President Roxanne sighed as she looked over the Capitol from her balcony. The city's light shined in the night sky, blocking out any of the stars. All of this power, it was too much. Not that'd she'd trust anyone else with it anyway. She dosent even know if she fully trusts herself with the immense amount of power.

Less than 4 years ago she was a spoiled child, had anything she wanted. Everyone was wrapped around her finger, matter of fact she even had her ruthless grandfather around her finger. During the 70th Hunger Games she was livid when a young girl killed her favorite Tribute that year. She complained to her grandfather and the Tribute was burned alive the next day. That's just one example out of the whole sea.

Then Katniss started the war, how naive Roxanne had been before then. Wearing her hair in a braid to show how much she loved Katniss. The same woman that threatened the entire existence of Panem as we know it and killed her entire of family.

Now the Districts are paying for what they did. You might say that everyone wasn't a rebel, but this is the price you have to pay after you lose a war. Plus, so many people died in the war, a lot on the rebels side but the Capitol suffered a lot of losses too. The Capitol was heavily bombed in some areas, causing a lot of citizens to die.

The last Hunger Games was just childs play compared to what the Districts would go through soon. They will pay the price for the turmoil they caused.

The law about traveling through Districts is just a glimmer of hope for the Districts, like her grandfather used to say, "Hope, it is the only thing stronger than fear. A little hope is effective, a lot of hope is dangerous. A spark is fine, as long as it's contained." Roxanne would live by that quote now.

In a few days the 77th Hunger Games would start. 25 kids would be dead in less than 4 weeks. Hopefully those kids would be somewhat entertaining. Time will only tell if the 77th Hunger Games would be as successful as the last one. Drama was fantastic and the fights were morbid, causing the Capitol to rave over the Games. Capitolites were even willing to spend their 3rd mortgages on the 76th Hunger Games. Of course, Roxanne would be tainting with the odds a bit. Making it more likely that anyone associated with the rebel cause was going to be chosen than a kid who had nothing to do with it.

/Tbh I struggled with this chapter and changed this alot, but I was determined to get it out today/