Im honestly sorry about not updating this, Im going to try to continue now. I said I wasnt going to abandon this story so I'm going to stick by my words. I guess it's time to explain why I havent been posting chapters… the main reason - I got bored of the HG in general. I use to know everything about this universe and I was all over the fandom, submitting tributes and reading almost every story I could get my hands on.. but when you do something so much, you get burned out. So I had a strong burnout for months where I wanted nothing to do with the Hunger Games. This happened with something else too, I played Overwatch all day and I soon got tired of it. I took a break for months and now I want to play it again. It's just a cycle..

The other reason is I lost the forms of the tributes I made for this. I was in the middle of the District 3 draft when I quit, but im scrapping them because I dont want the chapter to be a damn mess. Im going to keep D1 and D2 though since I think I can get their whole personalities from the chapter they were in. They wont be going the same direction as before but that's better then just scrapping them. I hope there won't be a big drop in quality when I write D3 because I haven't been practicing my writing since the chapters before. That's bad, but it will explain if there's a drop of quality in the future.

I also want to thank Platrium and apologise to him, he really encouraged me to do this. Im sorry if I let him down but things happen. All I can do is make it better now. I'm thankful for the reviews you did, they were amazing and helpful.

Okay I guess I have to do a small story to make this legal.

David dropped his blue hat on the ground. Maxie picked up the hat and ran off with it. David chases Maxie crying for his hat, his father gave it to him before he left for the war. Maxie is too fast though and David trips on a rock, tumbling down a hill into putrid water. Maxie is on the other side of the lake, with all her friends laughing at him.

(I have no idea where that was suppose to go)