress. "You're always supportive to Marla."

It took all his strength to keep a straight face. The strangers jaws dropped. Their heads bounced from looking at him to Jo like they were at a tennis match. "Yeah well, Marla is talented and smart. I don't have to explain everything."

Jo's lip quivered, the pain on her face was scarily real; so real Alex nearly dropped the act to comfort her. "Oh yeah? Well how about you marry her then? You obviously like her more anyway!" The elevator door opened and she rushed out, covering her face.

The strangers dissolved slowly. Some hurriedly got out, relieved to be out of the drama filled space while others aren't as quickly, opting to stay to watch Alex, who's stayed at the back of the elevator, pretending to look defeated.

Alex finally left, running to catch up with Jo who was at the nurse's station, chatting with one of the nurse's. "You did great," he wrapped his arms around her waist. "It was very convincing," he whispered huskily in her ear.

Jo shivered despite it not being cold in the building. "Don't do that," she spoke quietly, a smile making its way on her lips. "Try to be professional."

"Screw being professional."

"Did I hear Karev?" Arizona came down the hallway. She squealed when she noticed Jo and rushed to pull the younger woman in for a hug. "Oh, you're here! I knew you'd be back soon but I didn't know when! How was the trip? Did you see any hot guys? Hotter than Karev?" she said this very fast without taking a breath.

Jo laughed. "You're going to have to call him Alex now, you know. I'm a Karev now," her eyes twinkled in happiness at being able to say that.

"That's true," Arizona acknowledged. "But he'll always be Karev to me," she shot Alex a wide smile. "I remember when we first met," she sighed, reminiscing.

Alex rolled his eyes. "Did we miss anything important Robbins?"

Arizona's bubbly demeanor changed, turning professional. "Not too much," she reassured to a nervous looking Jo. She scanned a chart. "Carlos did need surgery on his aorta but that went fairly well."

"Anything else?" he asked.

"Not really. Everyone was stable for once. Lexi did get released the other day. She was so sad Dr. Alex couldn't be there to see her go," Arizona smiled teasingly.

Alex grinned at hearing this. Lexi was one of his long time patients. She'd been there since she was an infant for various issues. She was eight years old and had a not so subtle crush on him. "I'll call her mum and talk to her, tell her I miss her already."

Jo's heart swelled. He may not like to admit it but Alex was such a softy when it came to kids. It only made her inner battle about having kids of her own so much more difficult.

"How are you feeling about your boards, Jo?" Arizona shifted position, differing her weight on her other leg. "Are you nervous?"

Alex snorted, earning the attention of both women.

"Shut up," Jo muttered.

"Hey, it's okay to be nervous," Arizona glared at Alex. "I was a mess before I had mine."

"Thanks," Jo appreciated her efforts of reassurance. "At least someone cares."

"I care," Alex insisted. "I just think you're overreacting."

"Alex! That's not what you say," Meredith chastised as she came from behind him with Cristina in tow. "The boards are a big deal."

"Yeah. What if I fail?" Jo said panicking. "What would I do then?"

"Stripper?" Cristina quipped. Meredith elbowed her while Alex went off into la la land, picturing Jo naked.

"Stop that!" Jo snapped her fingers in front of his face, knowing exactly what he was doing. "I'm serious."

"So am I," Alex crossed his arms. "You're taking it to seriously. You've studied non stop."

"Which is a good thing," Arizona pointed out but he wasn't listening.

"You've got to take a break. No more studying for today," Alex stated.

"Alex, I have to!" Jo yelped. "Do you want me to fail?"

"You'll fail if you overwork yourself," he placed his hands on her waist again. "I want you to succeed so I'm setting some boundaries." He kissed her forehead. Cristina feigned vomiting, earning another blow to her side from Meredith. Arizona cooed at them. The couple didn't even notice any of this.

"I'm not a child," she said irritably but didn't resist him.

He pushed away a stray piece of hair from her face. "Promise me you'll take a break?"

She looked like she wanted say no, she was close. But he did that evil thing he learned to do: pull the puppy dog eyes! "Stop that," she repeated her earlier words, avoiding his eyes altogether.

"You wouldn't want to disappoint me, would you JoJo?" he used that horrid nickname that made her cringe.

"Fine," she caved in. "Fine, fine. I'll take a break." He grinned triumphantly. "But If I fail anyway, I'll murder you, Alex Karev."

"Whatever you say, Mrs. Karev."

There you have it! First chapter of many. I know this was sorta short but I at least wanted something. Hope you enjoyed it.